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LeAnn Rimes: SiriusXM Concert Series!

LeAnn Rimes: SiriusXM Concert Series!

LeAnn Rimes steps out on Wednesday (June 8) to perform during SiriusXM’s “The Highway Super Fan Concert Series” in Nashville, Tenn.

The 28-year-old singer was fighting fatigue and a tired voice – “Radio fun! Half a voice….here we go :),” LeAnn tweeted before heading to the event.

“We made it through 4 shows in a row and I’m thankful my voice held up. Took a little adjusting, but we rocked every night! Love my team!” LeAnn wrote earlier in the week.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes performing at SiriusXM’s “The Highway Super Fan Concert Series”…

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47 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: SiriusXM Concert Series!”

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  1. 1
    amber Says:

    love her. she has amazing style. my friend who’s a LA stylist has a blog spot called Fash Boulevard and she’s always posting about celebrity fashion.

  2. 2
    ! Says:

    Fatigue after only 4 shows. Not too lazy.

  3. 3
    Dobbi Says:

    She looks like a dude.

  4. 4
    Karen Says:

    Her voice isn’t what it use to be. A concert friend of mine said she didn’t recognize her live voice compared to her recorded music. All good things must pass.

  5. 5
    tami Says:

    She tweets about everything. I notice that in every post that gets put up here about her, a tweet of hers gets mentioned. Kind of sad really.

  6. 6
    kel Says:

    @tami tweeting is her life.

  7. 7
    blair Says:

    Did Eddie get 5 minutes to himself?

  8. 8
    Lisa Says:


  9. 9
    Krissi Says:

    When you have a powerful voice like hers….I bet singing 4 days in row and giving it your all would make ones voice a little tired!

  10. 10
    ! Says:

    Funny how that doesn’t happen to other singers on tour for weeks.

  11. 11
    Jaylord Says:

    Since nobody’s playing her radio music, an interview is a good way for her to get some air time. I bet her misterress is happy to get a little air himself.

  12. 12
    tami Says:

    but was the concert series successful?

  13. 13
    Beth Says:


    “Give” is just another whiny ballad about her generosity in the face of overwhelming adversity she’s suffered as a victim. It’s her speciality.

    On a more positive note, I can’t wait to see Brandi Glanville on RHOBH. Brandi is so pretty a likable. I’ll watch every episode.

    Sorry about bringing up an incredible woman like Brandi but I wanted to say something positive on this thread and I’m sure LeAnn would approve….Brandi is soooo amazing. Now, there’s a word LeAnn is familar with.

  14. 14
    gwen Says:

    Is anyone at all suprised by the fact that on the day of the CMT awards that WEWE goes on this major media blitz?

    She contacts her mouthpieces and has them post photos of her giving a radio interview. I’m sure that we will be hit with photos of WEWE at an airport later on.

    She contacts People mag and has them do a story about how she is offended because people talk about her body. Which is odd because if she didn’t want people to talk about her body, then why would she continue to stage photo-op after photo-op where she talks about her body.

    She has a “source” contact Radaronline to remind everyone that she and EC did a good deed and they even cried so therefore it’s okay for them to resume famewhoring. The bset thing about the Radaronline article? You would think that an article about tornadoes victims would actually be about tornado victims. But no, Radaronline and WEWE source made sure to mention how WEWE and EC were making out backstage. Didn’t we predict that WEWE would do that?

    She sets up this radio interview. Which explains why speak now/co/star/krissi/athena/fp are in full force and even going to so far as to have JJ delete posts to protect WEWE image

    And all because WEWE is trying to upstage the CMT awards.

    You would have thought that by now WEWE would have learned her lesson. But no. She keeps doing all this famewhoring and then she wants to boo hoo when it all backfires.

    If EC wasn’t cheating on WEWE, why then did WEWE have Radaronline and Dailymail focus so heavily on their pda? EC is cheating and when the Dailymail article failed to convince people that EC is in love with WEWE, she had her source go to Radaronline. But once again it works against WEWE because it supports what we have been saying all along, which is that she used the charity event to promote her and EC relationship.

  15. 15
    gwen Says:


    Are you doing Damage Control?

    Of course you are.

    This little stunt must have backfired then.

  16. 16
    U-turn crackhead Says:

    I have nothing nice to say to this homewrecking carnival/rodeo singer. She tweets her life away trying to convince everyone how happy she is. Yeah right…LMFAO

  17. 17
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Hear me out before you negative rank me.

    LeAnn voice should not be no where effected after 4 half shows.She had a beautiful God given voice that is her instrument and she has had it taught to her, learned it, kept it tuned.Thng is she has not toured properly or taken care of her voice (instrument) with the proper strengths, performing,etc. since Eddie entered her life.
    LeAnn has lost so much in her career and with her talent since Eddie came in the picture.
    She should performing and nominated at tonight’s CMTAwards. She should be toruing in major arenas opening for Keith Urban , Blake Shelton,etc. She should be headlingher own big club dates like House of Blues and not casinos where some fans go,but mostly comped gamblers.

  18. 18
    gwen Says:

    What WEWE Rimes posted on her twitter page:”When you help others you help yourself….look outside of you….there’s a whole other world out there and helping other’s in so gratifying ”

    Precisely what we have been saying, when WEWE and EC “helped” the victims of the tornado they were indeed HELPING themselves. They were using the misfortunes of others to whitewash their image, promote WEWE single and album release, and of course convince people that pda on stage and backstage means that EC loves WEWE and isn’t cheating on her.

    So when WEWE had Radaronline and Dailymail write those pda articles, she was looking outside herself? What world was she refering to when she paid Radaronline and Dailymail to write those arrticles?

    Of course WEWE thinks that “helping” others is so gratifying, just look at how she had Radaronline release another pda story after she was slammed for releasing the Dailymail pda story.

    I guess WEWE gets pleasure from using others.

    The only reason WEWE wants people to stop talking about her weight loss is because she doesn’t want to confront the elephant in the room. EC is cheating on her. If she acknowledges her weight loss, the she would have to acknowledge that her marriage to EC is a sham.

    If she doesn’t want people to talk about her weight loss, then perhaps she should stop staging these photo-ops and tipping off the paps. Doing good deeds, doesn’t give WEWE the right to famewhore, especially when she is trying to upstage important events like the CMTs and the weddings of other celebs.

  19. 19
    gwen Says:

    I see that STAR has hit this thread.

  20. 20
    Speak Now Says:


    And obsessing over leann’s every move is gwen’s life because she has no other hobbies. :)

  21. 21
    gwen Says:

    @Speak Now:

    Hey Athena/frannie plate/co/k/star

    Obsessing over my every move is SPEAK NOW’s life because she has no other hobbies. Well does tweeting about EC kids count as WEWE, opps I mean speak now’s hobby?

    Let me guess Speak now is here because WEWE is getting backlash from her interview or because WEWE is going to stage yet another pda airport photo-op and present it on JJ in 3, 2, 1?

    Hey, so how many posts will Speak now ask JJ to delete because she has a life and hobbbies?

    You would think that with as much stalking that Speak now does, that JUST JARED would ban her, right? But then again, why would JJ ban SPEAK NOW when SPEAK NOW is paying them? What better evidence of this than the fact that JJ NEVER bans or deletes Speak now/FP/A/CO/K/S posts even when she uses our names and makes threats.

  22. 22
    Athena Says:

    Have you ever considered starting your own blog? Then you could write and run it however you wish. No more displeasure with what’s being written, no more accusations about messing with votes, no more worries of deleted posts. You would control it ALL and be the one in charge! Don’t you think commenting on other people’s sites is a bit “small potatoes” for you? Think of how empowering it would be. I can hear Beyonce now…Who run the world? Gwen! Who run the world? Gwen!

  23. 23
    gwen Says:


    Hey FP/A/K/CO/STAR

    I was wondering when the ahtena/FP persona was going to pop up.

    Yeap I was right CO=ATHENA/CO. This is the very same post that she made yesterday.

    1) ATHENA/FP/CO/K/SN have you ever considered starting your own blog? Then you could write and run and stalk and harass however you wish without anyone calling you for stalking and harassing, posting under different names, and of course deleting posts. ”

    2)”No more displeasure with what’s being written, no more accusations about messing with votes, no more worries of deleted posts.”

    I get it, you are upset because I call you out for messing with the votes and telling JJ to delete posts.

    3)” You would control it ALL and be the one in charge! ”

    That is what bothers you isn’t it? The fact that I call you out and therefore you feel that you don’t have charge of this site even though you are paying them big bucks?

    4)”Don’t you think commenting on other people’s sites is a bit “small potatoes” for you?”

    Wait? The last time I checked are you not commenting on someone elses site? Unless of course you are telling me that this is your site? Is that what you are telling me, that you work for this site? It makes sense why your stalking and harassing posts are never deleted and why JJ submits to your requests to delete posts.

    5)” Think of how empowering it would be.”

    Meaning, you are threatened by my presence because I see through you and call you on it.

    6)” I can hear Beyonce now…Who run the world? Gwen! ”

    Is that why you are so upset? Because even though WEWE money is paying for positive press, she can’t run it the way she wants?

    Like deleting posts that she doesn’t like?

    7)Who run the world? Gwen!”:

    That is what this is all about?

    You are upset because you can’t control this site the way you invisioned.

    And of course I called you out for deleting our posts.

  24. 24
    gwen Says:


    TRANSLATION: WEWE is going to release a staged pda airport or airport photo-op to JJ in 3, 2, 1.

    Or are you upset because even after her charity even, WEWE is still getting slammed by the public and seems to have gotten worse than before?

    You know if you spent less time worrying about me, then WEWE rep and career would have taken off by now.

    Think about how much time you spent stalking and harassing me and trying to take by your boards, you could have been downloading WEWE song from Itunes.

    So how many posts are going to disappear?

  25. 25
    gwen Says:


    So basically you are upset because I noticed that posts where being deleted, called you out for asking JJ to delete posts, asked JJ why they would delete posts when they still haven’t taken care of the posts that you made in our names along with the threats that are still present for all to see, reposted the posts that you had JJ delete along with a message stating that the posts were the ones that were deleted, and of course beause I asked you why you are deleting posts and which ones you plan on asking JJ to remove from it’s site?

    And I almost forgot because I made that joke about how my posts from yesterday were still present because I was 100% confident that you were going to ask JJ to delete them like you have been doing everyday and pointed out that maybe you have them scheduled to be deleted later on today?

    So if you are so upset because I call you out when posts disappear, why then do you continue to do it?

    You know I called you out the last time it happened, did you really think that I wasn’t going to say anything when you started it up again?

    PS-The error page popped up, not at all surprised all I had to do was look at the voting system to see that someone is in the background messing with the votes and asking JJ to delete posts.

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