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Fergie: Happy Birthday, Sean Patterson!

Fergie: Happy Birthday, Sean Patterson!

Fergie and fellow songstress Natasha Bedingfield celebrate the 40th birthday of Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson held at NYC’s Dream Downtown on Friday (June 10). has the exclusive details on the birthday bash, which was also a preview party for the hotels’ Ph-D Rooftop Lounge!

DJ Coleman spun tunes until 3AM for a star-studded guest list including Fergie‘s hottie husband Josh Duhamel, Estelle, Anderson Cooper (stealing kisses from Benjamin Maisani), Kellan Lutz, Shenae Grimes, Lance Bass, Lo Bosworth, DSquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten, Bravo exec Andy Cohen, designer Brian Atwood, Helena Christensen, hairstylist Harry Josh, Ed Norton, and models Gabriel Aubry, Mark Vanderloo, and Tyson Ballou.

Highlights of the evening included Natasha singing a remixed version of her smash hit, “Unwritten,” Fergie singing “Happy Birthday” to Sean (and a few Black Eyed Peas tunes), and a little person Lady Gaga impersonator singing and dancing along to “Born This Way.” And if you didn’t notice, guests were asked to were a touch of neon to the party!

FYI: Fergie is wearing an Under.Ligne dress, a Ruthie Davis clutch, an Alexis Bittar cuff, and a pair of Brian Atwood shoes.

25+ pictures inside of Sean Patterson‘s birthday bash…

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fergie sean patterson birthday 01
fergie sean patterson birthday 02
fergie sean patterson birthday 03
fergie sean patterson birthday 04
fergie sean patterson birthday 05
fergie sean patterson birthday 06
fergie sean patterson birthday 07
fergie sean patterson birthday 08
fergie sean patterson birthday 09
fergie sean patterson birthday 10
fergie sean patterson birthday 11
fergie sean patterson birthday 12
fergie sean patterson birthday 13
fergie sean patterson birthday 14
fergie sean patterson birthday 15
fergie sean patterson birthday 16
fergie sean patterson birthday 17
fergie sean patterson birthday 18
fergie sean patterson birthday 19
fergie sean patterson birthday 20
fergie sean patterson birthday 21
fergie sean patterson birthday 22
fergie sean patterson birthday 23
fergie sean patterson birthday 24
fergie sean patterson birthday 25
fergie sean patterson birthday 26
fergie sean patterson birthday 27

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  • london2ibiza

    If only Silver Fox had sang “Fergilicious” :P

  • Ben

    What ever happened to Daniel Bedingfield?

  • guuuurrrllll
  • Delphic

    Her face is jacked up.

  • Zee

    So why didn’t you post a picture of Anderson Cooper kissing his bf Benjamin? THAT would’ve been a scoop.

  • Rant Casey

    @Zee: You’re so right! So many rumors of his sexuality and yet, not pics!

    Also, Fergie’s shoes: amazing!

  • Al

    Why no pics of Benjamin Maisani? And Anderson Cooper in PDA with another man???????

  • Carl

    Anderson and Benjamin Maisani probably requested that no photos be taken of them together. Just Jared used to post pictures of them together, but when it comes to those two these days, everyone is hands-off and protective. I guess no one wants to tangle with Anderson’s lawyers. I also realize that Anderson and Benjamin are extremely private people and don’t want their relationship out there for public consumption. But you’d think since Anderson’s so happy and in love, he’d be able to relax and come out. But Noooooo….

  • sharona

    fergie has very unique style, and yet, she’s not an attention whore like gaga. fergie is doing her brave fashion choices in tast and not too much. i like her. she looks great.

  • Brainy box

    NASTY LOOKING!!!!!!!

  • trevor

    @Carl: There’s no PDA photos of any couples whatsoever or anyone getting up to anything. You can tell the cameras weren’t let loose in the party. They just let the camera guy do a few arranged photos of Patterson and guests.

  • Smith

    @Trevor: yeah maybe no pics of PDA, but are there other pics of couples? Anderson is always presents himself as the single guy and never allows pics of any of his partners no matter how much he may be in love with them.

    And no wonder Ben was blowing kissies at his man – he needs to butter up his sugar daddy.

  • Isabel

    Anderson can’t be seen with a MAN kissing all over him these days because he has a daytime show coming up that has to attract a large female audience. Not everyone knows Anderson is not single and not straight because he likes to project this image of himself as asexual and someone who spends most of his time alone.

  • Pati McMillan of Camp Hill PA

    Ben Maisani wasn’t invited to the party nor did he attend. Anderson Cooper takes his bodyguard/male assistant to work related events and to the Vanity Fair party as a reward for his work. Stop with the lies Jared it’s not appropriate.

  • Sharon Royce

    Anderson pretends to talk on his phone so he doesn’t have to talk to people, he isn’t going to kiss anyone in public EVER! Anderson was probably there for 10 minutes because of that new daytime show which already is bound for failure, then either went home or to work. I agree, Jared should stop lying.

  • trevor

    @Smith: That’s not true. Anderson let pics be taken of them together at the Vanity Fair party. He was smiling in those pics of them together and aware of the camera. He took his boyfriend on top of a mardi gras float with him where they would be photographed together. They’ve been photographed together on the street many times.

  • Where?

    Where are the pictures of Ben if he was there? And I agree with the others, if Anderson was at this party he was not kissing anyone. Well, unless he got drunk, then maybe, but otherwise I don’t buy it.

  • rob

    @Where?: “If he was at this party”??? There are photos of him showing up at the party and beside Fergie and Sean Patterson. He was there. The photographer plainly wasn’t allowed to wander around the party taking photos of guests, so no photos of guests canoodling or making trouble in other ways. It’s was a big party and there are photos of almost no one, so no surprise Maisani who isn’t in modelling or TV wasn’t photographed either.

  • Carl

    I’m sure Ben was with Anderson at this party and yes, they could’ve been kissing, but Ben doesn’t want anyone taking pictures of them together or even by himself in his bar Bedlam. He doesn’t want to be famous.

  • Dave

    Being seen walking the streets or on floats in pictures is totally different than being seen in public kissing someone. Anderson can still claim that they are just friends if it’s just them together in a picture but if he’s seen kissing him in public then it blows his little facade of just friends out of the water. He would then have to admit the obvious, which he will never do. Unless pictures are shown to prove this then I don’t believe a word of it. If the photographer was only allowed in one area then how did he see them kissing anyway?

    Anderson loves his fame, job and money too much to ever be caught kissing anyone in public. He wants to have his cake and eat it too which is a shame. If this is true, and there are pictures, then Jared
    should release them and show the truth. If Anderson is man enough to take his man to celebrity parties and kiss all over him then he should be man enough to deal with the aftermath and not have his people or him threaten others so they won’t talk. If he wants to play house with a gay man then he should own up to it and stop hiding. But he won’t, he has to protect his show and new talk show because there are many people who won’t accept him if he came out and his career would suffer. He knows that and that’s why, unfortunately, he stays silent. He’s part of the problem!

  • Pati McMillan of Camp Hill PA

    Shut up Carl or Carol, you don’t know anything you talk about. Anderson is pictured alone because he’s ALONE, can you understand that? Ben wasn’t invited and didn’t attend it, that is why he isn’t pictured. When Ben isn’t seen it means he isn’t there. Just stop lying.

    This ‘he asked to not have his pic taken’ is crap and you knowit. Anderson is alone because he showed up alone. Ben wasn’t there. What about that can you not understand?

    Like in Jaipur and Amsterdam, Anderson is alone because he’s alone, your fantasy isn’t reality. You are lying.

    There are a number of pictures of someone taking pictures while wandering around the party and Ben isn’t in any of them because he wasn’t there. Just stop the lying.

  • Smith


    Sorry Ben, but you are famous.

  • Smith


    I will admit why did Anderson (and Ben) allow the vanity fair and Mardi Pics but say, for example, no pics from this party and other things?

  • Carl

    Hey #21 (Pati or whatever name you’re trying to steal AGAIN) didn’t you read this article? JARED HIMSELF was at this party and HE says Anderson was with Ben. Maybe you need a few lessons in reading comprehension because it’s right there in front of your face, but go ahead, be in denial about the party, Jaipur and Amsterdam. Anderson was NOT alone, Ben was with him all those times, sorry to have to burst your unrealistic bubble.

  • Dave

    I’m not Carl, Carol or whom ever but the article only says that Just Jared has the exclusive details. It does not say that Jared was there himself. The exclusive details could be from the photog taking the pictures or some celebrity who was there. Jared is just a site like any other gossip site, they buy or get pics from paparazzi and get info about parties like this from people who were there. 99% of the time no one from these sites attend any parties with celebrities. It’s all hearsay that they write up and post.

  • Ed


  • rob

    @Dave: This was a private party. A lot of the guests are people signed to Sean Patterson’s agency. There is no way he’d let photographers run amuck in there and risk them getting pics of his clients indisposed or inconveniencing the other celebrity guests. Looking at the pics it is obvious the photographs were restricted to a few ones in particular areas and everyone photographed was deliberately posing for the camera. Jared himself was a guest at the party and twittered that he saw them kissing before he posted this article. Being restricted in what and where you can photograph for a blog is regular for a private celebrity party and it does not mean being restricted about where you can wander around in a party without taking photos.

    There is no reason to think Anderson himself did any sort of threatening. There are no photos of any guests making out, getting drunk, taking drugs or any of the other things that happen at parties and would make good fodder for a blog. Sean Patterson would not want that and would have made that clear before inviting people like Jared. Jared reported on Anderson and Ben kissing, the only sexy gossip he included though you can be sure there was stuff going on with other people, so Anderson wasn’t stopping him and it makes no sense to rant about him threatening “others so they won’t talk”. He was the only one Jared did talk about!

  • Stan

    Maybe Anderson himself didn’t do anything threatening, but from the post, Ben did. Did Anderson at some point tell Ben to stop or was he enjoying Ben’s attention?

  • aa

    @Pati McMillan of Camp Hill PA:

    The person posting under the alias “Pati McMillan of Camp Hill PA” is actually a deranged, obsessive “fan” of Cooper whose real name is Helen McGuinness. She’s constantly trolling any gossip site that will report an AC sighting, and is always harassing those who don’t share her demented views. She can’t stand the fact that Anderson is happily in love with another man, and she’s always trying to come up with elaborate theories explaining why Ben is constantly seen by his side. She’s a true nut!

  • rob

    @Stan: Jared twittered that they are very cute together and Ben was kissing Anderson all night. Anderson must have been fine with the situation if they were looking cute together and it went on all night.

    They were a couple at a party and Anderson has never pretended to be straight. This shouldn’t be treated like a bomb going off. There were probably singles there hooking up for one night stands and the models were probably snorting coke in the bathrooms. Anderson and Ben, on the other hand, are in a relationship and were simply exchanging some affection in a healthy normal way.

  • linda

    Fergie looks so cute and so does Josh. Love her Neon Shoes! Fergie is not ugly and ridiculous like GaGa, who is fugly faced and dressed like an ass.