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Lady Gaga: 'Edge of Glory' Video Premiere!

Lady Gaga: 'Edge of Glory' Video Premiere!

Check out the video for Lady Gaga‘s latest single, “The Edge of Glory”!

The 25-year-old entertainer wore fashion from the last collection of Gianni Versace in the video, which was directed by Haus of Gaga.

Gaga took to her Twitter earlier on Thursday, asking her New York based fans to contact their local representatives to show support for the Marriage Equality Act. “Call + leave a message for him,” she wrote. “Be brave.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s video for “The Edge of Glory”?

Lady Gaga – ‘The Edge of Glory’
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  • http://cnajar Christopher

    SUCKS !

  • Jessica

    I think most people think it’s boring or sucks because we all expect so much from her with being over the top. I actually like this side of her… no antics, just a great song and simple video!

  • Dina

    NYC baby

  • Connie

    stupid, low-budget and her fondling herself does not make it any better

  • boston61

    Better than most but not as good as her other stuff. Sounds like it was pieces together with scraps.

  • http://youwish melanie

    This is a wild video…. so expected lol

  • Dina

    I enjoyed this. Just Gaga, NYC, music and dance. Why add more? It’s great

  • Susan

    I LOVE Gaga and I love this song but it wasn’t meant for her to sing.



  • http://none MARIE


  • wl

    Umm that is not NYC, it’s that stupid sound stage everyone uses. It’s the same one in Chris Brown’s Yeahx3 vid and the one the Jonas bros and Pink used during their VMAs performance like 3 years ago, etc etc etc. The Google chrome commercial was way more interesting.

  • Britt

    I don’t see the point of her making a music video if this is it. All it is, is her lip synching to her song on the most obvious fake set and lots of skin showing. She didn’t do anything at all. This is a fail and it’s worse than the 80s music video she obviously got inspiration from.

  • :)

    The only mess was her look n no epic Madonna images. I guess the budget got cut since she’s not as epic as they thought. ” next THRILLER” NOOOOOOOOOOT! FYI thats not NYC its a really fake set like the fake artist singing in it.

  • GagaGoogoo

    I love Gaga but the first thought that came to mind when I saw the photo was of Madonna’s style in her clip “Borderline”.

  • Nikki

    It’s a backlot set from Paramount.

  • michael

    This has to be the worst video ever, what a snooze fest. Lady Gaga has set the bar so high , that this is a great disappointment . I guess you don’t always hit the mark. Hopefully she will remake this video into something worthy of her great music.

  • Henry

    People were expecting guns and mermaids all in a video for a song about her grandfather’s death.
    If you ask me Lady Gaga did a good job and made it simple and not disrespectful to him.

  • aara

    Wow, that song, and specially the sax solo, evokes more interesting imagery than a woman dancing awkwardly in some random fire escape stairs. She even looked bored!

  • Kathye

    AMAZIN like everything she does love u gaga

  • ever

    I love it like i love everything she does powerful song simple video n she looks gorgeous i love u Gaga ur the best

  • Chris

    Oh God, how much I enjoy watching this ugly bitch fail over and over, can’t wait for Madonna’s comeback now that she’s back on the studio!!

  • Alex

    This is the beauty of Gaga no matter simple or over the top she is always sensational and just pure out entertaining. She hit the spot and right chord with that song (pun intended). And the video is amazing. A simple beautiful video for a simple and beautiful song with a powerful message. She is truly our generation’s quintessential pop-star. A timeless entity. Love her so much.

  • http://paul9689 onyx

    New York City Baby, hahaha, Lady GaGa is the best entertainer after her majesty Madonna. I love the video.

  • me

    she looks soo ugly

  • Connie in Des Moines

    She had to almost give her Cd away to sell a million in one week..Sorry Gaga you will NEVER break Britney’s records.

  • Alex

    Bitch please did you not listen to Hard Candy? Homegurl lost it. she is so 35 years ago. Sorry, but get back in line fool.

  • Tom

    Boring, Boring , Boring…What was even the point of making this snooze fest??? Obviously no thought or creativity at all went into making this not to mention what the hell does this video even have to do with the song??….Epic fail…BIG TIME!!

  • alex99a

    I love the song, but the video didn’t do it for me. The relatively simple concept (not an epic production with a cast of thousands) had possibilities, but the choreography didn’t seem to fit and her outfit and makeup was just too aggressive.

  • Chris

    Ouch Man… How do you make a video for $5,000? Rent a set for a day and pay a man to pretend to play the sax. I’m sure they could justify this artistically but it was clearly lack of effort and time. The video is a diservice to an epic song. Figgity Figgity FAIL.

  • Zane

    This video reminds me of a scene straight out of Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

  • Zane

    @Alex: Gaga would be so lucky if she’s still around 35 years from now. But not to worry. There’s still decades worth of Madonna’s work to reduce, reuse & recycle!

  • dick jakubowski

    best feel good jam ever. great sound . reminded me of amy grant from when i was a kid . love GAGA

  • Lilmunster

    Love gaga, but the hype that was put into this video did match the actual video. It was very simple and I’m sure it meant loads to gaga, but I don’t believe it matches her other videos. The Google Chrome video was very touching and actually made me tear up, I would have been satisfied if that was the official video. All in all I love gaga and will support her no matter what. Fans are entitled to their own opinions, some will love it, others will not. Tough.

  • Gia

    The beginning of the end. She is obviously running out of ideas at his point. Zane, you made me laugh cause you are so on point. When will this wannabe stop being mentioned in the same sentence as the incomparable Madonna??? This song sounds like something out of Coming to America, especially the sax part, all it needs is someone on this cheap soundstage doing the ‘soul glo’ gerri curl hair wave. AWFUL!

  • Azk

    What do I think? Use the word Gaga as much as you can now because you won’t be hearing it next year! She’s on her way out… FINALLY!

  • Maddie

    Finally a song with just her… singing a song. And Mr Sax player. This wasn’t boring, it was honest, and didn’t feel like it was made to grab attention. I wish most of her videos were like that. Then maybe I’d like her more. Though, I can’t like her music. It only seems amazing when she’s singing by herself, while playing it on the piano.

  • Zane

    @Gia: LOL, thanks Gia! I’m just speaking the truth. I mean yeah, we get it…Madonna’s old and blah blah blah. But how is any artist able to achieve longevity and credibility without getting old? There really is no point in dissing an artist such as Madonna. She’s in another galaxy among the greatest stars. She’ll ALWAYS be the Queen Of Pop. Just like how Michael Jackson will always be the King Of Pop. Wether these “Little Monsters” like it or not, that’s how it will always be. Gaga hasn’t even been around for not even 5 years yet. She got a looooooooong way to go!

  • p124

    i would say it’s less ugly than her other music vdos from this album. that’s a compliment.

  • South Paws Up

    All that hard work at the gym and dieting discipline pays off here – Gaga cashes in on her A+ body. Just her and the camera, without any distractions of fellow dancers.

    I do feel like “Edge of Glory” has overshadowed and even cheated “Judas.” Judas is a great song that really needed more airplay time, and the video was terrific. So much thought and planning went into it. The EOG video seems more hastily done. The “edge” theme had so much potential. I wanted to see Gaga falling in slow motion off the Empire State Building.

  • http://twitter brit-gaga era

    love the song! the video is not that beautiful as expected!

  • :)

    Where’s the part where she sucks the soul out of C clemens, lina morgana and Alexander McQeen??????

  • Luu


  • OliviaMunnisaposerwithanL

    People say it’s great that this is simple, but this is TOO simple. It brings nothing to the song.

    This song is supposedly about your final moments in life. Why is she prancing around gyrating in a slutty outfit doing nothing? She could have made a great video with some little actress saying goodbye to her grandfather (as she said she wrote the video in honor of her late grandpa) and then walking onto a beach to catch the beautiful sunset , whilst Gaga just sits with the Sax guy in this smoky city shot that represents her childhood in NY.

    But everyone knows she prances around in those outfits? It brought nothing new to this song or her creativity.


  • Google

    the google chrome ad was a much better vid than this, shouldve just stuck with that one, not make an additional vid

  • Google

    The Google Chrome ad was so much better, she shouldve just stuck with that and not made a separate vid

  • lilly

    I’m on the edge of boredom……

  • versace

    only watching it because Gianni Versace design is in it! Gotta ask, Lady Gaga … erm, what’s new?

  • hmm…

    The music video isn’t what I was expecting but I don’t dislike it.
    Its a wonderful song, probably one of her best (in my opinion).

  • Zooy

    Yay!!!!!! Cool video for a great song!!!
    Just Gaga, Clarance & NYC!!