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Alexander Skarsgard: Ed's Coffee Shop Stop

Alexander Skarsgard: Ed's Coffee Shop Stop

Alexander Skarsgard heads back to his car after grabbing lunch at Ed’s Coffee Shop on Tuesday (June 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 34-year-old Swedish actor got a bite to eat at M Cafe and also went hiking with girlfriend Kate Bosworth‘s dog at Runyon Canyon.

In case you missed it, check out some portraits of Alex and his True Blood co-stars, as well as a sneak peek at the HBO show’s fourth season!

You can also catch Alex on the big screen when the thriller, Straw Dogs, which also stars Kate and James Marsden, hits theaters later this fall.

FYI: Alexander is wearing Persol Roadster GT sunglasses.

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  • oh please

    Wow..he’s becoming JJ’s favourite go-to boy for posts.

  • HottieWithoutTheNottie

    …aaaaaaand there we go…the “girlfriend” mention. Nice JJ. I have zero doubt that KB will be at the True Blood premiere. Maybe not the red carpet. but definitely there.

  • AllForUSophia

    Heja Alex!

  • 54321…

    Poor Joan’s! He’s taking his Joan’s love to Ed’s! A metaphor?

  • tami

    Still handsome. :)

  • hottness

    as hot as ever sexy guy

  • http://none NEWBORNWINGS


    How did you get your name in blue?

  • chelle

    He still looks yummy! Yet again no mention of his buddy walking right behind him but damn it thing got her mention ….again…


    Orlando Bloom 2.0

  • Tatum

    Not a fan anymore, don’t like the real him.

  • ashley

    i might not like watch that famewhore has changed him into…but i’d still do him ;)
    f*cking hot

  • ashley

    i might not like what that famewhore has changed him into…but i’d still do him ;)
    f*cking hot

  • Peanut Gallery

    I’m backkk, pass the nuts. Beer too please.

  • Whatever

    He is so boring now. It’s the same thing over and over. Some lunch somewhere, a jog, the gym and some random concert. I didn’t think he would be so vanilla when he first got attention. I am just tired of him now. No fun.

  • Saboteur

    Despite the magazine covers, this guy constantly sabotages himself.

  • Pelham123

    @Saboteur: My boss refers to it as “stepping on your own d*ck”…hurts like h*ll and you have only yourself to blame.

  • Canuck

    Have I mentioned lately how much going to the gym looks fabulous on this man? Shoulders, mmmmmm

  • Saboteur


    I agree. One step forward, ten steps back with this one.

  • Saboteur

    the sad $hit is, that even if he dumped Kbos, he’s still tainted goods now for lots of fans tired of him speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Fameho is as fameho does.

  • chelle

    What exactly did he do to “sabotage” himself? All he did was take a freaking dog for a walk ….I’m so confused why all the negative comments after one post about the things dog…that’s just insanity ….

  • Canuck

    @chelle: I think it’s a case of damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. He goes to a different cafe, one that doesn’t seem to be on the pap list like Joan’s yet he’s still being a “fameho”. My guess is that KB is back in town…

  • ladybug

    @Whatever: And yet here you are, posting a comment.
    chelle and Canuck, I don’t understand it either. Apparently been seen out and about is famewh*ring, even if he’s just having lunch or something. People complain because there are no new shots of him and then when there are new shots of him he’s lost his purity or something.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: I don’t want a “pure” ASkars, hehehe. I’m sure an impure one would be a lot more fun!

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Oh, I suspect so! :)

  • poster poster

    Check out the new Straw Dogs poster

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: I get people being disappointed because they hoped that Ms. B was out of the picture. But then you kind of have to wonder if their admiration for ASkars isn’t based soley on wanting to do the guy, and finding it hard to insert themselves into the fantasy when he has a GF who just won’t go away and stop being photographed with him. I don’t know, maybe someone will take the time to think about why it bothers them so much and share it with us.

  • Mavs fan

    Sorry, but Ed’s Coffee Shop Stop is a known pap spot. Anyway, he looks good even when walking to his car. But why mention the fact he walked ‘girlfriend’ Kate Bosworth’s dog the other day? Today is a new day.

  • Toots


    That was funny, but in the end there were only 35 signatures. History is repeating though and we know what the common denominator is…

  • Mavs fan


    I dont’ think it has anything to do with wanting Alexander for ourselves because most of us know that will never happen. I think its a sign that Alexander is losing some fans or at least his fans are becoming annoyed by him.
    Three pap pictures in 4 days is a little too extreme even by JJ standards. If this was Kate pics, you guys would be jumping all over her–accusing her of being a famewh0re. So why is it that now you want us to think Alex may not be doing the same thing with all these pap pictures? Trust me, I don’t like Kate either but it looks like Kate’s antics have rubbed off on Alex. All these pictures can’t be a mistake. Anyway, he looks GOOD!

  • Lilla

    Look at his pecs and shoulders!! Yum :)

  • Canuck

    @54321…: Hopefully for him, not an acronym. :))

  • Canuck

    @Lilla: +50. :)))

  • erl

    i like him…

  • aussiefan

    LMFAO…walking K’Bones dog – is that a euphemism ?

  • getalife

    @Mavs fan:

    When you said he’s lost some fans do you mean those looneys on the purse forum? Because they are so NOT Skarsfans but fans of Moyer and Manganiello maybe some Kwanten’s too. TB fandom jealousy. Not a brainer. SM fans even used KB to stir shy1te when Scream Awards voting was on.
    On facebook and tumblr Alex is gaining more fans every day. Normal ppl don’t care his or anybody elses private life issues as long they don’t break the law ;D

  • Being Real

    Being a celebrity means living in a goldfish bowl, so no one should be surprised when paps want to take pics of them. Fans frequent sites such as this one, pics sell advertising on these sites, and it becomes one mad circle. Few of us know what goes on behind the scenes — maybe his manager/agent/publicist/whatever is suggesting he put himself out there at places like Joan’s and Ed’s to boost his exposure. His star is rising quickly and they could be trying to get max benefit from it. And I’m almost totally convinced his rela-sham-ship with KBos came about primarily to promote Straw Dogs. In pics of him flying solo at events he seems to be relaxed and having fun–when she’s with him he looks like someone just shot his dog. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him run for the hills once the film is released.

  • Mavs fan


    I am not talking about Moyer and Manganiello fans—I am talking about longtime Alexander’s fans. Fans who have been with him for years!

  • poster poster


    Very funny! Alex misses Kate – no doubt – that’s why he’s looking after her dog. I can’t wait to see them together again at the True Blood premiere later this month

  • Sunday

    So where is the dog? All of a sudden it doesn’t need to be walked or take a crap. In one of the pics you see a black man with a dog at the table. So where is Alex’s er KB dog? Everyone knows in HW dogs are people so he would have no problem bringing it along.
    Point is dog walker on sunday few days later SD poster with Alex’s face in the front. You do the math and plus everyone know RL is using Alex to market SD because he has a huge fan following. So again the PR Relationship makes more sense day after day after day.

  • Seriously?

    @getalife: Do you have a life other than talking about other forums? The people who post on Purse Forum, JJ or Yuku or whatever aren’t allowed to like Stephen Moyer, Ryan or Joe M or anyone but Skars if they are fans of TB, that’s some kind of law? You make his fans sound crazier than anything that gets posted on those boards with those ridiculous conspiracy theories. You’re probably one of those on FB who insists that only devotion to your view of Alex is the right way. Sorry, but some of us can appreciate the looks and acting of more than one of the TB cast, even if we think Skars is hot.

  • yoo hoo



    Check out Twitter account for Alex Skarstrash – it’s funnier than he will ever be ….!/AlexSkarstrash

  • Hans

    Do you smell that? Smell of denial that is mutating into teenage angst… LOL

  • brenda

    Some crazy fans at JJ. Why is it every celebrity couple is a PR setup whether it’s KB & AS or Leo & Blake (and I could go on & on)? Why is it when certain celebrities become favorites of paps because their pictures sell, fans insist the celebs call and they’re famewhores? Do you people really believe the nonsense you spew? You can’t be that dim.

  • Camille


    I don’t get it either. The rapid turning on him doesn’t make sense to me. Like Ladybug said people whine about wanting new posts for him and then when they get them, if it’s not exactly what they wanted/hoped for, he’s a famewhore or a liar.It’s totally bizarre.


    Agree. Lots of complaints about him going to Joans over and over so he goes to other places and still gets the complaints. I’m just happy to see new pics no matter where he is. He looks good and working out is making him super hot. I like that he spends so much time with his Swedish buddies. It’s good that he likes to keep in contact with people from home.


    Like Mike said, it’s the same thing, he’s out and about. It was just the stupid dog, which I still don’t understand why that is so anger inducing. Guy looks hot, and I like his work. I wish he wouldn’t associate with KB but I suspect it’s riding on fumes now until SD premieres. Obligations sometimes take precendence. Stupid decision on his part at the beginning, but he made it and is now having to deal with the consequences.

  • Camille

    @Mavs fan:

    Ed’s coffee shop is a known pap spot? I’ve never heard of it before today. Now if it were the Ivy, Chateau Marmont, or something like that I would believe you more. Who else goes there? If it’s popular then I’m wrong, but I’m just saying I haven’t heard of it before and I’ve not seen Alex go there previously.

  • Being Real

    @brenda: Not every Hollywood couple is a PR setup — some are truly genuine…well, as genuine as Babylon allows, anyway. I don’t think Robsten is a PR couple, they truly seem happy when they’re seen together. Skarsworth, on the other hand, looks like the face of a kid being forced to eat Brussels sprouts. At least the AS half does. It’s not at all unheard of for celebrities to play at relationships to sell a movie/TV show, and Straw Dogs appears to have gotten off to a REALLY, REALLY rocky start. KBones has a proven track record as a major user. Why should this situ be any different?

  • Jessie

    Haha, once again I posted the pics way before JJ. Good grief at least give us a thanks for doing a lot of your work for you JJ. I guess my money’s in the mail? I’ve lost track of how many times posters have put pics up and hours later JJ posts an article.

    Oh and what’s with the lame mention of KB’s dog? Why not mention he was out with Fares too? Guess that isn’t important.

  • danielik25

    @oh please: I like it, that he is JJ´s favourite boy for pics. More pics, more hapiness for his fans!

  • (Eva)

    @danielik25: it’s because alex skarsgard kiss JJ ass and Alex’s pr pay JJ