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Katie Holmes: New 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Poster!

Katie Holmes: New 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Poster!

Katie Holmes grabs a late afternoon snack with some friends at the Urth Caffe on Wednesday (June 8) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 32-year-old actress wore a pair of Free City sweats to go for a workout and a Le Pain Quotidien run.

Katie‘s upcoming horror flick Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark will be released on August 26 and a new poster from the film was just released!

The film is about a young girl (Bailee Madison) who goes to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Holmes) and begins to hear voices from creatures in the house trying to claim her as one of their own.

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katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 01
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 02
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 03
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 04
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 05
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark poster 06

Credit: Ibanez; Respicio; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Not being afraid of the dark is easy. Not being afraid of the tall, flat, manly woman with the gnarly toes and the empty stare is the real challenge.

  • Green horn

    Katie Holmes eyes look worn the hell out. It looks like Tom Cruise decided to give her a surprise a$$ bang without any lube. Then the next day she decided to wonder around stupid because of all the butt orgasms. Look at the way she’s walking, it’s probably creaming out of her rear right as the photo of her face was took. :)

  • lucy2

    Can someone go back and see how many times Jared has posted a synopsis of this “amazing” film that katie is in…from back last year during filming, to late last year for the trailer and subsequent non-release (it was supposed to be out in Jan which is a dead zone for movies).
    Somehow they got a pre-labor day release, but does anyone else think that’s a wierd time to release a horror film? Summer movies are usually action, kid, or comedy. Guess this one cost Tom some big bucks…or maybe it’s going to just be released in 2 theaters like Katies’s last 2 blockbusters “The Extra Man” and “The Romantics”.
    Well, I’m still confused about the comment in the post that Katie was with friends. Katie doesn’t have any friends. Was Jared referring to her “keepers”?

  • Susan

    Holy cra*p she looks old and raggedy! She has to be the oldest 32 year old I’ve ever seen!

  • Just Like Twins

    Katie does look just like Jackie O. Really. She looks just like Jackie when Jackie was 60. No. Just kidding; Jackie looked better.

  • AEP

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Those tree trunk legs and blank stare are coming to a theatre near you…

  • Missy

    For all you guys who are critisizing, I hope you have perfect figures. Please, Katie has a much better figure than the average American woman, who is 5’5″ and obese. Katie looks great here, casual, yet polished. I can’t wait for DBAOTD to come out!

  • @ Missy

    yet she is claiming to be among the beautiful people – a movie star and a celeb, and a designer to boot – so comparing her to the average is nonsense. she has unlimited time and resources yet can’t manage to not look wrinkly and dazed. i know plenty of women in their 40′s with multiple kids who hold down jobs who look far better. sure, her looks are acceptable, but she’s far from a beauty and certainly not “amazing.”

  • itstrueagain

    What a waste of paper for the posters. Why advertise another flop? Anyone who thinks otherwise is a loon.

  • eek!

    She looks mentally unhinged in that second pic.

  • writer_girl

    Forget Jennifer Love Hewitt – Katie is the worst actress

  • Poppy

    What is the film about? Brainwashed, zombie Stepford wife wants to eat your soul?

  • Missy

    @@ Missy: My comment was directed at those who were critisizing her body. Regardless, of how rich you are, there are certain things about your body that you can’t change.

  • Mr. Butler

    Sheeeeesh! I look healthier than that after I’ve been up all night smoking and drinking gallons of strong coffee.

  • Mr. Butler

    Sheeeeesh! I look healthier than that after I’ve been up all night smoking and drinking gallons of strong coffee.

  • toria

    While the outfit is unflattering to her, the scarf makes her look washed out and she looks wan and pale…Katie have you ever heard of an iron? Or maybe a dry cleaners? Or you have household help. Free help — you know xenu slaves? Why don’t you hand them your scarf and your blouse and an iron. I bet they can put two and two together to come up with a way to get rid of the wrinkles. It is unbelievable that someone of her “fashion” know how and A list by marriage stature would leave the house in a scarf that clearly needs an iron. And a shirt that could definitely benefit from one. Not to mention those beige booties she constantly wears are now looking old and stained. She spends a fortune on shoes and clothes and this is the best she can do?

  • Tre

    She forgeot her most important accessory, a brown paper bag for her head!!!!

  • Joel

    She is the worst actress of all time. She can kiss Jennifer Hewitt’s butt.

  • Joel

    There are children in this world who don’t have food and clothes. Shame on the Cruises. Suri’s shoe collection can feed a whole community of famine struck children for a year or more,

  • Romeo

    Movies of all genre come out every year, #3. Nothing about the quality of the film. Cruise had nothing to do with the production.

    She doesn’t have keepers.

    She doesn’t claim to be anything, #8. What’s it to you how she looks out in public? Maybe she’s just not that shallow.

    Get a life, #16.

    Don’t believe everything you read and mind your own money, #19.

  • Question

    Is Kate not on drugs again?

  • Maggie

    she looks like the devil with a stare like that, I’m actually truly scared

  • toria

    @Romeo: ”

    Romeo, why don’t you get a life? Most of us on this blog are here for entertainment even if it means we do not worship at the feet of almighty Xenu brainwashed Cruise and his robot wife.

    You are here because this is serious business to you. And like all of us you don’t even know these idiots.

  • annie

    There are 52 pics elsewhere , and apart from about 2or 3 they are stunning. JJ always picks the worst anyway.
    They are stunning because they show her in different movements. The pics of her in her car are lovely.

  • toren


    How can you say she is stunning? The scarf and shirt both obviously need an iron. The jeans are way too tight and one of the legs looks dirty. The boots are scuffed and need to be thrown in a rubbish bin. And if you use the zoom function her hair looks unwashed and dirty. And she either has huge bags under her eyes or she didn’t wash her mascara off.

    Stunning is when you pay attention to detail. Which means always being clean and wearing clean clothes that are ironed. Stunning means choosing pieces that flatter your body–which these pieces don’t.

    You live abroad. There is a reason French women are known as stunning–they pay attention to detail. Even if they have very few pieces of clothing, those that they have are spotless, ironed, and accessorized well. Katie has unlimited funds, tons of clothes and she manages to look dirty and messy and unkempt. Basically I look at her and think WTF was she thinking? And she obviously is incapable of putting together an outfit that is “stunning.”

    And Annie (and ROMEO) I was a fashion minor. I know how easy it is to look stunning, to look put together on anywhere from no budget to unlimited budgets. However, the basis of looking good is cleanliness and she is not clean in these pictures.

  • annie

    @ Toren
    katie has 170 pics. I tried so hard to find dirty this and dirty that and the bags and the unwashed mascara. I really did.
    she looked cute, she looked happy, she’s with , what seems to be her closest friends, Jeanne Yang, and Heather Mcquarrie, both wives and mothers, and havn’t read anywhere that they are scientoligists, out to keep tabs on her.
    170 pics….only thing that I can say is , she looked a bit thin.
    But I will agree with 1 thing—-Katie doesn’t pay as much attention to detail, as she should.