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Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler leisurely strolls into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant on Thursday (June 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived to have lunch and met a pal in the parking lot! The two chatted and laughed together before Gerard went inside to enjoy his meal.

Recently, Gerard chatted with E! News on the red carpet about his love life. He summed it up in just two words: “It’s terrible!”

The day before, Gerard stepped out at the launch of “A Ring to Educate a Child in Haiti.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler headed into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood…

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# 1
Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:25 am

OMG!!!! Does he know how to create PR for himself, or does he know how to create PR for himself? By now, this statement has been carried all around the world.

# 2
Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:27 am

What a joker!

# 3

who is the lady anyway? she doesn’t look like his type

# 4
Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:32 am

“Recently, Gerard spoke with E! News about his love life. He summed it up in just two words: “It’s terrible!”
That’s misreporting if there ever was such a thing. He was joking people….in passing; he wasn’t interviewed.
so misleading!!!!

# 5
Gerard is SEXY @ 06/17/2011 at 1:35 am

@Real Deal:

you’re right, but I still love him… Gerard you the MAN!! sexy and rugged dawg you!! LOL I’m loving the disheveled hair he’s been sporting lately ;)

# 6
Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:48 am

@Gerard is SEXY:
No I don’t think he meant this statement to go viral and cause such headlines, but he has past experience with such things and he knows that a lot of what he says could be easily taken out of context and cause a stir, but he really doesn’t care because it’s all good publicity. Hey, I’m sure he’s pleased it has gone viral since it is such a funny statement because it’s so ironic. After all, he is known to have the opposite reputation, and this is what makes it so darn funny.
The only problem I have with it, and I think he might too, is that JJ made it sound like he’s serious. They made it sound like he sat down for an interview and this is what he said. So in away it has backed fired on him. After all, he wants to be known as the stud successful with women, not someone who gets rejected.

# 7

Are you serious? Can you imagine Gerry’s love life ever being terrible?
He is fighting off all the women all the time.

# 8

Another thread? The Butler is the gift that keeps on making more threads lol love it!

Oh please @ 06/17/2011 at 2:12 am

Who’s the ugly woman with him? she is a wannabee chick that’s too fat to be hot!

@Oh please: OH PLEASE!! YOU are the one that is too fat to be hot, FATTY! Gerard Butler will take anything he can get, the greasy pervert!


@Real Deal:
You and Niknok called it right.
At least we know he hopped on no plane today and Georgia is a lying sack of sh!t.

white trash @ 06/17/2011 at 3:00 am

“The president smokes you dumb hillbilly.”
That’s why I didn’t vote for him you trashy loser.

@white trash:
it appears someone flagged your post, but it looks like JJ restored it. What is it with people flagging everything they don’t like?
It seems like an epidemic on the thread. I’m sorry but not everyone has the same opinions and not everyone voted for Obama – deal with it.

GerrysSupporter. @ 06/17/2011 at 4:02 am

Do you guys know that making fun of the other people ( Gerry’s pal) makes your public profile lower and lower….You (you that swear that woman) JUST SUUUUUUCK!!!! @#^@#@$%#@

Get it right,hun….they said “love life”-not “sex life”….big difference. Yeah he said “terrible” he was joking people.He was having a pop back at the press (in a joking way) about the false stories of Jessica and Ashley….and anyone else that they “hook” him up with.
Oh hun, I said that I was packing….didn’t say I was going anywhere,right then.I like to get organised.
Finally it really shows the mentality of some of the people here, when you have to go and insult Gerry’s friend like that…….

angelsrock @ 06/17/2011 at 7:03 am

@Real Deal:

No, it really happened. I saw the vid. He was getting into his car when he said that. He replied “It’s terrible” just as he closed the door.

angelsrock @ 06/17/2011 at 7:04 am

@Real Deal:

No, it really happened. I saw the vid. He was getting into his car when he said that. He replied “It’s terrible” just as he closed the door. And of course he was joking!

if it’s warm and fuzzy Gerry will screw it.

angelsrock @ 06/17/2011 at 7:20 am

Thanks, cora. I knew I wasn’t crazy. And most of what Gerry says is in jest. But come to think of it, his LOVE life probably is terrible.

I totally agree with those who see that “sex” life doesn’t equal “love” life. Gerry will try to keep the one he “loves” out of the glare of the spotlight as much as he can. In one of his interviews a while back he talked about it. He’d gone to a big “thing” with the girl he was going out with, and later that night she was on the ‘web and some nuts were tearing her to shreds – she was really freaked out. So yeah, he’ll probably try to avoid a repeat.

He’s also not nearly as “wild” as he used to be in heavy-partying days. Almost everyone gets wiser as the get older.

angelsrock @ 06/17/2011 at 8:38 am


White shirt and jeans is one of my favorite looks for Gerry!!
It’s either feast or famine with Gerry threads lately. I’m enjoying the feast that JJ is dishing out right now!!! Storing up for the famine that is sure to follow.

Why does he always look dirty and like he needs a shower? Yuck. He is 41 and he walks around all grungy and messy like a teenager. I don’t get his appeal. The roles are not exactly pouring in for him anymore (another lame romcom with Jessica Biel and he has had few bombs), so I am obviously not the only one who feels that way.

@angelsrock: OMG don’t I know it angelsrock. I’m happily overdosing on all the news. I love the white shirt & jeans look too – not many men look good scruffy or shaven, dressed up or down, long hair or short but he does.

@justme: Apologies if this posts 2x
Disregarding the rom-com this is what he’s been doing and going to be doing filmwise.
Coriolanus, released in Europe but not here (yet).
Machinegun Preacher – post production, coming out in September – Oscar buzz
Movie 43 – post production
How To Train Your Dragon 2 – preproduction
Mavericks rumored to start filming in September
Na Nai’a A Legend Of The Dolphin – documentary that he’s co-narrating, showing this month in Hawaii
Doesn’t sound like there’s any shortage of roles for him to me.

Really Butler? Yeah and pigs fly. *snort*

@oh yeah:
Who knows if he likes fuzzy or not. ;)
I see the lying sack of sh!t is still trying to backtrack. Organized my ass. If Georgia were so organized she would at least organize her lies better.
BTW Georgia dear, there are two outstanding questions posted to you.
1. What is hanging above Gerry’s bed in LA?
2. Where was Gerry sitting at the Mavs/Lakers game?
*tapping toe waiting*

Oh I take that back…. Georgia is the sow that flies. :)))

TMZ site has story about him hitting on lesbian actress, lol

ok dont care i think hes hot i agree love life and sex life is diffrent but i think we can all agree hes not missing out on all the hot hollywood tail he can get but who cares really i dont i just love looking at him hes such a hottie

Still going on about that? How long ago was it,now? what a SAD life you must lead.Let it go…move on.
I won’t disclose any deets that aren’t going to be made public,anyway.
There is such a thing as PRIVACY.
As for @Me …he/she knows as much as you do…i.e – Nothing.

……and as for the “sow” comment……really don’t think so,hun.

ROTFLMAO – you win the crown for MIss Bogus. Until you put up proof … Talk to the hand. :))))))))))

Again,I don’t have to prove anything.
If Gerry wants people to know,what is hanging up in his bedroom …..then he can release those deets,himself. I don’t “kiss and tell”. LOL ; )

“No, it really happened. I saw the vid. He was getting into his car when he said that. He replied “It’s terrible” just as he closed the door. And of course he was joking!”
I know he said it; I saw the video. All I meant is that it wasn’t an interview, it was just a smart-ass answer to the paps when they asked him “How is your love life.” He was joking – as you say.

What I wasn’t sure about is if he really hit on the lesbian actresses or was it just TMZ trying to create a funny clip about him.
“You and Niknok called it right.
At least we know he hopped on no plane today and Georgia is a lying sack of sh!t.”
I would love to take credit for it, but it wasn’t me. It was “Butler’s Menopausal Psychos” and “Niknoks” that were the ones to say the Russell Crowe tweet referees to him not to Gerry.

Let’s face it you little liar! You saw that confusing tweet from RC and you thought G was hopping on a plane, which is why you dropped those hints.
” Anyway….gotta go pack now ; ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”
” Still bitter ….I see. Would LOVE to tell you where….but I ain’t going to. Maybe you can do one of your twitter searches….not just yet though.
; ) ”
LOL! you weren’t bright enough to analyze it before using it to make sure it made sense. You just assumed blindly that G is off again. But… got caught again, which is becoming an everyday occurrence for you, yet you continue to insist against all the times you got caught that you’re dating him. You’re pathetic!!!!
No one believes you, and you’re wasting your time. You can’t convince us that you know him much less dating him. And, if he knew about your existence, he’d just feel sorry for you, as you don’t have a life outside of “declaring” day in and day out how you’re dating him. The guy has and had many of your type. Supposedly, there is a new one at WO also insisting she is going to be his next GF. You’re not unique in your brain damage.

@Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:02 pm

Georgia* is probably Fry Guy laughing his head off.

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:15 pm

@@Real Deal:
Fry Guy has better things to do with his time than beeing here everyday claiming he’s G’s lover.
The guy has a job, obligations, a GF……….he ain’t no loser like Georgia.

@Real Deal
As I have stated numerous times now…I don’t have Twitter or Facebook .Not going away, just yet..but soon.

Real deal, I agree with most here who do not believe Georgia is legit. Any serious GF of his would not be posting nonsense on a gossip site like this. Let’s face it, would you if you were the real deal? She’s having fun playing her little game. That is all that’s real about her. If you continue to interact with her, you’re just feeding her need for attention. She’ll eventually grow tired of it and move on to another site in time. But, play her game if you want. It seems no amount of calling her on her validity seems to deter her from posting her fantasy life here as long as she gets attention. Myself, I’m enjoying the eye candy for as long as it lasts. ;)

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:41 pm

LOL! So what if you stated numerous times you have no twitter or FB? You proved yourself a liar numerous times so stop trying to validate yourself – you have no credibility.
Yesterday was proof you scan Twitter incessantly, as you used RC’s confusing tweet to hint that you’re leaving with G on yet another trip. You were caught lying AGAIN.
The more you claim this or that, the more pathetic you sound.
“Not going away, just yet..but soon.”
Oh yeah??? Waiting to catch a tweet first before declaring bogusly that you’re leaving????? PATHETIC!!!!!

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/17/2011 at 1:46 pm

Lookin Good Gerry!! Keep on smiling..:) It is what it is..

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 1:46 pm

I think you’re right. We have proved her a liar so many times and she won’t go away. Maybe it’s attention she wants. I suppose the girl has nothing else better to do.

@Real Deal
No…I’m not going to tell you where….Or when.
You’ll just have to find it out.

@Tonto: I totally agree with you.If this Georgia* person was anything to Gerry (friend,acquaintance or a GF like she insists ) she wouldn’t waste her time here or on any other gossip site trying to convince everyone that she knows him and she’s with him. As long as people keep on giving her the time of day she’ll keep coming back.

Love the look Gerry..messy & sexy!!!

@Real Deal:

She won’t go away because people keep responding to her and rising to her bait. People should just refuse to acknowledge her in any way shape or form. I know it’s tempting to respond and ask her to prove stuff but that’s what she wants, she’s getting off on all the attention.


He said his “love” life is terrible, not his “sex” life. Totally different thing.

@RealDeal @ 06/17/2011 at 2:28 pm

@Georgia*: And pigs fly.


Seriously, you sound like you are about 14 years old. If you are going to fake being adult…please post like one.

Gerry is certainly rocking his curls in these latest photos!



Seriously, you sound like you are about 14 years old. If you are going to fake being adult…please post like one. And truthfully, if I thought Gerry was really “dating” someone who communicates like you do, I would have to seriously question his level of intellect.

Gerry is certainly rocking his curls in these latest photos!



Anyone dating GB would have to develop a thick skin or stay out of the limelight. That probably goes with anyone that dates a HW heartthrob!

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/17/2011 at 2:39 pm

niknoks..You are right..Don’t fall for the bait..Hope everyone has a great weekend..:)

@niknoks: Just hard for sane people to imagine how this kind of attention is gratifying to anyone. Unless you see this as a big joke, then yeah it can be fun to fool people [April Fool's 365 days a year] and see how long you can string them along but once people figure out your con, the joke is not funny anymore and time to exit stage left or come up with a new scam if that’s your definition of excitement.

Sad. So very very sad. But you are right the best course is to ignore it, completely.

@Eve: Yep I can’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like to have to deal with all of the BS that I’m sure goes along with being involved with someone famous. I know for sure I couldn’t handle it.


Aren’t you the same one who came here not too long ago and told everyone to ignore her and she’d go away? How come you don’t take your own advice?

@ellie’: Ohhhhh yeahhhh. I like guys a little rough & scruffy around the edges rather than model perfect. And I don’t know why because I usually prefer his hair shorter, but I’m reaaaaaaally digging the “just rolled out of bed” wavy locks lately!

Oh I have a thick skin,hun.Whatever you’ve got to give….I can take it.
I’m not going anywhere.
So you all seem to think that anyone who knows Gerry wouldn’t post here or anywhere else. What about @Me….you all jumped right onto believing that.What about Eric….WO and GALS get his tweets and facebook entries all the time….Even the video of Gerry’s birthday and other pics from private events.
So once again …you’re alll wrong.

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 3:01 pm

“He said his “love” life is terrible, not his “sex” life. Totally different thing.”
He didn’t say his love life is terrible.
They asked him, “Gerard, how is your love life?”
And he answered jokingly, “Terrible.”
It was a joke; his remark is not to be taken seriously and dissected how love life and sex life are totally different.

It doesn’t mean that if they would have asked him instead, how is your sex life, he wouldn’t have answered the same way. He probably would have answered the same way and made the same joke.

It’s only a joke because he is known for being a ladies man.

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 3:13 pm

At least they got it right. It was a joke!!!
Gerard Butler Jokes That His Love Life Is ‘Terrible’
LOL! Georgia is comparing herself to someone legit like Eric, the pianist – GB’s good friend.

BTW, didn’t she insist a month ago that she only started to post in January?
The birthday party was in Nov, which means she has been around a lot longer reeking havoc on the various fan sites.

Yeah, the best thing is to ignore this mental case.


I actually see this quite a lot as a social worker particularly with children who are bullied or lonely or feel they don’t fit in. They create a different ‘persona’ which is easy to do on the internet but they still don’t know how to fit in so they deliberately antagonise people because it’s the only way they know how to get attention. I’d say Georgia* fits that mould perfectly.

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 3:51 pm

Good news Gerry is being invited to join the Academy
” Beverly Hills, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the organization to 178 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures. Those who accept the invitation will be the only additions in 2011 to the Academy’s roster of members.”
Gerard Butler – “The Ugly Truth,” “300”

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 3:59 pm

So funny:
” We don’t know how the news of them getting together has stayed under wraps for the last 10 days, but it’s only surfaced just now, and we’re loving it!”
Oh Really???? It just surfaced now????
How they love to spin this stuff and now they are calling them GASHLEY – Oh, no!

TGIF! Happy for GB and all the recent Hollywood attention he’s getting with MGP Oscar buzz and as a new Academy member . . . and how can I overlook all the starlet photo ops. lol. I just really hope it doesn’t all go to his head and he becomes fake and pretentious. I had no idea who he was during the success of “300″ so I wonder what he was like during that time . . . as in huge ego or not? He seems like a genuine and nice enough guy and I hope he remains that way. Anyway, off to enjoy the weekend!

@Real Deal: How cool is that? Gerry’s finally starting to get some of the recognition he deserves. Thanks for posting this!


I would say your analysis is spot on, my dear! LOL!

@Real Deal
LOL….I think I know when his Birthday is……ever heard of “talking”.
Do you think that I don’t know his friends, either?.

OMG - GASHLEY - WTF @ 06/17/2011 at 4:21 pm

I wish the press would check with each other, before they print these stupid articles.One minute he’s with Jess the next Ashley.So he went for a bike ride with Jess and he bought Ashley a drink,big deal. It does not equal dating (or anything else).Jeeez I haven’t dated or anything else with every guy who’s bought me a drink.Back to reality – Gerry looks hot!!!!.Really love this just got outta bed look.

Georgia why did you tell where he was staying in Dallas if you are so secretive now

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 5:07 pm

I think Georgia has comprehension problems. She seems to think it’s ok to come here and claim being his GF without needing to provide proof, EVER. Delusional much? I’ll say.

I can’t even understand her babblings about his friends, can you?
Wtf is she talking about?

I don’t think she understood the gist of my post, and likewise I don’t think she understands what you’re asking of her. She really comes off as someone with underdeveloped mental cognition.

I’m still asking wtf is she talking about?????

The fact that he was in Dallas was going to come out anyway….due to the amount of people that had seen him and had their pics taken with him already.I won’t reveal any private deets about anything….only what is already going to become public knowledge.

To go along with the GB sex vs. love life discussion . . . I think when you have a man who is a documented playboy (or whatever you want to call it) in action – whether it’s someone in the spotlight or not – a woman can never know when to take them seriously. But, I guess that’s how they want it or they wouldn’t be considered playboys.

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/17/2011 at 5:35 pm

The Real Deal..
Best to ignore…I’m just excited to see Gerry on that surf board..hehehe..Looks like he’s been practicing..

@Georgia*: The only place it had been even brought up about the hotel was at Twitter and WO both you claim not too visit so why would you choose to say the name of the hotel when he was still staying there. When no one had mentioned it on this site so according to your own words you wouldn’t have known anyone had mentioned the name of the hotel. but yet you refused to say which hotel after he had left in HI. your logic is not there. You need to be extremely diligent to fool anyone on here. and again yes you do care what we think or you would not be here.

I didn’t say that Gerry being in Dallas was already common knowledge, that anyone had mentioned it.I said that it was definate that it was going to be….because of the people and paps who knew he was there.So it didn’t matter if I said anything.I won’t however say where he stays in Hawaii….because it’s always the same place and he’s going back…soon.As I’ve already said….he doesn’t want a load of paps chasing him when he’s concentrating on his surfing.

@Georgia*: oh Georgie. You really need to make sure you are on your game. The paps chasing him when he is surfing? You think he surfs where he stays? You haven’t been to Hawaii have you?

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/17/2011 at 7:40 pm

Yeah there are plenty of little coves and hidings in Hawaii to surf..I love that place..One day I’ll be back :)…North beach by Turtle Bay has great surfing but you can drive just about anywhere for surfing action. Maui has the sandy beaches..The Big Island is rather rocky but I loved it there..less crowded..

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 7:52 pm

When it rains, it pours – more good news for Gerry’s career.
The date for “Coriolanus” release will be December 2nd, and for now there is nothing else scheduled for that weekend. If it stays that way, there will be no other competition.

“Already earning huge buzz thanks after premiering at the Berlin Film Festival, Ralph Fiennes’ adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” should be one to watch. The contemporary re-up of the play already has Vanessa Redgrave‘s performance as the hero’s mother Volumnia gathering early Oscar talk. Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox and James Nesbitt star in the film that is said to be a “Hurt Locker”-style take on the Shakespeare work. At the very least, it should be leagues ahead of Roland Emmerich‘s “Anonymous.” The film hits on December 2nd which shockingly, has nothing else scheduled on it (for now).

Real Deal @ 06/17/2011 at 7:58 pm

Did you even understand her reply to you?
I don’t even bother reading her explanations anymore because they don’t make any sense; she sounds incoherent.
I can’t be bothered with illogical people – they are exasperating.


Hence the word “play”! LOL!


He bought her a drink? I thought it was an open bar at those soirees! But that would be just like Butler to offer to “buy” her one! LOL!

It takes me a long time to become thoroughly exasperated with something on these threads, but I’ve finally reached my limit with the Georgia* idiocy. The nonsense is taking up way too much space and time here, and I think it’s getting embarassing for the board and everyone here IMO. It’s baffling. It’s always been my opinion that anyone who really knows G doubtfully ever posts here – unless on some weird, rare occasion someone is called upon on a one-time basis to set some rumor to rest.
But we are being subjected to this person on a daily basis. On and on. Not a random post every blue moon, but a regular, recurring nutcase. Even months ago, the women at WO had her figured out.
Even GFW is not in this person’s category. Kathy may joke around that she “knows stuff,” but in the end, K is more out to have a little fun speaking in generalities about personality than actually indicating she “knows something personally.”
Naturally, this is an anonymous board. Georgia* could be anyone from anywhere so she is not actuallly humiliating herself on a personal level in public – no one really knows her here. But gosh darn it. ENOUGH.
Woman, go away and stop the insanity. If anyone actually believes you are in the know in any way about Gerry, they are as crazy as you. To keep this up months, days and hours, you have got to have some serious issues that need addressed. In my opionion you are delusional and gettng sicker. Get some help.

“It’s always been my opinion that anyone who really knows G doubtfully ever posts here – unless on some weird, rare occasion someone is called upon on a one-time basis to set some rumor to rest.”
It’s not just that but the way she conducts herself … constantly calling his fans “#LOSERS” and trying to rub people’s noses in it.
We’ve seen Butler almost on a daily basis drop everything to pose for pictures with fans, talk to them and make them feel appreciated. Even when fans show up on set he makes time for them. He’s made a conscious decision to make his fans feel appreciated by him. There’s no chance in hell he would let a GF squander all that goodwill by taunting his fans and calling them losers.

Oh, and the difference between Georgia and other insiders that have posted, is Georgia is caught lying almost daily. That’s why she has no credibility.

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/17/2011 at 8:49 pm

I forgot to add…
In Hawaii..the beaches are public domain to EVERYONE..In other words, even if you aren’t staying at that particular Hotel..whether it be 3 star, 4 star or 5…they have to provide public access to the beach..You can use their beach all day long with no restrictions…Even private rich homes…have to provide public access to the beach..I loved that about Hawaii..and that’s how it should be..So many places have “private property” in alot of areas..such as Lake Tahoe where you can not access the lake in that area..They do provide a public area but I believe that beaches and lakes are for everyone to share..Mahalo!!

From FB:
Michelle Roy
Ok just saw Gerard Butler and he lifted up his shirt while taking a picture with a group of tourists. He than asked them where them were from to which they answered Mexico & he said “I hate Mexican people”! Hysterical oh @ he’s Hot!!!
16 minutes ago
Cheryl Hector
can you say I hate mexican people” in los angeles and not be killed?
12 minutes ago
Michelle Roy
He was joking…they had just finished telling them they were here from Mexico City and all started laughing than he pulled up his shirt, showed his perfect abs than took pics with them!
7 minutes ago

phaggggettes @ 06/17/2011 at 9:27 pm

Gerard said “I hate Mexican people?”
How is that not on the news and him apologizing??? I’m sure Latin people wouldn’t want to hear him say that. Jerk.

Absolutely true! No one else is bragging about anything. Just psychostalkerGeorgia.
And I am sure THERE ARE Gerry’s “know whos” on this board. ANd every Gerry board. To be honest. “Moles.”

GERARD HATES MEXICANS? @ 06/17/2011 at 9:37 pm

Why does he live in LA then???

Britney Spears is why short girls should never eat.

Anyone that knows anything about Gerry, knows he loves mexican/hispanic/latin people, especially women. He has said this many times, especially long legged ones. He said this on Jay Leno’s. So that is why it was a joke…..

@The Noise In The Walls:

I was under the understanding that if you were NOT a native islander, you cannot own land there, only lease or rent. It’s supposed to belong to the native islanders first and foremost.

He most likely stays with Laird when he’s there.

Reading today that G is one of 178 people invited to join the Motion Picture Arts and Scientists. Big career step. Our man is moving on into another league. The work is finally paying off. Bet Alan is rubbing his hands together as well. I wonder when the change in Hollywood’s perception of him actually took place. The Haiti charity work? MGP? The HBO development deal? Or a subtle combination of all his behind the scenes networking? I think his business prowess sometimes gets lost in gossip. People read of his attendance at some events,but don’t realize he’s actually working, not partying and picking up women. There’s a lot going on that is misinterpreted in gossip.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 12:44 am

@Only Whites Are Loved: Ah Friday, the dateless dudes are out, and so is school…

This language and Point of view, is of course, why they are dateless…

anonymous @ 06/18/2011 at 1:00 am

Okay, some perspective is needed. Russell Brand was invited to join the Academy this year too. All of Brand’s films bomb and no one takes him seriously as an actor. Take a look at some of the other names on the list. This isn’t the honor you think it is. Like everything in HW it’s about HW politics and who is willing to pay a lot of money under the table. Open your eyes.
Unless you think Russell Brand is an accomplished filmmaker and actor …. lol lol lol lol

He’s so normal for Hollywood. Thats what I like about him.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 1:49 am

@Older and Dumber: Ah, not high school then! Maybe a college flunk out? Still dateless though…

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 1:52 am

@<a href=”/2011/06/17/gerard-butler-my-love-life-is-terrible/comment-page-5/#comment-18this, since JJ is unreliable, but perhaps not high school….mmm…more like college flunk out? But still a dateless …
so sad…poor lad…

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 3:07 am

@Busy Body: lol….As I have said before (and it was probably to you), I make the decision myself about what I respond to, and whether I will respond….but advice, even if not followed, is always welcome.

This kind of advice, and its tenor, usually says more about the person offering the advice, than the person for whom the advice is intended.

Did someone just delete the posts on this page – but not the one on page 4???
Someone at jUST JARED is a racist I think. I will be petitioning to get this entire board shut down.

ignore it @ 06/18/2011 at 3:14 am

we know the truth…its the white girls that can’t admit it.
Its oldbutnotdead. its her erasing posts. obviously.
she leaves the ones up that she doesnt care about – because she is pathetic and insecure too.
mei li

Gerry Hates White Chicks @ 06/18/2011 at 3:16 am

Sorry – he does. He laughs at them and makes fun of them.
So nothing you can sya matters…
Go find a rapper or NBA player. They are the only guys who want pushy smelly PEDOPHILIAC white women nowadays anyway.
Better yet?? Go find some more twelve year old boys in school.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 3:45 am

@Busy Body: multiple posts, same poster…sad lad.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 3:50 am

@Older and Dumber: Multiple posts, same poster….sad lad…

YAY Gerry! @ 06/18/2011 at 4:17 am

We didn’t have a new thread for 2 months and now we get a new brand one every day!
I’d bet his love life is terrible, I don’t know how he can manage with all those women around.
My love life would be terrible too if I was in his shoes.

This is the complete list of actors who are new Academy Members for 2011:
Russell Brand – “Arthur,” “Get Him to the Greek”
Gerard Butler – “The Ugly Truth,” “300″
Vincent Cassel – “Black Swan,” “Eastern Promises”
Robbie Coltrane – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1,” “Mona Lisa”
Bradley Cooper – “Limitless,” “The Hangover”
John Corbett – “Sex and the City 2,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
Rosemarie DeWitt – “The Company Men,” “Rachel Getting Married”
Peter Dinklage – “Find Me Guilty,” “The Station Agent”
David Duchovny – “Things We Lost in the Fire,” “The X-Files”
Jesse Eisenberg – “The Social Network,” “The Squid and the Whale”
Jennifer Garner – “Arthur,” “Juno”
John Hawkes – “Winter’s Bone,” “The Perfect Storm”
Thomas Jane – “The Mist,” “The Thin Red Line”
Nastassja Kinski – “An American Rhapsody,” “Tess”
Beyonce Knowles – “Dreamgirls,” “Austin Powers in Goldmember”
Mila Kunis – “Black Swan,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”
Jennifer Lawrence – “Winter’s Bone,” “The Burning Plain”
Tea Leoni – “Ghost Town,” “Spanglish”
Anthony Mackie – “The Hurt Locker,” “Million Dollar Baby”
Lesley Manville – “Another Year,” “Topsy-Turvy”
Rooney Mara – “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “The Social Network”
Dominic Monaghan – “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”
Connie Nielsen -”Brothers,” “Gladiator”
Ellen Page – “Inception,” “Juno”
Wes Studi – “Avatar,” “The Last of the Mohicans”
Mia Wasikowska – “Jane Eyre,” “The Kids Are All Right”
Jacki Weaver – “Animal Kingdom,” “Cosi”

I think Gerry slept his clothes ….

More career news! Thank you ladies at WO. ♥
The novel “The Garden of Last Days” (by Andre Dubus) is under contract with Gerry’s production company.

“Even GFW is not in this person’s category. Kathy may joke around that she “knows stuff,” but in the end, K is more out to have a little fun speaking in generalities about personality than actually indicating she “knows something personally.” ”
True. And thanks! :o) That being said, what I do know is with just two words from the sometimes clueless lug he’s managed to make all the stunners he sleeps with feel like nothing but a sex object. And what’s worse (to me) is he has managed to make anyone he has a meaningful relationship with –on any level– feel insignificant, which includes someone he does truly cares for. And I do know this.

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 9:41 am


The bed-head proves it!!! LOL

gossiphound @ 06/18/2011 at 1:37 pm

@anonymous: In defence of Russell Brand Forgetting Sarah Marshall did not bomb, that is why he got more acting roles. However yes there is quite a divergence of talent and dues if you will in that actors list.

If I were Robbie Coltrane I’d be bummed I’m in the same pack as Brand and Butler but if I were Butler, I’d be pissed to be in the same group as Brand. Brand has hardly paid his dues compared to G.

Gerry’s thinking, crikey maybe I should have married some pop diva or Victoria Secret Model and I would have been fast tracked to the Academy?

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 1:51 pm

@Cora: hope this does not duplicate, but JJ ….well, we all know…

He is too thin, what does he eat at all these expensive restaurants, leaves, with water?

I wonder if they have outdoor areas or if they are just used to his casual (boy that is an understatement) look?

This is proof he has no woman at home at the moment, in L.A.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 2:06 pm

@oldbutnotdead: I bet his mother cringes when she sees these pics! LOL…

Desperado Woman @ 06/18/2011 at 2:23 pm

” The 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived to have lunch and met a pal in the parking lot! The two chatted and laughed together before Gerard went inside to enjoy his meal.”
This tells me that he has another psycho after his butt. This one probably heard he made reservation to have lunch at this place so she stood outside waiting for him pretending to be waiting for someone else or whateva…..
When he saw her, he was less than enthusiastic, as you can tell. He chatted for a few mints and went in alone. She was probably disappointed he didn’t invite her to join him. Oh………..what desperate women will do these days, especially Latina ones. She definitely looks ethnic and she smokes. They all smoke the ones from South America because they are uneducated. LA white women know better than to smoke.
Black girls don’t smoke but they all get these disgusting tattoos from AIDs infested needles. So if they don’t get it from the black co/ck in the hood, they get it from the needle. Ugh!!!

Busy body @ 06/18/2011 at 4:50 pm

See??? I told you to stay away from sticking your nose in such things, you old f@rt.
Now they are accusing you of being a racist, and the fighting has intensified as a result of your meddling.
you have no right to remove any post.
the guidelines say that only posts that violate copy right laws could be removed. The rest is opinion, however offensive, and is protected under free speech. Stop interfering, or you’ll be booted out and prevented from posting.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 06/18/2011 at 5:42 pm

1 John 3:17-18
New International Version
If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

I never post but just had to say something. This racial crap is idiotic. Not many men will turn down a piece of ass (look at Strom Thurman and of course Arnie), That being said Gerry is from the UK, they have never had the racial issues there we’ve had in America. That’s why Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, etc went there to perform without racial inequality. From what I can tell he dates all kinds of women. Now, why I posted..I wonder how he feels when he sees his ex’s with his friends? (Ex Jeannia) in successful relationships when he couldn’t make it work. Somethings a bit odd.Not only does he hit it and quit it, the women do also and every woman knows good sex will make you stay and talk about it so either he’s a dud in bed or so freaky most can’t deal with it. Whats your take board?


“That being said, what I do know is with just two words from the sometimes clueless lug he’s managed to make all the stunners he sleeps with feel like nothing but a sex object. And what’s worse (to me) is he has managed to make anyone he has a meaningful relationship with –on any level– feel insignificant, which includes someone he does truly cares for. And I do know this.”


What? Unless you know GB personally, you DO NOT know this! YOU don’t have a clue who he’s been with, stunner or otherwise, or what he’s said! Are you crazy or just the same crazy person that hangs around here trying to get people believe she’s someone she’s not?

And here’s a news flash for ya. NO body can make anyone feel insignificant. Your self esteem and self worth is from how you feel about yourself, not how someone else feels about you or treats you. I can’t imagine GB saying anything to someone to make them feel bad about themselves or we would have heard about it by now! Tabs pay big money for sob stories like that!

Give me a break with this! LOL!

The Noise In The Walls @ 06/18/2011 at 5:53 pm

This racial crap is idiotic…..I agree ceemee..

As stupid as the racial stuff is, why are people removing posts from the board?
@Gerry’s Choice:
I agree, some articles have been removed as well, not just the offensive posts. But even the offensive posts shouldn’t be removed. It creates a slippery slope.
Once you remove what’s offensive to you someone else might think other posts that you like are offensive to him, and remove those. Where does it end? Nothing should be removed. People should just skip posts they don’t like – ignore, ignore, ignore and those people that post this stuff will go away.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 6:15 pm

@Busy Body:

See above response to your earlier post….

Interesting articles @ 06/18/2011 at 6:18 pm

Those pix might have been taken on Thursday not today or last night.


I think he feels happy for them. I don’t think he sees it as a failure on his part. And if he likes to get his freak on, so what as long as it’s not sadistic or perverted. And I would think if it were, we would have heard about it by now. Tabs pay big money for that kind of thing.

And as far as him being a “dud”, I’ve heard that the more a person talks about sex, the less they are getting and the more they claim to be good at it, it’s likely the opposite. I guess that’s something we’ll never know, will we? LOL!

Is everyone having trouble posting?
I kip getting Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage….

what happened to Georgia?
missing in action as usual when she has tough questions to answer?????

The racist and sexist remarks are obviously just trolls just trying to stir up drama or trouble. JJ probably should just remove them. They seem so blantantly silly, I just ignore them.

I can usually tell after the first sentence when a comment isn’t worth wasting time to read and skip over, especially by the moniker. Anything suggesting racism or sexism, I don’t bother.
Why are they saying Jessica thinks she can make him a 1-woman man? They act as if these 2 dating is a done deal.

Maggie P. U. @ 06/18/2011 at 7:17 pm

@Carey 143- ALL THE TIME….. coming on the site…trying to get on a post….. and it is more than 3 xs….



need a recap @ 06/18/2011 at 7:24 pm

any news on G today?

I can’t believe anyone would take that as a serious statement. I doubt if JJ meant it that way either. It just gets people’s attention.

Meanwhile, I wish Butler would grow up. He’s 41 for God’s sake. Stop acting like a 25 year old leg humper. He has that ridiculous smile on his face when talking with women that reminds me of a cartooned dog ready to latch on to a leg. Disgusting.

Crazy Wench @ 06/18/2011 at 7:43 pm

“I can’t believe anyone would take that as a serious statement. I doubt if JJ meant it that way either. It just gets people’s attention.”
But you have old hags like Summer’s Eve that take it seriously and constantly analyze it.
“You sound like a raving mad psychotic lunatic. Calm down and go wash your stinky butt you old fool. No one cares about your SPAM posts.
You are another one of the board idiots.”
Good observation – she sure sounds like a mad psychotic lunatic.


You’re right we’ll never know lol. I just think is odd that NOBODY ever talks about it good or bad. You hear things about celebs all the time. A gf of his would need to be very self assured to be with a guy who hugs and latches on to others all the time. I would deem it disrespectful but to each his own. Plenty of high profile people are together and don’t have to hide, I think he’s having fun and I hope when he slows down after so much playing that he’s not the one who gets played (usually how it happens).

He will be in Game of thrones… Stanis Baratheon

He has been cast for Season 2, it’s filming next month..

@surprise: really, love that show…as the plot led to the return of ther king’s brother i searched for stannis with no luck as to who was to play him..

……it is a great series i am so glad he willl be part of it…just another good reason to watch! thanks for the tip.

to who asked is anyone having trouble posting…YES for 3 days i have tried…crossing fingers this works


You’re harsh on the guy! LOL! I think it’s a Scottish thing really. Haven’t you ever watched Craig Ferguson’s show? Restraining that guy from getting too raunchy for late night TV is a censor’s’ nightmare and he’s married with kids!

Stop judging and just enjoy him! I know I do!

He will be in tomorrow’s episode actually:

Original Air Date:
19 June 2011


I think he’s already the one that got “played” once and that’s why he acts like he does. If he keeps it light and non serious, he won’t get hurt again. Makes sense.

“He has been cast for Season 2, it’s filming next month.”
How many episodes is season 2?
So if it’s filming next month it means he is doing it this summer before Mavericks starts shooting in the fall. It’s going to be close but if Mavericks is shooting in Oct and this project starts in July, it gives him about 3 months to shoot whatever episodes.
This is really good news for him. He is probably sensing that he has a small window of opportunity before he becomes too old to get work, which is why he is doing TV. I’m all for it.
I think it’s much better for him to be working during the summer than to be off and up to all kinds of shenanigans like partying and traveling nonstop like he did last fall.

Really, since he can’t sit still, work is the best thing for him. I rather see him working than flying off to Brazil or going to nightclubs every night.
A lot of good news for him this week. No wonder why he looked in such a good mood all week long.

Butler is a silly boy/man….that is why I love him. He enjoys life to the fullest. He gets every morsal out of a day of life. He leaves nothing… We should all live our life to the fullest. Don’t believe everything you read about the womanizing…. he loves all women….he just loves life. I think he is a great guy…

Well I guess I’m just gonna have to spring for HBO! LOL! I’m unclear when GB will be in it. Is it next season or the one tomorrow? Please, verify before I order because I’m a cheap bastid!

@surprise: thanks my pvr is set!

@a report: i couldn’t agree more.

@a report:

According to an interview with HBO bosses, season 2 of Game of Thrones will premiere around the same time next year (April 2012) and will consist of 10 episodes, just like this season.

Season 2, Clash of Kings will begin filming in July. Tomorrow is the Season 1 finale.

Filming Schedule of Season 2: July 25th all the way through December.
Locations: Ireland and Malta

@wtf?: eve i don’t think you will regret an hbo subscription

in the past it had great shows like band of brothers,sopranos, deadwood , the pacific, rome, john adams….

i really enjoy boardwalk empire and game of thrones and i use to watch true blood(although i feel it may have jumped the shark).

alot of really well written: well acted stuff to choose from….

His hair will probably be dyed back to dark brown. All Baratheons are of dark hair. So say goodbye to the blonde.

Hey girls of WO (if any of you are here) – is anyone else having trouble to get the newsbox to come up? Help.

Hey girls of WO (if any of you are here) – is anyone else having trouble to get the newsbox to come up? Help.

He hasn’t been hurt!!!!!

Stop projecting your own misguided and unhappy experiences with men onto him.

He is just a cad – he loves women and sex and is not ready to give up his freedom to a feminist that will cut her hair, gain weight, and stop giving him accesses to her sexually once they marry. If he can’t find a woman that can promise him not to change and continue to be like she was when he was courting her, he won’t marry or commit to any woman. Why should he? He is at the top of his game. Every woman wants him. Women have to prove to him they are worthy to be married to him, not Gerry to them. A woman should demonstrate that she is worthy to get his name and bear his children in exchange for him marrying her. All women care about these days is to have status through marrying a powerful men. Stay married to him for a few years, then get a divorce and take half his fortune, not to mention she gets unending spousal support and the the kids too, because the courts and the legal system is on women’s side this time in our history.
He wants to marry a woman that will not use the legal system to destroy him. So far all he meets are self-absorbed sel-centered women with no talent or scruples. They think that going to bed with him is enough to make him fall madly in love with them.

Boy! Are they mistaken. And, he rides their stupidity.

Oh Lord…..

from July 25- December.
So I’m thinking that his part will be filmed before Mavericks will start in Oct.
Wow!!! Ireland and Malta – those are great locations and so very beautiful.
If I know Gerry’s past behavior, Malta is possibly going to be a place he would pick up women. It has the same feel Serbia has, and not as many FBs and Twitteres there lol.

Get ready for more of his shenanigans.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 10:05 pm

@surprise: It says tomorrow June 19, has he already done some of it? Bummer! I do not have HBO! Is he going to lose that gorgeous hair!!!!????

Am I the only one feeling sceptical about this “Game of Thrones” story?

You can stream the episodes through sidereel.

So many good British actors are in it
charles dance
sean bean
lena heady (300) and many others.
Gerry is listed first so i assume it’s a big part – he’s the main character.
a year after it is on BHO you can rented on DVD, or sometimes before the year is up.

Gorgeous Beauty @ 06/18/2011 at 10:22 pm

OMG! she could be right for Gerry!/audreycatmoore
audrey moore
“I just met Gerard butler!!!!! For those who know me you know how much I love him!! So hott!!!! I love him!!!! #tooexcited”

WO is reporting that the HBO gig is a prank but I think we need to investigate it further before we say it’s bogus,
this site is reporting it untrue.

oldbutnotdead @ 06/18/2011 at 10:28 pm

@Cora: Cora, I wondered, I just checked out a game of Thrones site, and they are saying Imbd was changed by some joker, and GB is not Stannis.

Apologies if this is a prank. I saw it on imdb and thought this may be legit.


I hope so. I hate paying for something that I only get a couple of shows that interest me. I don’t watch much TV as it it but if Butler is on there, I might just have to!


“Stop projecting your own misguided and unhappy experiences with men onto him.”


I say he’s been hurt and that’s final! AND he needs a sweet, loving sugar momma to make it all better, a woman who knows how to handle him, treat him right when he’s good, punish him when he’s bad and to kiss all his booboos away!

But if he gets TOO bad then a good old fashioned spanking is in order!

“Drop ‘em Butler, and bend over my knee, you naughty boy!!” LMFAO!

I went to Gerry’s page and it had it listed there so if this is a joke, someone went to his page and put it in there too.

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 10:48 pm

@Interesting articles:

Now do you get the beanie hats??

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 10:56 pm


We watch it now; it’s awesome. I am stoked about Gerry being a part of it!!! Is it definite?

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 10:58 pm


I am: why haven’t we heard of this before now?


I’m hearing now that it’s not true! Maybe Gerry is wanting the role and he put it there because he wants something to do for the summer! LOL!


It seems that it’s a prank. Someone with lots of time in their hands updated Butler’s imdb page and the Game of thrones page with a falsehood.

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 11:00 pm


Don’t apologize. Happens all the time.

angelsrock @ 06/18/2011 at 11:02 pm


Bummer! It would have been so cool. I love love love Gerry in period pieces.


No worries. It’s too bad this is a prank, it would have been a great opportunity, the show has a lot of talent in it.

@surprise: @angelsrock:
Yes, I agree with angelsrock don’t apologies. Peeps play pranks all the time when it comes to him. How many times have we heard of someone claiming they are dating him, or they saw him in a restaurant with someone, or he just arrived in Glasgow, or he’s drinking in a nightclub, when all of these are bogus?
So you don’t need to apologies. However, it would have been such a good project for him to do in between PTF and Mavericks, and I’m also bummed.

Hey, maybe he has something else lined up and it’s not going to be a whole summer of G in this or that restaurant or nightclub, or G with this or that woman.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

whaaaat? jeez i was suc.ked in , dang i love him in period pieces too angelsrock…no need to apologize surprise….wonder what’s next for the hacker…gerry married with 2 kids…??

Hopefully a formal announcement about an interesting future project comes up soon..!
Have a good night everyone.

Yeah, I’m disappointed! Looked like his kind of thing! Oh well!


He’s ‘got sexy funky young women all around him all the time so why hasn’t he picked one yet? Why? Because they’re a dime a dozen and too easy. They don’t get him. He’s like a headstrong stallion who needs an experienced rider who can bring out his strengths but rein him in when he needs it and is secure enough in herself to let him run free when he needs too.

Women don’t need nor want a man to “take care” of them. People should take care of each other. It shouldn’t be a one sided thing. You sound very misogynist, since you brought it up. You have the impression that women are like pets or something. Either that or your just sick sorry woman trying to get a rise. I would imagine you’re probably alone, if you’re a guy especially, with your attitude and most likely to stay that way.

It’s the 21 century, numbnuts. Get with the program. LOL!

I’m out of here. Sweet Gerry dreams, all!

Hmmmm … is Gerry in Vegas?
MissNEusa2010 Belinda Wright
Met Gerald Butler today….omg!!
1 hour ago
(Btw, Audrey Moore from the last twitter sighting was Miss Alabama 2010 and competed in the Miss USA pageant last year.)

Just to recap, we have two former beauty pageant girls who claim they met Gerry today. They appear to be in Vegas where the Miss USA preliminaries are going on. Neither girl is competing this year, though. Perhaps they are VIP guests at this year’s pageant.

Drive Bye @ 06/19/2011 at 1:19 am

*Whew* Game of Thrones is on par with Spartacus ewwwww. It’s rated -10 on IMDB! LOL!

I realize nothing stays the same, but JJ is not the JJ where I felt at home probably a year to a half year ago.Sure there are new peeps posting, and new can be good. But I miss the old regulars. Guess I thought when I came back, the same dynamics would still be in place. People with a lot of Butler history under their belts. Cora’s around, Red not so much. Manny, thank goodness on occasion, but the old feeling here is gone – at least for me.
I remember when I first ‘got’ who I was chasing down on the internet, anfortunately I knew no better than to be a card carrying member of IMDb. Surprised by the snark, there were still a good many fans remaining counterdting the disenchanted phantom crazies.
Someone here the other night tried to dis my little fascination with Russell Brand’s humor, trying to indidate that if I thought Rus was funny, I must be off on Gerry as well. At one time somebody on IMDb used to post weekly links to Russell’s weekly UK TV shows where he’d take a weekly subject and expound on the topic. Sorry if you never saw the shows, but he was hysterical in his observations, I’d sit here late at night and laugh so hard, I hoped people going by the house wouldn’t think I was too dementd with my laughter. Maybe he hasn’t turned into your idea of bonafide moviestar worthy of academy voting membership, but funny he is. That’s my only positive legacy from old days on IMDb.
I still think Gerry is going places many of us only wished for in the early days. If you disagree, too bad, Again, I miss the old posters who knew from the gitgo that Gerry had no racial hangups – just the opposite. Crazy statements being made here by some people ignorant of his history.
I think I’m having Explorer issues again. Maybe I can post, maybe not. But I’m ready to take another break. I’m sue no one new cares, but maybe some oldtime lurkers remember. There was a difference.

oldtimer (the original) @ 06/19/2011 at 2:57 am

Indeed, the good old ~ poke fun at Gerry and his fans ~ days are gone.
They were good times!

The change came when JJ started Tweeting threads. It brought all sorts of ugly. Every once in a blue moon we rock the house with fun, but sadly it is not often.
Too many here confuse snarkiness with humor. They just don’t get it. :(


Oh cry me a river! You and some of your cronies are nothing but common bullies. You miss being able to dis GB and his fans and bully some poor people to the point of running them away. I am one of them and it pizzes you off no end that you can’t get rid of me!

I love that last line of yours “confuse snarkiness with humor”. Don’t you mean confuse humor with snarkiness? Aren’t you the one that constantly finds someone to attack and ridicule here and other places and try to pass it off as humor? Give me a break.

It’s time this board was cleaned up of trolls and troublemakers like you and your ilk so that descent posters can come here and make their comments without getting a bunch of stupid, moronic lip service from a bunch of no counts that think they know everything. LOL!

Funny you should mention “ugly”. There’s nothing uglier then a common, abusive, loud mouthed bully! And your idea of fun sucks, by the way. LMFAO!

OMG GB in Vegas during Miss USA prelims . . . that is so cliche’ it’s almost funny. How typical!

WTF is your problem? I wasn’t speaking about you in particular, you horse’s ass. I was making a comment in general. It is hilarious to me that you think it is all about you. Give Me A F*cking Break.
JJ was a ton more fun in 2010 before JJ started posting tweets bringing all kinds of peeps here that brought with them a bad vibe. If you want to count yourself in there, well suit yourself.


Resort to name calling because you’re too illiterate to do anything else as usual. So typical. Your the “ass” honey and your particular brand of fun sucks and if there is ever a “bad vibe” that hovers around this place, it is you. There may be people here who think sucking up to you gets them out of the line of fire, but I have no respect for them either. In fact, ever since OBND kissed your butt, you haven’t attacked her again….at least using the “Manny” moniker but I’ll bet you’re the one doing it under other names, you sniveling coward!

God, I hope you don’t have any kids! The poor things! It’s bad enough you have dogs! I can imagine how you must torment them on occasion just for fun!

You constantly come here and try to insult me, and others, when I haven’t said anything about you at all and I’m sick of it. You think you can cut out a “victim” to lay in to and then you or one of your peanut gallery claim you RAN ME OFF! What a joke!

Then somewhere in your stupid brain, you think other people appreciate it and think it’s funny, like all common bullies do. You have to gain an audience then by sucking up to the asskissers, trying to get them on your side. Makes you feel good about your otherwise pathetic self, doesn’t it? It’s laughable!

You come here and you start with your abusive, half baked, illiterate attacks on almost a daily basis. Then you and the rest of your cowardly band of trogodytes converge on me with the stupid down thumbing when you run out of words in your limited vocabularies! LOL! How fkging mature!

I also find it interesting that the only time you are not here is when the vile and fowl mouthed, racist and sexist trolls are on the board ranting. Wonder why that is? Either you are afraid of them or it’s YOU.

You don’t care a hoot in hell about Butler. You just despise his fans and that’s the only reason you post. If they don’t see him the way YOU do then they’re idiots.

In fact, I’ll do you one better! I’ll bet you’re so OBSESSED with him yourself, that you HATE the fact that other women lust after him! You’re so crazy jealous of all the attention he gets, it drives you nuts!

So the best way to eliminate them is either focus in on his faults OR if that doesn’t work, critisize and make fun of his fans for over looking them! Or maybe you’re really a guy and just jealous of the attention he gets from females! Take your pick!

Don’t EVER mention my name in one of your stupid posts again nor make reference or quote or suggest or do so cowarding behind another moniker either. And ANY vile post that mentions my name I WILL ASSUME IT’S YOU so be prepared because I can dish it as good as I get it!

And in return for you leaving me the fck alone, I will not address you either. Do you hear me you lousy excuse for a human being?

Thank you! Now go somewhere and make yourself feel better by tripping an old lady or taking candy from a baby or something! LOL!

Here’s a joke for ya……what’s the difference between a bucket of manure and Manny……….THE BUCKET! LMFAO!

See, at least I’m funny!

Get some help. I didn’t read your tirade and neither do I care.

good grief @ 06/19/2011 at 8:40 pm

go take some meds you sick old dog

Ignore Summer’s Eve… she’s got so many problems she has to vent at someone. Aren’t I the lucky one. hehe

LMAO – Summer’s Eve is on the other thread calling people names….. Isn’t it ironic. ROTFLMAO!


Hit home, didn’t I, you worhtless piece! LOL!

You have to be careful what you ask a man. He will always give you the truth when asked this question. But he’s far more authentic now than ever. Think he could have said, “Could be better.” and it wouldn’t have smarted everyone so much. But he’s still learning. He’s clueless; not toxic. I know stuff. ;o) Go get her Eve! LOL She’s as bad as “Evil” running folks off cos this is her LIFE!

GertieWoodring @ 06/23/2011 at 5:01 pm

Tell him that I’m waiting for a chance. I don’t care how famous he is. I will love him for who he is.

I wish I was older. <3 <3

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