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Miranda Kerr - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Miranda Kerr - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Miranda Kerr shows off some leg at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 6) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model flaunted her fit physique in a Michael Kors floor length sarong skirt with a matching cashmere back strap bodysuit.

Before heading inside, Miranda met up with designer Michael Kors and Ashley Greene on the purple carpet.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosted the event for the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which honored Lady Gaga with the Fashion Icon Award and designer Marc Jacobs with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.

FYI: Ashley is also wearing head to toe Michael Kors.

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • EndridīŒ§

    She’s so gorgeous.

  • Lizzie

    That dress is gorgeous!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Sh is so hot, love her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! Love the dress!

  • YG

    Wish she was my wife

  • wow!

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the dress!
    Love the shoes!
    Love her legs!
    Love her!!!

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.


    Face is terrible. Dress too slutty for a woman with a child.

  • d

    Why does she insist on pulling up her hair????? Whoever is telling her that it looks good needs to be fired. She does not have a face for this type of style!

  • yuikes

    Put that hair down cover that big cabbage patch face! ugh.

  • Bimbi

    @d: Yeah agree you need to have stunning bone sturcture like Angelina Jolie. Big chipmunk heads only look good with hair pulled down.

  • Delphiloons

    Delphiloons are back again. keep hating because it is only going to make us love her more.

  • LOL!

    She looks drop dead gorgeous, and you haters can’t stand it!

  • sash

    She looks amazing!

  • LOL!

    Comments 1 thru 7 are actually
    the same shipper sockpuppet
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    over and over again!
    she looks like arse and you shippers can’t stand it!!!
    When will you shipper morons ever learn
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  • mayfrayn

    I love you, Miranda and I am coming for you. Very soon you will be mine and only mine and you will love only me forever. Soon, my love. Soon.

  • ke$haluv

    get back to the kitchen and cook some meals s k a n k / attention whore. she spends so much time getting these appearances the kids probably see’s her once a day.

  • @15

    So you are saying that Mike is a shipper sockpuppet?
    And no, sorry to burst your dirt bubble, but those aren’t socks. I know, because I posted at #6. As well as the fact that only one of them is a ‘blue person’, and Lexie is a regular poster on JJ, who doesn’t need to use socks. And LOL (the real one anyway) is always LOL. You can tell from their posting style. Their posts are always much funnier than your pathetic attempts. No socks needed.
    But keep on dreaming. You’re just mad that you haters are forced to use socks so that you don’t seem so lonely.
    Just as you did in posts 15 through 19.

  • @19

    We have already proved that she didn’t have either a breast job, or a tummy tuck, yet here you are AGAIN!
    I know that you have a rule on the delphidiot board that states that if you repeat something often enough, no matter how stupid or ridiculous, it becomes fact, but hat doesn’t work in the real world.
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    And now you are saying that she is a size zero? Are you delphites done calling her fat? Ready to move on to the ‘anorexic’ script already? Did you clear this with your clan leaders? You in danger, girl!

  • Melody

    Sexy dress, I wish I had one like it, I hate that she wears her hair up in a bun most of the time, though, its kind of unflattering and schoolmarmish.

  • Melissa Camp

    OH NO!
    Miranda is wearing my dress! How dare she! I had that specially made for my night with Orlando!! It looks like my dress, anyway. But the other nine tenths of it are missing. She is wearing my right sleeve!
    You can’t have him Miranda! He likes big girls, I know he does! Especially big girls at risk of losing their job.
    I love you Orlando!!!

  • @19

    Me thinks you’re the one who needs to quit the crack. It’s making you utter nonsense about plastic surgery that’s been proven wrong ten times, create 5 obvious sockpupppets and believe you’re fooling anyone, and think you’re funny trying to parody a fan -post 17- when you don’t look funny but a pervert who needs therapy.

  • Jeff

    I just wonder what kind of sad fan are actually rating ppl a thumbs down for saying she shouldnt wear her hair up – even though they like her. That screams of “like her, like EVERYTHING about her or you arent a fan”. That kind of shat is ridiculous, childish and unrealistic. Get a life, both sides of the fence.

  • @24

    I think that some people just give a thumbs down because they disagree, not that they hate the entire statement.
    Just as haters give a thumbs down to anyone who says that she is pretty.

  • Brainy box


  • @sam

    That’s funny.
    You say that the shippers have no lives, yet it’s the haters that stalk Miranda across the internet. It’s the haters who are so lonely that they spend hours and hours on the net, making fake blogs and multiple hater sites just to have more places to vent their jealous hatred.
    It’s far better to ‘love’ a total stranger than to live your life hating them. People with love in their hearts will always fare better in romance than those filled with hate. So if you are guessing that one side is lacking in relationships, then you backed the wrong team. People in loving relationships would never be as vile or bitter to a total stranger as the haters are.

  • boring

    is greatest challenge and test of being a new mother is not how much weight you
    can lose and then flaunt self around town at boring superficial events but to be home with your child nurturing them, loving them, spending time with them at their most precious age… who cares if she is pretty if that is all that she lives for.

  • boring

    is greatest challenge and test of being a new mother is not how much weight you
    can lose and then flaunt self around town at boring superficial events but to be home with your child nurturing them, loving them, spending time with them at their most precious age… who cares if she is pretty if that is all that she lives for.

  • @30

    Have you had kids yet?

    People tend to feel that way before they have kids. There is no need to go overboard with the intense all-consuming nurturing of the precious darlings. Babies don’t mind being looked after by other people sometimes.

  • @boring

    So women are supposed to give up their careers when they have children or they aren’t good mothers?
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    The best gift that a child can receive is two loving, happy, fulfilled parents. Flynn has that in spades. That’s all that matters. And not the opinion of some anon misogynistic chauvenist delphi pig.

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    Miranda spent what, 3-4 hours at this event? She probably spent the remaining 20 hours of the day with the baby, and she didn’t leave him alone while she was there.
    Losing weight doesn’t qualify her as a good or a bad mother, it has nothing to do with being a good mother.

  • @boring

    “Boring superficial events”?
    It was a fashion event. She is a fashion model. It is part of her job to attend events like this.
    Especially if a well known designer gave you the dress to wear and then wants to pose with you.

  • um…


    The event was in NYC and her puppy was in LA. She spent three or fours hours at the event and a few hours on the plane and the rest of her day in a hotel room and her puppy spent a glorious day without her and with its nanny.

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