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Megan Fox & Andrew Garfield: 2011 Maui Film Festival

Megan Fox & Andrew Garfield: 2011 Maui Film Festival

Megan Fox and Andrew Garfield attend day one of the 2011 Maui Film Festival on Wednesday (June 15) in Wailea, Hawaii.

The 25-year-old actress and 27-year-old Social Network actor were joined by Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund who came out to support Megan as she received the Iris Award at the Celestial Cinema.

Later in the week, Andrew and Olivia, 27, will be receiving the Shining Star Award while Garrett, 26, will be picking up the Rising Star Award.

Also pictured: Kate Mara and Max Minghella.

FYI: Olivia is wearing Joie‘s Abrina top in Porcelain with a Ferragamo skirt and House of Lavande‘s bangles and necklace.

Megan wore Brian Atwood‘s “Maniac” pumps, while Andrew wore a pair of Joe‘s Wintz Short Sleeve Henley in Black.

10+ pictures of Andrew Garfield, Megan Fox, and more at day one of the Maui Film Festival…

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72 Responses to “Megan Fox & Andrew Garfield: 2011 Maui Film Festival”

  1. 1
    Ava. Says:

    she looks like a alien, when she takes pictures with other people, she doesn’t look natural anymore, her forehead is so huge and unmoveable, really it’s a shame.

  2. 2
    BEAN Says:

    Megan’s skin is flawless wowser. Jealoussss!
    Are they at the four seasons? Damn reminds me of how much I need a holiday.

  3. 3
    me Says:

    Easy, use botox!

  4. 4
    Mikaela Says:

    I love Max Minghella ♥ He’s a really talented actor!
    Wanna see more of him, definitely!!!

  5. 5
    Tara Says:

    Fox is such a stunning woman, wow, her skin is beyond flawless, and those eyebrows are manicured so perfectly! They all look great.

  6. 6
    luisa Says:

    jared y u no accept my comments?

  7. 7
    SnOOKIE Says:

    megan needs a tan hehehe
    her face is hairy

  8. 8
    WeWe Says:

    Haha Megan looks high as hell!! LOL Olivia is a major hippie too… no doubt they all smoked up before this!

  9. 9
    zephon Says:

    Olivia Wilde is such a stunningly beautiful natural woman. LOL look how tiny Megan Fox is compared to her and this is Megan fox wearing pumps – so sad. The best thing would have been if she had meat on her bones but she doesn’t even have that – just look at how bony her legs are. And WOW MEGAN HAS A BEARD! LMAO! She bleaches her face hair eeeeewww! All those skin treatments have just make Megan Fox look like a plastic doll – with itty bitty eyes. You can clearly see whose the natural beauty (Olivia! ). This is just so funny Megan Fox looks so over dressed yet again and everybody else looks like they’re having a great time in flat shoes. While her smile says ( God I sooo don’t wanna be here ) The girl really can’t smile anymore.

    I really wanna see more Olivia on the silver screen she just has the most stunning cat eyes around. I know she likes to change her hair color around every now and again but if she went to black like the color of the wig she worn in Tron Legacy she would be a Goddess with those eyes. Screw Megan midget Fox lets have more Olivia Wilde!

  10. 10
    june Says:

    Megan looks great. She looks so young and fresh. Her skin is flawless. It looks like the injected collagen in her lips has finally broken down ( it takes 3-6 months) and she’s got her natural lips back. I wish she smiled more, she has one of the most beautiful smiles.

  11. 11
    deadpoolsanchalata Says:

    HAHA! Megan is TINY damn she probablly reaches Olivias chest in flip flops. And she’s got such a big head compared to the rest of her tiny self. Olivia Wilde is the chick in these photos, Megan Fox is just not happening anymore. haha i just got the funny picture of Megan standing right next to amazon Rosie hahaha! Let her keep injecting herself it’s not gonna change the fact that she can’t smile or makes her look younger when infact she looks older than olivia and it definately wont help her stand out when you have natural beauties like Olivia Wilde.

  12. 12
    Celia Says:

    Andrew Garfield is hot!

  13. 13
    c Says:

    I like Olivia’s outfit!
    Megan’s face looks scary.. So much botox …

  14. 14
    huh? Says:

    Ok we get it you like tall big boned amazonian women with huge jaws. Some of us like Petite women like Megan. No need to get angry over it.

  15. 15
    gi Says:

    Olivia looks like Michelle Duggar with that hideous hair and clothes..yuck!

    Megan looks sooo young and fresh. I like her dress too. Lovely skin as well.

  16. 16
    huh? Says:

    that comment was meant for Zephon…

  17. 17
    justme Says:

    I feel sorry for Megan, wonder if she wakes up each morning and looks in the mirror and thinks “what did I do to my face??!!”. She does look like an alien and poor thing can’t move her face, it’s so swollen and painful to look at. I’m not big Olivia fan, but she looks normal and she’s in same age group as Megan. Megan must be so envious of all the parts that Olivia is getting lately whereas she barely gets hired for anything (bad actress, but think it has more to do with her frozen face, on a big screen would be ever worse to look at). Sad, a pretty girl who ruined her own looks!

  18. 18
    Olivia Munn is a poser Says:

    Wow, are they all friends? Lots of young hollywood stars together. It’s like looking at a rat pack or something.

  19. 19
    candycane Says:

    Olivia looks like Megan’s mom lol

  20. 20
    Annie Says:

    Look out, I think the one on the far right may be a terminator robot from the future. Seriously though, BoFox is SO waxy looking these days. What makes her think she needs botox at all at 25, let alone so much? She must be very insecure.

  21. 21
    ruthie Says:

    Wow Andrew and Olivia look great!

  22. 22
    me Says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but really, doesn’t Megan realize how plastic she is and looks? She looks like a completely different person. Imagine she still looked like she did in the first Transformers – she would still be getting top spots in mens magazines and she would still be relevant. Now she looks like a washed up 45 year old trying to be hip and young again. She’s only 25. It’s so so sad. What a waste of natural beauty.

  23. 23
    me Says:

    Megan looks terrible. After 4 years of plastic surgery – it’s no wonder. So sad because she was such a pretty girl before it all. i miss the old megan. Doesnt she realize what she looks like? She isnt beautiful anymore.

  24. 24
    DT Says:

    that’s too much beautiful people for me to handle

  25. 25
    Super Cool Says:

    Megan Fox IS beautiful but she lost too much weight and that’s why she looks different than before. She was skinny before as well but she needs her cheeks and curves back.

  26. 26
    Enrico Says:

    Does anyone else notice how none of the other three are touching Megan? Usually, these Hollywood types are so good at posing for the cameras like they’re all besties, but here no one even cares enough to pretend they’re tight with her. i guess that’s what happens when you piss too many people off. LOL

  27. 27
    heyloser Says:

    you’re such a loser

  28. 28
    Dmolkoholic Says:

    I think megan looks pretty much as normal as she used to be once. Almost. Not the Megan team that much, but still think she looks more better than every other tacky sk*nk out there. And just to be mentioned one more time, all of you writing things about her are just barbies, flawless, god given fairies and sleeping beauties. Yeah right, evolution, right in your face. seriously people, stop hating so much… whoever the object of your hate is. you sad, sad individuals.

  29. 29
    Dmolkoholic Says:

    I still think she looks pretty much ‘as normal as she used to be once’. Not the megan team that much, but you got to say she looks better than all of the tacky sk*nks out there. Yeah, and to be mentioned once more, all of you saying everything about her, sure look like barbies, flawless god given fairies and sleeping beauties with no complex at all. yeah, evolution, right in your face. seriously people, this kind of hate only reflects your state of mind. you sad, sad people!

  30. 30
    Lol Says:

    Megan is so pathetic. WTF is this “award” anyway? Can she go away already. She has peach fuzz ALL OVER her face, which is a symptom of anorexia. I noticed too it seems like the others don’t want to be photographed with her

  31. 31
    Erica Says:

    Go for it, Megan. Strangle that mountain ox!

  32. 32
    12 Says:

    JJ = hate site!

  33. 33
    keegn Says:

    she’s fug now. I never even thought she was hot even when in her “prime”. Always thought she looked like a very plain jane average brunette mdwestern looking chick. Just take away her black hair with the light eyes and she was never that special. Just look at her teen pics…LOL average with a capital A. Plastic surgery at first helped her average-ness, and now that she can’t stop she is just scary looking.

  34. 34
    Lol Says:

    @huh?: Olivia is 5’7 or 5’8… that’s not close to “amazon”. At least she can smile

  35. 35
    whhatt Says:

    her manroe tattoo is gone…

  36. 36
    ia ma Says:

    it´s so sad she looked so beautiful

  37. 37
    mike Says:

    why abuse her so much? what has she ever done to you? you haters are not brave enough to come out and show your faces in public, and are more than a 1000 times uglier than megan. Megan left transformers so ideally they would have wanted her, because they know megan fans arent going to come. Its her decision to decide whether or not she wants plastic surgery just like it’s just your decision to do whatever you want to do in your lives. She was the 18th most googled person in the world last year i wouldnt really call that c-list status, where do you come on that list.

  38. 38
    john Says:

    megan fox looks hot in these pic! too sexy!

  39. 39
    runrunrun Says:

    Megan should gain some weight and get a tan.
    I love the pictures where she smiles, though :)

  40. 40
    runrunrun Says:

    She was the second most googled person in my country this year

  41. 41
    Amanda Says:

    I’m not a man but Olivia WIlde looks more sexually appealing to me than Megan Fox.

  42. 42
    cocpuff Says:

    lt looks like she’s back to see the butcher with the scrubs again. But l think a good tan and some 4 lbs would do her good. l mean she should die.

  43. 43
    FoxFanBoy Says:

    @huh?: umm before my comment got removed did you read what i said?
    This is what i said
    LOL i love the how people thumb down positive comments about Megan Fox,I mean ok, we get it if she is not your type, we get that she had so work done..

    But way do you also have to HATE her?! seriously you people are jealous
    you will never be as nice or as kind as she is, let me tell you things you might not know about her, she has been dating the same guy for 8 years and she married him, she is a an amazing STEP-MOTHER, never been seen drunk or in a party, when she speaks her mind people call her stupid atleast the she is honset about who she is, you can say her features are fake, but her personality is more real that anyone in this god damn industry, so eat S*** and die if you Hate her for that.

  44. 44
    zephon Says:

    Seriously, why do chicks on this site automatically assume the people in here are fat chicks who are just envious? Fact #1 I for one am a guy. I don’t see how that makes me jealous – I just like looking at good looking women. I know what a good looking woman is when I see them and Oliva is one major beauty in my eyes. Megan Fox is the eye sore and I don’t really appreciate her spoiling an otherwise warm and lovely photo op. notice how none of them are even close to her? She’s a vile human being plain and simple – there is nothing genuine about her. You look into her eyes you see literally no warmth at all while Olivia is the beautiful sun and shines with nothing but life and warmth in her eyes…not to mention Olivia is an actual actress with real talent and Megan Fox is NOT. I seriously cringe when I hear her voice the second she opens her mouth I actually wanna burst out laughing and hide under my seat she’s that bad of an actress. but Olivia Wilde…she’s just a dream and I follow her on twitter she really loves and reaches out to people all over the world and her smile is stunningly kind and warm – while Megan Fox reaches for the nearest nail and hair salon or restaurant and her smile is non-existent or when she does smile it’s like looking into a hollow soulless cold aloof person. Who absolutely smells of wretched ego and snobbish narcissism.

  45. 45
    jamie Says:

    Megan was such a sexy woman, especially in Transformers 2, but now … : (

  46. 46
    kelli Says:

    i don’t know or care about any of these people, but from the photo the bruntette girl just doesn’t look confident. she has beautiful skin though

  47. 47
    cocpuff Says:

    @zephon: Jesus lord and l thought l hated Megan Fox’ guts. But anyways, that’s a whole lot of hate, you kind of make me realise how wrong this world is, we could be focusing on real issues eg. the california budget crisis instead we have Megan’s horribly mistaken plastic surgery choices. And it’s also funny that a really mean comment like my own garnered +4(l’m sure it’ll be +14 by the end of the day). l’m sure you get this all the time, but pray tell if you consider her a hinderance to humanity and to the universe why come here and post and spend energy? You met her? Are you an actress in her age group? *shrugs* Peace-out Zephon, or whatever your name is.

  48. 48
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    Oh Olivia Wilde was there. I guess the hotel bellboy got lucky that night ^^

  49. 49
    jan Says:

    Wait, Megan Fox was given an award??!! FOR WHAT? What has she been in that deserves ANY credit. She’s really terrible!

  50. 50
    cocpuff Says:

    Sensational in this picture. Weight makes a big difference. 4-5lbs and she will look like this again.

  51. 51
    jim Says:

    @zephon: we all know who you kissing up to!

  52. 52
    Devon Says:

    Andrew Garfield is my favorite from this four .

  53. 53
    JJ Says:

    LMAO at anyone who thinks these A-Listers actually care about Fox.

  54. 54
    deadpoolsanchalata Says:


    o_O uhh… who are all these people who speak of; Im guessing it’s your multiple split personalities? You dont speak for anybody but yourself – and I’m in agreement with Zephon on this one.So you can take that WE all think crap and eat it.


  55. 55
    umz Says:

    Megan has too much plastic surgery but Olivia is no better. Maybe she is natural looking but she has a big wide head and looks like she has bulimia jaw with a little skinny body.

  56. 56
    Lol Says:

    I saw a short video from this event and Megan is super awkward. She needs to get out of show biz. It’s obviously not for her and her insecurities speak volumes with the amount of surgery she’s had. She doesn’t have that “it” factor anymore. Sad

  57. 57
    JaneFondaRocks! Says:

    F OFF HATERS! She is beautiful!

  58. 58
    zephon Says:


    Yes you’ve proven a great point with your outstanding grasp of language skills – oh how we’ve been blind for so long. Till you opened our eyes and shown us the error of our ways. ..Oh wait yeah that never happened.

  59. 59
    elle Says:

    Megan’s face looks weird… honestly does she want to be beautiful or an actress, because you’re not going to be a good actress if you can’t move your face! Seriously, she could leave the one wrinkle she probably had at 25… man she is annoying! OMG Andrew is sooooo hot, his body looks great in these photos!

  60. 60
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    Megan’s stunning! Best legs in Hollywood!
    Knockout curves & petite body.
    No wonder Armani chose her for his lingerie campaign.

  61. 61
    Annie Says:

    @umz, that’s no bulimia jaw. A bulimia jaw looks puffy and swollen like a ‘fat’ face not sharp and square. You can tell Olivia just has strong bone structure – she has the high cheek bones that usually go with a strong jaw. Megan on the other hand looks like a shrunken botox head. I can’t believe I used to think she looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor 3 years ago. I think Megan’s most attractive weight is probably a little heavier but the main problem isn’t weight, it is fillers, paralysers, and surgeries.

  62. 62
    mike Says:

    you may “thumbs down” my comment which i don’t care about. but you still havent said why you hate her. its because you are jealous you don’t hate somebody because there a bad actress or because you see them as not as pretty as other people, that is what low-life inconsiderate bullies do and that is what you do.

  63. 63
    Ran Says:

    I’m only here for Garrett. Gorgeous gorgeous man. :)

  64. 64
    m Says:

    megan fox gives me the creeps. really. yes, she IS pretty. but how much plastic surgery did it take to look like that? that face is not real. she has no facial expressions! she can’t smile, she has no frown lines and can barely open her eyes. scary

  65. 65
    m Says:

    megan fox gives me the creeps. really. yes, she IS pretty. but how much plastic surgery did it take to look like that? that face is not real. she has no facial expressions! she can’t smile, she has no frown lines and can barely open her eyes. scary

  66. 66
    Alexa Says:

    I do not particularly think Olivia Wilde is a stunner, because her jaw is way too square for me. I do prefer Megan Fox’s oval face and softer features, but I have to admit that Olivia looks a lot more comfortable and charming in this photo. Megan seems extremely uncomfortable, and quite unhappy. Another thing is she looks very pale compared to the others, making her look almost out of place.

    I feel sorry for her though, because if anything, she really doesn’t need to be told she is ugly. I have the feeling she does not have much of a self-esteem herself. Tons of other actresses out there are a lot more arrogant and narcissist, but they are just more charming and can get people to like them more.

  67. 67
    butterfly Says:

    @mike: You’re wrong mike, we don’t necessarily “hate” her. l’m sure a lot of these comments were from previous fans she had only now many of them have realized she’s a phony with zero talent to show for that puffy, botoxed, lip-filled mouth of hers. As fans we decide who’s famous and who’s not and this Fox chick is definately not. There’s nothing interesting she can do or donate because the secrets out, she’s nothing.

  68. 68
    asdfghjkl Says:

    HAHAHA all of you saying “so much botox” about megan fox you all must feel really stupid since she posted the pictures saying “things you can’t do if you have botox.” HATERSSSSSS,

  69. 69
    Meggo Says:

    What’s the problem?
    She is tiny….so what? Still looks sexy.
    I don’t like tall women at all… there’s nothing to complain about!!

  70. 70
    Meggo Says:

    What’s the problem?
    She is tiny….so what? Still looks sexy.
    I don’t like tall women at all… there’s nothing to complain about!!

  71. 71
    aaron Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head my friend. You have spoken the truth. Megan fox is and always has been an overrated plastic fantastic, ****** looking, bore! With a bland personality, no class or originality! Her clothes are tacky, her face is tacky, her surgery is tacky, her films are tacky (jenifers body, how to loose friends) Tacky men have the hots for tacky megan and tacky girls look up to tacky megan. There is only one word to describe a megan fox fan…TACKY. There are much prettier women out there and one’s who dont need surgery to be ”hot”

  72. 72
    aaron Says:

    Eww you sound like a real creep. I feel sorry for megan. Your talking asif you know her in person. God ur sick man! Stalker on the loose. Ok so you wanna know what a real naturally beautiful woman looks like…type in ”dr no zena marshall” in google images or just ”zena marshall”

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