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Shakira Releases New Single 'Rabiosa'

Shakira Releases New Single 'Rabiosa'

Shakira has just released her new single, “Rabiosa” from her album, Sale El Sol.

The 34-year-old Colombian singer’s English version of this track features a guest spot from Pitbull, while the Spanish version features El Cata.

Shakira recently performed at the Lluis Campanys Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain. Last month she was a double winner at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, picking up the prizes for Top Latin Artist and Top Latin Song (for “Waka Waka”).

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  • djtube

    nice single! you can listen the single here :

  • annie

    Those pole dancing scenes…HELL OF A BODY!

  • *

    She’s sooooooo sexy

  • Thai

    Utter crap. The americanization/hollyweirdzation of Shakira is an utter failure too.

  • MIU

    Wanna DANCE :P :D

  • Boo!

    I miss the cool rocker Shakira from the 90′s, where did she go?

  • lola

    music these days -.- seriously whats up with saying same words/nonsense over and over again, for example:

    Jennifer Lopez and Pittbull – on the floor:Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaa
    Rihanna – S&M: nananananananannaa come ooon… sm sm sm sm
    Enrique and Pittbull -Tonight Im loving you: tonight I’m loving youu… tonight im loving youuuu… tonight im loving youu…
    Gaga – Judas: Juuudaas juda-aa-s juudaaas juda-a-a-s
    Britney – Till the world ends: OWOWOWOOWOWWWOOOOOW!!!

    and now Shakira? this is seriously getting annoying!
    And I dont understand why they have to stick Pittbull in every single song? And please educate me.. is he a rapper? a singer? a rnb singer? or what? because seems like he just talks like a slow grandpa in every song.
    And this is why I dont even listen to radio these days.

  • Phorno

    she should keep the blonde…looks much better on her..
    …my girl & I going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 Gift card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  • lilia mazunina


  • http://j carlota f.

    i miss the old natural shakira

  • Mor

    I miss her old songs… they were so much better! :/

  • laverdadduele

    I want the old Shakira back, the one who stood out for her artistic creativity, her original style of song writing and for her mystery. I use to admire her for representing herself as someone who wanted to stand out from the stereotype that she has gradually become – fake blonde hair, bordering of looking like a porn star in her new video…WTF?

    She use to be know for her music and talent, not sure what she stands for now, beyond selling sex, and WHO doesn’t do that nowadays…please don’t bore us, go back to your roots Shakira – a woman of substance!

    Still love her old music, but she has definitely sold out…We have enough pop tart bimbos in the media. We need the old Shakira back to inspire young girls to speak their minds and carry themselves intelligently!

  • I’m E

    @laverdadduele, she stands just for money now…I’m so disappointed too! Every single she realeses is worse than the last…and it’s pretty ironic beacuse if you listen to her talking on interviews, she seems to still think she’s a great artist and songriter…
    She’s a pole dancer with some music in the back nowadays…

  • camille


  • alessandra

    All you people that are saying she needs to go back to her music from the 90′s-you all need to listen to her latest album “Sal el Sol”.

  • Mor

    @alessandra: I’ve listened to most of the songs in this album, and I still think her older songs are much better..

  • zephon

    What utterly generic, lyrically retarded, piece of crap. Shakira now makes Lady Gaga’s Judas look poetic; the dances are better and well Gaga’s looks like an actual music video – as opposed to this where it blends child molestation with prostitution. Good job Shakira now we can all pinpoint the moment you became a hack. Seriously you have a body we all know that already THATS YOUR PROBLEM, you’re STALE. For example that split thing you did, you did the same exact move in shemale in a closet. Face it bottle blonde you’ve run out of material.

  • tami

    It’s not her best song, but I kind of like the beat.

  • Maria

    I’m getting sick and tired of the “I Miss the Old Shakira” She’s 20 years into her career, she’s no longer the 17 year old girl with red hair rocking out in “Ojos Asi” she’s 34 years old now and she’s a grown ass woman! Madonna was allowed to reinvent herself and yet Shakira isn’t. Some Shakira fans are stuck on this singular ideal image of Shakira that is unrealistic. They punish her for not consistently and rigidly being what THEY want her to be.

  • ginger

    wow she looks amazing but the lyrics are horrible!

  • Boooooo

    What a repulsive degradation to womankind this plastic, no-personality whore is. A Latin Paris Hilton, and as much as she argues being a barbie stripper is the same as being “empowered,” it isn’t. Shakira you are a sellout skank.

  • missi

    I heard that the whole Sale el sol cd has nicer songs… why the h***ell is she/they these horrible songs? it’s been too much reggaeton/regueton or whatever. This rabiosa song is horrible and I cannot wait for her label to release another better single.
    I know she’s”evolving” or “experimenting” or whatever, but she’s stuck in the blonde phase, she is now mainly know because she moves her hips well, and now, she has a bunch or regueton mix songs that are getting worse.
    Miguel Bose, as an example, was never afraid o change and reinvent himself… and Shaki is evolving to become more commercial, at this pace she will be like Luis Miguel, just singing what sells the most.
    She migh still be composing nice songs, but the way she’s projecting herself is not good, just another reguetonera chisk who is baring all. I hope this “fun” phase of hers “evolves” and changes very soon!!

  • mln

    she tries too hard to be sexy but she is better than other talentless chicks

  • pili

    trying way too hard… and it is getting annoying

    she is a beautiful woman with a voice that stands out, plus she has actual talent

    i just wish that she stopped thinking that her “derriere” is her biggest asset

    maybe she is going through an early middle life crisis and wants to prove that she is still hot…

    she needs to understand that SHE IS that hot even by standing there doint nothing, and should not be trying so hard

  • yasmin

    Shaki is the only girl who can get away with pole dancing and still look f*n CLASSY doing it. She is EFFORTLESS. She knows her body and she one of the most gorgeous females in the world today. Love all her music! LOVE this! Love the black hair too.

  • missi

    I heard that she copied EVERY move from a White stripe’s video where Kate Moss dances the pole. gotta chek it in YOU TUBE

  • Pedro

    This video and song are freaking awesome, and I seriously can’t at the RIDICULOUS comments I am reading here. I am a Shakira DIE HARD FAN and when I say die hard I really say it, I am a huge fan of hers I love her, I own like all of her CD’s, been to tons of concerts, etc. etc. but no matter. I am so sick of all those shitty comments “Omg shaki needs to go back to what she used to be”, “omg want the old shaki”, “omg im stupid”, yes you’re! Shakira, just like every other artist in the world has the right to GROW UP, you might not like it, but she doesn’t care, she has done so much. Back when she started she was into more Pop/rock vibe, she was all black hair, acoustic songs as well, etc. then she started singing in English into a more Pop way but still in pop/rock, now blonde and sexier than ever. FO and OF era was the most natural era of Shakira, she barely used make up and her songs were very natural, also Pop/rock but those albums are so rich they have Jazz elements, Pop Elements, Latin elements, etc. some of the best albums ever. Back in 2009 shakira decided she should create a new sound in order to become a even more complete artist so she releases SHE WOLF, an amazing song where she had a little sluttier image but NOTHING MORE, she stills Shakira the amazing Shakira, she did electronic style in her own. Keeps proofing her originality, her amazing creativity and still be herself. Sale El Sol also came out and it shows Shakira back to her roots but still y’all not satisfied! Because you think she cant use a pole to dance on! Like guys, time to grow up! Shakira should do this kind of stuff and try new things, that will help her develop her creativity and become a better artist. I AM SO PROUD OF MY BEAUTIFUL IDOL. love u Shak <3

  • Butwait

    Don’t people know most of this shit is her managers fault her record lable if it isn’t well she is trying out things you guys don’t know how good her latest album is Sale el sol. Its amazing Loca was good sale el sol was like she was back in the 90′s and rabiosa is different i hope she doesn’t pole dance yeah but she has good music

  • Love

    Utter dum shit all these lyrics..i loved your post!