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Leonardo DiCaprio: Phone Call in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio: Phone Call in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a phone call as he steps out of his hotel in New York City on Monday (June 13).

The 36-year-old actor went incognito in his favorite baseball cap.

Leo is back in the U.S. after spending time overseas with his rumored girlfriend, Blake Lively.

The two were spotted holding hands in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and went sightseeing together in Verona, Italy.

Leo is rumored to be joining the cast of Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained.

He’d play a nasty plantation owner, while Christoph Waltz would play a bounty hunter who helps a freed slave rescue his wife.

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  • Despicableme

    He looks miserable.

  • LOL

    `rumored girlfriend`? LOL! More like his PR-mate! Knowing that he downgraded again takes away from his appeal! Too bad!

  • Despicableme


    I wrote this on another post but I’ll repeat it here:

    I honestly think that he’s only “dating” Flake because Weinstein “asked” him to help her gain publicity. There was an article in Variety about Weisntein possibly producing The Wolf of Wall Street, one of LD’s upcoming films. Basically its a quid pro quo situation. The sad part is that by trying to make her happen by forcing her down everyone’s throat is a major turn-off especially since she lacks talent and isn’t like-able.

  • mulan
  • c


    he always does..

  • piedpiper


    He needs the “environmentalist” shtick to deter attention from his douchebag-iness.

  • jiro

    he looks super young.

  • surelay


    so boring!!!!!!! he dates her because she is his type and he likes her.

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    hes cute :)

  • don’t tell her it’s me


    I thought his type was Lukas Haas and Kevin Connelly. :-p

    Don’t let the beards distract you.

  • mulan

    @piedpiper unfortunately think so too!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    leonardo so sweet ^^

  • LOL

    Dicaprio is the `do as I say not as I do` kind of environmentalist. I guess he needed a cause for his image. He picked one but he cannot live up to the standards that he is preaching about. It`s been so obvious for quite a while!
    @despicableme: There`s is definitely something behind this PR-stunt of a romance. Only those won`t see it who don`t wanna see it. Perfect timing for everything that helps her `happen`, lack of chemistry…etc.
    @surelay: Physically she is close to his type ( not as skinny as he likes them ) and that`s why it`s a `sellable` romance.

  • cute

    @don’t tell her it’s me:

    argggggggggggg … Don’t let your stupidity distract you ……….

  • don’t tell her it’s me


    You girls need to understand he doesn’t want you. He doesn’t want Giselle, he doesn’t want Bar, he doesn’t want Blake. There is something very wrong with someone who needs his “people” to hire him a new girlfriend.

    The only time apple head looks happy is when he’s with his boys.

  • Fonna2

    like really this is post worthy??
    ……Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 20,000 People.. 1,000 dollar cards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • cute

    @don’t tell her it’s me:

    more arggggggggggggggggggg.

    hahah. good time boy!!!!

  • donie

    @don’t tell her it’s me: Yo HOMO find dic k some where else, i heard Zac is available. piss LOL

  • London


  • JJK

    he and lucas haas are <> close don’t you think?

  • JJK

    he and lucas haas are VERY VERY VERY close don’t you think?

  • donie

    @JJK: Yes HOMO.

  • Brainy box


  • Wow

    Donie, you keep proving your intelligence whenever you show up! Impressive! NOT! Grow up already!

  • don’t tell her it’s me


    Donie you are so repressed. You and Tracy Morgan should hang out. Do you really think that people can’t see through your homophobia? I understand you are confused and it is hard for you to deal with your sexuality you should watch the documentary For the Bible tells me so.

  • Brainy box


  • oryl

    where’s Bar?

  • leo and blake in NY

    Some others pics

    @oryl : i think she’s in NY too …

  • cute

    @don’t tell her it’s me:

    the same people talking with themselves … boring!!!!!!!!

  • @oryl

    Guess what! Bar is in NYC! I doubt she is going to derail this showmance. Flakey needs a lot of help to `happen` so I guess this is going to continue for a while. I loved it how Ted Casablanca said her best role is being a B-list actress enjoying the attention that comes with dating Leo while pretending to be camera shy. LOL! Well said!

  • don’t tell her it’s me


    Yeah you and Donie. You two are obviously the same person.

  • Despicableme


    I saw Ted’s piece this morning, he’s hysterical. I think it shows just what type of person she really is that so many in Hollywood mock and disrespect her.

    Even Jared who seemingly loves everyone made a snarky comment about her nude pics. Granted he quickly took that tweet down but plenty of us still saw it.

  • ??

    Why r u Americans so traumatised by gays? What did they do to u whenever someone dislikes gays ur always so quick to be like i,’m not homophobic. U act like ur going to get shot if u dont agree with gays. U lot need to calm down. U do realise that your the only ones who make such a big deal out of it. So what if someone’s homophobic ur no better than them if your starting fights about it every second. Your not going to get a prize if you like gays.

  • Europhia

    He used to be so handsome in the titanic / the beach days. Not anymore!!

  • don’t tell her its me


    Its about live and let live. People should be able to love whoever they want to love without having people like Donie bash them for it. I feel bad for anyone who has to pretend to be straight just because uneducated buffoons like Donie can’t deal with their own latent homosexuality.

  • sab

    Hi everyone,
    well here we are on yet another leo thread….this one with very little substance whatsoever……i dont know about you guys but i feel deflated when i see him now.
    i agree withn you brainey box, i prefered leo with stubble too!!!!….i thought i’d never here myself say that…..i always preferred a smooth skinned leo…..but these pics do not do him justice……also dare i say it his face is looking fuller???
    also what i’ll never understand is why??? stay in a hotel when you have a perfectly adequate apartment literally minutes away…..i mean id understand it if he was promoting a movie or doing business..but as far as we know he is purely their for ‘ahemm ‘pleasure…..what an extravagant waste…..

  • piedpiper


    I respectfully disagree The Departed and Blood Diamond where his best days.

  • everio

    @mulan – I guess that makes all environmentalist hypocrites as most do travel by air. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We live in a technical world, its very hard to do all the environmental stuff especially the fact that many travel by air, there no GREEN PLANE just yet. We do what we can. I drive a car, I have to and its NOT an enviromental one neither, I can’t afford them. I do recycle as much as I can, I do my part. Being famous is not always easy as they are constantly watched over and scrutinized by the public. I don’t condem him nor do I hate him. I still enjoy him as an actor and will continue to watch his films. Millions of people use on a daily basis, cars, buses, planes, boats etc as transportation to get to their destination. Until scientist and engineers find a solution to the green cause, we don’t have much of a choice in the meantime.

  • Showmance

    @??: Yiu should have addressed your comment to Donie!
    @Sab: I don’t think he is staying in a hotel since he has an apartment. He could have had a lunch or a business meeting there…
    @32: Good point! LOL!

  • donie

    @don’t tell her it’s me: Some one people like you call a straight dude is gay are more likely HOMOs who are thinking about him sexually. I am just your proving my point that you need to find another a real gay person to hit on. Don’t come on this thread and lecture someone about homophobic while you are calling some gay while they are not. You are just bitter HOMO that you wish Leo is gay so you imagine things to say that is not true. That is why i don’t like some HOMOs like you. They don’t have a boundaries.

  • piedpiper

    @Don’t tell her its me

    Please don’t provoke Donie. He/she is obviously insane and dealing with some major issues.

  • sab

    hi showmance…..yeah i know..i was taking jj as his word

  • donie

    @don’t tell her its me: You are just a HOMO, why don’t you come out and say so. Your insecurity will go away. You are just pretending you are straight calling someone to come out. PLease stop pretend and come and say i am gay and i wish leo is gay so i can fantasize about him. It is simple, otherwise you will be just a bitter HOMO for the rest of your life. You see Adam Lambert, no problem from me, because he doesn’t have a problem saying Leo is a cute. He is gay and he just expressing himself his sexuality with openness rather than do it behind computer and calling him gay while he is not. What is not you came to understand is that you know he is not gay but you will pretend to call him out so you can feel better about yourself. That is just not good way for gay people like you to express yourself that way. Otherwise, i will keep calling you a HOMO, because that is what you really are. I have no problem with open gay guys just not a homo like you.

  • wow

    shocked…he looks awful and he shouldn’t shave his lovely stubble… he looks bad clean shaven (sorry LD) i love it when he has a big of a goatee…. he clearly “has never felt that way” about any girl before …..hahaha yeah clearly is miserable….

  • rose

    Every day Leo is just proving more and more how much he’s ex (Bar) can do WAY better! and the funny thing is… I always though it was the opsite. by the way, she’s not in NYC anymore, she’s in Israel.

  • yan

    This environmental bullshit from Leo is a PR tactic to clean up his act. He is not like Ian who doesn’t do this for money. He constantly go out there and help without any paparazzi around. That is genuine. Why Leo’s cause is not genuine is because everytime he does something, it’s something that was told to him by his Rep. it is also for tax cut. This guy is the most manipulative guy in Hollywood, he is Peterpan who doesn’t want to grow up. He is a good actor no doubt but he uses PR as much as Blake uses her PR. so they are better off together. When he was with Bar, he was the most low key guy and doesn’t want his face to be captured by paparazzi but now since he is tapping Blake, he is ok with paparazzi following him around. I can see wedding bells in the couple of months. This relationship wont last because there is no genuine connection between this two. It was too fast. I am a publicist, I know how this celeb publicist do and how they want something like Blake to be gold. She is a cashing cow for Leslie now. Easy cashing cow.

  • Don’t tell her its me


    Donnie, you are a belligerent, uneducated, moron. If you must know I am a married woman, married to a man for 6 wonderful years now. I am calling out your precious Leo because I think he’s a bit of a hypocrite and I am not just talking the environmentalist stuff. He’s a great actor I’ll give him that but I think he hides a lot about himself. He hides behind models and all of this environmental stuff to deter attention from who he really is. I am obviously not the only one who feels this way.

    If anyone is in the closet and sadly obsessed with a celebrity that is YOU! You need to get a life and stop obsessing over Leo Dicaprio who will never want your homophobic behind anyway.

  • Pennyg

    anyone notice how the EX Bar Refaeli isn’t posted on since they broke up? I guess she really is a nobody without him afterall! LOL

  • @yan

    You can see wedding bells but you don`t think this relationship is going to last? It`s clearly PR and Leo has been proving that he is not that awesome guy his PR team is trying to sell. But I doubt he is that dumb to marry Fake Blake. Come on! This is not good for him on the long run! Otherwise I agree. He sold this image of an incredible, down to earth guy but he cannot live up to it. And this over-publicized romance with flakey is ( going to ) making it even more obvious. This sudden media frenzy doesn`t reflect good on him and he and his PR team MUST know that!

  • even TED knows!

    From The Awful Truth (Ted C)

    “Her best work to date is playing the role of a B-list actress that doesn’t absolutely love the attention she’s getting from dating the hottie from Titanic. But enough of this wannabe incognito crap already, B!”

    HAHAHA yeah ted easy part for her! maybe a bit more difficult for LD!