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Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Engaged!

Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Engaged!

Ryan Murphy‘s next project: a wedding!

The 45-year-old Glee co-creator recently got engaged, he announced Friday morning (June 17) on Ryan Seacrest‘s 102.7 KIIS-FM radio show.

“I’m with a great fellow now who I’ve known for 15 years, just got engaged and I’m very excited about it!” Ryan said without revealing his fiance’s name, though it is reportedly David Miller.

In addition to the hit Fox show, Ryan and Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk are working on the FX pilot American Horror Story.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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# 1

He’s such a douchebag. Badmouthing artists because they don’t want to be on his crappy show.

# 3

He IS a major douchebag, just like everyone else who works on “Glee” (not the actors, the crew)!

# 4

he’s engaged to a freaking DUDE! did he give his “fellow” a diamond ring?

# 6

you surprised??..he created Glee of course he’s gay…haha
…perfect Six Flags weather…yall better get these free tickets while they last … im going all next week while im off..haha

# 7

Why we so much Kurt and Blaine story but Santana and Britt are left out?
Congratulation thought.

# 8

wow, when is the baby due? oh wait.

# 9

@jasmine: Jasmine/Rhonda/Mlef – homophobic ignorant trashy cnt

Wow, how could anyone deal with that ego and btchiness all day

LOL!!!!!! A man getting engaged to a man! I’m sorry but after all these years it still sounds HILARIOUS to me! ROFLMAO!

I know, it sounds so wrong, doesn’t it?!

@@jasmine: At least that don’t have to touch that stank va-j-j

Two men engaged? O.o

If you don’t like it too fng bad. You have no choice but to deal with it and accept it. You can’t do a fng thing about btches.

well despite all these comments I am happy for him! Congrats! AND OMG PPL! SOME GUYS LIKE SOME GUYS, SOME GIRLS LIKE SOME GIRLS! GET THE F**K OVER IT! THEY AREN’T HURTING YOU!


Congrats to him, I didn’t see this coming. Also, didn’t know he was 45.

I like Glee, but the fact that he runs the show is really annoying. He gives off a SUPER ego in interviews.

I’m actually shocked to read homophobic coments ..

most of the people that read articles on justjared are young ..

young and yet homophobes .. the futur is promising

weird to see all the homophobia here … hey primitives, you do know that many of the hollywood people you love are gay?? you need to put away your bibles and get over it.

you are all so rude.. poor America

Congrats to the happy couple :-)! And to all of you primitive, ignorant homophobes: get a life! How can loving someone be wrong??

Congrats to the happy couple :-)! And to all of you primitive, ignorant homophobes: get a life! How can loving someone be wrong?

@ jasmine: Acually I shouldn’t respond to your nonsense-comments, but as I can see you are not exactly the most intelligent human being, so I will enlighten you about some stuff:
1. Have you ever heard of heterosexism? It’s the notion of heterosexuals that they are superior to homosexuals, only because they don’t fall in love with people of the same sex. So, you are what I’d call a heterosexist and well, let me tell you something: you are NOT superior, on the contrary: you are a hateful, disgusting egoist with absolutely no empathy!
2. Anal sex isn’t dirty. Your intestine cleans itself naturally 2 hours after you went to the toilet.
3. Not every gay man likes anal sex.
4. There seem to be a lot of heterosexual guys who like to “stick their …. in their girlfriends dooky holes”. Do you hate them, too :-)?

Wow I didn’t see that coming. Congrats!


P.S. Homophobia smells like rotten cheese. Homophobes stink.

Well it does explain why almost every character now on Glee is either Gay or Bi. I used to love the show- but he seems to be forcing this agenda. Keep the show light-hearted & about a HS glee club. We understand there is homophobia out there- but does every issue on this show now really have to do with everyone being gay???

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