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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Leave 'Today' Together

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Leave 'Today' Together

Jada Pinkett Smith leaves the Today show studios with husband Will Smith on Tuesday (June 14) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actress was on the morning show to chat about her TNT medical drama, Hawthorne.

The same day, Jada did some more promo work for the show, dropping by the AOL Studios and also making an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Check out Jada‘s Today show interview below, where she chatted about filming love scenes with family friend and Jennifer Lopez‘s hubby Marc Anthony!

FYI: Jada is wearing Aperlai “Lara” pumps at the Today show and Thomas Wylde while visiting Fox & Friends.

Jada Pinkett Smith – Today Show Interview

20+ pictures inside of Jada Pinkett Smith promoting Hawthorne

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Credit: Charles Eshelman, Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • um

    Jada needs to add some more weight to her frame. Her cheekbones are poking thru her skin as if she were 89

  • pigbearman

    i used to like this family until they took up scientology. will’s massive ego and their spoilt kids just bolstered my low opinion of them

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Some people just cannot stand success.What I like about them is they are they seem to have a good marriage is family oriented with a religious back ground and you never hear any scandals about them and their children seem to be grounded. That’s more than you can say about a lot of Hollywood couples.

  • Tracy

    Beautiful couple! Love them!

  • Yo-Landi

    @um: Agreed. She’s way too skinny. I know she’s petite but still. It makes her look rough.

  • jessa

    she seems superficial.
    and unconcerned about properly educating her children.
    instead, she pimps them out to the entertainment industry.
    good job.

  • rhonda

    just saw her on Piers Morgan, what an ego! she thinks she’s just about it. she seems kind of nuts to me. Besides the dad and brother I don’t see much talent.

  • jill

    For all those complaining about Jada’s skinniness. She is very petite. I doubt she is 5 ft. She is supposed to be skinny.

  • realist

    pigbearman @ 06/17/2011 at 7:33 pm #2

    i used to like this family until they took up scientology. will’s massive ego and their spoilt kids just bolstered my low opinion of them

    So you will stop liking people because they have a different religion than you? Your friends must be few.

    And those children do not act spoil, unless you consider
    ”highly intelligent” spoil.

  • Laura

    @Um: Jada has fillers/implants in her cheeks (google it), like Madonna and Naomi Campbell has, it’s very unfortunate because they all look great without it.

  • jk

    Some of these complaints about this couple seem pretty lame, they stay out of the the headlines, they are a very close family with a great marriage, Will and Jada are very close to his older son from his previous marriage, they donate money to great causes what else do you want??

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    she want more money

  • Anna

    @realist: The problem is that Scientology is a cult not a religion!

  • annie

    agree anna ,cult it is.the 2 little kids are the money makers,they should be in school. whip it stupid.

  • http://yo Canes

    @Anna: First of all they have said that they are not Scientologist but they do like some parts of the religion but say they are Christians and Scientologists are not one to hide there faith at all and ALL religions are CULTS anyway they are all wacky in there own way. What makes a Mormon better than a Buddhist or a Hindu better than a Born Again Christian??? Why must any believe be persecuted??? This is 2011 for God sakes!!!!!

  • Anna

    @Canes: I have not talked about Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or philosophies of life!! Scientology is a cult as I studied in school books (sociology).

  • Brainy box

    STAR POWER!!!!!

  • stee-low-flow

    Love Will and Jada and their kids.

    The season premiere of “Hawthrone” with Michael Vartan. Mark Anthony and rest of cast was awesome.

    I have NO problem with this family —because they have not personally done anything to me..except entetain.

    Jada and Will come from Philly and B-More…they are not easily swayed..are hard working …their kids have every right to be in entertainment like anybody else. At least they have talent.

    Trey….Will’s son from previous marriage jsut graduated from and wants to be a doctor.

    There are loads of succesful, educated black people The Smiths and The Obamas seem to upset ignorant people. Yes…blacks can make successful lives for themselves without pushing drugs or stealing.

    Go Smith family!

  • Kyle

    Beautiful couple. Will’s the man and Jada is gorgeous.

  • Libby

    Will could buy you haters!!!

  • Juno

    Jealousy is NOT attractive

  • Wailey

    You hating Trolls should get a life. This is a beautiful and talented family. The nastiness just makes you look pathetic.
    That is all

  • Su

    @Wailey: TROLLS disgust me. For society’s sake I hope this one’s been sterilized!
    Love the Smith familly.

  • Fiona

    They are a beautiful couple. When Will wakes up in the morning, he’ll still be a successful movie star and what will you be Troll? Right

  • Pipper

    @Juno: It’s so not! They are a beautiful couple btw, and I just love Willow so cute

  • Lohnny

    You fatties stop hating on Jada.

  • Fanny

    Beautiful couple & family. <3

  • dee

    SO REAL LITTLE…oh, pardon me… Realist here is some real for you. Confidence is not an inflated ego. Will Smith is one of the decent, nice guys full of drive, ambition, self love and swagger up the ying yang! In other words he knows who he is and i doubt he or Jada could give a rat’s bum about what you think of them. If he was a deadbeat dad …you and your kind would have plenty to say about that too. It is so unreal how when it is a strong Black man and an even stronger black woman next to him or for that matter a white woman, spanish or whatever but more so a sista then they get hated on because they are doing their thing. Will takes care of home, his wife and kids so how someone could hate on that, oh but forgive me i forgot for some of you it is just in you! The fact that he does take care of home and family while relentlessly pursuing his dream is what makes him even sexier! And have you met their children? THey seem really well mannered which is saying a lot these days. So funny that when people of color push their kids to reach for the stars…it’s also a problem and then the kids are labeled “spoiled”. Perhaps they should push them to do nothing but live off their parents….ah but we will leave that to the trust fund types. Or maybe they shold push them to work at Burger King the rest of their lives? Yeah, i am sure you and your type would love that. Heaven forbid someone else gets a part of the pie! Some how i get the feeling that since Will hasnt forgotten who he is and gives back to his former community here in Philly….then i doubt his kids will be running wild destroying hotel rooms etc. Sound familiar? The last child prodigy that did that wasn’t a person of color so you need to just get over and take that hateration with you to hell. Further , this is not the 1800s and we aren’t going back so get over and stop crying in your beer and pissing on your fellow man and do something with your sorry life . I have never ever gotten that. A grown man being jealous of another grown man. So when you people can’t lock a black man up , you throw daggers at him via words. Trust, Will just pops his collar and keeps it moving! LOVE that! When people hate on others that are clearly striving for the best they can be …..that usually means they are insecure about their own inabilities and position in life. I say rock on Will and Jada, entire Smith clan. Jada still gorgeous . ANd we can’t win either way either we are too tiny or too thick, too this , too that, too mouthy, too driven according to the bias polls. That’s why you have to love yourself first. ANd we don’t want to look like your females. We appreciate our blackness, our full figure, bottoms, lips. It’s who we are. ANd even whe we try to drop a few pounds…it’s not about you all or any other woman. It’s about being healthy. Hell you can hate but you can’t steal our Joy and self worth ,self love because the majority of us don’t get up in the morning worrying about what the hell you think of us. We don’t give a damn and that’s just real because it’s usually biased. We get up thankful for another day to possibly do better and get it right. No hate for the nasty hater but i do pity you thou. And if they were Scientologist…it would be their business and it sounds like you need to seek some higher power yourself dudes. You represent well Will and Jada

  • Maryum

    ROFL haters are SOOOO Jealous!

    The Smith family rock! They are the only hollywood couple that has always been real.. done nothing to noone.. respectable.. no scandals.. and very talented. Will and Jada such a hot married couple!