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Russell Crowe: 'Circumcision is Barbaric and Stupid'

Russell Crowe: 'Circumcision is Barbaric and Stupid'

Russell Crowe has spoken out about circumcision on his Twitter account.

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect,” the 47-year-old actor wrote on Twitter on Thursday (June 9).

“I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires,” Russell continued.

“Last of it, if [you] feel it is [your] right 2 cut things off [your] babies please unfollow and f— off,I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism,” he concluded.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s argument against circumcision?

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  • Robert

    @Ruth: So explain to me why the country with the highest circumcision rate also has the highest HIV rate in the world? Only something like 15% of men in Europe(as well as babies being born these days) are circumcised and yet their rates are nothing like here in the United States. Over 85% of men all over the world are uncircumcised and yet the place that does it the most has the highest rates of STI’s? What the hell? It should also be noted that in 2009 the circumcision rate in medical facilities was something like 45%(which overrall is 55%)

    There is no evidence to even suggest circumcision is better. If you’re for circumcision that’s fine. It’s not my business. But don’t act all self righteous when you’re clearly just an ignorant moron who has no idea what she’s talking about. I believe it’s you that should think before you speak.

  • Matthew

    @43: And hopefully that will change in coming generations. It’s too bad it has to take that long.

  • Shannon

    First time I’ve liked the guy.

  • SW

    “Not to mention that he said that aborting an unborn baby is more appropriate than removing an infants foreskin.
    This is not good PR in my opinion.”

    He did not say that, you twat. You are deliberately twisting his words. He said that abortion should be a woman’s decision – just like it should be a man’s decision to get circumcised WHEN HE IS AN ADULT. This decision should not be made for him as an infant or teen.

    As always, I applaud Russell for speaking his mind.

    @lala – the male foreskin has no use in MODERN human males? Are they differently built than ancient ones, then? LOL Please educate yourself on the use of the make foreskin (you only have to go back to the first comments page for that) before you spew any more of your BS.
    And I don’t think that anybody (not even Russell) has anything against circumcision for medical reasons, as in the case of your little brother. You are completely missing the point.

  • Daniel


    It is not hard to keep and uncircumcised penis clean. i am uncirc and it takes me all of a min in the shower.

  • Truth

    Russell is sooo frickin’ right on this it’s not even funny!

  • Matthew

    To whoever thumbed down “You have to admit though… The man’s a bit unstable ;)”:

  • DJ


    They are only dirty when the people who own them, don’t keep them clean. I keep mine clean and my girlfriend loves it.

  • Josh


    Finally some Big names fighting for what’s right!

    Pedophile Sadists and religious sexual assault apologists be damned!

    People are speaking out against Male Genital Mutilation! Your sick sexual fetish for taking knives to the gentials of baby boys won’t be happening for too much longer you SICK FREAKS!

  • SW

    @Matthews – draggin up Russell’s “altercations” is so last decade….*yawn*

  • SW

    @Matthew – dragging up Russell’s alleged “altercations” is so last decade…..*yawn*

  • Jon Snow

    The male prepuce has so many functions, protective and sexual. I think the majority of Americans have no idea how much is actually lost. A man will be lacking 15 square inches of highly erogenous specialized tissue, folks. Intact guys and their partners know all of the benefits, keeping babies intact should be a no-brainer.

  • Luana

    It amazes me that jewish people still participate in this. And the stupidity they use to justify it.

  • Luana

    James – you stupid man….life is going to be long and hard

  • Lee56

    Gotta agree, but he left out the most important point – no-one has the right to alter another person’s body without their consent – let a guy make up his own mind when he’s of age. And as for the religious aspect, a covenant with God should be about your own body and your own beliefs, not forcing them on a helpless infant. If we were serious about freedom of religion we would be allowing little girls to have sunat performed on them like in Malaysia – ( excision of the clitoral hood), not screaming about doctors suggesting a pinprick to draw a drop of blood from the clitoris to satisfy ritual requirements.

    Many Jews now have the Brit Shalom for their sons, which is a religious naming ceremony at 8 days of age without circumcision.

    As the wife and mother of intact males I would have to say that hygiene and health has never been an issue! Have people never heard of showers?

  • skwerl

    @CJLOVE23: Dirty people are dirty. A man with an intact penis who washes himself is not dirty. Better to be soft and sensitive than a dried-up, scarred mushroom.

  • skwerl

    @hmmm: Religions that require you to chop off pieces of your child deserve to be insulted.

  • skwerl

    @James: It’s a shame your parents didn’t teach you how to wash. My kids know what soap and water is.

  • groundcontrol

    Poor Russell. He’s trying everything he can to get back on the radar.
    But he’s right.
    There are no general medical or hygienic reasons for circumcision. There are also no credible studies applicable to the developed world that show any need for circumcision.
    And poor James, if you can’t figure out how to properly clean an uncircumcised penis then you are all kinds of stupid – or just disgustingly lazy.
    If any father thinks circumcision is such a great idea then offer your own up for a little more trimming. Otherwise keep your hands off your son’s penis. It does not belong to you.

  • Orchid

    45 Matthew @ 06/10/2011 at 1:12 am
    I wouldn’t say RC is unstable. He does have a very short fuse.

  • Austin

    @James Loewen It is the way that he said it. It is one thing to have an opinion and it is another to offend millions of people by the way you say something. Get educated? Really? Are we 12 years old and using our parent’s computer? Grow up James.

  • suseyblue

    You tell ‘em, Russell. You ROCK.

    And Lengela, how dare you imply our normal, perfect sons are less Jewish because as ethical, moral, humane persons, we didn’t have genital mutilation performed upon their infant bodies. Our sons are going to stop this cycle of abuse.

    Slavery lasted longest in the US in the Western world, as has circumcision. But it too will pass & be remembered along with paterfamilias as something once thought ‘right’ by culture & now known to be a cruel, unnatural human rights violation.

  • Kate

    You have to love the internet. A place where people can say what they want without consequence. As a practicing Jewish woman, I can say that many of the people commenting here are rude and offensive. What happened to respect and consideration?

  • Orchid

    69 skwerl @ 06/10/2011 at 1:50 am +2
    @CJLOVE23: Dirty people are dirty. A man with an intact ***** who washes himself is not dirty. Better to be soft and sensitive than a dried-up, scarred mushroom.
    I was going to say that! When a man can’t (doesn’t know how to) clean himself, he is dirty, circumcised or not. I agree with RC!

  • Jon Snow

    I can’t imagine how I would feel if half of the densely innervated tissue from my genitals had been taken away without my consent, when I was too little to fight back and then grow up to discover that not only was it medically unnecessary, it was a complete violation of my basic human right to bodily integrity.

    I can see why there are men out there who are angry about what was done to them. I imagine there must be frustration about society’s lack of empathy, lack of interest, and absolute discrimination towards them. On wonders how long they will have to wait before a male’s right to a whole and healthy body is protected.

  • Matthew

    Amazing that this is being discussed as “barbaric and stupid” yet abortion is fully acceptable. Outlaw circumcision and allow abortion, you people have lost your minds. If you allow abortion, you better damned well allow circumcision!!!

  • Rob

    I’m circumcised and very happy to be so.

  • Jon Snow

    Last time I checked, male circumcision only affected one body: the male whose pen!s it is. Fundamental human rights protect bodily integrity for all humans. Abortion is a murkier issue since there are two bodies involved.

  • Kasey


    Until enough Jews have the courage to say “this barbarism stops with me”

  • Jon Snow

    If you don’t have anything to compare it to, I can see how a circumcised man might believe he was happy with his lot in life.

    It’s like the fella who has 20/20 vision but is colour-blind. He can see, sure, but he is missing all the richness and vibrancy that colour brings.

    Good article (recommended by The British Medical Journal)

  • suseyblue

    Come show support here, where he has been named ‘Profile of the Week’ (and joins Ben Affleck, Pamela Anderson, John Leguizamo, Salmon Rushdie, Virginia Madsen, Christopher Hitchens, Penn & Teller, Howard Stern, Gordon Ramsey, Dolph Lundgren, Craig Ferguson, Luke Doucet, Ben Cohen, Tony Hawk, and an ever-growing cast of celebrities with the gonads to speak out.

  • CynDaVaz

    It’s GREAT that celebs are speaking out against this human rights violation. Infant circ needs to go!

  • J

    he also says, “Abortion should always be a woman’s choice, there is no benefit to “forced” motherhood…you got it?”
    no one is forcing anyone to undress and have sex to create that baby, why don’t you educate yourself first, learn safe sex or better yet wait and fall in love with someone you want to have kids with! There is no circumstance ever where abortion is acceptable.. its murder, killing an infant up to 9 months in the womb is accepted today and its sick.. where as killing an infant within 2 mins of being born, oh the horror! It is the same thing. All life is precious~ If you are not ready to be a mom or dad, don’t have sex! Its not punishment, its what you do if you want (or are open to the possibility) of having a baby I wish more people thought of it this way! Love people, LOVE

  • Hugh7

    I haven’t admired RC since The Sum Of Us because of his short temper, but this greatly redeems him in my eyes.

    And he’s not driven by antisemitism (as Mel Gibson might have been): “During location filming of Cinderella Man, Crowe made a donation to a Jewish elementary school whose library had been damaged as a result of arson.[24] A note with an anti-Semitic message had been left at the scene.” – Wikipedia.


    russell looks smelly. he should be circumsized too

  • Jeremy

    He’s absolutely right. There’s no medical justification for it, and it causes a lot of irrepairable damage to unlucky babies. It is barbaric. Doctors just push it on parents because they profit off it.

  • Toni

    YES!!!! Good on him for stating the truth!!!! The Jewish say they are religious, yet continue to undo God’s perfect work, with their barbaric acts of circumcision. Let a person decide for themselves if they want this done to them, or not.

  • hwyman

    The timeless battle rages on, its the anteaters vs the helmetheads

  • L

    Good for him for speaking up for babies who can’t speak for themselves. Circumcision IS barbaric and stupid.

  • Rachel I

    i wasn’t a fan before but i am now!!! thank you for speaking up for all the babies that can’t speak up for themselves.
    as far as the other comments, i cant read them all but if anyone cares to, simply google “circumcision deaths” and see how much information there is out there. no, its not such a rare condition….and other problems such as castration. Its not just a “simple little nick”…its much much worse than that.
    i can say that after having my first 2 sons circumcised…luckily i began to research this issue while pregnant with my 3d son. no 3 and no 4 are intact….YOU CAN HAVE SONS WITH DIFFERENT PENISES!!! IT IS OK!
    for those who are wondering “what is the big deal”…please research this issue. The rate of circumcision in the US is falling way below the 50% it used to be…..when our babies are older and in the locker rooms, they will be the majority (INTACT), not minority.
    BTW, I am a Jewish mom who decided to not circumcise my 2 youngest…this isn’t impossible for many Jews to contemplate.

  • Goodmom

    Russell Crowe is so ignorant he is embarrassing. He knows nothing of what he speaks. Maybe he should speak to thousands and thousands of Jewish Men who have been and no issues at all have ever come of it. EVER. Geez it’s true most actors are just dumb f–ks.

  • Sarla

    All I know is, first guy I ever attempted to go to third base with was circumsphere and not only did it smell bad but it was dirty/slimy and he had taken a shower after football practice that day so its not like he had bad hygiene . so no Russell. Maybe in Australia/UK where circumcision isn’t the norm and women don’t know any bettter….but here in the US, expect your kid to be remembered as “smelly d*ck” by whatever 15 year old girl has the misfortune of (almost) getting down with him at.

  • Sarla

    *circumsized, not circumsphere. damn autocorrect

  • Sarla

    circumcised, not circumsphere. damn autocorrect

  • Jenny

    I totally agree with him. I used to think that circumcision is important because of our culture in the Philippines that almost 95% of men is circumcised. Now that i live here in Europe and circumcision is not common here, it makes me realized that indeed you want the babies to be all natural.

  • Jenny

    I totally agree with him. I used to think that circumcision is important because of our culture in the Philippines that almost 95% of men is circumcised. Now that i live here in Europe and circumcision is not common here, it makes me realized that indeed you want the babies to be all natural.

  • Noname

    That was a very stupid comment! Its obvious he’s walking around with a foresk!n! That is just gross!
    Circumcision is also good for hygienic purposes and also reduce chances of getting easily infected with HIV…(I feel sorry for whoever suck his d!ck)

  • SW

    @Sarla – there`s still one glaring mistake in your sentence.

    And I’m sorry to have to tell you, but even though that boy may have just taken a shower, but he obviously still didn’t know how to properly clean himself. He was, in more than one sense, a dirty boy. He obviously didn’t care enough about his body hygene, and not even going out with you could change that. Says a lot about him….and you for putting up with it.
    To go from this one experience, no matter how unpleasant it was, to sayging that all uncircumsized p**** are always dirty, just goes to show how immature you are.

  • Chris

    How about ear piercing babies Mr. Crowe? Or any kid for that matter? Is that stupid and barbaric too?

  • Thai


    Religion is the greatest insult to humanity.