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Blake Lively Offers Jay Leno Styling Advice

Blake Lively Offers Jay Leno Styling Advice

Blake Lively makes an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday (June 15) in Burbank, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress, in a Missoni dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewels, chatted about her new film, Green Lantern, before changing clothes and heading to the film’s red carpet premiere. She finished off her look with Christian Louboutin sandals.

Blake also talked about growing up in L.A., and offered some styling tips to Jay, who favors a head to toe denim look.

“That was only cool when Britney Spears and Justin [Timberlake] did it like 10 years ago!” she told him.

Click inside for part two of Blake Lively’s Tonight Show appearance

Blake Lively – Tonight Show Part 1

Blake Lively – Tonight Show Part 2
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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty/Tonight Show
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  • Janet


  • Annie

    She’s so bland, that even the red hair dye she got a few weeks ago said “I quit”

  • truth

    Talented or not ,she’s beautiful

  • Natalie

    She seems like a nice and down to earth girl, but I wonder if those nude pictures are real or not! This would totally change the way I see her!

  • 12

    This is your new frenzy of us spend 36 days by news of B.L JJ ?

  • bland

    She is selling an image rather well. She should show that talent in her movies so she could be more successful on her own. She seems pretty forced and fake.
    Plus I don`t really get it why is she such a style icon? Pretty revealing all the time, her skirts couldn`t be shorter… kind of trashy most of the time. Why is she all over the place? She is everywhere and honestly she is not all that at all.

  • Inga Parks

    she needs a stylist, her moms clothes doesn’t look cool!!!!

  • over exposed!

    Man this girl is everywhere now! Leo really put her on the map! LOL. She better enjoy it while it lasts, because she’ll disappear once its over just like Bar did. Still hoping Leo finds a woman who is out of the biz and who cares for him not for his fame.

  • Super Cool

    @bland: She’s not fake, she’s using her hands while she’s talking because she is not lying or pretending.

  • ali

    Gorgous . beautiful . classy

  • ali

    Gorgous beautiful classy

  • Annie

    At least with Bar it was genuine, since I don’t remember her trying to get famous in the US pre-Leo. In fact I don’t remember her from before at all. This stuff with Blake is totally arranged by Blake’s pr, and the only reason Leo agreed to it is the rebound factor.

  • Brainy box


  • Lol

    She seems really nice and fun. Her looks are overrated, yes, but I don’t understand all the hate she gets

  • Despicableme
  • lol

    Great body but something about her face and persona just doesn’t resonate at all. I heard that the photos are indeed Blake and her team leaked them. You have to admit the timing is suspicious. She really has a crack team in place with the Leo hook up combined with the release of the nude photos. Will this elevate Blake to A-list status and resonate at the box office. I say no..absolutely not.

  • abcdef

    I don’t get all the hate. In my opinion, Blake is really pretty (killer body!) and she actually seems fun, sweet, and down to earth.

  • Dasha

    I’m so sick of her, i don’t know what’s the big deal with her, she has nothing special, just another hollywood starlets we’ll forget once GG will get canceled…

  • MaisyRL

    the NYTimes just posted a review of the movie. they described it as ‘bad’. it also said Lively was ‘miscast’. that’s a nice way of putting it. good to finally see a respected publication pointing out the obvious.

  • yajaira


    amen to that

  • anon


  • Please

    She’s not even the lead in Green Lantern. ugh…

  • megan

    so beautiful!!!!

  • Annie

    @lol – I agree I find her team very impressive since they don’t really have much to go on yet they’ve managed to keep her at B-list level for a few years. She’s pretty, but pretty as in one of those pretty sporty girls that there are always several of in each year at school. She can act a little bit, but not anything that’s going to make her famous alone. She has no interesting back story or persona, she’s just an apple pie type. First they tried marketing her as a sex siren, but she has no va-va-voom and men didn’t bite. Then they tried marketing her as a younger SPJ but she lacks SPJ’s quirky, character actressey appeal. So obviously now they’re resorting to trying to hook her up with an A-list actor and hope that this will catapoult her to A-list. I doubt it though.

  • kate

    It’s really too bad. If she had a prettier face, she’d be perfect. As it is, it’s really just her body that stands out. But wow, what a body.

  • MaisyRL

    love that you posted this.

  • kate

    BTW, who’s SPJ, Annie?

  • bleau

    Umm can she even close her mouth for just a second?!

    From the looks of it, She’ll be the next Megan Fox… predicting it at 1st to have hot/bankable career… but just tuned out to be a spoiled, smelly & rottening one.

  • Annie

    I mean SJP – typing too fast.

  • TheCelebrityCafe

    She always dresses well, but the Britney/Justin combo was a not a good idea

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    The new Katie Holmes

    @Annie: I guess Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • Donald

    She took nude photos of herself in the mirror just like Congressman Weiner. Her photos showed up around the same time!! However, she is still going around happily promoting her movie when Weiner just resigned. It’s complete b.s. that he had to since it’s, oh yeah, his personal life. I’m not condoning him cheating on his wife. But, it’s not of our business. The politicians who judged him are such tools versus Hollywood that could care less about Blake Lively’s nude photos. It’s different rules for a completely different world! Hollywood is shocking more moral than the political world.

  • @37

    All the guys I know thinks Blake is hot.

  • roxy

    yes her body is great and although her face is rather mediocre, overall she looks good! but man, i really find her fake, i don’t like the way she sucks up to jay, like no matter what he says she smiles and giggles like an idiot. it’s so obviously fake!
    and please don’t get me started with the bullshit that she doesn’t have a stylist. oh, yeah, blake we get it, you’re such an icon, that even your crazy working hours don’t disturb you in buying and picking the right outfits and of course posing with wintour and lagerfeld. what’s the big deal in confessing the truth?
    most of your outfits are great, but sure as hell you didn’t pick them yourself!

  • roxy

    @Annie: i totally agree with you. she’s pretty, but there’s just a lack of something about her that would give her an extra point. no interesting personality, nor funny or entertaining. just a well dressed, young, tall, plain jane with good stylists. i could see her more as a model on the runway, than a movie-star.

  • gimmeabreak

    Her personality is SO boring. I’ve only seen a few interviews of her, and already I’m sick of her. There’s nothing there. The big hand gestures are getting old, as is her use of the word “amazing”. She has no personality, and all of her interviews she talks about the same thing… HERSELF.

  • Leah

    She is average pretty,not that talented, but her PR team is selling something…Her body isn’t that amazing either..thin with implants,you can find that around the world. Can’t see Leo dating this girl for 4 or 5yrs like the rest, or I hope because Iam tired of Hearing about their ” Fairytale Romance” of about 1mth. Now Lainey is kissing Her butt,,, Lively GO away.

  • Danny

    Wow!!! She looks great!!!!

  • Gerard is SEXY

    she’s a sweetheart and a beautiful girl. You’re hate should be directed at Leo not her…he’s the one you’re mad at, not Blake!! I think she’s a really nice person and doesn’t deserve this.. so I say take it to his thread and leave Blake alone!!

  • elle

    The reason she is so hated is because people are calling her talented and beautiful when she is clearly. It’s annoying that people spit those words out so much that they are starting to have no meaning. I mean this girl? BEAUTIFUL? TALENTED? I understand she’s hot and blond and has that all-american look. But, Angelina Jolie is what you call beautiful and stunning. And talented should be reserved for people like Jennifer Lawrence. The only reason she is so ‘famous’ right now is because she’s dating Leo. I’m sorry but, how can people respect or like a girl who goes after fame like that. She is purely undeserving of the huge film roles she going to get now just because she has been ‘put on the map’.

  • Leah


    She can only go but so far in Hollywood with brown nosing, it works now but when she hits 30, that Flakey persona is going to be tired. I never liked her even before Leo,She gets big opportunities because her PR team is ruthless,and she is liar (nude pics).

  • lark

    Well she’s already looked like a 30 yr.old…
    A Diva-Brat for NOTHING.

  • larson

    @@37: I think that’s because men are so much more into bodies and women look more at faces. Facially she isn’t much to look at, but she has a great toned body. Anyway she looks cute here. Green Lantern I feel like flop like the Green Hornet. It’s getting bad reviews. It’s like the studio wanted it to fail, so Blake went out of her way to change that. It wasn’t promoted well at all.

  • ali

    I honestly dont understand all the hate against BL
    she is young beautiful
    classy confident rising star – she is moving up from a TV show
    actress Gossip to the big screen and all of this at 23 years old !!!
    she seems to be really nice down to earth and sweet when
    she does interviews .
    nude photos ? so what ? she looks amazing !!!
    she has an amzing career great body good family and she
    just seem to be a nice person .
    why do you guys hate her ? i do not understand .

    she is all over the place these days bec she is promoting HER movie

    she is a much better GF for Leo than the previous one who
    we all know just used him to get fame that
    would bring her work , instead of Leo chasing her ass – SHE was
    the one who was chasing him / flying all over the world to meet with
    him and thats why i never liked her bec she didnt respect herself .

    and BL ? she does NOT chase Leo , she plays hard to get
    and thats why he likes her . she has self respect and she is making
    him work and chase her . she is great !!!
    she dosnt need him for fame – she is a-l-r-e-a-d-y famous .

    look what he did with her a few weeks ago ? romancing her all over
    Europe ? holding her hands in public . when did he ever do that with the fame *** B ? never .

    BL is a great actress / a Channel Model with a bright future
    with or without Leo .

  • ali
  • ali,28804,2066367_2066369_2066409,00.html

    BL is among Time magazine 100 most influential people of 2011

  • take it to his thread!!


    Blake is not the problem here, it’s Leo. I agree with you that she’s a sweet girl and doesn’t deserve this hate… and that’s why I firmly believe people should stop criticizing her and put the blame of this “over-publicized, trying too hard to shove it down our throats” relationship on the real culprit = LEO.. he’s the older and more experienced one.. therefore he’s the one who knew exactly what this relationship would bring, not Blake!!


    I think for a blond she is actually quite unique and interesting looking. She does not look like a plastic clone like a lot of blonds can tend to look like. I think that’s her appeal.. Plain jane? why because anyone with blond hair gets called that right? face wise she is alot more unique and striking than alot of other blonds I see and even alot of brunettes I see who only get called exotic because they have dark skin and hair, lol. I see many brunettes who are the epitome of plain janes; Katie Holmes, Bridget Moynahan,etc…No one really looks like Blake and that’s probably why she is popular. Call her ugly all you want; ugly to me is someone who looks like everyone else. Now Leo’s ex Bar; that is a plain jane blond! Nothing memorable about that smashed in face.

  • take it to his thread!!


    I totally agree!!

  • ho or no

    Leonardo DiCaprio Bought Blake Lively $70k In Gifts On European Vacation
    How awesome was Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively‘s dalliance in Europe last month? According to In Touch Weekly, Leo bought Blake $70,000 in gifts, including jewelry, perfume and other fashion accessories. ““He bought her anything she wanted,” says their source. “Leo actually loves to shop and get gifts for family and friends…He later surprised her with other gifts as well.” Aww, just like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Not that we’re saying Blake is a ho or anything. Really, we’re not. Uh…Green Lantern! Now in theaters!

    While it sounds like everyone had a lovely time in Europe, In Touch doesn’t sound too sure Blake & Leo’s relationship will even last as long as Leo’s run with Bar Refaeli did. “Blake can get really insecure out in public. It’s one of the main reasons she hates going out. [Leo] loves to be out at night, and tends to hit clubs and parties almost every night,” says their source. “Blake and [ex-boyfriend] Penn Badgely stayed in all the time. They watched movies and hung out in their pajamas all the time. Leo is definitely not going to be that guy.” Ah well, they’ll always have Europe…and she’ll always have those gifts.