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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Villain?

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Villain?

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves the Lanvin boutique with a large light blue bag on Tuesday (June 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor is in talks to join the cast of Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained, reports.

Leo is “looking at the role of Calvin Candie, the particularly nasty plantation owner,” while Christoph Waltz is rumored to play a bounty hunter who helps a freed slave rescue his wife from Leo‘s character.

On Sunday, Leo went to Disneyland with Blake Lively after she presented at the MTV Movie Awards.

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  • Huh

    Looking ashamed or embarrassed? I would be with a downgrade like Fake Blake! Wakey-wakey!

  • Despicableme

    Is that a tattoo on his ankle?

  • Issy

    He looks so Gorgeous, sexy, hot… i love the outline of his body ;)

  • sara


    Childish men have no shame. Hence, why the older Leo gets the younger and younger his girl friends get.

  • Issy


    it looks like a bruise.. save the pic and zoom in

  • Issy


    It looks like a bruise, save the pic and zoom in

  • Despicableme

    Aren’t those the same pants he was wearing in the previous pics?

  • Huh

    @sarah: By downgrade I don`t mean age different. That, too but it`s more than just that. Hide, Leo and do some serious thinking already!

  • MadamCougar

    Does anyone know what type of shop Lanvine Boutique is? I do not live in CA and have never heard of it. BTW: He looks cute! I just wonder how long we will get nearly daily updates of Leo? I do not recall a time when we got this much about him so close together? Hmm…

  • Despicableme


    Thanks Issy. I wasn’t sure if it was a smudge or tiny tattooed writing.

    Not sure why someone down-voted me for asking a simple question though.

  • Despicableme
  • MadamCougar

    @Issy: Actually, it appears to be grease or something? I zoomed on it and that is what is looks like to me.

  • MadamCougar

    @Despicableme: TY, D. Maybe that is where he gets those plaid shirts he favors? lol!

  • abby

    people should stop bashing that he shouldn’t date blake lively. who are you all to judge him???? my gosh. leo is a good guy, blake is also a nice lady so i think they are perfect for each other. unlike my comment, i dont care. you dont have a say in leo’s life as well

  • oh yeah


  • Domino

    @abby: LMAO! Nice lady.

  • Despicableme


    I was looking around the store’s website and it looks like they have really nice classy clothes. I know everyone is making fun of how he’s dressed in these pics because its a bit frat-boyish and the mandals got to go, but when he wants to he can really dress nice and look good.

    Maybe he dresses so down so people won’t recognize him too easy, or its just comfortable to him who knows.

  • hoooohaaa

    Where’s blake? Did he dump her already. Hope she ditched him first,

  • shimmy

    @oh yeah:

    only for a few months :-)

  • Deedz

    By the way he dresses, I would never think he shopped at Lanvin.

  • E

    Just saw her on E News. She is lovely. Very sexy voice. I can see why Leo is likes her, and why some are jealous.

  • He cleans up nicely


    Wears Armani and the other designers. Lanvin would look good on Leo. Could be a gift too.

  • Yawn

    … here comes the jealousy cr*p again. How unexpected! Leo need to get out of the twilight zone and find a decent woman already! Leave the trailer park women behind already!

  • liz

    it is lanvin no lanvine . lanvin is a french fashion house.

  • Yawn Yawn

    The trashing came first. She’s not in the picture.

  • donie

    @Yawn: shut up cougar.

  • kizzo

    Yah a nice lady w/ NAKED PICS – right on!

  • oh yeah

    suddenly this guy is popping up everywhere, you hardly used to see him anywhere except in a movie

  • Issy


    Its on the previos pic of leonardo back from europe… lets ask him haha

  • Whatever turns you on


    Leo liked her before that. Still does. I didn’t care, but people hate on her so much I started to feel sorry for her.

  • Whatever turns you on

    @oh yeah:

    You haven’t been paying attention. JJ, X17 and the rest have a million pics of him.

  • oh yeah

    @Whatever turns you on:

    guess I never cared……

  • Hey Leo

    What’s in the bag? Mebe some new shorts

  • Leo

    and so does Blake

    Actress Blake Lively definitely has friends in high fashion places. Paris Fashion Week is barely over, and yet the young starlet is already hitting the red carpet in a dress from one of the hottest collections of the Spring 2011 season, Lanvin designed by Alber Elbaz.

  • Ha

    The publicity worked in his favor!

    From Variety

    Posted: Tue., Jun. 7, 2011, 8:33pm PT

    DiCaprio in talks for Tarantino’s ‘Django’

    Thesp in negotiations to play villain Calvin Candie

    By Jeff Sneider

    Quentin Tarantino finally has his man. After writing the villainous role of Col. Hans Landa in “Inglourious Basterds” with Leonardo DiCaprio in mind, the duo are finally preparing to collaborate on the helmer’s next pic, “Django Unchained.”

    While his reps had no comment, sources tell Variety that DiCaprio is in negotiations to play the villain, Calvin Candie, in the highly-anticipated film, which will be distributed in the U.S. by The Weinstein Co. and by Sony overseas.

    Candie operates a Mississippi plantation called Candyland where he pits male slaves against each other in brutal fights to the death when he isn’t busy sexually exploiting female slaves.

    While Will Smith remains in the mix to play the title character, insiders say that Tarantino is meeting with other actors in case Smith opts to pass on the project, though DiCaprio’s casting will certainly help encourage his participation.

    Idris Elba is one rising star who Tarantino is looking at, though the Oscar-winning filmmaker is also considering a reunion with Chris Tucker, who played Beaumont Livingston in the helmer’s “Jackie Brown.”

    “Basterds” star Christoph Waltz and “Pulp Fiction” star Samuel L. Jackson are expected to play Django’s German mentor and Candie’s right-hand slave, respectively. However, in the script, the character Jackson would play grew up with Candie, so if DiCaprio takes the part, Tarantino will have to slightly tweak that role due to the age difference between the actors.

    DiCaprio next stars as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar,” which Warner Bros. will release Dec. 14.

    © Copyright 2011 , a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.

  • Publicity?

    How about talent, which he has in abundance. Box office pull doesn’t hurt, either. But thanks for the info!

  • Sounds provactive


    to say the least. Thanks for the update.

  • anon

    It’s Lanvin. (the n’s are silent) It’s a French couture house. They have both men and womens items including jewelry (ahem)

  • Correction, provocative


    I’d love to see him work with Tarantino, but man, that description… sounds very intense, even for Tarantino.

  • still a KS fan


    glad he’s doing a Tarantino movie, that should be interesting!!

  • Duh

    Is he buying a suit? Neat clothes perhaps, for a change…?

    He does not seem very pleased to have the paps in his face, but I would love to hear what they’re shouting at him. His romance with that sl*ty liar who pretends the naked pictures are not hers will bring him lots and lots and lots of more media coverage in a way he might not like it…..

    after all, it’s his choice, right?

  • Bored

    You people are boring.From comments 1 -41!!! None of you know sh*t. I use to love to come to the Leo threads when the psychic/astrologers came here. It made it so much more interesting. And the soulmate talk was great. I hope they come back. Calling all astrologers!!! Please come back and put some life into the Leo threads. We know Flakey isnt the one and we know she wont last…but who will?!?! PLEASE COME BACK and shed some light!!!!!! Otherwise its just a bunch of f u c ktards killing each other on JJ!!!

    Tink probably left because shes bored too!!! Poor Tink. I dont agree with her sometimes but I agree with her most of the times!!! Tink come back!!!! These 8th graders on the Leo thread need to go to their beds yo. But I can understand why they’re here. Leo does like to date the little girls. They probably think they have a chance!!!

  • 2

    It looks like he purchased a purse possibly from I think the handle hanging out? Maybe a gift for Blake or some other lady? Aw, cute.

  • Jasmine

    @Bored: Get a job instead of staying nights/days reading leo and blake threads. hahaha. pity you.

  • @35

    @35 – which will be distributed in the U.S. by The Weinstein Co….
    Harvey Weistein huh?!
    Isnt it that Blake is his NEW “”Gretchen Casting Couch/Mattress Mol”"… so yah we now get the whole story behind all of this…

  • curi2

    @Bored: lol don’t you just love the comments from some of these guys.”get a job”seriously lol
    I thought what Red Velvet posted on the last thread was interesting from Lainey’s live chat.The part about his temper and being an effed-up boy friend?
    Anyway I like a lot of Tarantino’s work and this sounds different.I’d like to see Leo play a baddie.

  • raven

    @bored: I agree with you, I liked reading what the astrologers had to say. I like reading about the soulmate. It was positive and a nice contrast to the negative comments. Come back guys!

    It’s nice to hear of work related news for a change, I also think working with Tarantino sounds interesting for him.

    @curi2: I read that post from Red Velvet too. It’s interesting and sad if it is true. It just sounds so unnecessary.

  • Good eye


    Lucky girl.

  • Lainey has dated Leo?

    The self appointed gossip queen from Vancouver doesn’t know squat compared to her L.A., NYC, and London brethren. All she knows is what gets her attention, and it’s not happy talk. Thank goodness for the sad and gullible, or she wouldn’t have a career.

  • Astrologers are cool

    and so are soul mates. What about the one who predicted something happening around August and November of this year? Anyone have that post handy?