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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Verona Sightseeing!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Verona Sightseeing!

Blake Lively snaps a photo on her iPhone as she goes sightseeing with Leonardo DiCaprio on Friday (June 3) in Verona, Italy.

The 23-year-old actress snapped shots of Leo and sights around the Italian city.

After returning back to the US, Blake and Leo took a trip to Disneyland on Sunday (June 5) with a group of friends, where they rode StarTours and explored Main Street.

FYI: Verona is where the famous Shakespearean play Romeo & Juliet is set – Leo starred as Romeo in Baz Luhrmann‘s 1996 film adaptation of the story!

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  • Lansa

    PFFFFFFFF ugly couple

  • traveltoTanzania



  • juju

    I know a lot of poeple don’t like the, together but I think they look cute!!

  • WOW

    Now, THAT is one good looking couple!

  • Stephanie

    They seem happy! Good on them!

  • xoxo

    I LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eunice

    just when you thought rumors of them dating are just mere rumors, photos of them together just keep surfacing.

  • uhoh

    put the iphone away blake before u start taking nekkiddd picss again…………..leoo loooks hottttttttttt

  • $

    I give them 3 months max

  • commonsense

    Blake has got Leo sprung! And for someone as experienced as Leo to be sprung, well you have to wonder what kind of skills she has under that “wholesome” image.

  • missb

    bleh. Downgrade, leo!! DOWNGRADE!

  • BEAN

    I have lost a lot of respect for her now that we all know she is a barefaced liar.

  • mia

    i agree,they really look cute

  • BEAN

    What are you guys seeing that I am not? They don’t look good together at all.

  • Mlef

    Why the iphone, you’re wearing

  • Mlef

    More seriously, I like Leo with hair…he’s wearing so ofently a cap, that we never see them, he’s cute that way…

    To say the truth, I would love to dischevell

  • fakey blakey

    ok they can stop with the fake PR and photo ops already

  • Showmance

    @Bean: You are not the only one who can`t see it! Look around the web on different sites and you`ll see how many can`t see anything. The one and only poster here is just annoying!
    Another day another chapter in the showmance. Seriously? EVERY DAY we have something. A sighting or some photos from last week. What`s in for tomorrow? Chuck E. Cheese with Leo chaperoning her with her friends just like in Disneyland? Let me guess Us Weekly is going to post the story and they`ll have some sources and onlookers… What`s new?
    This is just tragic to see him getting so low…

  • fakey blakey

    also seems like they’re spending way too much time together so soon. that’s a good way to get burnt out and sick of each other. doesn’t blake know the concept of playing hard to get

  • sab

    what i want to know is WHY ????have these pics surfaced 5 days after the event. i mean a lot has happened in between then and now. WHO??? is releasing all these pics ……SOMETHING IS DEFINATELY NOT RIGHT……WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ves

    Blake is not a beauty but certainly she has a strong and bright personality……I like them together.

  • crawford

    I am not a fan of either one but I think they are HOT! and why do people always expect him to date a short chubby brunette all of a sudden for the first time after his whole years of existence? that’s not gonna happen. when you’re Leo Dicap you don’t have to settle for frumpy bring home to mama types. If he likes tall,thin blondes SO BE IT! I only like dark haired men and will never date a blond guy,black guy etc…do I have a problem that I am not attracted to those types? its called; having a preference. Usually only good looking people have one I guess. You don’t settle for what you don’t want. That’s for ugly people.

  • vvv

    He is gay, she is desprete for attention #hore. Great duo.

  • lol

    @crawford: brunettes are often more beautiful. but you’re right he seems to have a thing for plain all-american looking blonde girls

  • Tara

    YAY another post about them, LOVEEEE IT!

    Thanks JJ, thy are such HOT couple, they better last, cuz im loving the photos,gossip, drama. I was bored with our celeb couples, even Posh&Becks are beige these days, wtf!

  • anna

    @crawford IDIOT

  • itmgirl

    they so don’t fit together : first he’s like 36 years old and she’s only 23 !!! thats really awkward !!! and she’s a 10 when he’s not that hot anymore !!
    She wear great clothes and he looks like he’s always wearing his pyjamas !!! I don’t like this at all !

  • Showmance

    @flakey blakey: Exactly. Too much, too intense and too soon. That`s the kind of flame that burns quick and goes out even faster. IF it`s real. I have my doubts.

  • LOL

    Eww she’s sitting right on that dirty ground with nothing under her. Doesn’t she know the streets of Italy are extremely dirty. lol

  • bea

    i dont like her but they look cute.

  • lina

    I love blake’s outfit and I love them together! I hope it will last. Blake is more than the average blonde barbie, she’s got that special thing, no matter her nude pics.
    And Leo is so hot without his cap…In fact she should do some shopping for him!

  • Mari

    Thanks for the pics, JJ. A pic of Leo without a hat is a rare treat! I agree with the poster who said she’d like to dishevel his hair. Lol. Regardless of what you think of BL, she is pretty damn lucky.

  • curi2

    @sab: I’m with you.Why did it take 5 days to get these?So People mag wasn’t accurate or US Weekly?I do like the pic with his hat off.What a way to kill a Leo only thread,with old

  • LondonCalling

    leo = yummy

  • ah

    Methinks that DiCaprio is having Tom Cruise syndrome.

  • Mari


    Yep, I am definitely preferring the Leo only threads nowadays.

  • just asking

    Are they Scientologists?

  • sab

    Hi Curi2,
    i know……what is going on?….manipulation is definately going on here. i mean any leo pics are ‘hot’ property..why has it taken this long for them to be released????/……i dont knoiw what to think. i think its quite respectful though that they had the decency to take their hats off when they entered that church they’re in. …….but leo looks so bored……hahaha. doesnt his hair look really thick?….i just wanna grab hold of it and run my fingers through it….sigh

  • Domino

    He looks SOOOOO excited. LMAO

  • Nana

    Leo really is a good looking guy. He has a boyishnees to him that’s so endearing. Looking forward to his upcoming movies but are we gonna have to endure all the girls Leo are dating now?

  • marin
  • I’m loving the new KS :)

    you guys should see the pics at popsugar, there are so many more over there… say what you will about Blake, but Leo looks sooooo much happier and like he’s finally enjoying his life now for some reason… the pics are real cute :)
    p.s I also like the pics of him posing without his cap, he looks like he’s finally letting loose and enjoying his life since he broke up with the ex… I’m not sure if Blake has anything to do with it, but I still love the new energy he’s giving off for the last few weeks…

  • curi2

    @Mari:There are some many popping up lately it’s hard to decide where to post.If this one starts doing like the others I def won’t be posting on it.

  • boring

    She is so ridicolous sitting on the ground showing she is a common person when the ground is dirty and wet, when at Cannes they traveled around France with luxury Yaucht and Private Jet.

    I’m fed up fo theese people.
    and have you read George Clooney’s girlfriend interview?
    I’m with him because I love him and he does too. I could never be with someone that doesn’t want to merry me and have kids with me of course he does!

    No Elisabetta he doesn’t, he will leave you like he did with all, but don’t worry you will not cry because you are just interested in his celebrity!

  • yeah

    I’m more interested in Leonardo DiCaprio than who ever he is dating at the moment. That Django Unchained movie is enough for a whole thread alone. Just wow.

  • @42

    There are a lot of photos on popsugar but does he look happy? Really? I honestly don`t see difference. Interesting that there are so many photos of them so they HAD TO be aware of the photographer. Still nobody cares and the photos pop up 5 days later. I`m not buying it. There are photos of them on the street flakey looking at the photographer and some in a church. Don`t tell me that Leo didn`t see the paps in a church. Impossible! Still smells like a PR stunt.

  • Em

    DiCrapio sucks

  • Sean

    I’m gonna feel bad for her when Leo moves on to another blondie

  • curi2

    @curi2: lol I got thumbed down for that ok….

  • CJLOVE23

    I still can’t make my mind up about these two. It’s weird