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Blake Lively: Ghetto Film School Spring Benefit!

Blake Lively: Ghetto Film School Spring Benefit!

Blake Lively comes out to support director David O. Russell at the 2011 Ghetto Film School Spring Benefit on Monday (June 13) at The Standard in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress and David worked together on Gossip Girl, where he played himself in one of the last episodes.

Blake recently chatted about presenting the Best Kiss award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards – and how she and her family were also caught off guard by Robert Pattinson‘s smooch with Taylor Lautner!

“My family was sitting behind them. They were like, ‘Ooooh!’ They were hiding. They were so shy,” Blake told MTV News.

FYI: Blake is wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes.

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Credit: Marc Stamas; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • hannah

    love her style!!!

  • abby

    @buttface: We’re talking about blake. dont bring up alba, fox or even biel. hello.

  • lala

    cant believe the hate she’s having. she doesnt deserve to be treated like all of you haters are doing.

  • buttface

    Well Goodbye… Blakey is obviously trekking the career road of the likes of Alba, Biel & Fox (or even Sienna Miller) who were the IT thing just 2 years ago or so – cant wait when Blakey sign in to join in their group and Leo is now hooking up w/ either Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning or even Abigail Breslin LMAO

  • abby

    @buttface: Why are you so bitter? get a life? what did blake do to you!?!?!? stop being jealous

  • kayla


    Exactly. Everyone is constantly bashing her. What did she do them? NOTHING! There all just jealous she’s dating leo. All of them are so freaking delusional making up conspiracy theories and won’t except it. I highly doubt leo would be with someone for a freaking pr stunt…why in the hell would he need to? He’s one of the biggest stars out there..he doesn’t need the press. Uhmm maybe he actually found a girl he likes who is down to earth and not like the other one before!

  • schulze

    I like it when these adorable haters coined her name w/ “”fake”"… like…
    Blake + Fake = FLAKE
    Blakey + Fakey = FLAKEY
    Just feels & sounds “accurate” isnt it?!

  • jealous-my-azz

    Whoa those GossipTweenTards are still awake up till this time?!
    Oh & yeah… were so jealous… jealous of her FAKE nose, FAKE boobs, FAKE teeth & FAKE talent – so so jealous of that LOL

  • fakey blakey

    Jealous? No. It’s funny how that’s the defense of fans when someone doesn’t like someone. People put her on a pedestal just because she’s famous. I see more attractive people than her every time I go to a store. She can get all the surgery and gossip girl she wants… this is the true Blake:

  • mulan


  • Io

    IMHO cosmetic surgery, in moderation, is fine. Let’s face it, we expect our celebrities to look good (how else did the red carpet become so important) so how can we blame her for getting some work done when the result is as much for her “benefit” as it is ours? She’s great eye candy, get over it. She might as well reap the rewards now because I don’t see her winning acting awards any time soon.

  • schulze

    Well BL’s cosmetic procedures can only & “predictably” get her somewhere over just a very limited period of time – remember also d’ another cosmetic surgery tartlet named “Megan Fox”?!

  • Phew

    atleast she is fully clothed blake stay AWAY from iphones and mirrors :D

  • I SEE

    okay crazy blake fans dont attack me i dont really know blake coz i dont watch gossip girl, but just coz someone doesnt like her acting or she doesnt appeal to them that doesnt mean they are hating sure she is pretty but i saw green lantern the other day and in my opinion she was okay nothing unique or special but thats just my opinion. she is a pretty girl but acting wise she really isnt that great :)

  • blakes biggest fan

    omg omg i LOVE BLAKE LIVELY SOO MUCH you have no idea i would take a bullet for her she is the most beautiful wonderful women this world has seen she is such an insperation to everyone the most beautiful talented girl hollywood has… to all you bitter haters she is an awesome women with a beautiful heart you should all be ashamed of your self leave her alone you jelouse a-holes her and leo are perfect together they will get married and have beautiful kids so dont hate just coz you want leo you will never get him pathetic…………LOVE YOU BLAKE <3

  • whizzer

    Do take up your meds asap! You’re HALLUCINATING already…

  • Drag queen

    Man face! It’s like Leo has a boyfriend now! And yes, she seems to be gaining weight. She should just disappear already for good since she has no talent. Leo must have lost his mind or someone is forcing him to date her! Come on, Leo! You deserve better!

  • yahoo

    too bad about her ugly face… she could have been hot

  • Alexis

    Here comes all the hate..

  • yukky

    i dont know why people find her hot she seems like a tranny and whoever says she can act neeeds to watch the town sheee iss horrible actress :/

  • Carly

    I guess I must be obese if you guys think she’s fat or chubby or whatever. Who cares if she’s gaining weight? A few months ago people were complaining that she was too skinny.

  • ???

    @blakes biggest fan I hope you realize that by complimenting this girl so much, some jealous loser idiots here will accuse you of being Blakes Mother, her assistant, friend or even Blake herself,delusional Leo fans don’t want to see him with a woman other than them(in their dreams)lol

  • Anne

    It’s ridiculous to assume that all girls hate Blake b/c she’s pretty or dating Leo (give us more credit than that!). She is disliked b/c of the way she pursues her fame – not on her acting ability which is the way it should be, but based on who she dates and appearing in various stages of undress at public events & premieres. If others followed the same path – Kiera Knightley, Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, etc. – trust me, we would be expressing disappointment in them too.

  • Flakey

    @Anne: I agree.
    And of course the Gossip Girl teens are going to use all the same old stuff: jealousy, get a life, Leo fans want him for themselves…etc. This pair is so ridiculous and flakey is such a huge downgrade for Leo that it`s insane.

  • LondonCalling

    Pants, Blake. Pants. You need some.i can see your underwear

  • Sam

    another director she’s after

  • vicky

    I am not like everyone else i don’t hate her. I believe that Leo will settle with this one and i believe it will be quicker than what everyone else thinks.It will shock everyone but it will end terribly.

  • Hakar Ahmed

    Its Cheap

  • LOL

    @vicky: You believe that after a month of dating? LOL! You are funny and sad at the same time! It will be over sooner that you would think!

  • Despicableme

    I honestly think that he’s only “dating” Flake because Weinstein “asked” him to help her gain publicity. There was an article in Variety about Weisntein possibly producing The Wolf of Wall Street, one of LD’s upcoming films. Basically its a quid pro quo situation. The sad part is that by trying to make her happen by forcing her down everyone’s throat is a major turn-off especially since she lacks talent and isn’t like-able.

  • piedpiper

    Her hair looks like a dirty mop, or a wet dog.

  • Tiffany


  • Cammie

    Jennifer Lawrence is about to take this “It” girl spot, she actually is talented, and much prettier…

    Fake Livley will do anything for PR, chasing Leo for mths, trying to date Ryan Gosling, Boob job, nose job, wearing very shorts skirts..

    Everything but displaying actual acting talent.

  • @Cammie

    So true! I wonder how much longer by the time Leo realizes what he`s gotten himself into! There has to be something behind this if he is willing to be seen with this desperate and fake wannabe.

  • ewwww

    The PR hound is in action! so obvious and so pathetic….

  • @despic

    yes you’re right – it’s all a PR thing that LD is being forced to do b/c of weinstein and some shady biz.

  • average

    and this is nothing on the LD fans–they recognize that this is a joke. and this isn’t the type of woman that usually is with him. she is way way way too average for his type. she’s the type you’d see at the midwestern mall that would be picking up guys at the local bar. i predict a career in lifetime movies for this tranny. lifetime movies are perfect for her! sleazey and no talent and average.

  • fangirlstansnoLIFE

    Guys she was NOT HATED on prior to dating Leo!!! LOLLLLL Leo’s crazy STANS (the same ones who hated Bar Refaeli and bashed her (now they don’t anymore) LOL fangirls crack me up. I remember Bar would get tons of mean comments and be at the top of the page because of Leo stans. I truly thought they hated her. Now I see they just hate any girl he dates, lol. GROW UP!

  • @88

    Bar is gone so why would anyone bother about her? She wasn`t good enough for Leo but I think she is still better than flakey.
    grow up, they hate everyone he dates….blah blah. Same old story! Unfortunately Leo has a type. Not just physically and both Bar and flakey fit that. That`s what Leo fans hate! But hey, GG fan, whatever makes you feel better! LOL!

  • larson

    @Cammie: YES! I have not seen the kids are all right, but to be 20 and already have an oscar nom is great for her. She is also very pretty and also has something that is unique and different about her face. Unlike Blake who has something different and unique about her face and is unattractive. I’m totally crushing on jen lawrence.

  • larson

    @fangirlstansnoLIFE: No she wasn’t hated. She just wasn’t well liked. The rumors of her being casting couch existed long before the whole gatsby fiasco. People were questioning how to got to the top so fast all the while being a c list tv actress. Then the whole thing with ben affleck. Being with Leo bought out the hate, but the dislike was there. I’m still LOL’ing at the fact her name was mentioned for gatsby with far more talented actresses being considered.

  • like seriously…

    either it is THE ultra-mini skirts or THE ridiculously-heavy-cleavage/boob-show….. like what is it? i don’t get it?….. the way she dresses up shows that all she ever wants from a man is to suck-n-jerk at her never-ending-legs and overly-exposed-boobs. if THAT isn’t a then i really don’t know what else is. Shame on u flakey and more shame on u Leo, running after legs-n-boobs. Disgusting man with ultra disgusting habits inc, disgusting w.hor.e GF. Grow up!
    and check out what she’s been saying about LANDING THE DO.UC.HE.CAPRIO….. THE RULES of dating book. ehhhhhhhh….
    “‘They started flirting at a dinner party in New York last autumn but only started seeing each other at the beginning of May,’ reveals our source.

    ‘It’s been an incredible whirlwind for them. Leo wanted Blake and has been pursuing her ever since they met.’

    So just how did the girl who used to have pictures of Leo on her bedroom wall snag the eligible bachelor?

    ‘Blake loves dating book The Rules and has been following it to the letter,’ reveals a friend of the 23-year-old star.

    ‘She’s been denying him sex and wouldn’t even give him her number for the first three months.

    ‘She knew Leo could have any girl he wanted and she figured she had to stand out from the crowd.’

    The savvy 5ft 10in actress also made sure Leo – who’d been dating model Bar Refaeli – was single before anything happened between them.

    ‘Blake told him he had to break up with Bar before she’d even go on a date with him, so he did,’ reveals our insider.

    ‘I’m not even sure they’ve slept together yet.

    ‘Blake’s only ever slept with three guys, so she doesn’t jump into bed with just anyone.

    ‘She’s making him work for it – and he’s fallen hard for her.’

    After Cannes, the new couple went to Italy and were snapped holding hands in Monte Carlo, where Leo’s wooed her with all his might and money.

    ‘He took her on private yachts, helicopter rides and out for amazing meals at some of the world’s best restaurants,’ confides the friend.

    ‘And last week he started introducing her as his girlfriend.

    ‘She looks totally love struck and he never lets her out of his sight.

    ‘It’s really sweet.’ “

  • gimmeabreak

    Venus placements are where we feel valued in love. She has venus in virgo, the sign of purity, so no doubt she wants to be pursued “properly”. That’s how she feels valued and wanted. He has venus in scorpio which rules sex, he feels valued and wanted through sexual expression…. If they haven’t done “it”, they are NOT together. If she really wanted him, she should “seal the deal”. He’s scorpio………reject him sexually, you may as well be rejecting him. “Rules” ????? Sounds more like games to me. This has got to be made up, or their just reassuring people it’s NOT serious. If their not sleeping together, he will NOT fall in love, trust me.

  • leolovergr

    @like seriously…: you’re helping my diet there! i’m soooo throwing up after reading this!!!!
    ps – ‘she’s only slept with 3 guys’ in whose movies she hasn’t auditioned – they left that part out.
    ‘leo has been pursuing her for a while’ while she kissed her jack dawson poster and stalked the hell out of him so that they would ‘accidentally’ meet in Cannes, where she was promoting her career as Serena VanDerHo

  • darla

    She could actually benefit from the course being offered to that school,
    specifically The acting class. like badly. her sexy image can only go that far and those guys whose salivating on her now will stop swooning over her once they reach their combined ej@aculation. Once that happened they’ll be on to the next wanna be tart.

  • Lol

    Get over it. Sites like this are made to hate or love on celebs.. that’s why there’s comments. It’s the anonymous internet and I can say whatever the **** i want. Yes sometimes I say things just to be a b*tch or make myself feel better..we all do lol! If you’re so sensitive get OFF the internet

  • gabby

    Britain loves blake. Americans hate her. I think she’s quite good. All the rubbish about her is annoying already. quite hating

  • britain girl

    then perhaps she should go live in BRITAIN.

  • ali

    BL is very pretty and succesfull
    she has great legs

  • sweety pie

    @larson: jennifer wasnt in the kids are alright mia wasikowsa was jennifer lawrence was in winter’s bone