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Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler leisurely strolls into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant on Thursday (June 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived to have lunch and met a pal in the parking lot! The two chatted and laughed together before Gerard went inside to enjoy his meal.

Recently, Gerard chatted with E! News on the red carpet about his love life. He summed it up in just two words: “It’s terrible!”

The day before, Gerard stepped out at the launch of “A Ring to Educate a Child in Haiti.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler headed into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood…

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205 Responses to “Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!”

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  1. 26
    Paisley Says:

    @angelsrock: OMG don’t I know it angelsrock. I’m happily overdosing on all the news. I love the white shirt & jeans look too – not many men look good scruffy or shaven, dressed up or down, long hair or short but he does.

  2. 27
    Paisley Says:

    @justme: Apologies if this posts 2x
    Disregarding the rom-com this is what he’s been doing and going to be doing filmwise.
    Coriolanus, released in Europe but not here (yet).
    Machinegun Preacher – post production, coming out in September – Oscar buzz
    Movie 43 – post production
    How To Train Your Dragon 2 – preproduction
    Mavericks rumored to start filming in September
    Na Nai’a A Legend Of The Dolphin – documentary that he’s co-narrating, showing this month in Hawaii
    Doesn’t sound like there’s any shortage of roles for him to me.

  3. 28
    Manny Says:

    Really Butler? Yeah and pigs fly. *snort*

  4. 29
    Manny Says:

    @oh yeah:
    Who knows if he likes fuzzy or not. ;)
    I see the lying sack of sh!t is still trying to backtrack. Organized my ass. If Georgia were so organized she would at least organize her lies better.
    BTW Georgia dear, there are two outstanding questions posted to you.
    1. What is hanging above Gerry’s bed in LA?
    2. Where was Gerry sitting at the Mavs/Lakers game?
    *tapping toe waiting*

  5. 30
    Manny Says:

    Oh I take that back…. Georgia is the sow that flies. :)))

  6. 31
    TMZ Says:

    TMZ site has story about him hitting on lesbian actress, lol

  7. 32
    kelly Says:

    ok dont care i think hes hot i agree love life and sex life is diffrent but i think we can all agree hes not missing out on all the hot hollywood tail he can get but who cares really i dont i just love looking at him hes such a hottie

  8. 33
    Georgia* Says:

    Still going on about that? How long ago was it,now? what a SAD life you must lead.Let it go…move on.
    I won’t disclose any deets that aren’t going to be made public,anyway.
    There is such a thing as PRIVACY.
    As for @Me …he/she knows as much as you do…i.e – Nothing.

    ……and as for the “sow” comment……really don’t think so,hun.

  9. 34
    Manny Says:

    ROTFLMAO – you win the crown for MIss Bogus. Until you put up proof … Talk to the hand. :))))))))))

  10. 35
    Georgia* Says:

    Again,I don’t have to prove anything.
    If Gerry wants people to know,what is hanging up in his bedroom …..then he can release those deets,himself. I don’t “kiss and tell”. LOL ; )

  11. 36
    Real Deal Says:

    “No, it really happened. I saw the vid. He was getting into his car when he said that. He replied “It’s terrible” just as he closed the door. And of course he was joking!”
    I know he said it; I saw the video. All I meant is that it wasn’t an interview, it was just a smart-ass answer to the paps when they asked him “How is your love life.” He was joking – as you say.

    What I wasn’t sure about is if he really hit on the lesbian actresses or was it just TMZ trying to create a funny clip about him.
    “You and Niknok called it right.
    At least we know he hopped on no plane today and Georgia is a lying sack of sh!t.”
    I would love to take credit for it, but it wasn’t me. It was “Butler’s Menopausal Psychos” and “Niknoks” that were the ones to say the Russell Crowe tweet referees to him not to Gerry.

  12. 37
    Real Deal Says:

    Let’s face it you little liar! You saw that confusing tweet from RC and you thought G was hopping on a plane, which is why you dropped those hints.
    ” Anyway….gotta go pack now ; ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”
    ” Still bitter ….I see. Would LOVE to tell you where….but I ain’t going to. Maybe you can do one of your twitter searches….not just yet though.
    ; ) ”
    LOL! you weren’t bright enough to analyze it before using it to make sure it made sense. You just assumed blindly that G is off again. But… got caught again, which is becoming an everyday occurrence for you, yet you continue to insist against all the times you got caught that you’re dating him. You’re pathetic!!!!
    No one believes you, and you’re wasting your time. You can’t convince us that you know him much less dating him. And, if he knew about your existence, he’d just feel sorry for you, as you don’t have a life outside of “declaring” day in and day out how you’re dating him. The guy has and had many of your type. Supposedly, there is a new one at WO also insisting she is going to be his next GF. You’re not unique in your brain damage.

  13. 38
    @Real Deal Says:

    Georgia* is probably Fry Guy laughing his head off.

  14. 39
    Real Deal Says:

    @@Real Deal:
    Fry Guy has better things to do with his time than beeing here everyday claiming he’s G’s lover.
    The guy has a job, obligations, a GF……….he ain’t no loser like Georgia.

  15. 40
    Georgia* Says:

    @Real Deal
    As I have stated numerous times now…I don’t have Twitter or Facebook .Not going away, just yet..but soon.

  16. 41
    Tonto Says:

    Real deal, I agree with most here who do not believe Georgia is legit. Any serious GF of his would not be posting nonsense on a gossip site like this. Let’s face it, would you if you were the real deal? She’s having fun playing her little game. That is all that’s real about her. If you continue to interact with her, you’re just feeding her need for attention. She’ll eventually grow tired of it and move on to another site in time. But, play her game if you want. It seems no amount of calling her on her validity seems to deter her from posting her fantasy life here as long as she gets attention. Myself, I’m enjoying the eye candy for as long as it lasts. ;)

  17. 42
    Real Deal Says:

    LOL! So what if you stated numerous times you have no twitter or FB? You proved yourself a liar numerous times so stop trying to validate yourself – you have no credibility.
    Yesterday was proof you scan Twitter incessantly, as you used RC’s confusing tweet to hint that you’re leaving with G on yet another trip. You were caught lying AGAIN.
    The more you claim this or that, the more pathetic you sound.
    “Not going away, just yet..but soon.”
    Oh yeah??? Waiting to catch a tweet first before declaring bogusly that you’re leaving????? PATHETIC!!!!!

  18. 43
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Lookin Good Gerry!! Keep on smiling..:) It is what it is..

  19. 44
    Real Deal Says:

    I think you’re right. We have proved her a liar so many times and she won’t go away. Maybe it’s attention she wants. I suppose the girl has nothing else better to do.

  20. 45
    Georgia* Says:

    @Real Deal
    No…I’m not going to tell you where….Or when.
    You’ll just have to find it out.

  21. 46
    Me2 Says:

    @Tonto: I totally agree with you.If this Georgia* person was anything to Gerry (friend,acquaintance or a GF like she insists ) she wouldn’t waste her time here or on any other gossip site trying to convince everyone that she knows him and she’s with him. As long as people keep on giving her the time of day she’ll keep coming back.

  22. 47
    ellie' Says:

    Love the look Gerry..messy & sexy!!!

  23. 48
    niknoks Says:

    @Real Deal:

    She won’t go away because people keep responding to her and rising to her bait. People should just refuse to acknowledge her in any way shape or form. I know it’s tempting to respond and ask her to prove stuff but that’s what she wants, she’s getting off on all the attention.

  24. 49
    Eve Says:


    He said his “love” life is terrible, not his “sex” life. Totally different thing.

  25. 50
    @RealDeal Says:

    @Georgia*: And pigs fly.

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