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Natalie Portman & Finca Lend a Hand

Natalie Portman & Finca Lend a Hand

Check out this new PSA for Finca’s Lend a Hand project that features Natalie Portman, an Ambassador of Hope for the organization!

Lend a Hand invites the public to sponsor small loans for entrepreneurs fighting to escape poverty.

“I’m so proud to serve with FINCA in helping impoverished women become self-sustaining,” Nat said in a statement. “There is no better gift than giving women living in poverty the ability to provide for themselves and their families.”

Also shooting a PSA for the campaign: Zoe Saldana, whose video is inside.

Learn more about how you can make a difference over at

Natalie Portman – Lend a Hand with FINCA

Click inside to check out Zoe Saldana‘s PSA for Finca…

Zoe Saldana – Lend a Hand with FINCA
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  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i hear natalie portman in school

  • BigJohnson

    wonder how much the had to “lend” natalie, just saying.

  • zephon

    Oh thats nice, unless it’s lending help to PALESTINIANS then fuck lending a hand. Right Natalie Portman? What a hypocrite, she’s all for eradicating Palestinians but ooooh lets lend a hand for the people of OTHER poverty stricken states – and help her get a big tax cut and possibly take a cut out of the cheese. Yeah I’ll save my one dollar on me and mine, thank you very much – had she said something like : instead of watching a movie take your 15 to 20 dollars and give it to poverty THEN I’d know she actually gave a crap. BUT because she and her lot don’t actually do that – we all know how half assed their ‘ caring’ actually is. Why dont they give up a million for every dollar we give? Hows that for progress and beating poverty? Stupid elitists.

  • zephon

    Hey Natalie Portman how about you give up all those millions you made and keep a few thousand in your pocket like the rest of us HOW ABOUT YOU SHARE THE WEALTH and stop asking us to give up our hard earned cash? How about you actually ask us to stop paying 20 dollars to your movies and instead put those twenties to poverty – oh wait you don’t really want that because thats actually the most logical and ethical way of fighting poverty – whereas your solution still keeps you rich AND the poor don’t really get much. Admit it Natalie – you don’t really give two craps, just as long as it’s us and not YOU whose paying.

  • zephon

    Both these dumbos are living under rocks. They pay thousands for SHOES for crying out loud – yet they want US to give up a dollar. *middle finger*

  • skinny

    Hope she doesn’t get prosecuted for defacing a dollar bill!

  • tral

    I like the idea of this. Very cool.

  • urghh

    seriously she is soo FAKE why do the rich preach so much more than asking for money why doesnt she give her millions to charietyyyy

  • I’d like a bottle!!

    #3 & 34

    RIGHT on ZEphon My sentiments also1!

  • YOU or ME Donate???

    What about “YOU”!!! So, WE the Low-earning people Donate our HARD-earned money So “YOU” can project your name to let other people think “YOU” made it possible!!! LOL!

    I applaud the idea but YOU start the $1Million seed money first and we chip in! How is that?

  • bee

    Natalie is so pretty i didn’t hear a word she was saying…………..

  • seila

    is she still pregnant?

  • Yo-landi

    they’re too pretty but i agree with zephon!

  • Kandygo

    zoe is so cute…and this is good what they’re doing..
    …this use to be one of my favorite sites, but i proly wouldn’t read it as much if i never found out how to make money from the comments i write…

  • you pay first

    she could have given the dollar bill she ruined but instead she waisted it for an advertisment

  • brainy box


  • brainy box


  • A

    Just a question…but how do you know she hasn’t sent a million dollars to Finca already?

  • A

    @you pay first: How do you know it’s a real dollar bill?

  • hardworker

    This woman has no job or what?

  • rhonda

    she doesn’t even acknowledge the “little people” that do her job for her. she got the money and a oscar and the other girl did all the dancing. stfu don’t listen to these whores.

  • ida

    natalie portman should just play in movies and keep her mouth shut. such an hypocrite…

  • Delphic

    @ida: I don’t even think she should do that. Hopefully she’ll stay in and be a mother because her acting sucks.

  • Trevor

    @zephon: You are 100% right.

  • zephon


    cry me a river

  • okay

    More than wasting so much money making this advert and wasting so much money paying these stars to preach to us about paying charity why dont they use all the great money they make and it give to charity i will tell you why they dont because thats how the rich stay rich……………..

  • Mademoiselle

    You guys are so stupid, stop judging her, she is an actress not a charity organization, why don’t you judge brangelina for just giving half a million when they are as whealthy as crap. Shame on you! they are just the faces because everybody knows them. You all have to be mentally ill, really. There is a difference between reality and fantasy guys, they are just doing their jobs, I don’t think you are the most generous angels, shame on you again.

  • zephon


    The only shame here is you for defending a system that DOESNT WORK. None of these listers ABC or D give anything away out of the ‘goodness of their hearts’ without getting something back in return. They do NOT do it because they give a crap they do it because they make money out of it. They INVEST in these organizations; you think their pay checks are the only things that keep their money going? You’re fooling yourself if you think they are being generous. Its not about generosity, it’s about what is ethical; and what Portman and her lot do is give CRUMBS and keep the feast all for themselves. While they want us to give away our own crumbs. SHAME ON YOU FOR DEFENDING THAT. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    Meanwhile Portman goes about defending a child molester and condoning war crimes against Palestinians yet all the while is an ambassador of HOPE?! – what the hell did the Palestinians ever do to her to deserve the kind of poison she spews towards them? Oh thats right, they were just born ergo they DESERVE being treated like subhuman beings. Because they are the exception when in reality; if you are against injustice THEN YOU ARE AGAINST INJUSTICE. – you cannot condone one act of cruelty and be against the SAME act thats just on another continent – its TWISTED it’s moronic and absolutely hypocritical and EVIL.

  • boston61

    Wonder how Nat would feel if we took some the the cash we throw down the drain on the ungrateful, obnoxious, land stealing, wall building, getto making, Israel?

  • Gdm

    @zephon: Don’t you think you’re going a little overboard with accusing Natalie of condoning war against the palestinians? Please find one reference to her doing so. Saying because she supports the place where she was born is the same as supporting everything that is done there, would be like saying that because my ancestors were Caucasians born in colonial America, and helped make the U.S., they condonded killing native Americans, and owning slaves. Such reverse predjucicies are very unhelpful for the world.

  • Clay

    It would be nice as well to have an organization help the women in the U.S. who want to do something for themselves.

  • Gdm

    @Clay: Check out grameen america jj held back my previous post about that for review I think because I included their URL.

  • Mercury101

    I think it’s great that Natalie is bringing attention to this organization. In many ways it’s better than other charities because its sustainable. These women don’t just get the money to spend it, but to turn it into more money to take care of their families. Like that proverb: “Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

    And to the others telling Natalie to give money: She’s been an ambassador for FINCA for around 10 years or something. I’m pretty sure that she’s donated a large sum of money towards the cause over the years. And bringing attention to these issues is great. I really respect Natalie Portman.

  • Mercury101

    @zephon: Wow…calm down. First of all, Natalie Portman doesn’t control where FINCA decides to lend money to women. They are in 21 underdeveloped countries right now, but hopefully they can expand. Charities can’t help everyone…there’s always a group who is left out.

    Second of all, are you talking about what was said at TIFF? You’re completely putting words in her mouth. All she said was that the Tel Aviv inclusion in the TIFF festival shouldn’t have been boycotted, because it is completely separate from politics. I’ve always believed that art transcends politics. She said: “I just think the protest was very poorly considered,” Portman clarified. “I’m not saying Israel is beyond criticism, because there’s plenty in Israel’s politics that you can criticize. It’s just, why boycott artists? It’s ridiculous.” So, Zephon, maybe you should calm down and stop trying to taint a good deed with ridiculous criticisms.

  • zephon

    Hey JJ stop removing my links and my replies! I have a right to express myself and if you guys don’t like it – shut down all your comments and leave the pages bare with nothing but photos and see how many people bother to visit this site anymore.

  • zephon


    She wasnt talking about just the movies look BEYOND that tiny statement and dont censor all she said she said something BEFORE that:

    Natalie] Portman talks of being ‘infuriated’ by protests against the Toronto Film Festival for its string of films from Tel Aviv. She explains that the protesters…“say [Tel Aviv] was built on the misery of Palestinians. Well, the United States was built on the misery of the Native Americans and all the slaves who were brought over so are we going to boycott all American films?

    How convenient you left that whole thing out

    There was a time and point where people actually DID boycott such movies to enforce a political statement.. So yes if a people want to protest that way IT IS THEIR RIGHT. And her being condescending about it is disgusting.

    So by using those two examples we’re being told it’s acceptable to inflict misery on a people in the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY?( it happened then it happens now – its normal) You dont learn history to REPEAT it’s mistakes let alone condone acts of genocide whether its now or 200 years ago or a millenia ago- there is no excuse. That doesn’t make it ethical or logical and Americans are STILL apologizing to the ABORIGINES ( she doesnt even know the natives arent called Americans ) and are STILL paying the price for their treatment of the negros/slaves. It is more than a stain on the country it is one of the greatest shames of human kind; that will haunt posterity long after we all dead. By using those two examples she’s trivializing two great injustices of the history of man – to enforce an artistic statement?

    As for the tainting – I’m not tainting anything at all. I said what EVERYBODY on here thinks. Why should we give up a dollar WE NEED – as if a dollar is going to go far in this economy let alone 50?

  • zephon

    I guess she didn’t think the social and cultural boycott of apartheid South Africa was a great idea either. Or that protesting current, ongoing human rights violations is different from protesting ones that happened 200-300 years ago. And the “other countries did/do bad things too!!” has always been my favorite defense.

  • Gdm

    @zephon: So in your mind, in micro financing won’t make a difference, what would? Regarding celebs spending all their money rather than promoting, I know you’re just trying to be silly. They do tend to have more than average, but they aren’t the richest. While in fact a lot do publicly announce large contributions, i’m sure that there promotion of such things as FINCA generates far more than they could personally contribute.

  • Gdm

    @zephon: Lets put things another way zephon, no one said that you personally Zephon should lean you much needed dollar. In fact , maybe you should see about a loan from Grameen if you have a thought on how some short term cash could promote you into a self sustaining business. Yet there are those who do have a spare $1 or much more, so please please don’t donate your unsparable dollar. Why harass people for trying to rally assistance from those who can afford to lend it?

  • Gdm

    @zephon: Zephon I’m been wanting to keep away from the off topic discussion of israel and palestine, but your harassment of someone caught in the middle between something they care about, and actions I believe they personally don’t condone is really bothersome to me. Seems Natalie gets harassed from both sides of the argument. When she supports israel in any way people like you accuse her of condoning the conflict, when she doesn’t come out in support of such things as the blockage of gaza, the Israeli news media harass her for not supporting Israel. I think she rides the line well.

  • Gdm

    : Zephon I’m been wanting to keep away from the off topic discussion of israel and palestine, but your harassment of someone caught in the middle between something they care about, and actions I believe they personally don’t condone is really bothersome to me. Seems Natalie gets harassed from both sides of the argument. When she supports israel in any way people like you accuse her of condoning the conflict, when she doesn’t come out in support of such things as the blockage of gaza, the Israeli news media harass her for not supporting Israel. I think she rides the line well.

  • Mercury101


    Finally someone with a level head lol. Thank you.

  • zephon


    Maybe a few more thousand have to die before she finally draws the line? What’s wrong with calling the death of a 1 week old baby inexcusable? Riding the line – a cowardice way of playing safe. Meanwhile not one celebrity ever speaks out against Israel – I spoke out against my country going to war and I called it selective homicide; does that make me unamerican?. That makes me a patriot and in the end I could sleep at night knowing from the start I said no to Iraq. I can sleep knowing that all those soldiers died but it wasnt on my head or my vote. So why shouldn’t Portman do the same? How many more have to die before she and her lot decide to speak out instead of playing safe and not taking a stand? She’s going off trying to help other countries ? Yet she’ll never set foot into Gaza or the West bank willingly. I pity the Palestinians because people seem to be ashamed to support them openly as if it were more shameful than murder. I really do pity them; they die in front of the whole world and people still dont say a word. It was the same for Libya, Egypt , and Tunisia and now Syria – the only person who said anything about it was Angelina Jolie and she bothered to visit Libya even though its still a hot zone! I feel sorry for the arabs in general . I honestly believe if they were wiped out in one giant atomic bomb the world would dance and celebrate. They are just the most hated peoples I have ever known – and I still have no idea why.

  • Gdm

    @zephon: You sound like a brave person, it is good you are proud of standing for things you think are right. Maybe you could extend support to others who try to make changes for the better in the world in ways they know they can make a real difference, rather than attacking them for not doing things you feel they might. When it comes to the conflict between the Hebrews and Palestinians I’m a bit of a pessimist in thinking anything short of finding a new home somewhere else in the world for one of them is ever going to make a real difference. It doesn’t matter if all the conspiracy theories as to why the conflict continues are correct or not (actually I bet they all are to some degree), the mistrust between them is too easily trigger able not to just flair up accidentally, or be purposefully exploited. If you have a real solution I’m sure the whole world would be very interested in it.

  • sophia

    Oh come on guys, you can trash her all you want but she has a job, that’s how she gets her MILLIONS of dollars it’s not like it is unfair or she stole it so leave her alone. If you are so angry about her being rich then become actors too or just don’t “waste your money” on her movies (yeah you are taking part of it) but that would be stupid because she is an AMAZING actress. Besides she is not one of those people who spend millions of dollars to be fully dressed in designer clothes to go to pump gas, have you seen how she usually dresses? Stop trashing her for things she does not do! She is in a position where she has a voice and people are interested in what she has to say (aren’t we here to read about her?) so it is amazing that she is using it for a good cause. If she gives money or not that’s has nothing to do with you. Maybe she does and she doesn’t want to brag about it like many others do.

  • sophia

    Yeah I really respect her.