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Anthony Weiner's Wife Pregnant with First Child

Anthony Weiner's Wife Pregnant with First Child

Anthony Weiner‘s wife Huma Abedin is pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to the New York Times.

Earlier this week, the 46-year-old New York State Representative admitted to being involved in online conversations with at least six women over the last few years after he lied about accidentally tweeting a picture of himself in underwear.

Representative Weiner and his wife Huma, 35, currently do not intend on splitting up.

“We will weather this,” he said during a news conference on Monday. “I love her very much, and she loves me.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Weinergate scandal?

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  • boston61

    Rock on Anthony!! Keep fighting for us little guys.

  • BEAN

    :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No way!? I dont even know how to react. I cant imagine how she is feeling now. Forget the fact he is a complete tool and liar. He is deceitful!!!!!!!! How can she put up with that? Child coming or not? He mentored the girls on how to lie and it went on for years! Poor woman. Working for Hilary won’t be any help.

  • zac

    Congrats on the baby!

  • Doormat

    She’s Muslim so she should be use to her husband having more than one wife and a dozen concubines.

  • Doormat

    She’s Muslim so she should be use to her husband having more than one wife and a dozen concubines.

  • J12003

    WOW, this guy is a freakin’ disaster.

  • joan

    i kinda agree with the person who said her muslim religion has something to do with it. they’re less open sexually than other nationalities, so perhaps she was a bit too frigid/reserved in the bedroom for him and that’s why he looked elsewhere? just a thought, but it’s a sad thing she’s preggers because it would have been real easy to leave him if she wasn’t. she still could, but it makes the choice harder

  • Jasmine

    @Doormat: …and here comes the heinously ignorant trolls.

    I say, whether or not she keeps the baby, she needs to get the hell out of that marriage. He’s a douchebag and hasn’t done anything good for New York. Aside from that, it’s absolutely obvious that he doesn’t respect her. His pathetic little online affairs occurred both before and after marriage.
    She’s been so classy throughout this whole thing by not standing by him during his speech and not speaking to the media and public. I feel so sorry for her now but if she stayed with him, I wouldn’t. I hope she has enough self-respect to leave because people like him never change.

  • Wren

    Hilary Clinton will be a great help to her as she works to preserve her marriage.

  • HideTheWeiner

    Wow, imagine the size of the nose their kid will have to cart around.

  • 360

    Islam is a sexually repressed religion. Women don’t really count it is all about pleasuring the man and they consider oral sex to be evil. This guy was probably frustrated after being married to her a year.

  • HideTheWeiner

    Imagine, he was making plans to have sex with a 40-year-old woman in Vegas WHILE HIS POOR WIFE WAS EXPECTING THEIR FIRST KID. And he was blithely coaching a porn star on how to lie to the press about their relationship WHILE HIS WIFE WAS PREGNANT WITH THEIR FIRST KID.

    Gotta love theose dems whi are still blaming the conservative bloggers for this s@umbag’s predicament.

  • Adrian Brody

    @HideTheWeiner: He’s Jewish and she’s Muslim those two groups aren’t exactly known for having Nicole Kidman noses.

  • SupaDupaFly


    You ignorant fool!
    Islam ENCOURAGES sex between married couples.
    Pre-martial sex/fornication is a sin and anal sex is prohibited.
    I’m not even Muslim, but I’m truly disgusted by the ignorant comments made by idiots like you!

  • SupaDupaFly


    Polygamy has been practiced in all Abrahamic religions, not just Islam.

  • rhonda

    I always heard she was Hillary’s girlfriend. she should just have an abortion.

  • Mlef

    I’m gonna ignore the stupid racist comments, what can I say to people who talks about a book they never read.

    Imagine a TV host doing that with a writer…but you’re not a tv host, and certainly not writers given to the sh.t comming from your keybord.

  • frankie s

    wow racist comments aside about noses and islam
    that has nothing to do with the fact that the man strayed .
    He was a pig and is a pig
    I wish she would leave him
    makes me sad how he treated his pregnant wife

  • boston61


    You are a god damned idiot. You don’t just toss away someone you love you freaking as*wipe.

  • wtf

    She’s Half Indian and half Pakistani. South Asian women are not known to just look the other way. Trust that he has some major making up to do. The world is hers. Do not believe the absurd rumors of her and Hillary.

  • oh wow

    I think the story is that Houma knew of his past online connections. They have only been married 11 months. But she probably thought that he would cut out the corresponding once married. I mean this has opened up a whole new area to look into as far as relationships go. Is it cheating if you don’t have a physical relationship? Eliot Spitzer and his wife are still together although he resigned as Governor of NY. He’s now on CNN!

  • elle_fyre

    He’s a pun intended.

  • d

    are you retarded or stupid? you sure aren’t an intelligent person.

  • Go Ask Alice

    She should save herself. Call maria Shriver.
    Don’t call Wendy Vitter,David Vitter-R-from Louisiana and a Vitter is a big fan of prostitutes.
    Funny,GOP scandals are different, cleaner somehow. Wonder why?Yeah,because people are like sheep and sweep them under the rug.

    he is STILL in office.

    Weinner and his weinne and VITTER should resign asap.

  • jennifer

    @joan: How stupid can you be? You are judging all Muslim women based on what you think you know, or what a few of them are like? Grow up.

    She is too good for him! He is a PIG

  • Benani

    He makes my skin crawl. His seedy face, his interviews..UGH. Just gross.

  • laverdadduele

    Good for Huma for standing by her man.

  • 333

    @laverdadduele: Why should she stand buy him if he is scum?

  • rhonda

    i think he was just the sperm donor for Huma weiner and hillary.

  • @PsychoB

    its not his kid lol

  • Thai

    Scummy Jew married to an Arab bitch and gf of another bitch, Hillary Clinton. A match made in hell. The baby is gonna be her credit card. Oh, and she looks like Lady Gaga…

  • get out girl

    The wife needs to pack her bags and get out of there. This level of stress isn’t good for her or the baby.

  • Grandma of Four

    I am trying really hard to come up with something…anything…positive to say but the only thing that comes to mind is ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? UGH! Rep. Weiner’s comment “I love her very much, and she loves me.” just leaves me scratching my head! :~ (

  • boston61

    @Grandma of Four:

    Huh? You have a very simple mind.

  • Sabrina

    I am Muslim, and some of your comments are beyond ignorant and plain false. Islam is against pre-marital sex, just as Christianity is. She is gorgeous and intelligent and he is a disgusting ugly pig. She can do so much better than him.

  • boston61


    All Muslims do is play sex games with their burkas and veils. Muslim men are huge consumers of pornography. Give Anthony a break.

  • blondie

    I’m sorry but this has disaster written all over it. I know it is sad especially when having a child. But once slimy like that, always slimy. He will always find ways to fool around as he has no respect for her or any woman for that matter. Life is too short to put up with that.

  • Owiseone


    You don’t cheat on someone you love either…..idiot. She needs to kick him to the curb!

  • L

    People should respect their privacy. Yes the man has done something regrettable, and he recognises that; whether he’ll stick to his words that remains to be seen. But the bottom line is: the decision is up to her. If she chooses to stand by her man that’s her prerogative. I don’t think people commenting on their lives will be much help either. Let them decide their affairs in their own eyes… its not like they’re married to the public lol

  • toren

    Wow, Boston61, you certainly are showing your cruel and nasty self today. While you are always mean and belittling to almost every one JJ posts about, today you are showing yourself to be anti-female, racist, and just downright ignorant. Congratulations on reaching a new low on JJ.