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Pink: 'My Life is Snot, Tears, and the Color of Poop'

Pink: 'My Life is Snot, Tears, and the Color of Poop'

Pink and her husband Carey Hart take their newborn baby girl Willow grocery shopping on Wednesday (June 15) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The happy family picked up some fresh produce from the local Farmers Market.

Pink recently told her Twitter followers what her life has been like since giving birth to Willow just two weeks ago.

“my life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes… now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop,” she wrote.

20+ pictures inside of Pink, Carey, and Willow Hart at the Farmers Market…

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pink snot tears poop 01
pink snot tears poop 02
pink snot tears poop 03
pink snot tears poop 04
pink snot tears poop 05
pink snot tears poop 06
pink snot tears poop 07
pink snot tears poop 08
pink snot tears poop 09
pink snot tears poop 10
pink snot tears poop 11
pink snot tears poop 12
pink snot tears poop 13
pink snot tears poop 14
pink snot tears poop 15
pink snot tears poop 16
pink snot tears poop 17
pink snot tears poop 18
pink snot tears poop 19
pink snot tears poop 20

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  • no1cares

    Pink is so annoying.

  • manka

    She is HUGE. O_o

  • Mlef

    The same life as Katy Perry I

  • lily

    I love Pink…and i think she looks good.

  • bobbi

    I love that she is out in public looking like all post-partum women do.

  • Mlef


    Yeah Jared should stop the “post baby covers” with rich women who are doing sport and diet 1 hour after having the baby.

    The normal women are more ofently like Pink.
    In a way, even If i don’t always like her music, she still give a good message, even if I guess that she can’t wait to loose some weigh, there nothing criminal about being like that” after a pregnancy.

  • loog

    She good to hide from the cam because that she sow interesting (:

  • Dooley

    THATS WEIRD..She had one premature and looks like the other baby will go full term.

  • shimmy

    “thumbs up” if you’re having problems loading this site.


  • Sheri

    Refreshing to see that Pink is not one of these new moms who feels she needs to whittle down to a size 6 within a month of her baby’s birth. She looks healthy and happy. The weight loss will come in due course, I’m sure; she’s a performer and will want to get her body back into stage mode, but right now she has got her priorities right. Congrats to the new family!

  • Cookie

    Yeah, I find it extremely curious how all these women who have their babies are participating in a nude photograph session like thirty minutes after they’ve had their kid. I’m referring here to the supermodel, actresses who never gain a pound except the weight that is the baby, and show everything they have two seconds after the child is born.
    Makes me wonder if they use surrogates and fake bellies… Wouldn’t be surprised at all, you know.

  • sillyme

    Good for her for showing how most women look after having a baby. I’m so tired of those celebs who refuse to be seen in public until they’ve lost most of their baby weight.

  • well…

    #1 —- no1cares, YOU ARE ANNOYING.

    Pink has always come across as a very real person and that’s so refreshing. She is her own woman. She’s not trying to emulate other people. She lives her own unique life. I don’t care one iota about her size. Her husband is happy and that’s all that matters. She’s lucky to have a man who adores her no matter what. Some women really do stay thin after pregnancy cuz some women are just naturally on the thin side… and they don’t eat too much. Others are vain and they worry about becoming fat, so they watch their diet even while pregnant. So what! To each his/her own. Pink and Carey look totally thrilled to be parents. Great!

  • KC

    Motherhood suits her very well. She looks very peaceful. I think she will make a wonderful mother.

  • Mlef


    Maybe not surrogate.
    I think they are obssessed by their image, they want to show as quick as possible that they still can be hot, or able to shoot movies, or doing clips.

    I’m french, and I was pretty shocked by the way that Jared show her thin few days after the birth of her baby.
    It was not even a cover, she was doing a shot for a commercial, and magazines, blogs, AND VERY OFENTLY JARED, show that kind of woman as an example.

  • cheech

    What an adorable family,congrats to pink she’s amazing

  • Mlef

    *shows Marion Cotillard.

  • Jory

    So cute both of them <3 I wanna see the baby so bad <3

  • C

    It is so nice to see a celebrity that isn’t a size 0 the day after giving birth.This is how a real woman looks and I applaud her for not giving into Hollywood standards.

  • michelle

    I bet i am her oldest fan……lol…i am 68 and i have adored her forever…i love her music and her attitude and am so thrilled she is a mama and has had a healthy baby girl. She is so beautiful to me…..a most beatiful mother…..and I am sure Willow is a beautiful baby. So you meanies say what you want about her but remember the words of the immortal pee wee herman……she is rubber and you are glue…whatever you say bounces off her and sticks to you…neener neener neener…lol…….i love you pink…..

  • Susan

    For those assholes that insist on being complete jerks over pink’s baby weight, get over it. You don’t like the way she looks, too bad. Let her enjoy being a brand new mommy for a while. Just because she isn’t living up to your body expectations doesn’t mean shit and isn’t a crime.

  • InuYashaFan

    jared late on a lot posts lately

  • Lulu

    That’s what is called a “Precious Cargo”. The family is very cute.

  • InuYashaFan

    so stupid for them to keep bringing the baby out,it should stay in the house for at least 1-2months.Im 18 and i stayed in my house for 11months just watching tv,doing internet and chatting on fb,

  • sara


    Um… not only celebrities are thin after having babies. Try exercising and eating healthy before getting pregnant, during pregnancy and after birth, you too could look great after giving birth. Don’t be hating on celebs just because they have trainers and cooks to make sure they are in top shape. Get off the couch ;)

  • gigi

    good on ya pink, not much can be said about ta other celebrities who loose weight once there give birth.

  • Jack King

    Snot, Tears, and the Color of Poop? Enough about your husband, Pink. What about the baby?

  • sally

    The reason she looks like that is because she had a c section. If she had given birth naturally her body would go back to normal much quicker.

  • Candi

    maybe now pink will be less of a bully since she has a baby girl. she has been jealous and mean to xtina ever since linda perry started writing songs for xtina- all cuz she was jealous. anyone remember the blow-up doll she brought on stage and told the audience it was xtina? i will never have respect for this jealous, mean bully.
    she even picked on britney.
    and still continues to do so.
    here’s to hoping karma bites her in the ass real hard.

  • Daisy

    @bobbi: I love that she is out in public looking like all post-partum women do.

    Oh, come on, this is how a fat post-partum woman looks like! she’s like 7 months pregnant. She gained too much weight. She’s huge.

  • InuYashaFan

    @Candi: she likes christina she even tweeted last year that she liked her new mv

  • Darah Sanches

    Tudo bem que mulher grávida engorda, isso é fato; mas essa Pink, está obesa.., a bunda dela está maior que a barriga. Cruzes!!!