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Russell Crowe: 'Circumcision is Barbaric and Stupid'

Russell Crowe: 'Circumcision is Barbaric and Stupid'

Russell Crowe has spoken out about circumcision on his Twitter account.

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect,” the 47-year-old actor wrote on Twitter on Thursday (June 9).

“I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires,” Russell continued.

“Last of it, if [you] feel it is [your] right 2 cut things off [your] babies please unfollow and f— off,I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism,” he concluded.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s argument against circumcision?

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  • Taylor

    Good thing I don’t follow you on twitter…

  • Austin

    Whoa, this guy seems really unstable…

  • hmmm

    way to insult two different religions

  • Klime

    Well he is right. Unconsentual surgery is wrong. It is done according to the interpretation of God’s word.

    Not to mention it doesn’t prevent masturbation, which is why it was introducted to N.A.

  • CJLOVE23

    Ewww. Uncircumcised peens are gross. I can’t work em and they’re dirrrty. Plus they run and hide like a turtle when they’re soft. It’s gross!! Besides, I find it funny HE’s calling something barbaric

  • Camden

    I’m inclined to agree with him….a bazillion Jews and Muslim’s won’t be.

  • Celia

    He’s not lying. I know it’s done for sanitary reasons and other reasons, but I’ve had the misfortune of seeing one done up close and personal and those poor babies.

  • Chris

    Not to mention that he said that aborting an unborn baby is more appropriate than removing an infants foreskin.
    This is not good PR in my opinion.

  • Chris

    Not to mention that he said that aborting an unborn baby is more appropriate than removing an infants foreskin.
    This is not good PR in my opinion.

  • Olivia Munn = LoserWannabeHag

    I’m cringing. He is going to regret saying that.

  • James

    I can’t understand why anyone would be against circumcision. Especially someone in high regard like Russell Crowe. You can’t clean an uncircumcised penis so you would go through life with a dirty penis. That’s nasty.

  • boston61

    Don’t you hate when actors try to sound smart?

  • Struck

    when you are the one who assists in the surgeries like i do- you will know that many babies pass out from the pain. infections are very common and there are complications in many cases.

  • 12

    @James: James, you should really know that being clean has nothing to do with circumcision. The information is out there.

  • Jasmine

    There’s no logic in his unstable rant here. He says he doesn’t believe in man’s interpretation of God, but believes in God. Is he saying that only he knows what’s cool and uncool with God? How arrogant.

  • Ruth

    Just when I thought that he had changed! He can believe whatever he likes but he is a fool to give a public opinion on something which is connected to two major religions.

    Apart from anything else, there is a lot of medical evidence to prove that circumcision is much healthier and that circumcised men are less prone to disease. The United Nations iniatiated various projects in Africa which include circumcising men to prevent AIDS – obviously they wouldn’t agree with Mr. Crowe. We should also remember that millions of baby boys are born with partial foreskins which would require that the rest be removed and this has nothing to do with their religion.

    In other words, even famous actors should THINK before they speak or twitter. And why on earth would a man who has won an Oscar (or two) feel the need to twitter to his fans. That’s for the Kardashians.

  • CJLOVE23

    @12: Looks like someone has a turtle

  • Anna

    Struck @ 06/10/2011 at 12:20 am 0

    when you are the one who assists in the surgeries like i do- you will know that many babies pass out from the pain. infections are very common and there are complications in many cases.
    I think that this is completely untrue. I am not saying that infections don’t happen, but they are rare.

    My son and my grandsons were circumcised and they didn’t even cry. A surgeon (who is also a medical professor in a leading hospital) performed the procedure on my grandchildren and there were absolutely NO problems, no crying, nothing. I am not underestimating what could happen, I am just saying that if the parents are responsible and take a surgeon to carry out the circumcision, then it is a very simple procedure.

    Russell was always one of my favourite actors but his big mouth is starting to bother me. I’m sure that within a couple of days he will be apologising and claim he was “misunderstood”.

  • Jasmine

    @Camden: On the contrary, there are some modern Jews that don’t circumcise their babies and circumcision is NOT required in Islam but is allowed.

    And by the way, why are so many people getting so worked up about parents making decisions for their children? Some of you treat it as some sort of abominable sin. How lazy have people become that they just kick back and let their children raise themselves. Do people truly believe their children know best or are they are just too cowardly to make decisions that their children may or may not like then or in the future?

  • Jessica

    I think he just got himself a new twitter follower.
    He speaks truth and good sense.

  • lengela

    It is not required in Islam, but in Judaism. There is a lot of pressure for Jews to do this and being Jewish, there is no other way. If our sons do not have this procedure they are not accepted as Jews.

  • KarenG

    I totally agree with him. Gender should never be the deciding factor between what is and is not a criminal act. It is a violation of federal law to merely draw a drop of blood from the genitals of a minor female child in the US. Boys deserve equal protection under the law. Circumcision harms every boy and the man he will become.

  • Jamie Poston-Benford

    @James: @James: The majority of men in the WORLD are intact, Russell Crowe being one of them. Foreskin is there for a reason, it is not a birth defect. I have never known an intact man who did not know how to clean himself. Of course if you do not wash it, it will smell. I have know cut men whom smelled nasty down there. To the person that says they are gross and that it hides when it is soft. No it is not gross and yes it is suppose to do that when it is soft. The main function of foreskin is protection, the glands(head) is not meant to be an external part of a mans most private area. It also aids in sexual pleasure. I am really sick and tired of men and women putting men whom are intact down because they have ALL of the natural body the way they are suppose to.

  • manka


    “What is “cool” and “uncool” with God” — how old are you exactly?
    And here’s some food for thought: intelligence is “cool” with everybody.

  • Matthew

    As much as I agree with him, I can’t help but think of pots and kettles……

  • manka


    Can you be more of an idiot?
    Better go “work” your uncircumcised P*++…

  • Matthew


    And who are the ones doing the not accepting?

  • shell

    @KarenG: Just curious…How am I harmed again?

  • Jenna

    Jewish penises are very ugly. I’m glad Russell has a brain.

  • Matthew
  • Faith Intactivist

    I am in total agreement with him and support the movement to ban circumcision. There is no acceptable reason to cut off healthy, functioning parts of another human being. Religious rights end at YOUR OWN body. MAJOR human rights violation! If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

    I respect my child enough to protect his right to genital integrity. He has the freedom to choose what form he wants HIS genitals in as an adult. He STILL HAS THAT OPTION. When you circumcise a child – all it does it remove their choice.

    I have MANY Jewish friends that DID NOT circumcise their sons. They’ve had a Bris/Brti Shalom instead. No cutting. I also find it completely asinine those bringing up religious rights regarding circumcision. Baby girls can’t be circumcised(not even type 1 FGM which is a tiny pin prick to the clitoris) here in the U.S. for religious reasons so why should it be OK for boys to be cut up? Both deserve equal protection.

    The majority of the world does NOT circumcise and don’t have “issues” with their WHOLE penises. The U.S. needs to get over its fetish with cutting the genitals of children.

  • press

    im thinking he is entitled to his opinion

  • 43

    @Matthew: I know you weren’t responding to me but I think the shunning is from the rest of the Jewish community. They take it very seriously. You can’t actually live as a Jewish man without being circumsised. If you are converting to Judaism you have to have it done.

  • postwatcher

    I agree with Russell.

  • James Loewen

    Bravo Mr. Crowe! Not only do you have an intact penis you also have balls!

    Thanks for speaking out. The comments here about Ewe yuk all that skin show the ignorance behind the most heinous child sexual abuse. Forced genital cutting of children is ending because people are getting informed and speaking out.

    Thank you!

  • James Loewen

    You are wrong.

    Increasing numbers of Jewish parents are protecting the genital integrity of their boys and naming them without cutting them. Google Brit Shalom for more info.

  • Matthew

    @43: And I find that despicable. You should accept people for who they are, not what parts they have.

  • lala

    circumcision should not be considered a religious debate. cleanliness is not completely possible when a man is uncircumcised (not to mention the fact that men don’t bother to clean themselves nearly as well as women do while bathing). plenty of medical research shows that women who sleep with uncircumcised men have a higher risk of vaginal and cervical cancer than women who do not. from my own personal experience with this issue i believe that circumcision is a good idea. my little brother was not circumcised as an infant. he was constantly in and out of the pediatrician’s office throughout his first eight years of life because of various painful infections of his penis due to his foreskin. finally he was forced to get circumcised at the age of 8 due to the constant infections and it was a major surgery that required 1-2 weeks out of school. babies, especially newborns, heal extremely quickly. the baby will not remember the pain and i don’t believe that there is anything cruel or barbaric about it especially if it saves them from more pain and suffering later.

  • James Loewen


    You call him “unstable” because he speaks up for the human rights of children to their body integrity? Get educated. Forced circumcision is a sexual violation of infants and children.

  • lala

    not to mention that foreskin is useless in modern human males. there is no true necessary function for it. its practically a vestigial structure.

  • Jenna

    Wow, was Russell DRUNK yet again? How dare he insult so many parents? Sorry, but everyone should know for themselves. How dare mr Crowe pretend he and he alone speaks for god. I knew he was insane, this just proves it more.

  • James Loewen


    Sorry lala your comment is sexist and ignorant. Human genitals are easy and fun to clean. Cutting part of a baby’s penis off to achieve “cleanliness” is barbaric and cruel.

  • Kasey

    AMEN! So glad to hear a man speaking out on a man’s right to choose for himself what is done to his body. What a courageous man!!!

  • Matthew

    @James Loewen: You have to admit though… The man’s a bit unstable ;)

  • James Loewen


    Those “sanitary reasons” and “other reasons” are pathetic excuses for perpetrating a serious form of sexual abuse.

  • oo

    Am i the only one thinking it’s strange that Russel Crow has twitter? I’m like in shock.

  • oo

    Russellcrowe Russell Crowe
    @BarackMcBush Hygenic? Why don’t you sew up your ass then?

    HAAH @ this tweet.

  • Jon Snow

    Good on ya Russell – it’s about time that more celebs spoke out about this gross violation of fundamental human rights.

  • I6gul

    And suddenly I’m a fan of his. I think it’s great, what he wrote. I completely agree with him.

  • 43

    @James Loewen: No actually you are wrong. Just because a small percentage of the Jewish community has chosen to ignore this requirement, does not mean the majority of Jews don’t do this procedure.