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LeAnn Rimes: Back in Los Angeles!

LeAnn Rimes: Back in Los Angeles!

LeAnn Rimes makes her way through LAX International Airport after landing on a flight from Nashville on Wednesday (June 8) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer tweeted that she wasn’t feeling well during the day and only had half a voice.

“Long flight! Happy to be home. My hubby is picking up chicken soup from Jerry’s Deli for me. Sweetness! Throat soothing!” LeAnn wrote.

Earlier in the day, LeAnn made an appearance at SiriusXM’s “The Highway Super Fan Concert Series,” where she persevered despite her sore throat!

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  • gwen

    Did I call it or what?

    So athena/FP/co/K showed up because once again WEWE had a staged airport photo-op planned.

    So much for accusations and lies.

    No wonder FP/athena/co/sn/star are always in an uproar, it’s because I keep hitting the nail on the head.

    Not all surprised that WEWE staged this airport photo-op, she is on the media blitz to upstage the CMTs.

  • IllWill

    Is it like a disease for all women to have perfect skin?

  • nkenk

    @IllWill: She probably set up that “photoshoot” so I’m sure she put on plenty of makeup so that she looked good for the paps

  • Whatever

    This girl is in denial of her public perception. She SO needs a good PR professional to set her straight. She has worn out her welcome with fans and she needs to STOP with the constant tweeting and photo opps. She turns off more and more people every day. I think she needs to disappear for a good six months – it could only help her in the long run.

  • gwen

    Of course the famewhore is back in LA. Didn’t JJ get Heidi Jr memo, she did a “good deed” and in WEWE mind doing a “good deed” made it okay for her to resume famewhoring at airports and of course at Jerry’s with EC.

    Seriously JJ, EC is the same man who twas so inconsiderate that he took WEWE on a cruise knowing full well that she had motion sickness and was going to have to take meds that made her drowsy. So we know that EC isn’t the thoughtful or sweet man she is trying to make him out to be. EC cares so little about his own kids as evidenced by the fact he ditched them on his custoday days just so that he could be photographed living it up in Cabo and of course she reduced his child support to “buy” WEWE an $85,000 ring.

    Since WEWE made sure to include the name of the store, does that mean we are going to be hit with photos of EC and WEWE at Jerry’s.

    This is what WEWE posted on her twitter page:”When you help others you help yourself….look outside of you….there’s a whole other world out there and helping other’s in so gratifying ”

    So this is why WEWE “helped” the victims of the tornadoes? So that she can help herself(aka tip off JJ so that they can get her at an airport)?

    WEWE just keeps proving just how disgusting she is as a person.
    This is why no one takes her charity work seriously. It is never done to help others.

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  • blair

    Hilarious…she has photo ops for her tweets. Please don’t have a pic if she tweets about her next bm.

  • Sam and Shells

    Odd looking girl really. Age isn’t kind to her. On the up side, Eddie is such a sleazy looking guy that she doesn’t have to worry about anyone else wanting him. I know there are folk out there who think he’s hot, but seriously, he’s got that generic look that is cute when they are young but ends up with that dirty old man look as they age. Would not want him around my pretty teenage daughters!

  • kel

    @Sam and Shells Odd looking and odd behavior, too. Her “career” now is tweeting about Eddie. And he’s about as interesting as a rock.

  • JenJen

    Quick get home Leann. You left cheating Eddie on his own for too long. After all, he told Brandi that he was working when he was whoring it around with you. “Trust is believing the other person even when they are cheating” – one of the Leann’s tweets………..

  • wtf?

    Seriously, all this girl does now is tweet! So true @blair. We will be hearing about the colour of Eddie’s p*** next. For crying out loud girl! This is just sad now.

  • Eddie too

    What is it with the constant happy clappy tweets about forgiveness and trust and other s***. You worried about something or someone Leann as it sure looks like it. Oops – forgot, your “sweets” was at home for a few days on his own. Okay, so the tweets make sense now LOL

  • Selina

    What is she wearing? All that money and trailer trash taste.

  • Benj

    Trailer trash taste in men too…

  • Melanie

    Trailer Trash: Episode Five: Concert to Aid Victims of Overexposure To PDA. On tonight’s episode, Leann will sing her little heart out to raise money for those who are affected with a truly terrible condition – chronic displays of PDA. This rare and misunderstood disease is close to Leann’s heart as she is affected by this condition and fights it on a daily basis. It is hoped that money raised at the benefit will go towards a treatment facility to help those afflicted like Leann. Management of this condition involves exposing victims to normal couples who are able to move in public without a camera following them. Not easy for those who have suffered with this condition for a long time.

    Trailer: next week – Coming Home (again!)

  • Speak Now

    Lmao, funny how even in the morning Gwen’s in hater mode. All that hating destroys a person’s soul. :)

  • !

    Gwen called it about the airport pictures on the other thread. Leann is so predictable.

  • Melanie

    Hey @Speak Now. I’m not Gwen. Don’t want anyone else taking credit for my work LOL……. All mine and I give the people what they want.

    You got to admit – it’s all true………

  • Melanie

    PS – It isn’t the morning here – Leann and Eddie are disliked all across the world!

  • Jessica J-H

    @Speak Now: Hi Leann, nice to see that you get up early too!

  • kel

    @Melanie…lol, can’t wait to tune in!

  • DogLover

    Omg she is soo thin?!?!? And she really is not attractive!!!

  • Lisa

    She’s unfortunate looking…..

  • Karen

    Eddie wears similar black leggings but they’re called ankle monitors, courtesy of LeAnn.

  • !

    @Karen LMAO!!

  • !

    @karen LMAO!!

  • daniella

    oh brother!! she looks like she had surgery on her eyes. They look open now and wider…

  • Athena

    Do you expect anyone to believe this?
    @gwen posted on the last thread & then this one
    Then @blair posted on the last thread & then this one.
    Then @Sam and Shells posted the SAME comment on the last thread & then this one.
    Then @WTF posted the SAME comment on the last thread & then this one.
    Then @Eddie too posted the SAME comment on the last thread & then this one.
    The odds of this really happening are what, one in a million?

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hello FP/A/CO/K/STAR

    Lmao, funny how even in the morning SPEAK NOW is in hater mode. All that hating destroys a SPEAK NOW’s soul, just look at how SPEAK NOW is so obsessed with me. :)

    If she spent less time obsessing over me, then WEWE career and rep wouldn’t be in the state that it’s in.

    So what was I right about? Are you upset because I was right when I said that FP/A only showed up because WEWE was planning on releasing a airport or airport pda photo-op to JJ?

    Instead of getting mad and coming here throwing tantrums under all these different names, why don’t you just stop tipping off the paps?

  • gwen

    The real reason WEWE is going on and on about her sore throat is because she is trying to SWF Adele. Adele got a lot of attention because she had to cancel her concerts due to laryngitis. So perhaps WEWE thinks that if she goes on and on about her sore throat on a public forum, that perhaps it will grab the media’s attention and get her to trend like Adele did as the media outlets write about her ailment.

    So I see FP/A is here. So what can that possibly mean…

    Another staged airport photo-op from WEWE?

    Father’s Day is this Sunday so WEWE is gearing up for a “happy family” photo-op with EC, his parents, and his kids?

    I noticed that a lot of the media attention has been on Kim K and her wedding, so is WEWE planning a mega media blitz to try to upstage it just like she did with the Royal Wedding, Reese W wedding, and Katy P wedding?

    Another radio interview?

    Or is WEWE going to do yet anoter sit down interview (like the one she did with People, Shape, ABC. GAC, Cabo) where she once again tries to justify why she had an affair with a married man?

    Another BIG concert?

  • lolita

    First Brandi tweets about enjoying Ebaldis and coincidentally horse face tweets about it now. What a loser.

  • gwen

    I think that she is wearing things like this to feul pregnancy rumors. She is trying to spark the “Is she…isn’t she” rumors. I also saw how she made a point to say how EC and her band members jumped in the ocean, but not her.

    With father’s day coming up I’m sure she is going to be pushing those pregnancy rumors very hard.

    She has an album and single and appearance on Drop Dead Diva to promote and has to use an innocent baby in addition to EC two sons to keep her name in the press.

    WEWE is doing EVERYTHING in her power to try to upstage the CMTs.

    Radaronline story about how she and EC made out at a charity event.

    Mutiple sightings of WEWE in just one day.

    People mag about her EC cheating, oops I mean weight issues.

    Milking the sore throat thing.

    And now a sex tape with DS?

    Which I’m sure will be followed up in just days with a sex tape of WEWE and EC on a beach, right?

  • lolita

    What do you think Gwen? Does the sex tape exist with leann’s latest scheme involving a denial, subsequent “leak” and a statement accusing Dean of taping her without her knowledge? With leann peering into the camera the whole time?

  • gwen

    Well that explains Athena/FP appearance, we are going to get hit with photos of WEWE and EC at the Playboy mansion.

  • gwen


    The tape exists.

    Perhaps she is copying the Blake L thing.

    Deny. Deny. Deny.

    Then the tabloid “has no other choice” but to leak it.

  • Gigi

    Why doesn’t Just Jared make it official and change the name of the site to Just Leann. I can’t imagine how much money she pays to get the amount of coverage here that she does. Cone on, every airport photo? This woman isn’t even invited to events from her own industry any more. That is how far her career is in the toilet yet she is on this site on an almost daily basis, sometimes with several pathetic new bits. She isn’t news. Other than her cheating scandal, she hasn’t been for a long, long time.

  • Eddie too

    Hi @Athena. I posted on both sites as I wanted to make sure that my opinion was on both. Not the only one who does that I see. As Leann calls JJ to have her tweets with photos up more quickly than a real celeb it’s hard to keep up ha ha. Not going to stop adding my opinion as I see fit Athena. You won’t either which is how it should be.

    ps – love Melanie’s up-dates – can’t wait for the next epiosde of Trailer Trash.

  • TJR

    Enjoy Melanie’s updates as well. No Leann at the CMT awards this year. Anyone who is anyone in country music attended, even the Beiber LOL. But no Leann? Interesting.

  • blair

    Leann is desperate for any attention, that’s why she brought up her weight again on People, she wants attention. Now a sex tape…gross!
    Melanie’s next episode will be great.

  • Sam and Shells

    @athena. There are two JJ posts about this try hard woman and they were both put out at approx the same time. As we all know, people tend to post and follow on the most recent site. I posted the same posts on both sites for that reason. Will no doubt do it again. Hi – I’m Shelly Caplan by the way Athena – if that’s your real name at all? Not Gwen but watching her posts with interest as she seems to be up with what’s happening next.

  • Jessica J-H

    Morning world – Prediction – photos of Brandi’s boys along with the very whipped Eddie and of course Leann at some eatery celebrating Fathers Day this Sunday. She will pretend to look anoyed as they were “captured unawares”, Eddie will look genuinely p***** off as he realises that Leann called the paps yet again. If we are really lucky, she will manage to be “captured” doing a bonus motherly task like face wiping while trying to hold Eddie’s hand at the same time LOL. Watch this space folks.

  • London Chick

    Latest tweet pics show photo of EC having yet another kiss planted on his cheek. Look on his face just says it all LOL. Not comfortable with this. Enough already. People are laughing at us.

  • London Chick

    Latest tweet pics show photo of EC having yet another kiss planted on his cheek. Look on his face just says it all LOL. Not comfortable with this. Enough already. People are laughing at us.

  • London Chick

    @Gigi I agree with you but got to be honest, Ioving the whole soap opera thing they have going on! Makes for an entertaining day at work and can’t wait to see what lengths these two will go to to be rated. Have a few requests please: Maybe Leann tweets that she has a stalker as the big stars seem to have one. Or she could need to be rushed to an exclusive rehab unit to recover from exhaustion as that’s always popular. A public fight with Eddie and then a big romantic epic make-up scene where he declares his undying love. This would be one I would watch. More please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thalia

    Jenna Dewan Channing from Playboy Club likes Leann. Poor haters now what??!/jennaldewan

  • Karen

    LOOK!! Keith Urban’s a clinger! He has to rush home like Leann does. That sad pathetic man. He don’t trust his wife!!!!! hehehe,,20501611,00.html

  • !

    I think I know why Leann loves that fringe bag so much, it doubles as a feed bag. Chomp chomp.

  • gwen

    I see that once again FP/A has asked JJ to delete posts. So why do you keep asking JUST JARED to delete posts Athena/FP and then throwing tantrums when I say something about it?

    This is the post that FP/A had JUST JARED delete:


    Athena/frannie plate mission: Take the heat off of herself for posting under different names, by arguing that other posters are posting under different names to deflect from the fact that she [athena/fp] made a post as RACY in the thread about WEWE and EC famewhoring event.

  • gwen


    Hi Frannie plate/athena.

    Why are you still asking JJ to delete posts?

    Did I call it or what?

    When FP/A shows up=WEWE is going to release a staged photo-op to JJ.

    It was a semi “happy family” photo-op, meaning it only included WEWE and EC youngest son. But I won’t be shocked if we see yet another staged photo of WEWE, EC, his sons, and EC parents. She is on some major media blitz here. THREE staged photo-ops in TWO days. I take it WEWE must not have gotten very much attention for the sex tape stories, hence why she has now dragging out EC son for yet another STAGED photo-op.

    WEWE, you want people to think that you are friends with women on that set because in your mind you somehow think that it will convince people that EC isn’t cheating on.

  • Karen

    My Brandi never had plastic surgery. Her cheeks are “REAL”.. and fILLED!

    Le tweets to her “pals” locked accounts. But HALF of BB are LOCKED accounts. heeheeheeeeee stupid lonely women