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Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana: Kiss Kiss for 'The Words'!

Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana: Kiss Kiss for 'The Words'!

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana lock lips while filming their new movie, The Words, on Tuesday (June 7) in Montreal, Canada.

The 36-year-old actor and 32-year-old actress co-star in the drama thriller about a writer who discovers the price he must pay for stealing another author’s work.

The next day, Bradley hit the film’s set again to shoot some scenes by himself.

Bradley‘s rumored new gal pal, Olivia Wilde, and Chronicles of Narnia star Ben Barnes also recently joined the cast.

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana filming The Words

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  • Mlef

    Oh Sure you two are doing a hard

  • whogoesthere?

    That acutually sounds like an interesting plot.

  • anon

    Hey that sounds like a good storyline. I’ll be looking out for that.

  • Crunny

    he is so handsome and i can’t wait to see this movie..
    …im happy 2day…been wantin 2 chat wit my bfriend in army, but couldn’t afford a laptop..this site email me a coupon & i picked it up 1 no cost sameday..

  • Lena120

    If only this was real. They’d make a cute couple!

  • June

    They look cute together. He’s looks alot better than her fiance that’s for sure!

  • Kim

    @ June, I know it’s bad to say that but I agree. She can do better than the guy she’s with. Bradley is just the man. LOL

  • Jessica

    Looks good so far. LOL

  • Matiu

    She’s so pretty. She looks like a classic black woman.

  • Kristen

    Given that he speaks fluent French, he must be having fun filming in Montreal. It’s a beautiful city. Also, Zoe looks gorgeous!

  • Brainy box


  • tammy

    She is actually a mixture of Pueto rican , lebanese and spanish. I have seen her mom in instyle magazine. Her mom is NOT black. Her mom looks very similar to Michelle Rodriguez and has wavy hair. Her dad must of been a very dark skin black man. She does not look like a classic black woman. More like a classic hispanic woman. Kelly Rowland / Jennifer Hudson are classic black women.

  • tammy

    People say he is gay. I think he might be. He uses famous actresses for PR, I doubt he ” loves ” women. Still…..if he is straight, I think He and Olivia Wild would make a hot couple . She is beautiful and she is dresses quite stylish. It would be quite cute to seem them go on their starbucks runs.

    I would love to see him with Brit babe, Rosie Huntington whitely. That would be the couple of year. I think Zoe Saldana is withe man she feels she should be with………… Don’t know what an out of work failed actor who runs a fashion blog can bring. But maybe it is for another personal reason.

  • Hotel del Coronado

    These people are filming a movie ! Not dating .
    WOW at some of the comments , ditching someone because he is broke , dating someone because he /she is cute or beautiful , agents advising who should you date ,um.. real ‘ mature ‘ .

  • sweety pie

    @Hotel del Coronado: i couldnt have said it better myself and what’s with all this race talk can we just not see zoe as a classy person whether black, hispanic or white who the fcuk care? no one gives a fcuk where she got her beautiful compexion from @tammy really?

  • sweety pie

    PS: @tammy i wasnt being sarcastic about the beautiful part, she’s beautiful for many reasons i was just saying we dont need her family history or you speaking of her dad’s complexion in that manner or of you speaking of being black as being a downgrade

  • anon

    @sweety pie:

    True enough, but at the same time I can’t remember a woman “of color” doing so many roles opposite white guys (even Avatar). I think it is interesting, something of a first and speaking for many other like-minded white guys, I have to say…I approve.

  • sweety pie

    @anon: i agree and infact i’ll be the first to thumbs you up on that, i guess i’m sensitive so i didnt appreciate the tone in tammy’s comment it was like dont downgrade zoe she’s not like jennifer hudson etc. (or atleast that’s how it sounded to me). Anyway that’s the reason i wanted to avoid race not to ignore the fact that it’s hard for a woman of colour (hispanic, black, asian etc.) but to avoid racist comments

  • JoseLyn

    @Tammy/Jackie It doesn’t matter what race/ethnicity a person dates. So superficial, get help.

  • Maria

    @BlancaLatina I agree!!!!!!
    Hispanic? She does not look hispanic at all, sorry! She looks like a black woman. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with black women, but let’s not pretend that she’s anything but! She has the nose and hair texture of black women.
    I do think she is a pretty girl but she is also black, a blind person can see that!!!

  • Penny

    Zoe has a weird face, she is not attractive, and she is NOT a latino. Dom, PR, Haitians, etc. are black like this girl with her wide, african nose!

  • We got it

    It’s over. You’ve won. You have proven that you think you are better because your skin is brighter than someone elses. Skin color is just that, skin color. We are too far along in this world for that kind of hate. #STUPID

  • Lesle

    Tommy, BlancaLatina/Ortiz = SAME ugly, bitter wannabe white troll.

    This person also hangs out on Bossip.

  • angela

    Zoe Saldana has no Lebanese or Spanish mixture. She is a black Dominican/Puerto Rican. Hispanics can be black. African American are not the end all be all of ‘classic’ black people.

  • angela

    Zoe Saldana is the poor man’s Thandie Newton? What was the last movie Thandie has been in? LOL. On the other hand Zoe has been in film after film, one of them being turning out to be the highest grossing film of all time.

  • April

    Zoe is awesome. Black, Latina…whatever. She is a beautiful representation of a woman (regardless of race). Bradley Cooper is just yummy. He French is delicious. I could listen to him talk all day.

    Two hot, talented actors and a decent plot…I’ll be seeing this when it hits the theaters.

  • Mason

    She looks black to me… she’s hot and isn’t that what’s really important? LOL

  • James


    As an open minded white man, would you approve, if all the black actors: Denzel, Jamie foxx, Idris elba Will smith, Morgan freeman, Eddie murphy, etc were teamed up with white blonde women? Somehow, I think there would be an outcry – From both sides

  • Nita


    Zoe is Black.

  • Nita


    Zoe is Black.

  • so true

    Quite frankly it’s nice to see a movie mixing it up, I don’t know how many more lilly white movies Hollywood can make. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Denzel, Will, Edris and so on with white love interests. When Leo, Brad and George do the same with black ones it will all be glorious. It is 2011 not 1941 right. Good grief.

  • A

    @James: I wouldn’t care.
    Get over yourself.



    SHE IS A BLACK WOMAN of Puerto Rican and Domican descent. She has said those words out of her own mouth!



  • amanda

    @sweety pie: god ur dumb LMFAO!!! anyway if u really think that all latinos can only be tan i suggest u google a latin rapper by the name of TEGO CALDERON who is in fact a full blooded puerto rican or better yet just take a visit 2 puerto rico or dominican republic and trust me youll be pretty shocked on ur little theory that latinos “can only be tan”

  • Lady Pather

    See. I knew it. Bradley Cooper career is basically over, after doing a love scene with a black woman. WHite women are so hideous. Thanks for assuring me about the world as I knew it was. Tammy.

  • Lady Pather

    You are not an open minded white man because of exactly what you just wrote. Idiot.

  • Lady Pather

    Im glad there are still people out there who are NOT racist! There SHOULD be more black women in romantic roles.

  • Lady Pather

    I know right? Wow. THe things that go on in peoples head….

  • Lady Pather

    @We got it:
    I know. I think it is the only thing these people feel they have left. The “At least I am white. So Im still better” attitude. No you are not. You are hideous inside and out. I knew when I first saw the preview of this movie, that Bradley Cooper was going to get a bombardment of harrassment from white supremist. His career is never going to be the same again. The white women in hollywood will shun him…WHite male producers with white mothers and wives will not even look him in the eye anymore and yes…even though it was a very good movie…and well acted…it recieved very poor ratings….simply because of the difference in the color of a couple in love.

  • Lady Pather

    If it make you feel better so you can continue in your supremist delusions, no she is not REALLY black. There. You should feel a great relief come over you that your supreme awesomeness of being a white woman has not been de-throned. Happy?

  • Lady Pather

    If it make you feel better so you can continue in your supremist delusions, no she is not REALLY black. There. You should feel a great relief come over you that your supreme awesomeness of being a white woman has not been de-throned. Happy?