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Kate Gosselin: Tensions Have Calmed After Divorce

Kate Gosselin: Tensions Have Calmed After Divorce

Kate Gosselin flashes a smile as she arrives at NBC Studios on Monday morning (June 6) in New York City to make an appearance on The Today Show.

The 36-year-old reality mama recently told People that the tensions after her divorce have calmed.

“It’s just naturally gotten more peaceful, which is good,” Kate said. “[Ex-husband Jon]‘s working now, which is great. He has somewhere else to put his attention, which is good.”

“The kids enjoy spending time with him,” Kate continued. “They wish he would see them more, but as long as they come home happy – and more or less they do – I’m okay with that, so that’s good.”

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Credit: Roger Wong; Photos: INFdaily
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  • j

    maybe she should get a real job too instead of making her kids work for her money

  • rhonda

    its back!

  • debsa

    Her fifteen minutes are up soon…take a look at Paris…

  • debsa

    Her fifteen minutes are up soon…take a look at Paris…

  • deb

    i wish she would just get over herself and just be a mom…she had those kids because she apparently went to extremes to have them…i used to like the old kate..her, jon and the kids.being a real mom.cute kids..old baggy pants. her uncombed hair sticking up.we have enuff beauty stars.. i like the down to earth people.

  • deb

    i really enjoyed the old kate..her baggy pants and uncombed hair..a real mom..we have enough beauty stars.i like real people…and the kids were adorable..not so much anymore..dont like the new kate.sorry there arn’t any soap operas she could have been hired for.what her life has become.

  • Mari

    Wow, she comes across as really patronizing here. If I didn’t know she was talking about her Ex-husband, I’d think she was talking about an older kid of hers.

  • blah

    black widow is unleashed again…

  • sweety pie

    have no idea who this woman is but she sure looks like dina lohan

  • sernik

    I don’t like that woman. Typical celebrity.

  • Brainy box


  • Bev

    Lots of jealous people commenting on Kate’s business. Whew, wish I was as perfect as they all seem to think they are.

  • nutz

    and what is Kate’s job? besides pimping her kids out
    get back to reality bytch and get a real job yourself

  • Jason White

    If Kate has more kids, it’s probably to get more publicity. If Jon marries and has more kids, he wants to be a father again.

  • Sheri

    I saw her in yet another interview today … and I swear she has ice water in her veins. She’s one of the most coldest people I have ever seen … she just glares at people with an icy stare when she’s interviewed. And she looks a good 10 years older than her age, too. I feel so sorry for those kids ~ what does she plan to do when Kate Plus 8 tanks? We’re all sick to death of her … she needs to get a real job … and quick.

  • Flappy Paddle

    Kate’s v4gina must be so slack since having all those kids!!!!

  • Raider


  • gwin

    I like Kate, I do. I think she’s tough. And this world needs a little more toughness. She found a way to make money for her family and what is the harm in that (there are much worse things). At least she isn’t pretending to be something she’s not. What I feel is unfortunate is that she still can’t find a way to not say something shady. Shady hidden in an attempt to being nice is not a favorite of mine. Honestly though and sadly, this isn’t untypical of most ex-wives I’ve met…(and I realize that some times the comments are legitimate…so don’t get all angry :)…

  • justme

    She is so passive aggressive, she wants to seem kind about John,, talks about getting along better with him, yet she can’t leave it at that, she has to give digs like the kids wish they saw him more and his job, is “somewhere else to put his attention” seriously??!! She has no clue how idiotic (and bitter) she sounds. What the heck does Kate do all day except troll on line to see who is talking about her and try to book her next media appearance and even those are getting fewer and fewer. It’s taking her awhile but she will finally have to realize that nobody likes or cares about her and she is NOT a celeb!! Needs to get a REAL job!!!

  • CJLOVE23

    @rhonda: I am literally LOL!!! “It’s back” OMG too funny & sooo true. I can’t stand this bitter biatch who can’t dance.

    *And I know you’re never supposed to talk about children, but because of her parents, that one girl (Maddie??) is having major emotional problems. She’s not just your average little brat. She has issues that she needs to see someone about.

  • Khate

    All of the resources she could muster to pamper herself & enhance her looks; total failure. Her inner soul has shines through and she looks like an evil clownish ghoul.

  • Summer

    Why must she allways and I mean allways bring up Jon can’t she stay on her own pareting/life and the postive this she doing. Oh that’s right

    She’s not doing anything postive life Jon

  • Summer


    Like any person with a brain and personality wants her to work for thier company

  • Janey


    LOL – Summer, she’s ASKED questions about Jon and she answers them. The question you should be asking is why do they ask. she makes no topic off limits, because she can handle any question asked, and if people don’t like her answers, it’s not her problem.

    She’s doing a reality show, she’s getting paid well to do the reality show, she’s supporting her children and giving them things and TIME she wouldn’t be able to give them if she worked as a nurse. There are many shows out there just like hers, only they don’t get the press that hers gets, or the hate.

    Kate looks great, her dress is beautiful, and I wish her and her kids success and happiness in everything they do. I only think it’s sad that this and all positive comments get the “thumbs down” from so many, while mean comments get “thumbs up.” Are you saying you don’t want Kate and the kids to be happy and successful? You want bad things for this woman, and her children? That’s really sick.

    If you want bad things for Kate, don’t you think it will be bad for her kids? I guess there aren’t a lot of deep thinkers on this board. :(

  • Lisa

    Her ratings are in the toilet.
    Those who watch are rubbernecking this tragic roadpizza of a show.
    When will TLC flush this foul teerd ?

  • KC

    The wrinkles on her neck make her look 15 years older! She doesn’t take care of her skin at all!

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Hey, It’s Dina Lohan, the old over tanned haggard looking hag.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Dress looks like it came from Walmart.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    @Janey: u mean that dress that looks like it came from Walmart? she looks old and wrinkled from over tanning.

  • Lucy

    @Bev: Jealous???? Oh lordie what on earth is there to be jealous about? I think we would be jealous over someone with talent or natural beauty or maybe someone genuine. Kate is not even a good mother. I do have to wonder what type of people actually admire her? They would have to be shallow and materialistic like Kate. Not good.

  • @ Janey

    Celebs are asked lots of questions that they have the class not to answer, or to answer in a way that’s not as bitter and cutting to other people. It’s called using judgment and discretion. She should learn it. But in truth, her answers reveal her true, bitter, ugly self, so maybe it is better that other people see her for the classless fame-wh*re that she is.

  • Seana

    Glad Kate and Jon are getting along better. I have watched the show for many years and because I want the best for those kids, I pray the parents keep the peace. Kate looks very pretty, btw.

  • Janey

    @@ Janey:

    So? If she doesn’t haven’t a problem revealing what she thinks, why should you? If you want to judge her because she speaks the truth as she sees it, what does that say about you? No matter what she says, someone finds fault with it. She actually said positive things, and people still get upset. She might as well just say what she wants, and as for the people who don’t like it…”forget” them. LOL

    Yes, I do like the dress, it’s pretty on her. Kate is pretty, doesn’t that just make people furious? Yeah, it does. LOL LOL

  • Sooo sick of all about me Kate

    Oh plz people she had those babies to get a show out of it . She new exactly what she was doing. And what job does she have anyway ? Flying to newyork and spending her kids money to get her hair done . This woman is the most pathetic person on earth . It’s all about self centered Kate . Plz TLC ….make her go away . Know one cares about her anymore !!!!!!

  • Shae

    Why don’t they ask her Better questions, like are you and your Body guard a Item. Because that is the reason holding her back from dating come on people wake up!

  • read up u stupid sheep

    very simple reply when asked questions about jon….NO COMMENT!!!!!

  • Marilyn Smith

    I think she does a fantastic job raising 8 children. She does the show to pay the bills & keep the kids in their home. If you think Jon is ever going to pay an equitable amout of child support–dream on!

    She had 6 babies because that’s how many fertalized. Given the situation, which ones would YOU have decided to eliminate?

    She does a great job of raising 8 well-adjusted children who aren’t feed junk/fast food. They are clean, wear clean clothes, go to school with homemade lunches.

    What has your panties in a bunch?