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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Como Couple!

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Como Couple!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis stick close to each other as they leave Restaurant Il Gatto Nero on Wednesday (June 15) in Cernobbio, Como, Italy.

That same evening, Elisabetta was a guest on the TV show La Notte Degli Chef, where she put on an apron and got hands on in the kitchen!

Elisabetta recently talked to Italy’s Chi magazine about her plans for the future.

“In the future I will be married. but for the time being I am happy as I am. I don’t need anything to confirm how happy I am,” she said.

FYI: Elisabetta is wearing a dress and shoes both by Dsquared2.

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george clooney elisabetta canalis como couple 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis como couple 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis como couple 03
george clooney elisabetta canalis como couple 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis como couple 05

Credit: Marco Vicino, Daigoron; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jasmine

    When did they get back together? Didn’t they break up months ago?

  • namers

    Another delusion chica. Girlfriend, don’t say the M word aloud, and in print! Next!

  • marilyn

    ah, i thought these two had broken up months ago. but here George and Elisabetta are together. from the looks of it these two are pretty close.

  • Katiedot

    Nah, they’ve not been seen in public much, but as far as we can tell they’ve been together, no break up.

    Nice to see them together and looking relaxed for once.

  • Saph

    Except in the majority of the pictures of the night she is looking anything but happy. Bored, miffed, pouty and she doesn’t seem happy at all until she spots her pap friends snapping away. Could be who she was on the phone to. This is the only picture that shows them close they have split but she has a show to promote and Clooney is helping her out. The clock is ticking on this one…..

  • josh78

    who careS about granpa wHO dating a horse face???

  • Okay

    Oh my God!!! Again Old News! What do we see again… Mixed photos: old and new! George probably must have his boots nailed because he does not take them off even in summer, even by 24C for him in boots is okay… and Canalis’s hair of different length on the photos is also okay.

  • Okay

    Oh my God! Again Old News! What do we see again… Mixed photos: old and new! George probably must have his boots nailed because he does not take them off even in summer, even by 24C for him in boots is okay… and Canalis’s hair of different length on the photos is also okay


    One of the most beautiful places in the world!

  • hers

    George looks hotter here. At least he’s not making the old expression!!

  • Corinny malcolm

    Really nice couple here so I like this..

  • Garlic Scent

    Vampires among us!!!!!! Dude shows – garlic is a tool! Garlic is the best bouquet for Canalis«la-notte-degli-chef»-da-stasera-su-canale-5/

  • Architecture Knowledge

    @ANDREEEE: Of course if you never went anywhere out of Italy and have never seen a good architecture, you think is the most beautiful. Mould and stones, no white marble, no polished black & red basalt, nothing. Mould is very bad for the health, why in Italy many kids already from their childhood suffer from allergies and immune diseases. Bacterial environment is very negative – fresh-salined water.
    For whom George did a renovation? Villa is covered with curtains….
    Yes, George now in Como. He continues working with the guys on Ides Of March.
    For Canalis is better to behave herself a bit calmer… till the moment when George decides what he will do next – to show his real gal or a new hooker. Only in case of good behavior Canalis will be able to stay as his ex-gf. The more bogus press releases Canalis gives, the more it will be understood that she have never actually been dating George. And do not need to make sad eyes, you have nothing to upset about! You received the best advertising ever, main thing is how you could use it.

  • asparagus
  • bandyLegs
  • bandyLegs
  • Craig

    @Okay: PopSugar stepped further mixed up really inconsistent!

  • silverscreen

    These so-called date pics are just more old pics being sent out with press releases by Canalis’s publicist. I predicted months ago that she would do this, hold back old pics and send them out later to make it appear they are together when they’re not. George ended their publicity arrangement last December. George’s friend Ben Weiss was with them and has been cropped out of these pics, but he’s in the same pics on other sites, and Canalis’s publicist was with them. Not exactly a romantic dinner even when it took place, which was months ago.

  • silverscreen

    @Okay: Good observation. skanknalis’s hair is several inches longer in the current cooking show pics versus the old “date” pics.

    These so-called date pics are just more old pics being sent out with press releases by skanknalis’s publicist. I predicted months ago that she would do this, hold back old pics and send them out later to make it appear they are together when they’re not. George ended their publicity arrangement last December. George’s friend Ben Weiss was with them and has been cropped out of these pics, but he’s in the same pics on other sites, and skanknalis’s publicist was with them. Not exactly a romantic dinner even when it took place, which was months ago.

  • Truth Hurts

    I like your unofficial statements, and maybe you have inside knowledge or his best interests at heart.
    I also noticed the Daily Mail article on the story & how comments were disabled by Canalis’ PR team. Moreover, it’s like her PR is making a last ditched desperate effort to convince & promote her as ideal.
    Quotes like “her perfect legs” and “beautiful” are ludicrous to the point of ridicule. I witnessed a group of bankers at lunch time laughing and calling “Nancy Dell’Ollio “a better shag.” And derogatory comments about Canalis’ features.
    Then her unprofessional PR are again desperately trying to promote her as classy (Chanel bag, etc) in the Daily Mail. Like an advertisement.
    Reality bites: it’s a tough feat to try to brainwash anyone listening that Canalis is attractive, let alone beautiful. Prosthetics, Photoshop, cosmetic enhancement, designer fashion, best personal trainers…all to no avail. She’s just below plain. And her personality even worse.
    And yes, she looks like an uglier version of James Franco in the face.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @Architecture Knowledge: well…if he shows up with another hooker, then his decent upcoming films that have a lot of potential will bomb at the box-office for sure. He’ll lose credibility.
    “What A Waste!” So much hard work.
    Feigned enthusiasm? Surely he’s no phony! Nor insecure!!
    Acting for the camera! Acting in real life! He owes it to his audience to be sincere….for a change.
    And how will his real gal take it, pray tell?


  • silverscreen

    In latest pics, George is on his boat on the lake. skanknalis had demanded George choose between her and the boat, and he is announcing his choice to the world with these pics of him with his boat. George has chosen his boat! Smart choice, George.

  • Camp

    @silverscreen: Ohh good! Again you guessed everything. So the pictures were interlaced to make it more understandable. And Eli’s face expresses that she does not consider herself worse than a boat.. inferior only in a cost maybe :-)

  • No other reason

    @Ah…Bite Me!: What his gal? His gal says: George, for heaven’s sake step aside! Get from Ely away… I cannot level a rifle! ”
    George suffered already a great deal, and his girl cannot torture him any longer. Especially since he did such a great movie “Ides of March” that completely changed her world-views.
    That’s how real art can change our lives! If she will agree only because of Ides of March, no other reason….

  • Bifurcant

    He always has been too sincere in his movies, so he allowed himself publicity game. But now George goes to entirely new level with completely other movies, so everything should be totally different too.
    George has a very smart audience so the sincerity will always be taken with a great enthusiasm. It is easy to be sincere!
    Hard work should be rewarded.

  • silverscreen

    LOL. Her idiot promoters are claiming the longer hair is extensions, just as I knew they would. Yeah, because you really want your hair to be longer when you’re going to be working around open flames, so you’d run out and get extensions just for that purpose, as there would be no other point to it. It’s the same hairstyle/cut, it’s just longer, and it’s not extensions. The “date” pics are old.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @No other reason: Oh, I doubt his real gal is aggressive. Nor violent. No weapons. Playful as a pussycat. They’re polar opposites in androgen dividends alone. Good-looks, modesty, witticism, craftiness & intellect is closer.
    Cagnalis matched him in testosterone. So, his advisers were fooled in thinking it would work.
    Agree to what for the sake of real art, pray tell??
    I hope there’s a dungeon at his house. So his gal can errr…accidentally lock him in there.

  • No other reason

    @Ah…Bite Me!: Nice nickname!…. you have….
    “…..good-looks, modesty, witticism, craftiness & intellect” yes, of course.
    He has dungeon at his house, he hides there from her!
    “Agree to what for the sake of real art, pray tell??” for everything…even to let him out of the dungeon, if he is not afraid of himself of course.

  • Arrrr!!!

    George on the boat… is very resilient…tough

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @Arrrr!!!: yeah, I wish he fell in the lake…LOL.. Maybe his real gal could trip him!
    @No other reason:
    ummm…. hiding from his real gal, IS HE??
    Maybe she hides from him too! Weirdos both of them!
    FYI – it should be Cagnalis the Bunny Boiler he should hide from. She’s going to trespass on his property with her Gothic bouncer/ manager/ advisor and massacre all his pet rabbits.
    I just hope he’s no insecure buffoon and yields to Cagnalis the maggot spawn.

  • No other reason

    @Ah…Bite Me!: Just there are two cages – one in front other. This is such a treatment :)
    Yes he does coz they are all poisoned. This is death for Fun! New Entertainment.
    Canalis&other vampires threatened to George and improvised on theme How it Could Be. They said that George would have liked coffin in such style and it would have looked good if Canalis would stand with the infernal roses in a big mourn,0,0#14 But in reality she will stand with a bouquet of garlic. This is self-distraction.
    Drink brotherhood!!!

  • Arrrr!!!

    @Ah…Bite Me!:
    Instantly she jumped at him and there was such a ……..
    One of the pals says to other: they what having sex for real??!!
    The other answers: nah, they are cascadeurs.
    But those who watch are stuntmen.. automatically
    So the lesson is: if you watch XXX think that they are stuntmen.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @Arrrr!!!: oh, I was just kidding. I doubt his real gal would trip him to fall in the lake. Or she’ll have to jump in and save him :-)
    And he sure looks sexy in those jeans at the restaurant, I agree. Can’t get my eyes off them O-o
    Mean & macho on the boat. Especially when he jumps from one to the other. He’s a big, strong guy, isn’t he?? Built like a gladiator.

  • Them’s Fightin Words

    That vermin Smelly Ely is more bow-legged than Yosemite Sam.
    The big-boned Gothic dame sitting next to her is cuter than SmEly. . Maybe SmEly should be her bouncer instead of the other way around.

  • silverscreen

    @Them’s Fightin Words: LOL @ “Smelly Ely.” Does that rhyme? Whenever I see her name spelled as “Ely,” I always pronounce it as EE-Lie. I guess it’s because there’s just the one “L” in it, though I have no idea how people around her actually pronounce it. Of course now that we know that she lies, the EE-Lie pronunciation fits with that. Although “Smelly Ely” is good, too.

  • Sage

    Beware! Beware!
    Save George from ELY LARIOSAURO

  • Mythomania

    George, you are too kind!
    Genuine guy.
    No charlatan.
    No practical joker.
    No treachery.
    No mind games.
    Love his movies.
    Court adjourned.
    I rest my case :-)

  • Arrrr!!!

    @Ah…Bite Me!: Yes…. Big… Strong….. he’s got Divide’s body! Devine!
    I especially like these his pants on the boat… seems soft, that’s why if they would fell into water, got wet .. ooooo…… can fantasize…..
    And, Oh these jeans… is very strong characteristic of his male advantages!! they speak about many…
    on the boat… I like very the movements of his arms.. and ideal symmetry. He is gorgeous!

  • leila

    GC is a very moron man showing a ugly tranny thats claims her name in ho0ker and drug italian scandal as trophy!!!
    this is marketing for a new ugly trash Berlusconi’s tv program!

  • Aesthetician

    @bandyLegs: #15 yes Cecilia Rodriguez has a much nicer figure than Canalis. Slim & not androgynous or malformed. She’s a little rectangular and I do prefer Belen Rodriguez’s knockout curves. Perfect round bottom.
    Canalis’ buttocks droop very low. It’s just her anatomy. Bone structure.
    Just like her bow legs problem.
    Though since Hawaii she’s had a lot of cosmetic work done to live up to the charade of being Clooney’s “girlfriend.”
    Warning: 2nd photo is vile:

    Prosthetic injectables on the bow legs around the calves or body sculpting liposuction can make minor changes. Frantic workouts at gym too. Cocaine gives a real energy boost. Though, Canalis needs personality plastic surgery; an innovation yet to be discovered.

  • Very tasty
  • Charlotte

    After all I don’t think she made this all up by herself with these wedding rumors. He might have promised her something for real, maybe he does this to all of his girlfriends as it is subject no. 1 all over the world, will he marry again, is he willing to etc…pp.. He might think about this subject a lot, more than he would admit, it’s his game.
    She should do her homeworks properly.
    Lesson No. 1:
    A man can promise you almost everything, but what you will get in the end might be nothing.

  • Einstein

    @Charlotte: indeed, really subject #1 the world over!
    UN delegates sit for hours deliberating. Scholars at tertiary institutions have written dissertations on the subject matter. People in war-torn, impoverished nations, contemplate the possibility of an impending Clooney marriage as they struggle for survival on a daily basis.

    The world revolves around this very notion.
    Because vacuous, small-minded simpletons have nothing better to discuss.

  • Kind Girl

    @Ah…Bite Me!: Yes, really she is not aggressive, moreover she likes to fulfill others’ wishes. Elisabetta made a video where she dreams about bald hubby. So later we see how in the cooking show potentially bald hubby licks her finger, Elisabetta should not lose her lucky star… as Kristie Alley lost it, whom was gifted such a good boy but she behaved herself as if she does not deserve it, because she wrote bad stuff about George.. So now Max fell in love Everybody should be happy, if they can. Still Love Exists.

  • Destiny’s Child

    @Einstein: George has global ideas. If he will have enough emotional resources he will realize them and it will be a big progress in the world. Agree, that situation with Canalis does not make him enthusiastic, maximum what he can do in this case is to go to Sudan. Simple people feel it intuitively. That’s why George’s life vector can have a very significant impact on the evolution, he is twice blessed. And as we know one person used to change the whole history.

  • Einstein

    @Destiny’s Child: well, let’s hope by the time he goes to Sudan, he would have cleansed his boots of Sardinian mud; toxicity that only undermines any potential his upcoming projects may have. Then he will need time to himself to reflect. Time for his audience to come to terms that the filth that compromised his image has been vanquished through disassociation. Focus then may be on him as an individual, his philanthropic work and his upcoming projects.

  • one crazy or a hundred?

    Geez Louise! Are you one crazy person that posts as a hundred people? or a hundred crazy people who were lucky enough to find each other? Do you work? Do you have family? Do you have any sort of life? Is this the woman version of the 40 year old fat guy living in his Mom’s basement playing video games? I cruise the gossip sites for a distraction….that is my only exposure to Clooney and his girlfriend. Not a fan of hers on inital impressions, but MY GOD you are DELUSIONAL . PLEASE SEEK HELP for your own sake. How fabulous would it be to get up in the morning and live your life and enjoy it without planning every waking moment obessing over something so irreleveant to your life. And don’t say it is….if it was you would not be writing your DELUSIONAL RANTS on gossip internet sites.

  • Kind Girl

    @one crazy or a hundred?: awwww! Cagnalis’ sourgrapes troll team will be out of work in any English speaking country soon. Awwww…. Desperate are you??
    So the troll PR correspondent repeats the usual garbage statement she makes (with her myriad of boring personas) like a broken record.
    You’re a Z -lister’s rep. With all the charisma of a dead-beat auditor and the finesse of a drill sergeant.
    Why don’t you get a real job, loser, and stop spinning your yarns all over the net?