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Nicole Kidman: New Video Message!

Nicole Kidman: New Video Message!

Nicole Kidman smiles in a new video to her fans posted to her official YouTube channel.

“This is the first of a few [videos],” Nicole shared. “I’m not going to do loads of them ’cause I’m kind of shy! But I really just wanted to say thank you, everyone.”

FYI: The video was shot during the last day of filming on Nicole‘s latest project, a movie for HBO called Hemingway and Gellhorn.

Nic stars opposite Clive Owen in the project!

Nicole Kidman – Message to Fans
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  • CJLOVE23

    I know that she’s had a ton of work done but I think she’s still beautiful! Always been very ladylike :)

  • dana

    She looks horrible,too much plastic surgery:(

  • christy

    what’s the point of doing this? and why now? is she desperated? to be honest she looks kind of haggard a granny with some work done the lips are scary, other than that i have nothing against her i just find it ridiclous….

  • ppp

    her face!!! nightmares

  • Zoé

    Lovely woman. And one of the very best actresses in the world. Can’t wait to see ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn’.

  • Keep Reading
  • cindi

    She might be a good actress but she messed up her face badly.

  • SAB

    Sweet and Aussie :)

  • gigi

    Why? Why Nicole? She is such a gifted actress but her face is UNRECOGNIZABLE. So sad.

  • annab

    She is a natural beauty…should have left her face alone. Surgery can make things worse.

  • 1234

    It’s a shame because even if she looked older, her natural face would have aged beautifully and was so lovely. Why does everyone have to have full lips? She looked beautiful as she was. Now she looks completely absurd. I never thought that would happen to her. Stop having botox, fillers, collagen. You look ridiculous.

  • Botulinumtoxin

    Yeah Nicole you should thank us you live in luxury thanks to US

  • lol

    @Botulinumtoxin: Stasia ‘s back….back again!

  • Hanne

    Her lips are very distracting when she’s blonde. For some reason, I don’t even notice them that much when she’s a redhead.

  • Eliza

    @Keep Reading:

    Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting information there. I was surprised to see it resurrected and would have missed the latest.
    Things are going well for the Urbans, so the same old posters are here to bash Nicole’s looks. Ho hum.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Why are her lips so big?!? hahahahahaha

  • blah

    Go away haters, she is beautiful :) I LOVE HER :)

  • Karma In Action

    @Keep Reading: It’s karma baby!

  • moh123

    Gorgeous lady!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    lady want to be young

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    like old 80

  • just peachy

    @Karma In Action:

    That’s right! Bah da bum. bum. bum. Another one bites the dust!

    Personally I think they should feel grateful! There’s lunatics at JJ that get a -70, -80 rating. They only get -30! BAHAHAHAHA!

  • idris

    Thank Nicole. Can’t wait for Hemingway & Gellhorn!

  • Daly

    She’s so cute!

  • The Falconer

    Clive + Nicole = WINNING!

  • davis

    I hope Nic’s wardrobe is more creative than what we saw outside. Pretty boring. But the hairstyles suit her.

  • gpar

    What a class act. She is beautiful and smart. An happy she is. All you negative people should be careful what you are putting out there it will come back. Karma is very powerful

  • boston61

    Why does she have 3 lips? Weird.

  • taco

    haters are without hope, they’re always the first to comment everything about nicole and keith and they want to make us belive they don’t care about them? they’re ridiculous. it’s clear they’re sick people, a normal person would never find intresting or time-deserving something that isn’t liked. but haters spend a lot of time writing the same crap and they are full of hate and anger. single middle aged women without love and life that dream about a man they’ll never have or lonely pathetic people that doesn’t have a clue about acting and judge an incredible actress like nicole by her lips and forehead. they’re ignorant, arrogant and full of them selves. they think they can go everywhere, faking tons of names to make us belive they’re “many” but they’re less than 20. they own few blogs and a stupid thread in a stupider board and do they really belive they will change the mind of millions and millons of people and respected artists that every year recognzie keith and nicole’s talen? is this possible to be more arrogant??? I lost of my words to describe this useless, stupid, mediocre kind of people that ruin every discussion about nicole and keith on JJ.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    @boston61: boston61, Anastasia, Stasia, Studio City, Bijou, lousy actress – they all opted for the Lainey Lobotomy. Now she has no brain. Typical.

  • Yawn

    Wow she’s so down home y’all. Must be the new PR team’s idea. Hope they get paid the big bucks. Imagine trying to spin the inconsistencies that come out of her personal life with the persona she’s trying to sell to the world. The devout Catholic who rents wombs and strips nude for movies and in her spare times delivers meals on wheels with her multi rehab country crooner husband while the nannies raise the kids. Yep they’re just like everyday people……

  • Jen

    She looks truly dreadful. Has she had even MORE plastic surgery? She looks like she belongs on Housewives of Hollywood!

  • Jordyn

    So sweet and lovely. I hope the HBO movie is a great success.

  • Tree

    Wearing the wig from the HBO Production was not in her best interest. I thought she was an 80 year-old woman. Too many procedures to the face.

  • boston61

    I don’t get it. She had skinny lips when she was young. Now she wants to look young and has 3 big lips? Someone explain please.

  • jasmina

    I really love her as an actress, she gave some wonderfull perfomances and took so many chances with great movies.
    That,s why I am so sadened with what she is doing to her face?
    Why?Nicole, your fans beg you to stop.

  • jasmina

    I really love her as an actress, she gave some wonderfull perfomances and took so many chances with great movies.
    That,s why I am so sadened with what she is doing to her face?
    Why?Nicole, your fans beg you to stop.

  • irene olson

    Rabbit Hole ……. if you have not seen the movie, rent the DVD. It is a great movie. A very emotional, tender subject was handled in a fantastic manner in this movie. Nicole is just a lovely woman; total class.

  • good actress

    i like her acting,..but..i wish she hadnt messed up her face.

  • windy

    I think she looks a lot less frozen than she has been . wish she would wear bangs though since she keeps on botoxing her forehead so that it doesnt move now.
    still, she is sweet and i love her movies.

  • don’t get it

    I don’t understand all the comments about her face. I think she looks fantastic. It’s probably that she’s in costume for her movie. She looked beautiful at the Billboard awards.

  • Margo.

    Just dumb haters can’t understand she’s wearing a wig and a costume for the movie she was filming while recording the video. This is a “dumb and dumber” fight were serious people can’t compete. She looks good and this is a good idea, at least people will stop to call her ice queen

  • Margo.

    The hate against Kidman is if possible less understandable than the hate against Aniston

  • windy

    dont hate her…admire her…unlike aniston…ugh…..but i think she uses too much botox jmo still like her and think she is an amazing actor

  • windy

    and her mouth looks different too. she s a natural beauty, no need for that

  • kerri

    Her voice is very soothing.

  • shelby

    Yes, she messes with her lips and it’s not a good decision, but she is a beautiful woman and she has Keith!

  • boston61

    These great jobs need to go to Americans not Australians. Are they handing out the best jobs to Americans in Australia? No. It only happens in the USA.

  • Stop the insanity!

    @boston61: You are completely uneducated. Australia happens to have huge shortages in the medical fields. We need doctors and nurses from other countries to fill in the gap. You don’t know how many Kiwis come over here, especially in the minority groups (Māori , Samoan) and take jobs that Australians aren’t willing to take or worse become bludgers – people who live on what you call welfare and do nothing. Stop your whinging. You are simply and unjustifiably outraged by Nicole Kidman, who is by rights an American citizen, having the acting career and the husband you want!

  • boston61

    @Stop the insanity!:

    Wouldn’t want her messed up face of the upper lip she had turned inside out. Hire American born and raised!!