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Leonardo DiCaprio: Back from Europe!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Back from Europe!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a walk on Monday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor was dressed casually in a plaid shirt, cargo shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and a bright blue UCLA cap.

Leo is back in the States after spending time with rumored new gal pal Blake Lively in Europe.

The two were last spotted on a water taxi in Venice, Italy, after enjoying the sights in the south of France (where they reportedly took a helicopter ride) and also Monte Carlo, Monaco.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio walking around Los Angeles..

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leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 01
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 02
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 03
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 04
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 05
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 06
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 07
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 08
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 09
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • C / G

    Yeah… a LEO thread. Who’s the guy with him? He looks like a lawyer….

  • true

    @lol: yeah the regulars arent here tonight. It looks like a bunch of middle schoolers got the typing!

  • Fan of the mams
  • @Publicity Stunt

    you’re needed……………………

  • raven

    Hey C/G!
    He does have nice hands!

  • OMG!

    @Fan of the mams:

    He’s not covering his face again! PR STUNT! You can see him look straight at the camera! It’s right behind the girls b00bs!

  • C / G

    *hugs raven*
    It’s been crazy….. crazy…….. *gives side eyes*
    I KNOW… look at those hands.
    @OMG!: LOL. it’s true. I noticed that he looked just beyond her n*pples right at the camera. We’re onto you pal.

  • C / G
  • C / G

    Both hands exposed. Dirty. .
    He exposed both hands when he saw the camera. I call a PR stunt.

  • Blue boy

    Leo and Blake at the top of my screen, both looking smashing in blue. I’m a fan of his, but I do love that dress.

  • C / G

    Doesn’t Naomi look great…
    Gatsby starts filming in August according to IMDB. A budget of 120 mil…. Wow. That surprises me actually…. The 1963 version had a budget of 6.5 mil.
    I think I’m off. No one’s on. *sniff*

  • I bet he’s handy

    @C / G:

    with those hands mmmhmmm… Thinking about it makes me understand the Blake rage just a ‘lil

  • Gatsby

    Leo the great Gatsby

    Leonardo DiCaprio told me he’s preparing to play F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary literary character Jay Gatsby in Sydney later in the year.

    Heand director Baz Luhrmann are reuniting 15 years after they worked on Romeo + Juliet.

    ‘Baz has it all set up in his country and it’s beautiful there,’ DiCaprio told me.

    Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan are the other leads. He also said he keeps in touch with Kate Winslet, his leading lady on Titantic.

    They co-starred in Revolutionary Road three years ago as well, and often talk about working together again.

    ‘But nothing’s happening for a while,’ the actor told me at a cocktail party in Cannes on Wednesday night. ‘We do one every ten years, so nothing yet.’

  • Sean

    Birkenstocks Leo? Really?!?!

  • raven

    *hugs C/G*

    Hi! Hope you are well.

    Yeah it has been pretty crazy lately, I have just been reading and observing. I’m still on SM watch, LOL. Although, by the looks of things it will probably take a couple of years before we see that happening. I really hope he knows what he is doing and that he thinks with his head.

    Yeah those hands are really nice, Wow! Wouldn’t mind seeing those smack my a…whoops, imagination ran wild there for a second, LOL! No, I know that would never happen. Wouldn’t mind shaking his hand, but that would never happen either. Ha!

    Anyway, I just want to see him happy and making wise choices.

    I’m off to bed. good night!

  • tinkerbell

    what do you know-that is his PR guy- uber flack Ken Sunshine. I remember him when they went to Japan for Inception. Must of called him for special hand holding. wonder what they are talking about? I mean Blake’s nudie pic really embarrass HER and she’s kind of over the hump already. I guess they are assessing the damage to HIM-which is minimal after Barfie and all the crap she pulled. Maybe Leo thought he really was getting a good girl he could trust this time? NOT. I still think Jennifer Garner prime suspect in those photos released.But Blake got calleda buttaface and a sleaze by reese witherspoon…that’s why she ran out of there as well as to see Leo,

    Please Ken, hit him up with the truth and tell him not to trust this girl..
    she embarrassed him already its been like 2 weeks. We know not to hope though.

    That is Ken though.

  • still a KS Fan

    you sound like such a grade-schooler with this homophobic vibe you’re putting out. I’m sure you’re a big Leo fan, but you’re also ruining his thread with your ignorant comments.
    I agree this thread is beyond stupid tonight…

    Hi to the regulars, CG, Raven, you girls are sweet and lovely… thank GOD there’s normal people like you that come to this blog.

  • tinkerbell

    if you look close he’s closing his eyes like OH CRAP. Maybe getting news he doesnt want to hear?

    HOPE SO.

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    leo always looks handsome and cute :))

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    leonardo so cute

  • still a KS Fan


    if that’s Ken Sunshine than he needs to stop hooking Leo up with ladies who are going to attract so much negative attention! if he really needs to have a woman by his side than date one of his “non-famous” girlfriends. That way there is no way anyone can say “she’s this” and “she’s that”…how about “she’s nothing” because nobody will know her? I like that idea better.. Please let’s aim for some less over the top relationships for Leo from now on, (no more unnecessary drama please) that would be a good place to start Mr. Sunshine!!

  • tinkerbell

    he’s getting advice. I hope its run like hell. But after dodging the draft, evading taxes, lying to customers, getting multiple surgeries and lying about them, causing an international incident, dressing in black face, nearly causing a fight on a photoshoot with anti-palestinian comments (called them animals) and basically saying she’d go places with men as an escort if the price was right and “celebrities have other needs” he didnt get rid of barfie.

    But then again, HE DID. stop dating money grubbing fame whoring children, leo, its depressing and insulting.
    i like the shirt and the birks. cute. I almost bought them myself because I have ankle problems-Arizonas. its like the character of these women mean nothing-just as long as they are young, dumb, and exploitable. and have the right shade of blonde hair. He gets what he deserves when that is what is most important to him, sorry he really does. I hope he runs like hell this time, or distances. I know better than to hope for that, but Ima a post my opinion anyway,

    Bar looks good in comparison in this break-up thing, she didnt have anything explode in her face.

  • tinkerbell

    If I was Ken I would be advising him to lay low with her for a while, but that also they need to have a talk and get some of the dos and donts in her head. Oh hell, if I really could be Ken I’d be like take a pass on this one dude, her old scandal with Affleck just kicked up. Dont go to Disneyland with her.

    According to her Blind Vice (Vanessa Bee Stings) she lied about her implants (why) but was exposed by a friend and also Jen Garner pitched a huge fit over her attempts and/or affair with Ben and got together with some girlfriends and went on an anti-Blake PR campaign on their own calling Blake a slut. she comes off as a total
    casting couch slut with those photos, sorry.

  • tinkerbell

    @still a KS Fan: how about Leo grows up and dates someone 27 orb 28, or gasp…. 30…someone who already knows this stuff and cant be controlled because she has her own life. Someone he has to be nice to. Because really what he does with these bishes is
    romance one into being the “dime piece” or “public” girlfriend-they all look alike, all have the same surgeries so he’s got her caught up in him so then he can have as many side pieces as possible, which is the real name of the game. I think Leo really liked Blake but he needs someone who is not a flake. He’s 36 trying to get an oscar and the nudie photos made him look like an idiot.

  • tinkerbell


    just thought I would say that

    YOU HAVENT CHANGED SINCE P U S S Y POSSE DAYS Just you try to hide it now. GIve the ho the heave!

  • rachel

    He looks so good I would love to be walking with him arm in arm.

  • tinkerbell

    and if you look close ken doesnt look happy either like he has to give a good client bad news.

    See Leo, if you went out with someone that wasnt a child, not only would you not have this crap but older women dont care if you got a little belly or a few lines or grey hairs…they can forgive. the dont go calling you a greasy fat bloated homo when you break up with them–they dont burn bridges and know to keep their mouths shut

  • tinkerbell

    and s h i t even leeann rimes looks cuter up there than blake-thats saying something. it was a good blue dress, blake, but that’s it. you were dissed publicly at a major awards event- 14 year old boys may love it and think its cute but some real people arent amused. some HW ladies are gonna want you away from their hubbies—this may affect casting decisions..isnt Reese’s husband a big CAA agent or something???

    Hey Blake, Keep IT in YOUR PANTS.

  • tinkerbell

    @john: its true that his movie opportunities will not / are not hurt by this kind of thing, but leo wants oscars-he was raised to be an artist by artists. And he’s been held back because of his partying dating models ways for a while.

    There might be nothing to harm his offers, TRUE, but right now it would take intense playing against type OR real creativity or a bolt of lightning from heaven would get him an Oscar. He’ll continue to be snubbed.And I will say he deserves it.

    From what I have heard the Academy doesnt like young pretty male actors, and having trollopy girlfriends around doesnt help him. If he was married and settled with kids like Tobe or Ethan Suplee or Kate it might help. Laugh at Ben Affleck and Matt Damon but they have theirs already-for writing Good Will Hunting. Harvard boyson top ! (my dad is law alum) as long as he’s a playboy, all the talent in the world and the best scripts aint gonna help.

    You’re talking money and opportunity. I’m talking merit.

  • tinkerbell

    @Averi: Please ! She (Bar) wanted kids and was told NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Other way around.

  • tinkerbell

    we need some HW insiders to spill some more tea on BLAKE ….get it going y’all!!! NOT FIVE MORE YEARS OF THIS CRAP PLEASE!!!!

  • donie

    @tinkerbell: Please stop whining about the Oscars. Al pacino won his first oscar after 7 academy nomination at the age 46 or 47 something. They practically ignore all of his work from godfather to scarface legendary films to give to him for playing blind father. What i am saying is that wining oscar is not all about. For ex, Rees won an oscar but she doesn’t have the star power nor the financial power to finance a move project by her own name or shall i say as much as she would think so. That is why she settle for a movie cliché like water for elephant and whatever flop comedy she did earlier. Same thing goes to Hale Berry, Julia robert use to be but not anymore. What i am saying that he has much more a lot going on for him to able to finance a movie just by his name and hire directors like he hired Scorsese for Aviator than those who actually won an oscar and brag about it. Scorsese won his first at 63 after all these years of quality films that he made. So, who is Leo to complain and please drop the cliche that he will win if settle with kids. The academy don’t vote for you depending on wether you are settling with wife and kids. That is just your fantasy imagination. Hey george lucas is still waiting for one, and i am sure he will be talked about 200 hundred from now than those who actually won. Oscar is just a sir name nothing more.

  • wowww

    God he is so damn sexy! Blake and him would make beautiful babies!


  • kitty

    I think he actually really likes blake. I didn’t think so at first. I thought right when he came back to the states he’d ditch her. Twitter has been going off of sighting of them at disneyland today and last night…hmmm.

  • Showmance

    @Tinkerbell: Well, after all we are on the same side again. Having said that the guy on the photo doesn`t really look like Ken Sunshine.

  • clod

    boxersnotbriefs that’s true watch here how Blake was befor surgery!

  • Showmance

    Tink`s comments are spot on!
    @OMG!: You can joke as much as you want. The whole Leo+flakey things screams PR to me! Besides these two together is such a ridiculous idea that it can`t be real or more than PR!
    Whoever the guy is hopefully gave him the clue!

  • Showmance

    @87: OUCH! Painful to look at! Sorry to say this but these two making beautiful babies? Leo has a huge head and that nose…. Put that together in one kid…. NOOO!!!!!!!

  • Blake-The-Fake


    Blake-The-Fake in…

    Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 1 – PRE nose/ boob./ eyelid job

    Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2 – POST nose/ boob./ eyelid job

  • the one way

    @tinkerbell: Tink the only way Leo will respect the woman he dates is if he falls mad hard in love with her. THEN HE WOULD HAVE SOMETHING PRECIOUS TO LOOSE! The Flakeys and the Bars are a dime a dozen!!! He can treat them anyway he wants because they’re very replaceable, and as you can see they get replaced. Until then he pretty much has the upper hand,

  • dr brown

    Hi Everyone. (Hugs to C/G and Raven). Hope you are all well. According to Grazia (uk), Leo and Blake have been having “a steamy affair for 6 months now.” (Tried to post link but it’s being moderated out). True or not? Who knows? He is being different around this girl. If it’s PR then hopefully it will be over soon. Unfortunately, does PR explain all these accounts of how tactile they are? Like I said, who knows? But Leo’s cr*p taste in women is so depressing. Please someone tell me that we are not in for 5 years of this as is his norm.

    Saw the above quote from Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye about his chat with Leo at Cannes regarding Gatsby and working with Kate again. Every 10 years is a long time. I hope something they want to do comes up before then.

    Work related news would be a god send. I wonder when J Edgar promotional materials will start appearing?

    Take care.

  • julie


  • Brainy box


  • kerri

    Fantastic actor. I am not really concerned who he dates i just want to see him continue doing movies because he is extremely good at it.

  • Showmance

    @Dr Brown: I saw the cover of that magazine with the headline Leo&Blake:`We`re in love.` Right, that convinced me about the 6 months steamy affair! LOL!
    From Ted C.
    Dear Ted:
    Is it just me or does the news surrounding Blake Lively (nude pictures, her relationship with Leo) seem very convenient. I mean, maybe she just really wants us to see Green Lantern?

    Dear Smart:
    Babe, you ain’t the only one wondering this exact same query. Stay tuned, more on this super soon.

  • dr brown

    Hi there. Yes I saw the headline but blocked it out because I am so sick of this and want it to end asap (please god). I would feel so much better if I was 100% that this relationship was fake. However, Leo’s cr*p taste in women means I can never be completely sure. Interesting from Ted though – do keep us posted if he says any more. Thanks.

    Take care.

  • tinkerbell

    I dont care anymore-he’s getting hard to like never mind love. And I mean the fan way, not the cray-cray way, I am not in love or ever planning on meeting the dude–but you know….its all just kind of ill. I dont even want to know anymore, but that little round pug face up there isnt happy to see us. I dont know who it is if not Sunshine–maybe a lawyer or shrink? He does go to one…but I think his lawyer is a woman. I dont want to know, makes me ill in my heart and head. and i have bad PMS today, headache and all so I dont need to waste any brain space on HW fantasy bullshit.

  • MMM

    What in the world is he wearing

  • Riri

    Why is he dressed like a 16 years old in the 90s?

    This is 2011, and he is in his late 30s.
    Can’t he dress like a MAN? He is not a boy.

  • Showmance

    Again you are right, Tink. It is getting hard to like him even though it does look like a total PR thing with Lively. I said it in a comment yesterday that in spite of this whole PR thing Leo is getting more disappointing. As an actor he is maturing but in private he seems to be the total opposite. His mind seems to be stuck in his early 20s and not moving along with his professional career. That makes it hard to like and respect him. The way he dresses shows that, too. I know it’s California and it’s all laid back and casual there but you can do that without looking like a frat boy all the time. It was noticed in Cannes as well when he went to a party, some black tie event in jeans and baseball cap. Grow up already!