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Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands!

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands!

Nick Jonas and his new girlfriend Delta Goodrem hold hands as they head to Henry’s Hat for lunch on Sunday (June 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The 18-year-old Jonas Brothers singer just recently returned from a two-week trip to Bali with his 26-year-old girlfriend where they attended a songwriting camp, according to People.

Nick took a quick trip to New York City last week to launch the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search and also made an appearance on The View.

10+ pictures inside of Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem holding hands…

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97 Responses to “Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands!”

  1. 1
    Edward Says:

    Nice one Nick.She’s hot.

  2. 2
    Marisa Says:

    She’s 26 and he’s 18, wait did i read that right!???

  3. 3
    angela Says:

    She’s obviously just babysitting. Duh

  4. 4
    Ali Says:

    There are some awful couple names to choose from that stem from this relationship
    Nelta or ****…dear lord!

  5. 5
    Ali Says:

    * d i c k

  6. 6
    Laura-C Says:

    Age is nothing but a number. You can’t help who you are steered to, just enjoy. They look like a cute couple, she is talented, he is as well, I hope they make a song together. Delta did with her ex-fiancee and it’s great. It’s called ‘Almost Here’ check it out and her music, great, great stuff.

  7. 7
    Chris Says:

    WTF? Okay, that’s kind of gross. Even the girl is kind of embarrassed that she is dating someone so young. Look at her dodging the cameras.

  8. 8
    hmm Says:

    I’m not hating or anything, but Delta was engaged to Brian McFadden for years. I don’t think she’d jump into another one with an 18 year old? :\

  9. 9
    carlota f. Says:

    CUTES and good looking, age is just a number

  10. 10
    Kristen Says:

    I’m sorry, but what does a 26-year-old woman see in an 18-year-old boy? An 8-year age difference when you’re in your 30s or 40s may not be a big deal, but in your teens and twenties, it definitely is. I’m 21, and I wouldn’t so much as consider dating an 18-year-old! I don’t even usually date guys my own age because even they’re immature.

  11. 11
    sourpatch575 Says:

    She’s just in it for the money. Like c’mon what would a grown woman want in a little boy? And isn’t he a virgin, what the heck does she want from him!?!

  12. 12
    Abby Says:

    I still don’t understand what a woman her age would want to do with an 18 year old teenager boy, but whatever.

    I’m not a Jonas fan but the little that I know about them I have to say, Nick always did seem like the most mature one of the three brothers but this is still kinda odd. It wouldn’t be that odd if she was maybe 4-5 years older then him, but she’s 8 years older then him. Its just kinda odd.

  13. 13
    HOTBOY Says:


  14. 14
    sandy Says:

    FYI- Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer, and quite a famous one too. YOUTUBE HER!!!! She’s also survived cancer when she was like 18?

  15. 15
    astronut Says:

    Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer who dont even make it the Austalian market w/ her singing career – so being linked to a Jonas, she sees some hope in the American market – LMAO!

  16. 16
    Sean Says:

    Shouldn’t this kid be dating girls like Selena Gomez? Looks like a gold digger. Wait, do the Jonas Bros even still have fans? I think Beiber took all of them. Even the girl

  17. 17
    jj Says:

    I assume he tossed his purity ring in a volcano when he was in Bali

  18. 18
    Erica Says:

    Instead of dating a younger guy she should see a psychologist. Obviously she hasn’t gotten over the fact that she broke up with a guy she was dating since she was 19 and so she’s regressing back into a 19-year-old’s mind set. It’s sad, really. Please get help, Delta, this isn’t mentally healthy for you.

  19. 19
    JJ44 Says:

    Okay, this is kind of creepy….what 26 year old WOMAN wants to date a 18 year old BOY?!!

  20. 20
    nkenk Says:

    I see you, cougar

  21. 21
    emiliexx Says:


  22. 22
    Kandace Says:

    He’s 18, yet the most mature of the Jonas brothers. If he’s happy, it really isn’t any of our business. It isn’t going to last forever so why stress. And I like the pictures.

  23. 23
    dud Says:

    sorry but this is just creepy an wrong!!

  24. 24
    Maximisses Says:

    Most people in Australia agree this is just a set up so Delta can get famous in the US.

  25. 25
    Maria Says:

    Delta has always been a fame chaser. Her career is barely surviving back in australia her last 2 albums have been sub-par and her popularity has diminshed. She has been trying and failing to break America for years and now here she is dating a Jonas brother. Her showbiz mum must be thrilled she’s dropped the dead-beat dad Brian Mcfadden she’s only just broken up with and jumped PR-head first into a relationship with Nick Jonas.

    People keep asking what a VERY experienced and not so “innocent” woman would want with a 18yr old teen? Simple answer = exposure/fame. She Delta may care about Nick a little bit and think he’s so sweet and talented…. but ultimately this ‘relationship’ will go nowhere but she’s going along with it because she’s getting more publicity and notority in the US then she could ever dream of.

    Poor NIck thinks he’s “blessed” to be with Delta… no Nick yo are being used and should run far, far away from Delta and find a nice wholesome girl who doesn’t care for publicity!!!!!!

  26. 26
    ally Says:

    she’s not dating any 18 yr old boy, she’s dating nick jonas–who acts like he’s 30+ half the time. Also, he’s gorgeous and young enough to be trained out of any bad habits;p Get it, Delta!

  27. 27
    Abby Says:

    2011 – The year Disney stars showed their true colors. ;)

  28. 28
    Wheredidyaputthatbass Says:

    Ok. My father is a DA in Compton and i just showed him this post and told him that Nick is only 18th years old and shes 30 and he said thats considered staorurie rapes. She should be ashaymed of herself for making him date her for publisity. Its horrible for his reputation to be with a mother and my dad said hes ganna contact with his deputies and take her down town to the prescint. I also heard Nick is still dating alyson stoner so thats adultery shes going to be arrested for years! This is crazy

  29. 29
    Abby Says:

    @Wheredidyaputthatbass: A – It can’t be rape because at 18 years old he is a legal adult therefore nothing can be done & B – she isn’t 30 years old. She’s 26 years old. It says it right in THIS post.

  30. 30
    SarahC Says:

    He’s hot. End of story.

  31. 31
    Karen Says:

    “Dodging the cameras?” I’d say she looks pretty happy to be photographed.

  32. 32
    chichi Says:


  33. 33
    emmaa Says:

    Delta always acts like such a tryhard. She has really changed in recent years. LMAO at her trying to be relevant by being seen with him.

  34. 34
    Jim McCarthy Says:

    Delta Goodrem is a talentless hack. She’s doing what all broads who have failed careers do – find some way to ensure their security on their back. It’s clear that even her highly promoted “cancer survival” couldn’t get anyone to buy her albums of screechy singing. Delta just broke up with another boy-band loser, Brian McFadden, who’s alcoholism and Irish obnoxiousness was even too much for her to stand. Now she’s got a rich, talented 18 year old she can really push around.

  35. 35
    Anna Says:

    She is NOT talentless. It’s just unfortunate that her music wasn’t to the US taste when she tried to crack into the market the last two times.

    Her album is coming out soon so she’s either that desperate to get her name out there or she’s using Nick as a rebound. Or both.

  36. 36
    Olivia Munn = LoserWannabeHag Says:

    Oh dear , Delta that looks really bad and desperate. He was 9 years old when you released ‘Born To Try’.


  37. 37
    Jim McCarthy Says:

    Anna, “talentless” is Delta’s middle name. Her albums were so poor that even her record company’s US arm wouldn’t release them. Her last trip to Australia she was reduced to lip-syncing in shopping malls. And her “barefoot piano playing” is just ignorant, especially with those size-12′s she’s waddling around on.

    Delta, your 15 minutes are over!

  38. 38
    Dani Says:

    When did this happen? So out of the blue!

  39. 39
    Dani Says:


  40. 40
    angela Says:

    he lost his virginity haha. seriously is she babysitting him?

  41. 41
    Samantha Says:

    WTF? why are all you people thinking its weird for her and worried about her?
    I’ve been a JB fan for a while and im a huge fan of Nick.
    I couldnt give two craps about this austrailian nobody, i’m worried about Nick. He’s only 18, he shouldnt be messing around with a girl so much older, there are plenty of pretty girls his age he could date. He’s too damn hot to be with some old girl. It looks like its his mom.
    i mean what the eff nick. I love you, but c’mon. I mean if he’s happy, he’s happy as a fan alls i care about is the man’s happiness. But i just cant imagine him having it with her, he doesnt look happy in the pictures:/

  42. 42
    JMP Says:

    All I know is he looks Hot! Plus there is a lot said about when guys peak, so I can completely see why she is into him. I don’t know anything about that relationship but from what I can see their hand holding and hidden smiles, speak louder than some exagerated PDA pics of other celebrity couples. Way to go Nick – if your happy I’m happy – just don’t forget to share your music with us.

  43. 43
    Samantha Says:

    um? wtf he’s 18 he can do what he wants. The Jonas Brothers are infact the only EX-disney stars that have grown up gracefully. He hasnt even admitted theyre dating, they could just be a fling nothing serious. He nor his brothers are behaving badly like your comment was implying.

  44. 44
    Rich Says:

    If they were together for publicity they’d be milking it a lot harder. They’ve been dating for months apparently and this is the first time theyve even touched in public? Besides… having been an 18 yr old guy once, I can say that he doesn’t need much motivation to date an attractive woman. Maybe they’re just horny, who knows. I don’t find it as scandalous as everyone else seems to and it probably won’t last anyway.

  45. 45
    Alexia Says:

    This is one relationship I will never approve of! In fact, it disgusts me. She’s been with Brian McFadden for YEARS and then she rebounds with an 18 year old?! Shame on her! She should know better! She is an adult, he’s just a kid. People saying that age is just a number are wrong. When you’re still a teenager you are not supposed to be with someone in their late twenties. They have different needs and priorities. This whole relationship of their is so frustrating, I can’t wait for it to end.

  46. 46
    sadie Says:

    i’m sorry, but nick jonas is one good-looking kid. i’m 25 but i would still hop on that. more power to this woman, whoever she is.

  47. 47
    curious Says:

    anyone from Oz who has followed her career.. must now think she is either the biggest fame wh**e, or she just has the WORST taste in men!!

  48. 48
    Maria Says:


    The reason they are only now milking it is because if they did it any sooner Delta would be not only labelled a craddle snatcher, but a CHEATER as well! It appears she LITERALLY came out of a 7 year relationship, and started dating a teenager a couple of weeks later.

    She is weird, their relationship is weird.. not cute. The more people hate on Delta the better… EVERY time she is about to release an album personal drama happens. She is the ultimate media manipulator, who acts like she’s gods gift to the earth…RUN NICK, RUN!!

  49. 49
    Julian Says:

    Julian Schnabel was dating Elle Macpherson
    and now Nick Jonas is dating Delta Goodrem!

    This is not fair!

    I’m shocked!

  50. 50
    Jordan Says:

    @Maria: This is them milking it? They’re not being very conspicuous. I would expect more making out on the beach or whatever it is celebs do to get attention these days.

    I don’t know anything about Delta, but it is rather weird she’s rebounding with a teenage boy.

  51. 51
    Julian Says:

    Oh sorry:

    I mean Vito Schnabel, the son of Julian Schnabel!

  52. 52
    lc Says:

    does anyone know what sunglasses delta goodrum is wearing? i want them!!

  53. 53
    SnOOKIE Says:

    all the gay were out with their beards yesterday

  54. 54
    brainy box Says:


  55. 55
    kerri Says:

    This is crazy he should find someone his own age. I am 2 years older than him but i think that this delta woman is just using him for her career. Nick seems like a good guy but he is no way ready to date a 26 years old who was just engaged. It just seems wrong Delta should know better.

  56. 56
    Megs Says:

    Delta is very, very, very famous in Australia and just ended a 7 year relationship with her fiance former Westlife singer Brian McFadden. I’m surprised to see her dating an 18 year old. But she is a very lovely person and a very celebrated musician. So good on her.

  57. 57
    A Says:

    10 bucks says they wont last long.

  58. 58
    Anna Says:

    @Jim McCarthy: Clearly you don’t know that 15 minutes doesn’t equate to a career that’s so far spanned almost 10 years, with eight number one singles and three albums that have all peaked at number one. Oh, and ten ARIA (Australian equivalent to the Grammys) nominations and winning nine of them. And her last trip to Australia resulted in a nation-wide tour in concert stadiums that weren’t lip-synched. You also don’t understand the music industry when you say that her record company didn’t release her albums. There’s much more that goes behind the scenes than just simply writing down on a piece of paper which country’s music industry you want to distribute your music to, particularly one that’s as competitive as the USA’s.

    Maybe you should get your fact rights or stop making things up.

  59. 59
    hmm... Says:

    It is a little weird…Have they confirmed that they are a couple?
    I hope this doesn’t taint her success because she really is a talented musician. If they are a couple I hate to be mean but its prob just fling. Delta is a bit older than him and not long out of a 7yr relationship….

  60. 60
    V Says:

    I don’t know if I believe they are a couple. I’ve seen pics of them in Bali and they just look like friends.
    This could all be nothing. Holding hands doesn’t mean they are romantically involved.

  61. 61
    Lauren83 Says:

    So what if she is older. Ashton and Demi don;t have a problem. I think he has a mind of his own and he seems like a very mature18 year old. Some of the so called fans bitching about her age, and her talent should grow up..seriously did you think you stood a chance…You all sound like a bunch of jealous little girls…..on wait YOU are! Although her music isn’t to my taste, she obviously has talent …. Hey! and when is 26 old

  62. 62
    Alexa Says:

    Just saying but she is actually very famous in Australia

  63. 63
    Mia Says:

    ughhh too weird

  64. 64
    A Says:

    So only older men are allowed to date younger women!?
    Do some of you girls know how you sound?? Hypocrites.

  65. 65
    A Says:

    If it was a 26 year old man with an 18 year old woman, you would have said nothing!
    Now, just because it’s the other way around you all want to say “How wrong” it is.
    Grow up. At 26 you are nowhere near being a cougar (and i’m 20 myself so it’s not some “Older woman” telling you this”, but of course, anything older than 18 is old for tween fangirls).

  66. 66
    Lynnette Says:

    It’s weird but I have seen weirder.

  67. 67
    kerri Says:

    @A: Victoria justice is dating a 26 year old man and she is 18 now that is also wrong.

  68. 68
    molly Says:

    what is wrong with her???!!! I am 26 yrs old and would go nowhere near an 18yr old despite being nice and good looking guy.. This girl needs help!!!!

  69. 69
    Toni Says:

    After being with that d*ckhead Mcfadden for so long – good on her for FINALLY being with someone really nice, and having a great time as well. So what with the age? their both enjoying their time together for now – maybe it’s something they both need. How much younger is Ashton?

  70. 70
    ++Logan++ Says:

    I CANNOT STAND DELTA!! She used to live next door to my friend, and she was an absolute coww even before she was famous. She is extremely fake, always pretending to be so lovely. Slowly her true nature is coming out, like seriously, who dates an 18 year old, at the age of 28?!?! He is far too young, give him a good 10 years before you start dating him delta. She was engaged to that douche bag brian mcfadden too. HATE HER!!!

  71. 71
    dgagesrfh Says:

    I hate to say it…. but I definitely think she is dating him for publicity.

  72. 72
    blahblah Says:

    Who the heck is Delta Goodrem????
    Well, obviously she’s desperate for fame if she’s dating an 18 year old boy.
    Jared, stop it with the famewh*res!

  73. 73
    SnOOKIE Says:

    gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay ga yga gyg ag ga agagagag

  74. 74
    chichi Says:

    @chichi: you freaks obviously dont understand my humour. it was a parody of that selena gomez hater “ill kill you under your smelly bed”. FREAKS!

  75. 75
    Joanna Says:

    I’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers for quite some time now, and, seeing how mature Nick is, I can see why he would date an older woman…especially after all of the girls he’s been linked to. I think it’s refreshing to see him happy, though I’m kind of suspicious of this Delta woman. She’s been in a seven year relationship and was engaged for four of those seven years to the same man…and not even a month later, she’s seen “holding hands” with Nick. This is my only problem (and the fact that people say she interfered in Brian’s marriage prior to their relationship) with the woman. All the people that are pointing out the fact that she’s 26 doesn’t really matter to me. I just don’t think Nick is the rebound type of guy. I most certainly wouldn’t date him just to get over my ex. Hell, if I could have it my way, I’d choose him OVER my ex. I don’t think she’s using him for fame- though this would be a nice publicity stunt- I just think they’re both having fun. Besides, it’s not like they’re in love with each other. It might not last. I mean, he’s just working on her album with her. It might not be as serious as everyone thinks…but if it is, let them be happy. And if it is just a publicity stunt…WHO CARES?! We’ve seen plenty of those. It’s America, after all.

  76. 76
    Gia Says:

    “Making out on the beach” isn’t Nick Jonas’s idea of “milking” a relationship. Some of you people must have him confused with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. This is Nick Jonas we’re talking about, people. He NEVER shows PDA, regardless of who he’s with (Miley, Selena, Samantha, etc.). Something’s up with these two. Either he really likes her after only knowing her for a few months, or this is just a PR stunt. Think about it. I don’t recall Nick ever using PDA with past girlfriends, rumored or real. He could be helping her out with publicity in America; maybe, maybe not. He’s probably just taking her out on dates to make her feel better about this whole situation (with her and Brian, I mean). He could actually be dating this woman. I don’t know, and really don’t care…as long as they’re both happy.

  77. 77
    Delphic Says:

    He’s probably boinked her a few times.

  78. 78
    Allie Says:

    He’s hot as hell and she’s gorgeous. They aren’t gonna get married so let them have fun. Its nice to see nick look so happy. Jonas fans, be happy for him! I am.

  79. 79
    nes Says:

    her career ceases to exist in ta usa and this is her easy way to get noticed. Sad but some people will go to any lengths to make it!

  80. 80
    GOO Says:

    wow they are soooo pretty! LOVE

  81. 81
    Haley :] Says:

    I’ve been a Jonas Brothers fan since 2005, before they were super famous. Nick is SO mature, I know it’s said a lot but he acts like he’s in his late 20′s, he has his life planned out, he knows what he wants, and he’s an inspiration. First off – Delta’s ex-fiancee was a douchebag. And it was a mutual breakup – Brian even gave them his support and said he’d like to start dating too, but he doesn’t have time. And plus, Nick has never showed PDA because he used to be so shy, but if you’re a fan, like me, you could see how much he’s truly broken out of his shell in the past few years, and now that he’s not with Disney he CAN show PDA and he’s not afraid to show it anymore, sure it’s subtle, but that’s Nick, he’s shy and sweet and it’s the little things he does that makes him so amazing. And Delta is beautiful and talented, and everyone saying she sucks is obviously JEALOUS and it’s hard for European artists to make it in America, it’s not an easy task.

    So, that being said, I think they’re adorable, and I’m really happy that Nick has been so happy lately, he’s so level headed and being a fan for so long, it’s a matter of knowing his morals, he wouldn’t do this for publicity.


  82. 82
    Nad Says:

    Wow!!! She probably got jelous of Selena Gomez!

  83. 83
    wtf Says:

    Im 19 and I wouldnt date nick jonas!

  84. 84
    Glai Says:

    Am I looking at the next Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore in Hollywood?

  85. 85
    Sweet Pea Says:

    He’s 18 so it’s not illegal, but it’s no better when there’s this huge age difference and the guy is the younger of the two. Makes me wonder wth is wrong with her if she’s dating a person who’s 8 years younger, which is a significant gap at his age. Think about it, she’s 1/3 of his age older.

  86. 86
    vanessa Says:

    She is wayyy too old lol What do an 18yr old and a woman who is almost 30 have in common? If I were Nicks mother I’d be livid. Also… guess he isn’t sporting that purity ring anymore lol

  87. 87
    Alex Says:

    @Haley :]:

    She’s Australian not European…

  88. 88
    pigbearman Says:

    new beard?

  89. 89
    Cheryl Says:

    She is way too old for him – he is 18 years old and she is 26! No way!

  90. 90
    Jess_E Says:

    I must say, I’ve met Delta in Sydney and she was beyond lovely, very sweet and charming. But i agre with people that are saying that this is wrong. It really is. Maybe she’s reverted back to the mindset of a 19 year old…i don’t know, but a 26 year old woman should not be dating an 18 year old man. Women mature faster then men as it is, but when you’re 8 years older than a man?! Come on. I’m 21 and will only date guys 25+. When i meet 18 year old boys i actually refer to them as ‘kids’ now. Even guys my age are still fairly immature. 18 year old boys are a joke, and SHOULD be to any girl 19 yrs+.

  91. 91
    KoKO Says:

    His body/frame looks more older than his face, soon enough his face will catch up to his body! If you put your thumb on his face, they look like a normal couple lol!!! hahha

  92. 92
    Tasha Says:

    If they like each other which they do…who cares!! Seriously who cares about the end of the day its all about chemistry and they seem to have alot in common..both being in such a full on industry at such young ages…I looked up on her and she seems to be very big in Australia and lots of no 1 albums and singles so she is very talented..writes all her own music and songs!! and she had cancer just when her first album was released and had to take a year or 2 off work to get better….this girl has been through a hard time and she desserves to be happy…whether they will last or what I dont know but look at them they seem very happy together.

  93. 93
    marissa Says:

    I don’t get the deal with them dating. If a guy can date younger girls, why can’t a girl do the same. Cougar ROAR! I’m personally not a cougar but its just a personal choice and no one is allowed to claim that their choice is better than anyone else. If Nick’s happy and Delta’s happy shouldn’t all the fans unite and just be glad everyone’s happy. =)

  94. 94
    Leigha Jayne Says:

    It’s SO clear that she needs to make her mark in Hollywood that she dumps a guy she’s been engaged to for years to start dating one the biggest names in Hollywood let alone 18. She just needs publicity so people in the States can know her name. If nick so called “abstinent” there is no way she is going to stay in the relationship without it being physical. I give it 3 months top before she says “F.U.C.K you Nick I made my mark, now I NEED some D.I.C.K in my life!” Lmao. He’s being used it’s sad that he doesn’t realize it. Or is he being smart, since their slowly but surely fading and he needed to pull some sort of stunt… Who knows. All I know is this relationship is beyond FAKE.

  95. 95
    Leigha Jayne Says:

    @Maria: It’s SO clear that she needs to make her mark in Hollywood that she dumps a guy she’s been engaged to for years to start dating one the biggest names in Hollywood let alone 18. She just needs publicity so people in the States can know her name. If nick so called “abstinent” there is no way she is going to stay in the relationship without it being physical. I give it 3 months top before she says “F.U.C.K you Nick I made my mark, now I NEED some D.I.C.K in my life!” Lmao. He’s being used it’s sad that he doesn’t realize it. Or is he being smart, since their slowly but surely fading and he needed to pull some sort of stunt… Who knows. All I know is this relationship is beyond FAKE.

  96. 96
    JonasFanForLife19 Says:

    seriously? 8 years is that big to most of you?
    what about the 16 year old who married a 51 year old actor, that’s 35 years, and that’s should be your worry, not 8 years.

    And it’s true, Brian said it was okay for her, he didn’t mind at all, as long as she’s happy.

    She really seems to be. And stop with this PR crap, you all know Nick, is not that kind of guy to show alot of PDA in public, but that for him, holding her hand, shows something different about him. He’s actually comfortable with it, and doesn’t hesitate for a second about it.

    And Nick is legal, he’s going to be 19, and he acts far more mature than most people his age. And that’s a fact!

    Delta is absolutely beautiful and so talented, her music deserves to be listened to in other parts of the world, it needs to be appreciated.

    Nick has also seemed to loosen up a little, become open to new things, and has become so much happier lately. His happiness makes me happy.

    Although Nick won’t directly admit to being with Delta, one can tell that in the 3 interviews he did recently, seems to hint that he is. He says as far as his personal life goes, he’s really happy, he’s in a good place and feels blessed. He never denied dating her either.

    It really seems that they are comfortable around one another, and enjoy one another’s company.

    As long as they are happy together and make each other happy, I’m happy.

    His happiness, is all that matters to me.

  97. 97
    JonasFanForLife19 Says:

    and it’s not Delta’s fault she hasn’t yet made her mark in America,
    people need to open their ears to other music as well, and learn to appreciate that!

    Her talent is remarkable. There’s no denying that.

    She deserves to be recognized all over, besides for Australia.

    Her music is amazing, truthful and honest. That’s what it should be about.

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