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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Milan Mates

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Milan Mates

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis arrive at the Principe Di Savoia Hotel on Wednesday (June 8) in Milan, Italy.

The 50-year-old actor was reportedly at the luxury hotel to film a commercial for a European bank.

Elisabetta, 32, recently chatted with Italian magazine Chi about her “fairytale” romance with George but also hinted that one day she’d like to get married.

“I am very happy at the moment. We are a couple that never gets bored. Whenever I see my picture in a magazine I know what is being written. They all say that I spend my time organizing parties and that my boyfriend does not want to marry me and be with me anymore,” she said (via Toronto Sun).

“I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am,” she added.

FYI: George is wearing a pair of Levi’s 501 Jeans.

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  • Balding clooney

    George is losing his hair

  • anon

    Elisabetta is not cute.

  • WBPfan

    She was very careful to say she was getting married one day instead of saying she was getting married to GC one day. She knows he’s not the marrying kind and she knows she is so one day soon she’ll look for the one who is the marrying kind. In the meantime, she continues to enjoy the PR of a “GC romance”

  • Pff…

    Old pics …dont work

  • Susan

    How sad really. I have unfortunately lost a lot of respect for Mr. Clooney as it seems he has become the puppet instead of the puppeteer. Hang on Elisabetta and enjoy the fame and fortune as long as you can because one day, the puppet may wake up and cut the strings.

  • john

    @wbfan hes already been married/divorced…

  • boston61

    George look very old for his age.

  • Omen of misfortune

    If before the wedding Elisabetta gives interview that they will get marry, then they for sure they will break up.

  • The Comedian

    I think I missed something here, I think they were no longer together ….

  • Be attentive

    @The Comedian: And they are not dating. This is Canalis’ improvisation. Photos with George are old. And those where Canalis is alone you can see how sad, frustrate she is and absolutely in different mood than there where she is with George.

  • Mariella

    Just Look at her clothes!!! It’s different on photos with George and there where she is alone, sitting into the car with tragical face. What? he had expelled her?!

  • Mariella
  • jenny

    It’s seen these photos are from 2 different places and people and bodyguards are absolutely different!

  • Pff…

    I have of my part other important informations!!!
    she has ” bought flowerpot ” and plant canabis over in the World
    and especially in French Caribbean !!!

    Il y a certaines substances hallucinogènes qui permettent” d’embellir les choses “

  • Ely just chillin
  • Wild Angel

    @Ely just chillin: OMG!!!! What is this??? Foot or hand??? Must look away!!

  • Rendy3

    what is that Ely? eww.
    …Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • Rendy3

    what is that Ely? eww.
    …Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • Grandiosi

    Who is behind Canalis ?
    this table is known and a grandiosi Italian art
    damn is so classy
    George would like !

  • Daisy

    i could have sworn that they just announced, on another site, their split. what gives?

  • Kim Basinger

    @Pff…: Alain Delon speaks French? Have you seen, there also has been Alec Baldwin!?!
    At other, I think you are cutter than Elisabetta, is my opinion. You have grace, manners….and about Big book, let’s think what colour we’ll paint it…In fact have you got a good title for it on your mind? I heard that George has made 3 copies, so there is no sense in his death, he already did this.

  • Grandiosi

    and just last one (pour la route )
    from france !Gold Strike Bols liqueur qui tue !

    Gold strike
    est un spiritueux délicieux à base de liqueur de cannelle dans lequel sont ajoutées de véritables paillettes d’or !
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    Idées coktails :
    -Dragon Ball Z GT : 1 cl de vodka Skyy, 3 cl de gold strike, 3 cl de versinthe de Provence.
    -Silver & Gold : 1 cl de gold strike, 2 cl de rhum blanc matusalem.
    -Shooting Star : 1/4 dose de curaçao bleu, 2/4 dose de vodka Skyy, 1/4 dose de gold strike, versez tout d’abord le Gold Strike dans le verre, puis la vodka, et le Curaçao bleu. Faire flamber le tout.

    Commandez ce produit original et incontournable pour vos soirées branchées.

  • silverscreen

    To summarize this latest deception, the pics are old. skanknalis’s dishonest publicist likely took the pics and held them back for later release. George doesn’t need a leather jacket in the daytime outdoors in June. It’s just more dishonest publicity garbage from skanknalis’s camp. Add to all of that the fact that skanknalis and her publicist lied about what George’s father said in the Piers Morgan interview, and it’s clear that he has not let her anywhere near him.

  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: Stan confirmed they are together yesterday before the photos got released…

  • silverscreen

    Very observant of you, Mariella and Jenny. skanknalis’s clothes and the body guards are completely different between photos. She’s wearing a scarf in at least two of the photos, but not in the others. Pics from two, old, photo ops were thrown together for this faux photo op release.

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: No, he didn’t. skanknalis’s publicist sent a faux statement and press release to Gossip Cop.

  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: I understand your pint of view, but try to understand mine… I can only believe this is truth/lie if GC himself says so… Has he said anything? No. He only confirmed to Ted they are together a couple of weeks ago, there was it… So, I will take his word for it.

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: Go try to sell your wares to Katie Buttplug and her tupperware party gnomes. No one’s buying the garbage anywhere else.


    I will tell you why George does not make a refutation…
    Canalis was given the opportunity to get away from the story first, although it was finished in December. Version is such: George does not want to get married, does not want children, Canalis’s maternal instinct aroused… so she left him first, if she will not then the story will end differently, it is already over.
    George is super smart and he just gives her a chance.
    Photos are mixed for real, old photos where there is George and new one with sad Canalis.

  • JAckie

    Helloooo, I just came back from Italy! there is min is 24C/16F at the shade, why Ely is in boots and with warm wool scarf? What really, dead ones do not sweat?

  • JAckie

    Helloooo, I just came back from Italy! there is min is 24C/16F at the shade,why Ely is in boots and with warm wool scarf??? What really, dead ones do not sweat?

  • silverscreen

    @Ely just chillin: Great catch and very interesting. There’s a demon’s face in her hand:

  • Good Haircut

    Still they cannot outsmart him! Yes haircut looks the same, but not really.. borderline looks different, George intentionally now when he is in London has longer sidewhiskers. As a matter of fact, George you hair has an excellent colour, please never dye them!!

  • Last Point

    @silverscreen: Look, they realized their mistake there are no fresh photos anymore, remained only old ones.
    And the article says that she came out of the hotel with the flowers … it means that she did not stay with him for a night, but her face speaks even more eloquent,0,0#12

  • Lucy

    @HEADS: good and reasonable version! This one I get it.

  • marina


    she will, they will. she is a very ‘professional’ girl who seems extremely proud of her beauty, talent and achievements. her posterior and creativity are great assets.

  • WhoKnows?
  • WhoKnows?
  • Grandiosi

    Boldini dear !
    With a few extra lbs now exposed in Como
    organized by GEORGE
    creatures of Boldini

  • silverscreen

    @Mariella: I just noticed that in the two pics in which skanknalis is wearing different clothes including a scarf, and is not with George, and is with a different body guard, she has bought herself flowers from the hotel gift shop. LOL. It’s clear that those two pics were taken on a different day, and skanknalis was alone except for the guy they got to pretend to be a body guard.

  • Different-Time-Zone

    Elisabetta Canalis is a first class PR agent for George. Though not a world superstar she’s after all in the show business.

    When Brangelina and KimK are getting too many tabloid covers, it’s enough for Elisabetta to mention “children” …. “marriage” …. and George is back in the news for a couple of weeks without having to do anything reprehensible.

  • If you analyze, this does good

    @Different-Time-Zone: and we thought that George is first class :-)

  • leila

    she looks so old, ugly and unhappy! she is a toxic untalentless looking like a man cery skinny, old with wrinkles and pimples!
    GC is a poor moron man! I willnt.see his movies again!

  • silverscreen

    Ask yourself this. If paparazzi pics were taken in front of a hotel on June 8, then why were none of those pics available anywhere until June 9? The paps and photo agencies would be able to quickly sell them with the first to sell them getting the best price, and the websites, blogs, and publications that purchase them would be anxious to be the first to publish them, so why the delay? Also, why was Gossip Cop “notified” of such pics the day before they were released anywhere, and who would have bothered to notify Gossip Cop the day before they were released?
    The answers are simple. The pics weren’t paparazzi pics. They were all taken months ago and held back by skanknalis’s publicist for later release. As there was only one source/owner of this particular series of pics, it was easy to control when they would be released. Hence, the one source/owner of this particular series of pics used them to manipulate Gossip Cop into printing the latest skanknalis press release as though it were fact prior to her releasing the pics. Also, the one owner/source of these pics did not sell them. She provided the pics at no charge to photo agencies, websites, blogs, and publications along with the latest bogus skanknalis press release.
    It was a Machiavellian p.r. stunt filled with lies.

  • Sensation!!!!

    George arrived into Milan

  • silverscreen

    skanknalis hasn’t been permitted near George since December, and that was just for one final photo op. She is banned from his property and will not be permitted to stay at his house in Italy. She and her lying trashy publicist will probably rent a boat and take photos of her on the lake in an effort to make it look like she’s staying with George, similar to how she went shopping in Como and had it videotaped in an effort to make people think she’s staying with George. Oh, and of course the boat on the lake photos will be photoshopped prior to being released with yet another b.s.-filled press release. What is the trashy publicity team going to do when some reporter asks George about her, and he says that he hasn’t seen her since December? Better yet, what is her publicist and the rest of the trash team going to do when some reporter asks George if he’s broken up with her, and George says they were never a couple? They’re not helping skanknalis, as she’s already unpopular even in her home country. The lies will inevitably come out, and she will be even more of a laughing stock than she already is, if that’s even possible. I hope she has a decent savings account and manages not to blow it all on handbags and blow, because she’s going to need it.

  • Cora

    She does look very pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

  • justsayin’too

    If she would gain 10lbs maybe she wouldn’t look so harsh.

  • Point of noReturn near

    @Different-Time-Zone: And now see the reality. Even on this page the most rated post is about people would not watch George’s movies because of Canalis. How can we say that Canalis is the best PR for George when in fact it is the best distraction from his real work on his serious ideas, and switching to a trash gossip. But Canalis will also get nothing, people on many blogs already ask just to ignore her and eventually she will fall into full ignore. I think you should change your strategy, otherwise the full fall is waiting for you.

  • Photos Now

    @Cora: These photos are old. And these photos are from now. Look like neither “happy” nor “love” do not help her