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Gerard Butler Bikes with a Buddy

Gerard Butler Bikes with a Buddy

Gerard Butler goes for a bike ride with a friend on Monday (June 13) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 41-year-old Scottish actor hit up the ESPN Zone at L.A. Live, where he and his entourage watched the Dallas Mavericks take on the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship.

At one point in the night, a female fan approached Gerry and asked for a pic.

When he told her it would cost a dollar, she gave him a bill and “he took it and then gave it back after they took a picture,” a source told E! Online.

“He actually insisted on taking a couple of pictures, including a close-up,” the source said, adding that Gerard was “super nice and friendly” to everyone around him.

Last week, Gerard suited up for the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC.

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  • was lookin good….

    ……….until i looked down and saw ugly red pants, wtf does he think when he gets dressed??

  • http://justjared lolita

    He looks good. It is good to see he is keeping up with his fitness workouts. Look at those eyes.

  • angelsrock

    Gerry, I swear you are the Energizer Bunny. Always on the go!!!
    I’m tired just reading about your life!!! Enjoy it to the hilt, buddy!!

    I’m not too sure about those red pants, yo, but very happy to see him sporting a helmet!

  • Maggie P. U.

    K. 5 bucks sz Georgia* is going to say she rode with them…

  • angelsrock

    @was lookin good….:

    He is either color blind or just snatches clothes out of the drawer/closet/floor and doesn’t give a flying fvvk. He obviously NEVER looks in a mirror.
    His stylist(s) must throw up a little every time they see these random pics.
    And what’s hilarious is that he is up for a fashion award in Scotland. LOL
    Hopefully they just use red carpet pics for the voters.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @was lookin good….: I just think he throws on what is the most comfortable and handy at the time. He saves the good stuff for the red carpet. He is like night and day in his fashion sense.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    @Maggie P. U.:
    Georgia is one of the Menopausal Psychos.

  • Manny

    @was lookin good….:
    “wtf does he think when he gets dressed??”
    “Hey look at me!” :P

  • Manny

    “See Mum I can dress myself.” :P

  • yrt

    did anyone else read on the internet that Bianca is pregnant and engaged to a reality tv guy?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey Gerry..nice..He’s wearing his sweats..what are you suppose to wear when you’re biking..a tux??..Comfort all the way..and why not

  • CC

    Ah, those pants lol. His fashion sense never ceases to amaze me lol

  • so gullible

    @angelsrock: What, red, white and blue very much Team USA!

  • angelsrock

    @so gullible

    I was actually thinking that too! Go red, white, and blue. I just ain’t digging the red pants. But he is soooo cute; he gets a fashion pass today!

  • Hot Mess

    He is still gorgeous… pants or not. Those eyes….beautiful…

  • angelsrock

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    I’m not against the sweats at all. Of course he’s dressed to ride and work out. But red pants?

  • stella

    WHAT !? he goes for a bike ride with a friend !?…hmmm…in Hollywood it means that he is gay..right ? ;P CRAZY WORLD ;)

  • Like No Other


    Bianca got married in May to Jesse Beck, a guy who was on the Bachelorette show. Never heard anything about her being pregnant.

  • Eve

    Glad to see he’s wearing a helmet after seeing him ride around on a motor cycle with out one! LOL! Red pants mean, “See me and don’t run me over with a car!” Back in la la land and the crazy drivers!

  • Maggie P. U.

    @ Eve #19…… I guess that is why I got run over that day on my bike here in Burbank-I wasn’t wearin’ red or even bright orange! LOL.


  • getIt

    Living a full life.

  • Tonto

    Beautiful eyes!!! You got it right Lolita. Great eye candy! But the outfit is so he can be ready for the fourth of July parade. All he needs now is some streamers and a flag and he’s all set. ;)

  • oy

    Is that a helmet or a highlight cap? With the hair sticking out, I can’t tell.

  • oy

    @angelsrock: Sweats + bicycle chains = face-plant over handlebars.

  • ioy

    other site has pics of the guy he was riding with

  • vegas

    Who gives a hoot what he wears when he’s out exercising and riding? Silly comments IMO. He cleans up and looks like a million dollars when he fixes up for social events.

    I could give less of a hoot what Bianca is doing in this lifetime. Everyone moves on from ancient romances. They should be different?

    Same as faux romance rumors. It’s not just G. It’s almost across the board with celebs. Big whoop. Just silly stories to get hits.

    I was surprised to see People finally gave him a big pic in the hot body department in their print rag. People, IMO, has turned into such a bore. I don’t care about 80 percent of the people they write about. Guess cause I’m not a TV fan. I don’t know half the people they feature and could care less.

  • Kardashian

    yeah but its not just some ancient romance. Its the only one our Scot took on a red carpet. That stands for something is that OK with you scumbag?

  • ew….

    no one is going to be jealous of that picture when the female stalker, I mean FAN posts it on FB…
    He looks like hell. He should be working out with like barbells or something. He looks sloppy and out of shape.
    yuck! Sorry

  • ew….

    Who says “hoot” in this day and age?

  • silva

    @vegas: Pay no attention to the trolls. This is the time of night when they come out. Ignore them. Glad to see you posting again!

  • Hey Georrrrgia*….

    Wow…my post to Geor gia* was deleted…
    I guess it’s too much that I know too much LOL

  • getIt

    I am tired of his hair. I like his hair shorter. When is mgp coming out?


    Geeee I wonder where JESSherpster is???
    Stalking Colin Farrell now? Too bad he’s still licking his wounds after PB playmate Nicole Narain dumped him.
    Jess sure does run guys off like the plague.
    Hope Gerard wore 3 rubbers!

  • Dempsey

    @Hey Georrrrgia*….:
    repost it from memory. i didn’t get a chance to read it.

  • silva

    @Hey Georrrrgia*….:
    Don’t worry. I saved your post.
    Hey Georgia*…. @ 06/14/2011 at 1:18 am
    Let’s see if you get this right…since you’ve been to his house in LA…
    …and I have too.
    I’m asking the question…because I know the answer to it.
    What does he have framed-hanging in his bdr in that mansion?
    Care to answer that?
    If you don’t want to say it out right, give me a hint that you know and I will validate you…if you answer correctly.
    If you don’t know, don’t answer…and I can go back to laughing at you lying like a psychotic outpatient stalking weirdo from GALS or something.
    Ta ta!

  • silva

    @Hey Georrrrgia*….:
    Your post wasn’t deleted. This site has been having some serious issues lately. Posts have been disappearing and then re-appearing all over the place, and there’s no rhyme nor reason to it. It’s just a glitch in the system. :-)

  • Matt

    @Butler’s Menopausal Psychos:
    “If it was removed, it’s because some of the middle-aged psychos on this board had it flagged, as they don’t want to discover the truth in case Georgia really does know him (which is doubtful), and that’s too bad.”
    Georgia flagged the post because she knew she couldn’t answer it.

  • ??

    I agree. She didn’t know the answer, as usual, so she tried to get rid of the post.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    @Matt: @??:
    Well, it’s possible too.
    Let’s see what she has to say for herself lol.

  • ??

    Georgia is insane. You can’t believe a word she says. On the last thread she claimed to be the girl who paid Gerry a buck to have her picture taken with him last night. She’s completely mental.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    @Matt: @??:
    someone doesn’t like the both of you and is giving you thumbs down.
    Also, there was someone who gave “Hey Georrrrgia” a thumb down initially. Maybe it’s Georgia herself doing it as she is not liking this challenge.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    I agree; She is a total kook.
    Anyway, no one should feel threatened by posters who are trying to get at the truth. I hope it’s no one but Georgia who flagged that post.

  • ??

    I noticed that too! Georgia’s been working the thumbs. She’s targeting every post not favorable to her. Sad, pathetic nutball.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    more from Katie in case you doubted what she wants lol
    14 Jun 11, 03:51
    katie: relly do love meet him if any bodys help me? lol xx
    Except I don’t think this one is one of the menopausal psychos. She sounds more like a delusional young fan. That’s another group of crazies after G’s butt.

  • Butler’s Menopausal Psychos

    here she goes again
    14 Jun 11, 04:14
    katie: sure some one one here no gerry xx
    LOL! Katie should speak to Georgia………..I’m sure Georgia would love to share her info with Katie.

  • angelsrock


    Oh no!! He needs a rubber band to tie down that pant leg or he will end up in a face plant on the asphalt.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Tonto: Tonto, they started out as blue but he is such a HOT A$$ they turned bright red. I know hangs my head in shame!

  • Paisley

    YIKES! Much as I adore Gerry I’ve gotta agree about the red sweats! He just really doesn’t care what he wears. I think he pretty much opens a bureau drawer, grabs a shirt and some pants and that’s it, done. He suuuure does rock those dress clothes when he wants to though. I still haven’t gotten over the CFDA Awards photos.  The dollar bill joke and reports of his being super nice & friendly to everybody is no surprise. Part of what Gerry’s fans love about him is his great, down to earth personality. He’s almost always willing to take time for photos, hugs and autographs as well as to chat a bit with his fans. It’s the ‘razzi that pi$$ him off when they get too aggressive, and even then most of the time he tries to at least be polite to them.

  • Paisley

    @vegas: I’m not much of a TV watcher either. Just tivo movies. Hey Vegas…what issue of PEOPLE mag is it that gave him the big hot body pic?

  • Paisley

    @angelsrock: I find myself wondering that too, angelsrock. Energizer bunny? HAH! When does the man sleep? DOES he sleep? I have a feeling that when he was a kid his grade school teachers had a cute, funny, really hyperactive little boy in their class. :-)