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Natalie Portman Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Natalie Portman Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Natalie Portman is the proud mother of a baby boy, People reports.

The Oscar winner, who turned 30 on Thursday (June 9), recently gave birth to her first child with fiance Benjamin Millepied.

The couple met while working on Black Swan and announced in December they were expecting a baby and getting married.

“I’ll be out of the public eye after [the baby's born],” Natalie previously told People, adding that she’d figure out future career opportunities “as it comes.”

Congrats to the new parents!!!

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • kiki

    so happy for her! congrats!!!

  • elle

    awww im so happy for them! she’ll make a great mother!

  • jamoo

    YAY!!!! that baby is going to be the smartest, most talented, good looking baby!!! Congrats

  • Vanessa

    OMG !!! The baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  • Vanessa

    OMG !!! The baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  • European

    Another poor little baby boy that will get circumcised. That is not how nature intended it to be. :(

  • BEAN

    Aw congratulations.

  • @European

    So true!!

  • boston61

    People have babies all day every day. Why is this news?

  • Irishbabe

    How great nice post birthday gift for the two of them I’m sure we will hear his name soon.


    I have sons and they are circumcised, nature doesn’t prevent infections or injury when they are not circumsized, Plus woman can get vag infections from men who are not.


    Look where you are on a celebrity news board one would expect ppl announce births all the time look in your local paper. It’s an event like marriage, anniversaries and births. Would be saying why is death news it happens good or bad this is a happy event why not let ppl share it with them.

  • JC

    Good for her and congratulations. This site posts so much about idiot celebrities it is nice to hear about someone who is actually talented welcoming a child into the world.

  • Courtney

    because anything in a celebs life is news. um a baby boy being circumzied is perfectly normal and helps prevent infections down there. congrats to them for having a healthy baby though I have a feeling Natalie will hand him off to a nanny and not feel guilty about it at all what so ever unlike someone like Vanessa Redgrave from whom she could learn alot about poise grace taste and tact

  • ala

    Congrats to the happy parents.

  • Susan

    Congratulations Natalie and Benjamin!

  • Irishbabe

    @ courtney

    I see Natalie as the hands on mom, she even said she isn’t working for at least a year my feeling is she will be the non working mom for awhile, but never fear she has a production company to her name which will promote movies even if she isn’t in it. And when she does return she will still be a woman on the top of the A list.

  • Bene

    Sorry Russell Crowe, this baby was snipped.

  • LC

    I love you Natalie… congrats!

  • Jess

    OMG how unreal for her!
    FUTURE CELEBRITY GOSSIP actually announced this on the day she gave birth! Man they are getting a few firsts these days.

  • ven

    i wonder if benjamin knows she is totally going to control everything about this child

  • ! cappuccino !

    many congrats to new mom natalie and new dad durwood :)

  • Rob

    @European: Benjamin is French so there is a great chance that he isn’t circumcised.. So I doubt his son will be circumcised.. But whatever.

  • Rob

    @European: Benjamin is French so there is a great chance that he isn’t circumcised.. So I doubt his son will be circumcised.. But whatever.

  • Carey

    Does it really matter if the boy is snipped or not, that’s a parents choice if anything and really is for the health of the boy now, non jews even circumcise their children. Most male babies are and knowone can say that Ben isn’t or is. Again personal choice of the parent.

    My total congrats to this new family and many blessings to come for them all.

  • Carey

    Does it really matter if the boy is snipped or not, that’s a parents choice if anything and really is for the health of the boy now, non jews even circumcise their children. Most male babies are and knowone can say that Ben isn’t or is. Again personal choice of the parent.

    My total congrats to this new family and many blessings to come for them all.

  • slurf

    @Rob: Natalie is Jewish, so that makes her son Jewish(Jewish law). Health has nothing to do with it.

  • Halli

    Boys are big and she as huge, so obvious it was a boy.

  • Dude

    Not all boys are big I’ve seen many women carry girls that make them look like twins. Congrats to mommy and daddy on the new son..

  • Shipped2

    Yeah there is no way of telling the sex of the child just my looking at a woman’s stomach.

  • cheech

    shes jewish and its HER RELIGION to have the “boy snipped” plus its prettier and more hygenic, for him and his partner.
    congrats, shes an amazing actress

  • Lor

    @cheech: Hahaha “plus, it’s prettier”
    lol I agree…. :)
    Congrats to the happy parents! Intelligent parents make the prettiest babies :]

  • Phie

    Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin!

    And to those who are defending circumcision by stating that it ‘helps prevent infections’ and it is ‘normal and recommended to be done’ – that information is actually not correct. It is not recommended as a normal procedure by any national medical association in the world.

    Also, you may believe that it is ‘just a piece of skin’ that your son will never miss – but in fact, it contains so many nerve endings which heighten sexual awareness, as well provides nerve protection and natural lubrication.

    Furthermore, it does not make the penis hygienic and has been proven to only slightly decrease the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. However, sexual practices of the man in question also figure into these results, and have a greater impact then circumcision.

    So, is it really worth possibly disfiguring your son’s penis (while it may be a popular procedure, there is still the very real potential for something to go wrong), as well as decreased sexual pleasure when he is an adult – for the sake of hygiene? Here is a thought.. why don’t you stress the importance of condoms to your son and regular showering, instead of causing a poor child unnecessary pain and possible infection.

    I’m very, very glad that the procedure is banned where I live.

  • Jasmine

    I really don’t want to chime in on this dumb debate but I’m pretty sure Ben is also Jewish. At least, I read that somewhere. No one here knows for certain if they’re going to circumcise their baby boy and whether they do is none of our damn business.
    All I really wanted to say was (though they’ll never read this) congratulations to the happy couple! that is going to be one beautiful boy lol

  • Sean

    She’s going to be a single mom within a year. Bet on it

  • Jay

    Wonder if he’ll be a prima ballerina like his dad?

  • кредит webmoney

    Vanessa +1

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    So all we need to wait for now is the announcement of what ridiculous name they’ve chosen for him. Kid’s already going to have a tough time with “Millepied”, but his mother’s an “artist” so she’ll want something original. I peronally hope they call him Centipede. That would make Centipede Millepied, which for the language-impaired means hundred-feet thousand-feet.

  • noelle

    yes, its her religion, nothing wrong with being circumcised! also, if an un-circumcised man was taught how to clean himself then he will clean himself well so he will be just as hygenic as a circumcised guy!


    I know the name of the baby!!!!!!! it’s ZACHARY MILLEPIED!!!!!!


    write me a cheque,Jared!!!

  • Congrats

    to Aronofsky. He welcomed his second son.

  • Ruth

    Mazaltov to Natalie & Benjamin and I wish them and the baby much health and happiness.

  • Poor little guy

    A baby boy?
    One more baby has a mutilated peen.

  • Next topic

    Why is it important for anyone to care but the parents about this topic of circumcision? GOD let the parents figure it out for themselves I think you have all done it to death.

    People just wish the couple happiness with their new son, for those who claim she will be single mom in a year, well she is one technically already but, Ben is with her and I doubt he wants to leave, I expect they will marry when the time is right for them. Hell Jolie and Pitt are still together and look how many kids they have now. Besides the fact they aren’t married either. But they are an entirely different kettle of worms.

  • Penetration Man

    She’s been with a few uncircumcised guys, and they were her most serious relationships:

    Gael García Bernal (Mexicans don’t circumcise)
    Nathan Bogle (The English don’t circumcise)
    Benjamin Millepied (The French don’t circumcise; he’s not Jewish)

    She’s test-driven both, and she knows which is most pleasing. There’s no way they’ll mutilate this kid. No self-respecting Frog would tolerate it.

    Good luck to them.

  • Tazlena

    There’s something odd about this couple. The body language is totally off. He’s not into her at all. So what is it, some kind of sham relationship until the baby is older and then they split? Look at the photo on Radar Online and the body language there.

  • Valdetta

    @Penetration Man: I’m sorry but Natalie says she is going to raise her child Jewish. Learn something about Judaism, okay? The baby will be circumcised on the 8th day. We aren’t sure when she gave birth.

  • Sun

    why don’t you morons speak up against circumcision on girls. that is barbaric and not something that millions of people have been doing for centuries….

  • lafamepoma

    I’m so happy for them. Big congratulations Natalie ^^
    I guessed it would be a boy, pure intuition. This little baby is half French, half Jewish, half American, very exotic hahaha.

  • talli

    wonder how much she’s paying him to pretend to be the baby daddy..lucky ben’s got himself a cash cow !

  • Valdetta

    @Sun: Actually FGM has been a long-standing tradition and yes it is disgusting. I speak about it enough, but that wouldn’t make sense in this thread.