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Blake Lively: 'Green Lantern' Premiere!

Blake Lively: 'Green Lantern' Premiere!

Blake Lively arrives in Chanel Haute Couture at the premiere of her new film The Green Lantern held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Wednesday (June 15) in Hollywood.

Before heading over to the premiere, the 23-year-old actress taped an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno alongside another Blake — Blake Shelton!

The Green Lantern, which opens in theaters this Friday, is about a “test pilot who is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.”

Blake plays Carol Ferris, the Vice President of Ferris Aircrafts, who hires Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds).

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively at the premiere…

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blake lively green lantern premiere 01
blake lively green lantern premiere 02
blake lively green lantern premiere 03
blake lively green lantern premiere 04
blake lively green lantern premiere 05
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Sam

    I’m not a big fan of the dress. I think if it didn’t have that long piece it would look better. I guess if she likes it that’s all that matters!

  • Stephanie

    Absolutely stunning! She is one of the few people who can pull off anything with her amazing body!

  • Cristobal

    Not her best look, but it is alright. I still love her.

  • Dionne


  • Nance

    Looks like a quasi wedding dress, but she still looks lovely.

  • shimmy

    Regardless of my opinion of her current relationship, I think she looks fab in this dress. N knowing she doesn’t have a stylist, I have to give it to her n say that she knows how to put an outfit together. PLus, talent aside, the girl has a great healthy figure and always looks great in clothes

  • Janet

    Gorgeous as always

  • blue

    amazing dress and she looks lovely.

  • BEAN

    Not feeling the dress at all

  • K


  • Nance

    How come JJ is not telling us where we can get this look? ;D It’s Chanel Couture. She wears a lot of Chanel due to friendship with Lagerfeld, but I prefer more youthful and vibrant designs on her.

  • question

    For those who find her fashionable, what are the reference points? This is an epic fail dress. Too many ideas going on.

    She looks like she’s aged in a short period. Her face. Too bad.

    She needs a better stylist and stop worrying about being on some best dressed list. Concentrate on your acting.

  • lough

    Sporting all white?! She’s probably “day-dreaming” that she’s getting married very soon LMAO

  • Elle

    Love her.. She looks beautiful

  • NickiRayne

    the REAL triumph this week in music was BRANDON HILTON’s new album ‘NOCTURNAL’ an unsigned artist that went from nobody to top selling album in only 4 hours.

    his new album came out monday and made it to #63 on the iTunes charts within hours of its release..

    sadly no one reports about unsigned artists.. THIS ONE deserves some respect and attention

  • Blindness

    I don’t get what people have been smoking lately. Blake Lively is the most basic, boring celeb out there. If it wasn’t for her seeing Leo DiCrapio this post would have 0 comments because no one would have paid her any mind. Let’s be real here, she’s 23 but looks 33. That dress is tacky as hell, her hair looks like she did it herself while in a moving car and her poses look like a bad prom picture.

  • VondaO

    This dress is absolutely beautiful and feminine and she looks awesome in it!

  • elle

    Her face looks kinda old today I don’t know why…. Honestly whether you love her or hate her aside if you saw her face for the first time and didn’t know who she was wouldn’t you think she was older than 23? I am jealous of her body though that looks it belongs to 23 year old haha

  • oprah

    Blake looks disgusting and repulsive, she’s nowhere near as beautiful as Olivia Munn.

  • fashionista

    She’s wearing the wedding dress from Chanel Couture.okay.

    I think Chanel is too sophisticated for her. She’s from Cali and should dress more with Rodarte.

  • Jasmine

    The dress is a bit weird, but I love anything lacy! I really love her braid here though.

  • Omar

    @Blindness Even her nude pics were boring. At least Vanessa Hudgens showed us some vag.

  • Duh

    She looks like an unmade bed.

    I still can’t believe DiCaprio went from Bar Refaeli to that shallow, boring broad. Still scratching my head.

  • monde

    She’ll undergo “botox” in the next 5 yrs and why not?! Coz aside from older looking, facial surgeries is no stranger to her isnt it?!

  • Bennie

    Not a fan of the dress, but her personality is really bright.

  • bridge

    stunning as always!

  • larson

    The dress is not cute, but I will say that the close-up is lovely. She does look older than her age though. I wonder if she does her makeup as well. It is very tasteful. But she needs to find new poses. The ones she does are so tired.

  • Mikala

    The premiere was so much fun! Got to meet Ryan and Angela Bassett as they went to us fans! Check my video n photos soon! FANS FIRST!

  • Erina

    She’s flawless

  • no

    She looks like a mix of Kate Hudsoon, Jen Aniston and Britney Spears.

    This is a wedding dress she’s wearing to this premiere.

    By the way, where is the star of this movie Green Lantern? That fine man doesn’t get his own thread huh? smh

    HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 15: Actor Ryan Reynolds arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Green Lantern’ held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on June 15, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

  • JEN

    What is that rats nest hairdo? She also looks like she’s wearing a weird ass curtain. This chick is a mess just like her movie.

  • Layla

    I think she looks older because of the weird makeup. Bronzer and self tanner makes the skin look burnt. When her face is paler, she looks her age. Weight-loss thins out the face, too. Looking at all her threads where people call her a fat pig I can’t blame the girl for getting so slim.

  • Jack


  • larson

    @Layla: No I think it’s because of the deep smile lines she has on her face even when she’s not smiling, the bags under her eyes and the emerging crow’s feet at only 23.

  • kpax

    That face is many things…flawless isn’t one of them…hideous comes to mind.

  • hunker

    Yah she would looked like CAMERON DIAZ OR SARAH JESSICA PARKER in 5 yrs LMAO

  • abby

    I think she looks like a goddess. stunning!

  • OT

    Ryan Reynolds is very handsome. Isn’t he the same age as Leo? I’d have to say that Ryan is better looking than Leo and I hope this movie blows the through the roof. I think it will take him on that same level as Bradley Cooper, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, Ryan Goseling, etc.. Look at the way Blake is looking at him. He is single now but after Scarlett Johansson, shere do you go? Ha.

  • Domino

    Awful dress, but it looks even worse on this w****. As for those banging their heads against the wall because of the whole thing with Leo. It’s clearly a fling, who else but this woman to get someone who puts out easily and then dump her ass? Don’t sweat it. They are not even in the same city and Leo is on a break from work.

  • JJ

    Grandma Blake is having her team remove negative comments or what? She looks fugly. This movie is flopping hard.

  • katnip

    She is very pretty,

    But this dress choice was a miss…

  • lexy hates bilson

    Looking lovely as usual! She’s got such a great smile!

  • Brainy box


  • abcdef

    She really always looks gorgeous. The dress isn’t my favorite but nonetheless, there is no dying the Blake is beautiful.

    I don’t get all the hate!? Jealousy is a horrible thing that will get you nowhere.

  • showbiz_spy
    Extremely PREDICTABLE & APPROPRIATE when GL is about to be shown already.

  • MaisyRL

    i usually like the outfits she wears but this is a little ‘blah’. i think she’s trying to play up her ‘virginal’ image after those nude pics w/ white and lace. i really love the wisdom people on here display: jealousy is awful, hate is a waste of time, you must be ugly in real life if you think Lively isn’t the best thing since sliced bread…etc. Blake Lively needs to come with a caption so folks realize people disliked her long before she was dating Leo Dicaprio. Her insta-attachments to people more successful than her to get ahead aka famewhor*ng is why so many don’t like her. They see through the ‘i’m so humble, modest, don’t have a stylist, girl next door’ bs and observe her actions (those really do speak louder than words). and her actions spell FAMEWH*RE.

  • MaisyRL

    @showbiz_spy: the angle of this ‘relationship’ in most publications has put Blake Lively in a positive light while showing Leo Dicaprio as the one doing the chasing and now he’s the one doing the partying (bad boy habits) while Lively is the good girl. no one should be surprised if they ‘break up/cool off’ after GL comes out. hopefully people will finally open their eyes and see the PR campaign this actually was (w/ or w/o Dicaprio’s consent…I don’t know) to make Lively ‘happen’ in Hollywood.

  • MaisyRL

    @showbiz_spy: the angle of this ‘relationship’ in most publications has put Blake Lively in a positive light while showing Leo Dicaprio as the one doing the chasing and now he’s the one doing the partying (bad boy habits) while Lively is the good girl. no one should be surprised if they ‘break up/cool off’ after GL comes out. hopefully people will finally open their eyes and see the PR campaign this actually was (w/ or w/o Dicaprio’s consent…I don’t know) to make Lively ‘happen’ in Hollywood.

  • bitchin’

    Its just like a REMAKE of that Jake Gyllenhall & Taylor Swift cr@ppy fake hooked-up thing months ago when Jake had a movie at that time and Taylor is about to release a new album.
    OBVIOUSLY, it came from Flakeys PR camp; coz we all know that even after those “intentionally” nleaked ude pictures – she was actually a nice, classy & decent woman – CUE SARCASM.

  • I Mean… What?!?

    Who is worse- Blake Lively in this horrible Chanel number or Ke$ha @ the amfAR Benefit?!?