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Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!

Gerard Butler leisurely strolls into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant on Thursday (June 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived to have lunch and met a pal in the parking lot! The two chatted and laughed together before Gerard went inside to enjoy his meal.

Recently, Gerard chatted with E! News on the red carpet about his love life. He summed it up in just two words: “It’s terrible!”

The day before, Gerard stepped out at the launch of “A Ring to Educate a Child in Haiti.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler headed into Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood…

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205 Responses to “Gerard Butler: My Love Life Is Terrible!”

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  1. 151
    Eve Says:

    Well I guess I’m just gonna have to spring for HBO! LOL! I’m unclear when GB will be in it. Is it next season or the one tomorrow? Please, verify before I order because I’m a cheap bastid!

  2. 152
    wtf? Says:

    @surprise: thanks my pvr is set!

    @a report: i couldn’t agree more.

  3. 153
    surprise Says:

    @a report:

    According to an interview with HBO bosses, season 2 of Game of Thrones will premiere around the same time next year (April 2012) and will consist of 10 episodes, just like this season.

    Season 2, Clash of Kings will begin filming in July. Tomorrow is the Season 1 finale.

  4. 154
    surprise Says:

    Filming Schedule of Season 2: July 25th all the way through December.
    Locations: Ireland and Malta

  5. 155
    wtf? Says:

    @wtf?: eve i don’t think you will regret an hbo subscription

    in the past it had great shows like band of brothers,sopranos, deadwood , the pacific, rome, john adams….

    i really enjoy boardwalk empire and game of thrones and i use to watch true blood(although i feel it may have jumped the shark).

    alot of really well written: well acted stuff to choose from….

  6. 156
    surprise Says:

    His hair will probably be dyed back to dark brown. All Baratheons are of dark hair. So say goodbye to the blonde.

  7. 157
    legends Says:

    Hey girls of WO (if any of you are here) – is anyone else having trouble to get the newsbox to come up? Help.

  8. 158
    legends Says:

    Hey girls of WO (if any of you are here) – is anyone else having trouble to get the newsbox to come up? Help.

  9. 159
    Ryan Says:

    He hasn’t been hurt!!!!!

    Stop projecting your own misguided and unhappy experiences with men onto him.

    He is just a cad – he loves women and sex and is not ready to give up his freedom to a feminist that will cut her hair, gain weight, and stop giving him accesses to her sexually once they marry. If he can’t find a woman that can promise him not to change and continue to be like she was when he was courting her, he won’t marry or commit to any woman. Why should he? He is at the top of his game. Every woman wants him. Women have to prove to him they are worthy to be married to him, not Gerry to them. A woman should demonstrate that she is worthy to get his name and bear his children in exchange for him marrying her. All women care about these days is to have status through marrying a powerful men. Stay married to him for a few years, then get a divorce and take half his fortune, not to mention she gets unending spousal support and the the kids too, because the courts and the legal system is on women’s side this time in our history.
    He wants to marry a woman that will not use the legal system to destroy him. So far all he meets are self-absorbed sel-centered women with no talent or scruples. They think that going to bed with him is enough to make him fall madly in love with them.

    Boy! Are they mistaken. And, he rides their stupidity.

  10. 160
    Hot Mess Says:

    Oh Lord…..

  11. 161
    a report Says:

    from July 25- December.
    So I’m thinking that his part will be filmed before Mavericks will start in Oct.
    Wow!!! Ireland and Malta – those are great locations and so very beautiful.
    If I know Gerry’s past behavior, Malta is possibly going to be a place he would pick up women. It has the same feel Serbia has, and not as many FBs and Twitteres there lol.

    Get ready for more of his shenanigans.

  12. 162
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @surprise: It says tomorrow June 19, has he already done some of it? Bummer! I do not have HBO! Is he going to lose that gorgeous hair!!!!????

  13. 163
    Cora Says:

    Am I the only one feeling sceptical about this “Game of Thrones” story?

  14. 164
    surprise Says:

    You can stream the episodes through sidereel.

  15. 165
    a report Says:

    So many good British actors are in it
    charles dance
    sean bean
    lena heady (300) and many others.
    Gerry is listed first so i assume it’s a big part – he’s the main character.
    a year after it is on BHO you can rented on DVD, or sometimes before the year is up.

  16. 166
    Gorgeous Beauty Says:

    OMG! she could be right for Gerry!/audreycatmoore
    audrey moore
    “I just met Gerard butler!!!!! For those who know me you know how much I love him!! So hott!!!! I love him!!!! #tooexcited”

  17. 167
    from WO Says:

    WO is reporting that the HBO gig is a prank but I think we need to investigate it further before we say it’s bogus,
    this site is reporting it untrue.

  18. 168
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Cora: Cora, I wondered, I just checked out a game of Thrones site, and they are saying Imbd was changed by some joker, and GB is not Stannis.

  19. 169
    surprise Says:

    Apologies if this is a prank. I saw it on imdb and thought this may be legit.

  20. 170
    Eve Says:


    I hope so. I hate paying for something that I only get a couple of shows that interest me. I don’t watch much TV as it it but if Butler is on there, I might just have to!


    “Stop projecting your own misguided and unhappy experiences with men onto him.”


    I say he’s been hurt and that’s final! AND he needs a sweet, loving sugar momma to make it all better, a woman who knows how to handle him, treat him right when he’s good, punish him when he’s bad and to kiss all his booboos away!

    But if he gets TOO bad then a good old fashioned spanking is in order!

    “Drop ‘em Butler, and bend over my knee, you naughty boy!!” LMFAO!

  21. 171
    Eve Says:

    I went to Gerry’s page and it had it listed there so if this is a joke, someone went to his page and put it in there too.

  22. 172
    angelsrock Says:

    @Interesting articles:

    Now do you get the beanie hats??

  23. 173
    angelsrock Says:


    We watch it now; it’s awesome. I am stoked about Gerry being a part of it!!! Is it definite?

  24. 174
    angelsrock Says:


    I am: why haven’t we heard of this before now?

  25. 175
    Eve Says:


    I’m hearing now that it’s not true! Maybe Gerry is wanting the role and he put it there because he wants something to do for the summer! LOL!

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