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Jensen Ackles: CMT Music Awards with Danneel Harris!

Jensen Ackles: CMT Music Awards with Danneel Harris!

Jensen Ackles and wife Danneel Harris arrive at the 2011 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday (June 8) at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn.

The 33-year-old actor is currently the profile picture for Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki‘s Twitter account!

The pic was taken over the weekend while the two spoke at the Salute to Supernatural convention in Nashville. Follow him @jarpad!

Danneel‘s new NBC show, Friends with Benefits, which follows a group of friend as they navigate the dating world, will be premiering Saturday (June 25).

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jensen ackles danneel harris cmt music awards 05

Credit: Mike Coppola; Photos: Wire Image
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  • lola

    He is so hooot!!! Gaah im eternally jealous! but his wife is gorgeous too :)
    They look good together :) <3

  • Lily

    Jensen looks really hot as usual, and Danneel looks good but that dress is just so wrong :(
    I like them as a couple and she seems like a sweet girl but 3/4 of the time what she’s wearing leaves me gaping in shock, for instance there are so many things wrong with the dress I don’t even know where to start, it’s half light-red half dark-red, with the ridiculously pale leather belt, it looks more like she’s wearing a skirt over a bathing suit, all that plus the white clutch is just weird
    I sincerely hope her show becomes hugely successful so she can afford the services of a stylist

  • Shauna

    Isn’t that dress Danneel’s wearing the same dress that Emma Stone wore to this year’s BAFTA awards?

  • leonardo


  • Lily

    it is the same dress, but the belt was different, she wore a darker belt which she wore on top of the strange ruffles

  • lola


    it is :) Danneel just haves a different style going on with the belt!

  • Olivia

    Don’t know who’s prettier – him or his wife!

  • Daisy

    gorgeous couple! <33

  • Delphic

    @Shauna: Yeah, it’s Lanvin. Lovely dress, but I preferred it on Emma.

  • Al

    Great Couple!xxx btw Danneel’s not wearing her wedding ring or am I wrong?!!!!!

  • Chris

    One day just one day the Supernatural fan girls will stop kissing this womens ass. I know yaull like her but damn. lol
    Im not for all that lovey awwee crap, in its been a year already.
    Lets get to some real news please.

  • Lucy

    Chill man it’s not a problem. lol

  • Lucy

    Whatever just chill man. lol

  • http://@CandyMaize CandyMaize

    Lovely photo of them. Hope they had a good time.

    FYI – announced today that Friends With Benefits has been moved to Fridays and won’t start until August 5th (boo!)

  • ramo

    jensen <3

  • CLanna

    Jensen Ackles is such a ridiculously goodlooking man, he could wear green Hefty bag and still look gorgeous. :) What makes it even more unfair is that he is one hell of an actor too and as the episode of Supernatural he directed last season shows, he’s a really talented directed. And on top of it all, he can sing and play guitar!

  • Nomore

    Seems like a sweet girl, I’m sorry that’s funny as hell. She another wannbe victim, talks about how the fans hate her, but that doesn’t stop her from making a surprise appearance at a convention, for a show she wasn’t even on, and taking the cash for auto’s and pictures from her husbands fans. FFS the way both the J’s act you’d think they where the only people to have ever gotten married, eh too f@cken tired of their lametastic entourage of crappy actors and musicians who leech off of the J’s fanbase. Truly sad, for 2 guys who like to pretend they haven’t gone Hollywood they’ve certainly learned how to promote their friends and family, to the determent of the Conventions and the fanbase. Really very disappointing all around once you see them in action. Though it is funny to see the sycophants jumping through hoops and rushing to kiss these womans asses . . . there is a middle ground where you can neither love them or hate them and still be fans of the guys. I actually really miss the days when the cons where about the actually show, instead of Jared and Jensen promoting their coattail riders to the SPN fanbase!!!

  • Gloria

    Jensen Ackles is so damn beautiful and hot!!! I love him so much!!!

  • They are a ridiculously good looking couple. And I for one love what Danneel is wearing, especially that shirt. Where can I find that! lol

  • Danneel is a Psycho

    Danneel Harris SUCKS and is the world’s biggest B*TCH.

  • Nomore

    Oh and because I do believe in giving credit when it’s due, that color looks very nice on her and I like the hairstyle.

  • Brynn

    He looks so old and average!

  • mrs.robinson

    Beautiful couple. Thanks for posting.

  • Terri

    Botox and fillers much. Danneel you look like plastic.

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!


  • J

    they dont look so happy here…

  • pack

    Such a georgeous couple. Love them so much. Don’t pay attention to haters, they are not worth anything.
    Love their outfits.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for saying that. I mean get a grip, just cause she’s married to Jensen doesn’t make her a damn goddess. She’s just a freaking woman he married.

  • Nancy

    I agree with you completely. I get kind of tired of fans going on and on and on about how wonderful these ladies are. I mean I’ve actually seen fans write she’s the best actress in the world. Oh really, I don’t think so. I love Jensen’s performances, but I don’t think he’s the best actor in the world.

  • maha

    i don’t care if he is dressed in rags or armany,clean shave or with the longest beared in history he still takes my breath away he is extremly handsome in any shape he choses to be .HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT.

  • Kim

    Why do people quick to call haters if they disagree on something.
    I like them too, but I wont sit here in say shes the best actress.
    I love Natalie portman in Ellen Page now thats talent.
    Sorry guys Im just not one of those fans that go *omg its her * faints.
    Well bless the couple, in some of you guys get a grip on the topic please.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    jensen cute as always but lookn really old nowadays. as 4 danneel I HATE HOW SHE DRESSES!!! she looks lik a LAMP SHADE!! shes does look lik a wax figure but i always thought she was pretty.

  • Lw

    Love <3

  • Mel

    and 3 weeks ago he was in my arms *.* He is so hoooooooot!

  • J

    What is so sad here is that there are people slamming people for what they are wearing, how they look, what’s fake and what’s not; when in all reality it really doesn’t matter. When you fall in love with someone you see an inward beauty in their soul that reflects outward, which is why two people decide to get married in the first place. If these two, among many others have found that do you really think they care if you say they are ugly or fake? All you are doing is being cruel and accomplishing nothing. He’s not going to leave her because he’s had some epiphany that wow these people see what I can’t see and they’re so right. There’s obviously something that these two see in each other that we don’t because we do not know them, and those are the qualities that stick with you when you’re old and wrinkly that make a person continue to love you. You marry someone because they are your best friend which these guys have obviously found and I admire that in a world where that’s so rare to find. So those of you who have nothing better to do than slam other people for being who they are I feel sorry for you….and to those who enjoy seeing people being happy doing what they love and being together, kudos for being normal! I’ll get off my soap box and back to my life now and for the record they both look stunning!

  • Casie Moore

    What the heck are they doing at the CMTs? I really like him. He’s a good-looking guy who can act, and I’m sure she’s perfectly lovely, but she desperately needs a stylist. And, er, is he wearing cowboy boots? I’m sorry, but for me that’s just way too cliche. I mean, I’m a med student at UTMB ,and I can put up with it from the yahoos who come to class wearing them, and yes I know Ackles is from Texas . . . but damn. Cowboy boots?

  • CMTs are Country

    @ Casie Moore – um, do you know what the CMTs are? Have you ever seen one of these awards shows? Did you see what all of the other guys were wearing? It’s a country music awards show and ALL of the guys wear cowboy boots.

    I thought Jensen and Danneel looked great. I loved his black t-shirt and jeans.



  • annie

    He’s awesome beyond words, and his wife is so pretty, they look so gorgeous together.

  • Cassandra

    U all are just criticizing someone as if u are better than that person, is it ur body she is wearing the dress on or is it ur money she used to buy the dress, whatever she chooses to wear is her business okay.