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Selena Gomez: Hospital Checkup

Selena Gomez: Hospital Checkup

Selena Gomez heads into a hospital for a checkup visit on Saturday (June 11) in Burbank, Calif.

The 18-year-old actress and singer was rushed to the hospital on Thursday (June 9) after she fell ill following an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Selena reportedly complained of “nausea and a severe headache.”

Sel had to cancel an appearance at the Santa Monica Place mall on Friday (June 10) for her Monte Carlo mall tour, but it was rescheduled for this Monday.

Hope you are feeling better Selena!

FYI: Selena is wearing an A.L.C. yellow & white striped tank.

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Credit: COBO JAWS; Photos: GSI Media
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  • david

    pregnant alert !

  • John31

    Pregnant or not, they make a big deal, There’s lots of people dying out there!

  • BEAN

    Nausea and migraines can be symptoms to almost everything. Sheeeeeit. You guys are too quick to assume lool. Im sure she is fine! Probably just Bieber fever. LOL easy joke.

  • Jenny

    SMH at guys sometimes. This is not how someone would look if they were pregnant. Hope she gets better with what she has and she should take a break she’s been working hard ever since Barney.

  • Tamy

    she looks really sick and tired. hope she gets some rest at home.

  • Halli

    Who cares. There’s a reason why Just Jared Jr. exists Jared.
    Use it wisely.

  • mia

    Aww she’s so cute… She has teddy bear with her <3 I hope she’s feeling better now.

  • rocky

    what did just pass on to her?

  • suze

    yep pregnant

  • Mlef

    Stop it with the pregnant thing.

    Nausea with the headache can be a big sign of something as big as tumors for example.

  • Heroesly

    Aww, hope she feels better soon. <3

  • sam




  • karih

    Tumor, pregnant,… wow, I didn’t know there were so many doctors on JJ. Nausea and headache can be the symptoms of many diseases but hopefully these are often the symptoms for high stress & lack of sleep.

  • Mlef

    Shut the FUP !
    I know what I’m talking about.
    Both of them together, a severe way, so painful that you go to the hospital the same day, and for few day can be something bad.

    I’m not a saying it’s tumor, I’m saying to the others ones that this pregnant obsession can hide something else not funny at all.

    Before joking about doctors here, learn to read.

  • http://twitter brindy

    I hope selena feels better

  • too much…….

    ………..partying and drugs

  • shoegal

    sounds like a bad migraine or something worse. if so, i really feel for her. i also wish i look that cute when i’m sick.

  • jiji

    Stop being naive people! Clearly she was pregnant, but they’ve probably ‘taken care of that’ as she’s too young for that kind of publicity! Silly kids! In this day and age you’d think they’d be more careful! tch

  • Lizzie

    @TAMMY: So what you are saying is, you are the right one for Justin? LMAO! Loooooossseeerrr

  • essie

    it was probably food poisoning

  • lily


    WHAT AN I*DIOT you are!!!!!!!!! racist mo*ron

  • joe

    25ยข condom could have avoided all these problems.

  • D. Gabriello

    Poor thing looks miserable and unwell in these pics. Maybe food poisoning, maybe a virus, it could be anything. She seems too smart to let herself get pregnant like Jamie Lynn but accidents could happen even with birth control. Whatever it is it’s her business and let’s all wish her a speedy recovery!

  • mars

    Swallowed too much Bieber

  • Lisa

    Sounds like a migraine to me…she looks like she has a migraine.

  • feli

    Holding a teddy bear and having Bieber basically shove his fingers up your ass crack don’t really go together. Someone is trying to baby her image again…

  • http://dinaluvsjb Dinaxoxo

    poor thing i hope she feels better and fast!! she looks horrible!! the papa should really back off!! how would you like it if ppl were taking photos of you went u were feeling rlly sick… :( feel better selena i’m here for you :) we all are :) well most of us anyway…

  • http://dinaluvsjb Dinaxoxo

    poor thing i hope she feels better and fast!! she looks horrible!! the papa should really back off!! how would you like it if ppl were taking photos of you went u were feeling rlly sick… :( feel better selena i’m here for you :) we all are :)

  • Vivian Gonzalez

    Selena Gomez I really really hope you get better!!!! You are my biggest Idol

  • Vivian Gonzalez

    Selena Gomez I really really hope you get better!!!! You are my biggest Idol

  • Hayleigh

    Yah I know!!!!She is going in for a checkup????DUH,she can;t hide that for long!Bump will be showing!!!

  • Hayleigh

    That is what I thought!

  • FAN


  • Vito Hershey

    da chick had a vending machine sangwich an got da big deal

  • Hayleigh

    She is pregnant,she is holding her stomch and one of pictures.She loos misrobl,where is Justin???I mean he can make out with her in the water meet her family and more things but can’t bet there when she REALLY needs him.Justin I KNOW u can do better than that.Luv u Justin sense day one!Same goes for Selena!

  • Kee

    for the love of god people! stop with the pregnancy and tumor crap! she is not pregnant! she cant be! she’s a very level-headed girl! y’all are just mad cause you keep bitching about her stealing justin away from you pathetic bitches! i’m just glad to see she’s walking so it’s probably nothing too serious i hope. feel better selena!

  • ?

    little Bieber sea monkeys having a wild pool party in her stomach?

  • elizabeth

    why are people so quick to judge? Its SO annoying all these comments about her being pregnant, it is so ridiculous! Plus all this racist comments and such is unbelievably childish!
    Hoping the best for her and her well being.

  • hope you….

    feel better soon ………………..

  • http://dgf gee

    hope u feel better she is not pregnant she would never do that w a slieze like jb i hate you jb

  • elizabeth

    I highly doubt she’s pregnant. Nausea and headaches are symptoms from having your period to cancer which i also doubt she has. She probably had some bad food or something. I mean hey every time you get nauseas or get a headache do you automatically assume your pregnant?

  • dlist


  • anon

    She doesn’t look too well, poor baby. I don’t know about the pregnant rumors but there is some kind of food poisoning breakout recently especially in Europe. Jennifer Hudson was the most recent to be rushed to a hospital on Friday after a concert. It was food poisoning. Get well soon.

  • Kiki

    I think she got bieber fever LOL

  • Ginny

    I realize all of the naive people don’t believe it could be true, but I agree with many of the opinions. I think she had an ab*rtion at some point before the Leno Show and didn’t take enough time to recover.
    I sadly speak from experience – 25 years ago when I was her age – and have since become a mom. If my daughter looked like Selena in those pics, I’d have an idea what what was going on (and not keep my head in the sand…oh no…not pure young Selena)

  • Austin

    I bet Jay Leno put something in her water.

  • too sad

    mmm pretty sure you are correct. The big clue is that she had to go back to the hospital for her follow up check-up and not just a Dr. office. Amazing that so many folks stopping by this site can’t believe that Selena could have gotten pregnant.

  • sam

    @too sad:

    Selena is leaving the hospital!
    at backstage of jay leno she wear the same outfit…

    you’re stupid, seriously…poor sel TT’

  • aquarius64

    Pregnancy talk still persisting? Her PR team needs to start earning its paycheck and put out a statement that she is not (if that’s true). The pap buzzards are already circling; they probably think this too and they’re going for the money shot.

  • Deb

    Food poisoning with the headache and nausea.. also DRINKING>?