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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Trailer!

Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Trailer!

Check out Brad Pitt in the trailer for his upcoming movie, Moneyball!

The 47-year-old actor stars as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager who successfully put together a baseball club on a budget by using statistics and mathematical analysis when drafting his players.

The Bennett Miller-directed flick, based on a real life story, also stars Jonah Hill and hits theaters Sept. 23.

WILL YOU WATCH Brad Pitt in Moneyball?

Brad Pitt: Moneyball Trailer

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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    He aged, and not in a good way….

  • Famla

    can’t wait…love B Pitt..=)
    …my girl & I going on vacation…air line gave away 2 tickts for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  • mary

    He was such eye candy back in a day, now it is hard to watch his melting face…

  • AngelinaJolieBiggestFan

    I hate this man… I just dont get it what Angie sees in him?

  • Jennifer Aniston Rocks

    He’s still hot, but you can see he has changed…

  • JoJoJoJo

    BORING! New flop on the horizont… just switch to tv honey…

  • http://website PJ

    Keep up the good work Brad.

  • Lurker

    WOW, for comments… Three from on Troll, lol… Your homewrecking idol has her own thread, now go on and justify her behavior.

    Love Brad, will see this movie when it comes out.

  • JoJoJoJo

    He;s still relevant only because of Aniston/Jolie feud… He never had a hit, and only thing that keeps him irrelevant in Angelina

  • ManForEverything

    still truing?

  • Fake

    O.L.D over hasbeen

  • lola

    seems solid enough.. though I hateeeee baseball movies lol :P maybe this one I will watch, but I have to admit Im only gonna watch it because “starring Brad Pitt”

  • OMG

    He is not good looking in this movie at all. WOW BradPitt Looks terrible in the face and the acting. his acting might be the worst since TROY. LOL

  • a fan

    The trailer looks really good. Brad looks hot.

  • candy

    No i won’t watch.Wooden actor overrated.

  • LadyRARA

    so sad to see an beautiful man getting old… his face is full of botox and plastic, and … he lost himself…

  • anustin

    bwahahahahaha…loves it when the fanistons trying sooo hard to be the first to post!!!!!

    idol Maniston stealin somebody else peen.killer eh

  • MM

    this movie actually looks bad…im surprised, weak acting from pitt…he seems totally miscast

  • anustin

    whats beautiful was that the mother of Biven depending the son inlaw.bwahahahaa.lovin it!! KARMA rollz.

  • laure

    first that FKLOP of life movie, and now this Money FLOP… he’s career is FULL OF FLOPS. He proved himself to be one of the biggest box office poisons ever, and that is hard to achive when you have Kidman, Aniston, Jolie, and many others on that list…

  • seriously

    Moneyball looks like an Oscar film, it could be this year’s “The Blind Side”

  • lurker

    looks like the jen hags are losing their sh*t,brad looks yummy,natural as still hot as hell,too bad maniston hens are having a meltdown because the fake hag is a desperated dried up prune

  • laure

    pressed? :) Jen send kisses :-*

  • laure

    pressed? :) Jen sends kisses :-*

  • boston61

    He is not good in movies with a lot of talking.

  • anustin

    americas twatheart now is the queen of stolin peen…suck it webster.

  • JoJoJoJo

    first page full of shit comments!? Someones loosing it :)

  • Jess

    With Tree of Life and Moneyball, I will say see you at awards season Brad.

  • Lara

    Brad looks completely in his element. Great thrill ride, bravo.

  • JaneFondaRocks!


  • yaya

    Oh the trailer looks fab. Brad looks eye candy. The story line looks great. This is the first sport movie I go to see I saw blind side it is good but I saw it in dvd.

  • hmmm

    This man is gorgeous and a great actor. It is time for Brad to get his Oscar. This is his year.

  • yaya

    omg Katie is going nuts again trolling the thread. hahahahaha jared, ban the lunatic please and delet all her posts.

  • LOL

    The jen hens are having never breakdown again.

  • Ellen

    Brad Pitt in Moneyball is channeling Robert Redford in The Natural.

  • Celia

    He’s so hot!


    Hagistons are so pathetic they are attacking Brad because their idol is with a balding Manson looking character. They are still wishing Maniston can find someone as hot as Brad. BWAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA


    Poor maniston fanistons, irate over their sugar mama fug idol not only stealing thru buying her latest boytoy away from his much younger gal that he was in a 14 yr relationship, but also pizzed because she’s settling for a hook nosed balding midget. Believe me, seeing pics of a smokin brad Pitt in a baseball movie looking as hot as ever makes them insane with rage. Can you imagine being maniston schtupping ‘Receding McBaldy McMidget’ and 6 foot golden god Pitt and his Angelina and babies are everywhere you turn? It’s gotta suuuuuuck! Lolol

  • sea

    I miss Brad of 7 years in Tibet :(

  • holy moly

    Brad Pitt + Phillip Seymour Hoffman + Aaron Sorkin Script + Bennett Miller Direct = = = Best film of 2011

  • chateausimone


    i heard you have herpes? is it true? boston 61 caught if off her mom, that what i heard anyway,,don’t shoot the messenger pls :))))

  • coupon for childrens place

    Awesome, he’s a regular person doing regular things! How cool!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love him. Can’t wait for the movie. I am shock that there are so many trolls on this thread. Shouldn’t they be on MANiston’s thread celebrating her breaking another woman’s relationship.

  • Manny

    This movie looks intriguing. Love baseball and Brad Pitt. What a perfect match for me. :)

  • getalife

    its only one troll that is working hard . moron get a life

  • WBPfan

    Thanks for the trailer JJ! Looks like a solid movie for the fall — don’t think its Oscar bait but should be interesting with Sorkin & Bennett behind the scenes and Brad and Phillip SH out front!

  • ellie’

    I must say Brad & Angie sicko fans…really don’t like brad…Brad once again Angie takes the spotlight away from you…How sad no comments. No one really even likes you anymore….Just Angie..That woman is smart knows exactly what she has done and what she is doing….EVIL…


    @Media Whore Maniston: There’s only one troll spamming this thread. The little piece of s.hit can’t stay away from our GORGEOUS BRAD and BEAUTIFUL ANGIE.
    @PT: There is a thread of Ticky and her paid bf over at JJB. I don’t want to look at their pics. Its probably nauseating to look at knowing how desperate she is.

  • snooze

    nudge me when it’s over

  • annah