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Gwyneth Paltrow Questions 'Homosexuality in the Bible'

Gwyneth Paltrow Questions 'Homosexuality in the Bible'

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken to her Goop blog to address the topic of “Homosexuality in the Bible.”

“A few months ago, in the heat of the tragic teen suicides that came about from intolerance of homosexuality, I saw a man on television who was apologizing for wishing death on gays from his facebook page,” she wrote in her latest post.

“This member of an Arkansas school board was contrite for the violence in his words, but maintained that his values pertaining to homosexuality would remain, as he felt homosexuality was condemned in the bible,” she added. “This concept, while foreign to me, is interesting, as it used to justify so much judgement and separation in our society.”

“When my daughter [Apple] came home from school one day saying that a classmate had two mommies, my response was, ‘Two mommies? How lucky is she?!’ What does it actually say in the bible that will cause some people to be upset by my line of thinking?” she said before signing off with “Happy pride. Love, gp.”

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  • Madhatter

    She knows she’s going to get attacked for this. An unpopular actress knowingly annoying Middle America.
    Suddenly, I like her even more.

  • boston61

    Well if you say so Gwenny. So I guess you will be cool if your son is gay?

  • MangerBouger

    Ha ha … well the american puritans will be definitely upset. GOOD !

  • indifferent

    I don’t understand hate towards gay people so I’m with her on that. I’m not gay, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s not my business how other people choose to love. BUT maybe Gwyneth should just read the Bible instead of asking people to tell her. Everyone interrupts in different ways. Don’t ask, just read and understand it for yourself. Take from it what you will.

  • Frida

    @boston61: Why wouldn’t she be? She seems like a sensible person.

    Great of you to speak up Gwyneth, although what’s she’s saying should be common sense these days, it’s 2011 for god sake!

  • jadewalker

    SHUT UP!

    She is a pretentious ass. By the way, it states numerous times in the bible about how homosexuality is a sin, but is also says hate is a sin too (as well as fornication, lying, cheating, and tons of other things.

    It kills me how people love to pick and choose what to make a big deal out of– Treat people right, that is the most important lesson I get from the bible.

  • mars

    bibles and religions are for fools

  • offtheproperty

    The only thing wrong, bad and sad about having “two Mommies” is that it means the child has “no Daddy.”
    That’s all.

  • Creed

    Has anyone every said no to her!? dear lord doesnt she always pride herself on being Jewish why the hell is she talking about the Bible?
    Anyways even the Torah says that Homosexuality is a sin! It is all just straight up crap, everyone just wants to hate on something, last generation it was the jews and blacks, this generation it is the Muslims and Gays.
    Human race will never learn.

  • Oye Vey

    I am liking Gwyneth more and more each day. You go girl!! Down with all the hatred and haters!

  • Mbatter

    WTF is her point?

  • Kimberly

    I’m 26 and went to catholic school during grade school and high school and I can say (from how I grew up) in our community, we didn’t have hatred towards the gay community. We embraced it. The teachers did forewarn us that “the Bible” and “older religious leaders” disagree but just as long as we treat people the way we would like to be treated, then all is good. There was actually more “hate” and “ignorance” towards people from other countries though… hmmmm

  • Kimberly

    PS: We had a kid transfer in our class in 6th grade with TWO DADDIES and we thought it was “weird” yet the coolest thing we’ve come across lol that kid was hot…all the girls had a crush on him and when we had those random days when we could dress up (not in our uniforms), he was soo darn cute. His daddies dressed him nicely :)

  • Koran Man

    Why do the celebrities constantly attack the Bible, but totally ignore the Koran and it’s terrible teachings and rulings on homosexuality.

    homosexuals have been beheaded, hung and stoned in modern Saudi Arabia and Iran, where Muhammad’s laws are applied most strictly. Five other Muslim countries also have the death penalty on their books for homosexual behavior. In the past, gays were burned as well. As one cleric recently put it, the only point of theological debate is over how the offender should be killed.

    Thus illustrates the moral confusion that Islam has with homosexuality. There are several places in the Qur’an where the story of Sodom is repeated, with emphasis placed on the destruction of the town for homosexual lewdness. Also, according to Serge Trifkovic:

    Mohammed’s first successor Abu Bakr reportedly had a homosexual burned at the stake. The fourth caliph, Mohammed’s son-in-law Ali, ordered a sodomite thrown from the minaret of a mosque. Others he ordered to be stoned. One of the earliest and most authoritative commentators on the Koran, Ibn ‘Abbas (died 687) blended both approaches into a two-step execution in which “the sodomite should be thrown from the highest building in the town and then stoned.

  • AR

    In the Bible it does condemn homosexuality. It not only is a sin but it is an abomination to God.

    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” (Leviticus 18:22).

    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 20:13)

    However, as Christians we are suppose to hate the sin but love the sinner just as God does but there are consequences for choosing that path just as there are consequences when we commit other sins such as murder, lying, adultery, etc.

    When we live God’s way we experience His blessings and it is the best way to live. It is Freedom from the bondage of sin as we know it and walking with our creator is AWESOME!!! If you have a problem with God’s rules for mankind you need to take it up with God.

    Luv to All xoxo

  • Delphic

    Well hey, she’s finally got something useful to say!

  • rada


    So you hating on Paltrow, someone you don’t know, is a sin. Good for you.

  • cock eye

    very sensitive subject..she shoudl be careful what she says..
    …Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • yep

    Gwyn is a lesbo. Her marriage is fake. When was the last time you’ve seen her with her husband? nev

  • nkenk

    @AR: what? that doesn’t say blatantly HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN. Nor does it say anywhere else in the bible. All of this bullshiiit about how the bible says homosexuality is a sin is people’s interpretation of the bibles which I think its stupid because all of these bible hugging fools are so IGNORANT about so many issues so why should we actually take what they say seriously? Go Gwyneth

  • yo

    @Koran Man:
    and I see you’re a Koran hater? That makes you more intelligent and intellectual than Bible haters?

  • jcrocks

    I’m glad she’s supporting her gay friends. Jake will be proud of her.

  • joe

    @AR: It also says women who commit adultery should be stoned to death and children who don’t obey their parents should be killed. Do you take that literally? I should hope not.

  • John

    I find this whole God hates gay people scary. I’m gay and recently I’ve been terrified about the fact that I could be going to hell.
    I love God and I just want to be a good person, I just get so scared that being gay will send me to hell because God won’t love me.


    @boston61: It is not a matter of cool, if he is gay whe will love her son and accept him as he is. People don’t choose to be gay because it’s cool or not cool.

  • Varsity

    Well, I’m glad that Gwyneth supports gay rights but she’s made many ignorant generalization over the years on other topics. I hope she’ll give up the stereotypes she’s espoused based on country of origin. I’m sure her gay friends wouldn’t appreciate that type of ignorance being applied to them

  • Care

    @Creed: You can’t read the bible if you’re Jewish now? I’m agnostic, and I’ve read most of the scriptures out there. It’s called being open-minded. Besides, if you read any literature at all, there’s so much Bible mythology in it, it makes it necessary to read the real thing to understand any of it.


    @jadewalker: The Bible was written by men who put their judgments and feelings based on the times. Do you expect there to be chapters about loving Gays? In the time the Bible was written, homosexuality had to have been as controversial as now since it was something they did not understand.

    I love the Bible as a great Book written by ancient men, do people really believe that the sea parted, and all of these other feel good stories? It’s great to have fate because without it we have no where to put our fears about dying and reincarnation, but let’s get real here..

  • Samm

    @jadewalker: so because the bible consists of slavery it’s ok too? What does someone elses homosexuality effect you?

  • Dee


    Well Put…Hate the sin(any sin) not the sinner. I love everyone, but not everyone’s behavior, wheather its lying, stealing, murder, homosexuality, or fornication. They are all sins. That’s what the bible teach.

  • Abby


    John, I don’t think you should be worried. God doesn’t hate anyone, He loves no matter what. The ones who hate are the ignorant idiots who use God and the bible wrongfully to promote their hateful message (i.e. the Westboro Baptist Church morons) and they will get what’s coming to them. God didn’t make a mistake when He made you and he loves you.

  • Romans Chapter 1

    Read Romans Chapter 1 if you want the answer qwen.

  • just saying’

    No one has really touched on why homosexuality is a sin to God?! his original purpose for mankind was to become fruit and became many, to procreate, care for the earth and animals stark reality is if there were only two men left on the entire planet the human race would die off, same with women, two women left on all the planet civilization of the human race would die. that’s just a basic fact i don’t think people think about ……

  • eco

    queer b!tch, like the rest of Satanic Hollyweird. Homosexuality is a thing of Satan.

  • LonnieB

    A few years ago, a survey showed that fewer than 2% of the Hollywierd crowd ahd an education beyond high school.

    Gwyneth’s ignorance appears to bear that out. She doesn’t want answers…she wants contraversy…a.k.a. “publicity”.

  • Dieter



  • Sabrina

    She’s absolutely right! Go Gwyneth :-)! The bible is a book full of fairy tales…

  • Cece

    @just saying’: Well, if the only two people on earth were a man and a woman, the human race would also die, except if you want to see the children of said man and women start to procreate together, between siblings. What kind of argument is that, seriously?

  • t

    good for her, if only more like her would speak up.

  • This JEW should shut up

    PALTROW Is from a famous RABIN Family. She is JEW and she should shut her mouth.
    She is doing this to get a buzz around her fading career.

  • HeyDonkey

    The Bibles says God loves everyone even sinners.The bible calls everyone in this world a sinner. Not one person is without sin. I think it was in John “Let him who is with out sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” And again the Bible says everyone is a sinner. The Bible also says “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Whatever happened to live and let live? Just go on with your life and don’t waste your time worrying about how another person lives or loves, its their choice.

  • Lilje

    @AR: Ah, the classic ignorant homophobic. According to you homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so. That’s what bothers me with religions; you say everyone should be accepted, yet you attack those who are not like you. Just look at the end your paragraph “Love to all.” That’s not what you mean, you mean “Love to all who is like I think they should be.”

  • FFer

    Gwyneth needs to get laid.

  • missy

    she needs to start explaining to her children why daddy sticks his penis is other mens asses.

  • AnonymousDiva


    Nowhere does it state that in the Bible, Jade. I studied the Bible in its original languages at seminary. There isn’t a single verse that condemns homosexuality.

    Please get educated.

  • AnonymousDiva


    News flash: the entire Bible was written BY Jews, ABOUT Jews and FOR Jews. The term “Christian” did not exist until the 3rd century.

    Lord, some people are dim.

  • JustaGirl

    Good for her! More people need to call out the nut jobs that put all their “faith” in a 2000 year old book of fables and fairytales.


    why are homos trying to convince everyone that homosexuality is normal? Homosexuality is a mental illness. End of story..

  • Ummmm…..

    There is only one reason and one reason in the world why God is against homosexuality. Homo sexuals cannot ‘be fruitful and multiply’. There is no way above it, below it or around it. God knew what he was doing when he created ADAM AND EVE. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is in serious denial.

    If you have been studying the bible for years and you don’t know that God clear as day many times has said not to sleep with the same sex you need to read it once more. He not only said it but it goes against his plan to populate the earth. He’s never blessed a homosexual situation. In fact, he’s been quite angry about it.

  • rhonda

    have you ever seen anyone as desperate for attention as Gwen Paltrow?