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LeAnn Rimes: I Don't Have A Sex Tape!

LeAnn Rimes: I Don't Have A Sex Tape!

LeAnn Rimes shops till she drops on Friday (June 10) in Malibu, Calif.

The 28-year-old went shopping with her stepson Mason to celebrate his birthday! Mason turned 8 on June 8.

“Bday shopping for the big boy!” LeAnn tweeted. LeAnn stopped off at Crumbs Bake Shop in Malibu and picked up a vanilla lemon cupcake with sprinkles (for Mason) and coffee for herself.

LeAnn recently took to Twitter to deny rumors of a sex tape with her former husband Dean Sheremet.

“I hear there are rumors of a “sex tape” I have never filmed myself having sex on tape, period. Haven’t joined that club LOL!”

FYI: LeAnn is wearing Rag & Bone jeans.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes shopping with Mason

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes mason shopping 01
leann rimes mason shopping 02
leann rimes mason shopping 03
leann rimes mason shopping 04
leann rimes mason shopping 05
leann rimes mason shopping 06
leann rimes mason shopping 07
leann rimes mason shopping 08
leann rimes mason shopping 09
leann rimes mason shopping 10
leann rimes mason shopping 11
leann rimes mason shopping 12
leann rimes mason shopping 13
leann rimes mason shopping 14
leann rimes mason shopping 15

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  • Mlef

    And do you have a music tape ?
    That’s all you’re supposed to do, where is it ?

  • Mlef

    I’m regreating a little bit something.

    I forgot to talk about how it’s sh.tty to show her in her private life with her son if she don’t ask anything.

  • mel

    if this psyco came anywhere near my son i would beat her @ss so hard..poor brandi :(

  • CJLOVE23

    Thank God for the little things! But she probably ‘leaked’ that info out herself & no one heard of it so she’s trying to make it relevant. By the way that’s NOT your son LeAnn. It’s BRANDI’S !!!!

  • ben

    that poor boy the b.i.t.c.h. exploiting him to get pics taken . YOU MAKE ME SICK LEANN RIMES YOU DUMB W.H.O.R.E

  • sb

    That little boy is 8? He doesn’t look more than 5 yrs old!

  • mila

    that boy looks so disgusted she is forcing him to hold her hand to take the pic what a pathetic sad woman

  • KId

    Her poor son is being exploited bigtime

  • Wewe

    Heard she’s trying to do a reality show about her life! What a loser!!! No one wants to see a desperate, homewrecking, attention Wh0re who tweets all day long.

  • Jo


    I thought the same thing, so I checked and according to other JJ posts about Cibrian and his sons, it looks like this is the younger, 4 year old one. Mason is much taller and different looking.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    This kid is not Mason but Jake the 4 yr.old JJ get your sh*t together.Leann looks like the nanny that she is. We know Leann is not the mother.This is Brandi son. she must really be desperate and will do anything to get attention. Pretending to be a mother and tweeting is all she can do.

  • M

    This is Jake,the 4 year old.Do your research JJ!

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Leann probably had to bribe the kid and buy him a toy in order for him to go with her.That’s the only reason they would want to be around her she just a sugar mama.

  • skskj

    And by “I hear there are rumors” she means “I just made up a rumor”

  • csol

    yet another example of how this B.I.T.C.H. is using BRANDI’s sons as a P.R. instrument…we ALL know the paps don’t hound u n follow ur every move WEWE…u ARE NOT that relevant!! So u called the paps n had them photograph u with one of BRANDI’S sons…SHAME IN YOU, YOU SHAMEFUL HOE!!!

  • Christina

    I’m not a stalker. I’m not leaving Nashville. I love my husband Deane. I don’t have a sex tape lol.

    LeAnn sends all these pictures to this site for publication. Does she have to talk about her sex tape that doesn’t show the actual sex act while she’s in pictures with Brandi’s son?

  • sb

    @Jo: Thank you Jo, I knew he wasn’t an 8 yr old.

  • !

    She’s a pathological liar so you can’t believe anything she says.

  • Keilee

    very specific wording there Leann…so did you film it onto digital instead then??

  • Max

    Geez Eddie do something. She looks like a skeleton. Something is wrong with her.

  • Fake

    she’s just so unattractive…worse being built like a boy and dressing like one too..

  • Gigi

    That kid does not look happy. She has overstepped her boundaries so much when it comes to those kids. Another staged photo op, this time with an innocent child. She really has no shame does she? Her husband is a real tool. Letting this poor excuse for a human being use his kids in her relentless PR campaign. What a pair of losers. They totally belong together. Too bad it will affect the kids negatively.

  • lola

    which one is the boy The little one there is Jake and he’s 4 years old. JJ is really far off and they are shopping for Eddies birthday. so there. beautiful little boy and an UGLY woman thank GOD for Brandi’s genes. a child of Leann would be so damm ugly judging by Leanns baby pictures. poor kid would have to have eyelid surgery immediately, not to mention have surgery to get some eyebrows.

  • horseylele

    it’s evident that kid isn’t hers. that kid looks so adorable and she is so horsey looking

  • gwen

    Wow, another STAGED photo-op? Are we at all surprised?

    Heidi Jr did a “good deed” and now she thinks it’s okay to famewhore it up and of course pimp out EC kids once again. What is wrong with WEWE?

    So when one of WEWE pr stunts fails, she just moves on to the next best thing? Pimping out EC sons? What a great DAD EC is.

    Didn’t EC threaten to sue Brandi if the kids make cameos on her show?

    So then couldn’t BG sue EC for allowing WEWE to pimp out their son’s face and name for whatever she seems to be trying to promote this week?

    Sowhat exactly are we supposed to think? That WEWE is a great “bonus mom” because she takes her step son shopping? We all know that she staged this photo-op. I guess WEWE must not have gotten a lot of attention for the sex tape.

    WEWE is on some major media blitz here. This is the third photo-op in TWO DAYS.

    Didn’t EC say that it was not child focused to expose his kids to the media and press and that anyone who did that was just trying to draw attention to herself?

    So WEWE pimped out EC son to promote EC birthday?

    Another shopping photo-op? Is that even appropriate since she only raised 35K? Is that a really good idea to show the world that she couldl have donated x10 the amount she rasied at the charity event simply by not shopping and not paying her mouthpieces for positive press.

    If WEWE was sincere about the victms of the storms, she wouldn’t have invited the paps along with her while she was shopping with EC son.

    Seriously, EC ***** about BG using the kids on her show and then he stands by and does nothing when WEWE uses their faces and names for her mouthpieces?

    Why did JJ give the wrong description for the child? I guess to make it look like WEWE didn’t commission them to take this photo.

  • Speak Now


    Wow, don’t you have a life that doesn’t involve hate, you pathetic internet troll?

  • Debra

    JJ… you better get your stories straight before posting them or Leann Rimes might not call you next time she takes a dump….wrong little boy (name and age) wrong person she’s shopping for…and just wrong to have pics of Leann and (Brandi’s) son on a story entitled “I don’t have a Sex Tape”

    You better shape up or WeWe might find another site to pap herself out to and to write 20 fluff pieces on her every week….just saying

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Speak Now Why single Gwen out no one likes that desperate fame whorer using this kid for this thread. She knows if he was not with her the responses would be as few as the people that showed for that benefit.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hi Frannie plate/athena/co/k/RACY/CBME

    Wait are you serious? SPEAK NOW YOU are here posting as well.

    So then by your own logic doesn’t that mean that you don’t have a life that doesn’t involve hate and thus are a pathetic internet troll?

    What’s the matter are you upset because I was right about WEWE staging yet another photo-op because the FP/A persona showed up yesterday?


    A troll post? See I told you that Speak now is CBME/RACY.

    So WEWE why is EC calling you a pathetic internet troll? Are you using the internet to stalk and harass the women he has been sleeping with while on the set of his show?

    PS-So I take it you are going to be asking JJ to delete posts?


    Well make a sex tape u’d be less of a bore!

  • gwen

    So what’s wrong with this photo-op. What’s wrong with this photo-op is why WEWE is going to get the worst backlash of her life.

    1) Does anyone else find it strange that JUSTJARED pairs WEWE sex tape denial with a photo of her and EC son shopping?

    What message is WEWE trying to send by having JJ post her denial with a photo of her with a child? Does she think that being spotted with a child will covince people that she is not capable of making a sex tape or is this just another way for WEWE to sexualize those kids like she has done so many times before when she talked about being in bed with them.

    2) JUST JARED uses the wrong description for the child. I think it was on purpose though. I think it was done to throw us off. We have been saying that WEWE is paying JJ for positive press and with all of the posts disappearing at the request of FP/A/Speak now we had even more proof to support that JJ was working with WEWE. So how does WEWE fix it? Wrong description for the child. You know, WEWE can’t possbly be using JJ or Dailymail as one of her mouthpieces if the site got the wrong description for the child, right?

    3) JUST JARED makes it a point to say how WEWE shopped till she dropped. It that even appropriate to say considering that she was only able to rasie 35K for the charity event? That sorta supports what we have been saying all along, that WEWE could have just donated the money sicne she is shopping till she is dropping right?

    4) What a great bonus mom. WEWE does’t get much attention for her charity event, so she releases stories about how she doesn’t like people judging her body. When that fails to get the attention she wants, WEWE then releases stories about a sex tape. When that still doesn’t get her the attention she wants, out come photos of her and EC son. Disgusting.

    5) Why would WEWE call up JJ and Dailymail to get these photos after EC made such a huge fuss over the kids being on BG show?

    6) This is what EC said on Rachel Ray concerning his kids and the media.

    “I don’t think it’s very conducive to play anything like privately out publicly at all,” Cibrian goes on. “I mean I think it’s like very hurtful.”
    Cibrian says he tries to “shield” his kids, Mason, 6, and Jake, 2 from public reports. “I mean, my philosophy is to try to insulate them so they’re not subject to anything, you know, regarding the business and anything of tabloid nature,” he says. Cibrian also explains the type of father he is: I go with the flow, but I’m very protective. I wouldn’t say I’m overly protective, but I’m very protective.”

    7) Why is she wearing a shirt that says BOYS? Is she once again telling BG that those are her kids?

    8) Notice the progression. When one pr stung fails, WEWE just does something even more outlandish and out there.

    9) The last time WEWE did all this famewhoring around EC birthday, didn’t EC learn that he has lost his job from CSI?

    Seriously NBC/Playboy, are they satisfied with all this famewhoring that EC and WEWE do? Are they happy with the fact that WEWE pimps out EC kids and EC allows it?

    Do viewers want to support a man like EC, who boo hooed when he thought his kids were going to be on BG show, yet does nothing as WEWE tips off the paps and his kid face gets plasted all over the internet and the blogs?

  • Karen

    MY Brandi never had plastic surgery. Her cheeks are “REAL”.. and FILLED Lisa Rinna style!

    Le tweets to her “pals” locked accounts. But HALF of BB are LOCKED accounts. heeheeheeeeee stupid lonely women

  • Yahoo


  • http://bettyj2u betty

    YAHOO she wish that was her son that son belongs to Brandi and Eddie,where have you been? Leann has no children. That’s why he is cute.

  • gwen


    Frannie plate/athena/speak now

    The child is not WEWE son, no matter how many different names you use to say it.

    BTW, it’s obvious that you are here posting because the error page keeps popping up.

    So stop messing with the votes.

  • Tricia

    NICOLE KIDMAN you fameseeker!!! Why are your pix ALWAYS on JustJard? You and Leann Rimes in cahoots? Makes me ILL how these women PAY for exposure.

  • Debby

    She lies. I dont blame for lying on affair ALL peeps who have affairs lie about that!

  • gwen


    But all peeps who have affairs don’t keep trying to shove it down people’s throats 24/7 via twitter and staged pda airport photo-op or pimp out the faces and names of another woman’s kids.

  • Blackcat99

    The mere thought of Lee Ann Rimes and a sex tape is REVOLTING! No one would even be interested in watching it if she did have one.

  • F Carlysle

    Does she share custody of the boy with Dean? Is that her ex husband’s name?
    I don’t know anything about this woman. Is she a acting and singing?

  • Tounge Smasha

    I thought she was friends with the ex wife I thought I saw a pic of them sharing pizza together.
    Also looks like she is gaining back she looks better than at wedding where she scared scarecrows.

  • Misty

    Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s son is a cutie! Why the hate!?! Typical mother out shopping with little ones.

  • lolita

    She is a spiteful woman and she has no redeeming qualities. Just an ugly person on the inside. She is obviously taunting Brandi with the “boys” shirt. Probably made specifically for this photo op. Leann continues to demonstrate that everything Brandi said about her is true. She is a stalker and she wants Brandi’s life not a life “authentically her own” like she claims. You have to wonder what Dean endured throughout their marriage with a person like this. How sad and transparent that leann has to try and send a message that Naturi Naughton has a sweet boyfriend as if to let the world know nothing could happen with that situation. Glaring insecurity. She’s stalking ed to vegas soon. More photos to come

  • susana

    I’m sure mason really enjoyed shopping at James Perse for his 8th birthday. Poor kid, I feel bad if he had to sit in the dressing room while she tried on clothes or rather, let them hang on her bones.

  • gwen


    Hi frannie plate/athena/co

    If that was true, then you wouldn’t keep showing up with a different name to convince us that WEWE is such a great bonus mom.

    The problem with this staged photo-op, is the fact that EC said that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media/press/paps, which is what WEWE did when she tipped off the paps and then tweeted about it.

    This isn’t cute, it’s disturbing. Where does EC get off trying to sue BG for his kids being on her show, when he allows LR to exploit his kids?

    LR isn’t a mother. Typical mothers don’t invite the paps along with them with the way that WEWE invites the paps along with her so that they can see her shopping. It’s even more disgusting because we know that all this famewhoring that WEWE has done in THREE DAYS, yes it looks like she has staged yet anothe photo-op with x17 comes at the expense of the tornado victims. She raised $35K even though we know that she could have raised more than that(by simply donating the money since she is shoping till she drops and once again flashing that $85K ring).

    So how many different names are you going to use to defend this disgusting photo-op?

  • gwen


    Wow seriously, did you just once again ask JJ to delete another post?

    See I told you that KAREN=frannie plate/athena.

    This is the post that FP/A had JJ delete.

    Hi frannie plate/athena/speak now Wow, no wonder the error page kept popping up.

  • Debby
  • jane

    ewww even though the sex tape is truly exist, i dont even wanna watch it -_-

  • Not a celeb

    BRANDI and EDDIE have made some beautiful babies. Great gene pool.

  • sunseeker

    You want to have a search for Brandi’s wedding photo’s, she looked absolutely beautiful, nothing like Leann, considering Brandi is a lot older Leann has a lot to live up to.