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Blake Lively Covers 'Madison' July 2011

Blake Lively Covers 'Madison' July 2011

Blake Lively is white hot on the cover of Madison‘s July issue.

Here’s what the 23-year-old Green Lantern star had to share with the Australian mag:

On the benefits of living in Manhattan: “Living in New York City helps me a lot. If I lived in a place which was more quiet and calm it would be a challenge to work as much as I do, but the city is always alive. It’s constantly breathing and pushing you through, so it makes it easier to be awake. You feed off the energy of the city, the people, the lights and sounds.”

On her love for fashion: “I appreciate design so much and have done so since I was a child. My mom and sisters were models. They always loved clothes and any sort of design. Fashion is something I’ve always admired – so being exposed to it and sitting in Paris next to [designer] Karl Lagerfeld and looking at the couture pieces, seeing the sketches and hearing how they are designed, it’s like … [sighs]”

On being called a fashion icon: “That stuff makes me feel so shy. If people like what I wear, that’s the cherry on top of everything else.”

Bigger pic inside….

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Photos: Madison Magazine
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  • Perry Phalla

    Exact cover from Vogue June 2010.

  • Ali

    Who likes what she wears? She always looks awkward and ill-styled. This is a person who could use a stylist with good taste.

  • Stephanie

    I bought that magazine just for her! She looks stunning as always.

  • Lol

    i remember this photoshoot in VOGUE a long time ago. and lol at a blake post above a mila post.. you can really see how plain/average blake is compared to mila, no one can deny that

  • jessa

    blah blah blah.

  • again?

    Just when you thought finally there`s a little break from Flake-Blake Jared has a new post about her. When is it going to end? She makes me sick to my stomach! I have no idea what`s the hype around her – besides you know who – and I wish she would just disappear already!

  • truth

    Beautiful Blake

  • JC

    I hate fake humility

  • Air

    She’s more beautiful as a brunette

  • baba

    Love her!

  • Domino

    Who calls her a fashion icon? Blind people?

  • essie

    ummm to be considered an icon wouldn’t that mean you would have to be relevant for several years/decades….? she’s only been relevant for a month..

  • sara

    It never fails, people here love to hate on her…

  • Sheena

    @Perry Phalla: yes they often reprint covers that sell well. Im not a fan but that’s why you see covers reprinted over and over again. It was a seller.

  • eeplf

    Wow Leo stans on the prowl. u guys are scary. 12 yr old fangirls? smh.

  • haha

    Blake > U emo pimple faced greasy haired rejects.

  • @16

    There is the 12 years old Gossip Girl fangirl! haha

  • Impressive `actress`
  • Sly

    I don’t understand all the attention she gets. Really. If it wasn’t of all the cosmetic surgeries this talentless actress had…

    she would look like nothing. Frankly. But thanks to her powerful PR team, she gets magazine covers and a direct line to gossip columnists on her link to DiCaprio.

    How about her nude pictures? No one is asking her to explain. How come?

  • let me ride

    LEONARDO DiCaprio flirts with a mystery blonde- on a night partying without girlfriend Blake Lively.

    Leo, 36, hid under a cap and hood as he larked about with the girl in New York. He then begged photographers to bin the snaps. An onlooker said: “They looked very close.”

  • green

    Enough with Leo. yawn. she was famous before him.

  • Altheia

    You’re all foold. It’s not her Vogue cover, she is just an amazing model that can pose in the exact same way as her June 2010 cover from head to toe, every inch of her body. I mean clearly the shirt here is white while the Vogue shirt, which she wore exactly the same way because she is a great model, is light green.

  • Missy

    Ugh! Ugly girl inside and out.

  • @22

    …zzzzzzz. Great model! Are you kidding? With that face maybe for menswear!

  • j

    @Sly: ew look at her old nose!! from a family of models and she STILL needs plastic surgery to look good.. effing pathetic!!! plus she cant act. cmon.. shes so ordinary get out of the limelight you dont deserve to be there!

  • Nicki

    Thanks @Sly – LOL! What an natural ugly girl!

    Interesting photo, I have to say. We can see that not only had she a nose job, but she had her chin retouched, as well.

    Can someone tell me once and for all, what happened to the guy who used to date Bar Refaeli? I mean, she was actually dumped for that vapid, superficial B-list actress who taked pictures of her in the nude? I don’t get it. I really don’t get it, guys……

  • LMAO

    Nicki, I have seen your comments on Bar before and the for the first time ever I totally agree with you. I call it the free-fall of Dicaprio. Someone starting with Gisele and ending up with …. her?????? You would think he is getting smarter and somewhat more sophisticated as he gets older but quite the contrary. Going after fake, trashy and anti-talented! What`s wrong with him? Midlife crisis already? Give him a red sports car and you have the whole picture!

  • Domino

    I still don’t get how she had surgery but didn’t remove the wart on her face. But then, she still looks f-ugly, surgery or not.

  • Punp

    You know you’re something special when you attract many haters ;)
    blah boring people could never get this much attention. good or bad she’s still getting it.

  • @punp

    Special? Sure but in the negative sense. Is that supposed to be impressive? Is that someone is supposed to admire? Being fake and anti-talented still getting attention for all the wrong reasons?

  • katnip

    I’m not a fan of hers but don’t really know much about her.

    I think she is young, pretty and perky. she is going to take the roles that older actresses are getting.

    So the ones that need to watch out for Blake are

    Jennifer Aniston
    Kate Hudson
    Cameron Diaz
    Katherine Heigl.

    These are the women that need to watch out. They are older and now actresses like Blake are getting the roles they use too.

    It is the way of hollywood. So why all the hate.

    Unless you are one of the actresses above. Women always attack the women they feel threatened by. The women that have something they lack in themselves. Sad that women don’t support younger women.

    Look I don’t care about her, but don’t get why women get such a kick out of attacking her.. Jealous or what??????

  • LMAO

    Can you tell an example which role she took from any of those actresses you mentioned, katnip. Gossip Girl or her upcoming supporting role in some movie ( I can`t remember the title ). I highly doubt any of those mediocre actresses are threatened by her! Come on! And please, stop the jealousy stuff already!

  • j

    @katnip: honey its not that, i am all for young TALENTED women getting great job opportunities.. a la emma stone, carey mulligan, keira knightley, mila kunis, natalie portman, mia wasikowska, rachel mcadams… its just infuriating and horrible seeing great roles going to talentless actresses. they simply do not deserve it. you should have to actually WORK for success not be handed it on a silver platter because of your fake nose and fake boobs.

  • @33

    Not to mention all the rumors how she is getting all the attention and roles in Hollywood. But so far she couldn`t get a great role. Thank God, Daisy Buchanan went to Carey Mulligan. Now that would have been an utter disaster if she gets it! Instead of showcasing her assets, fashion and her meal ticket new boyfriend she should focus on acting and proving herself.

  • speechless

    Big difference between those actresses and Blake. They pull in audiences. Period. Blake can’t. They’re entertaing to watch on screen. Blake isn’t.
    LOVE Jen Aniston, and Cam Diaz. They are so funny. Blake isn’t trying to go for comedy, she’s going for serious roles which is what is going to make her look like a fool.
    Katherine Heigl ? What has she done lately? and again, comedy. If Blake was smart, she would just let herself be type-cast in this GG type role. It fits her, and I can’t even say she even does that well. I’ve seen a few clips of GG…..her performance is very flat. Fashion icon???? She’s not old enough to be an icon. I think the GG wardrobe, and her blonde hair is the icon. Not. Her. The stylist on GG, is what made her famous.

    Kate Hudson is funny and entertaing to watch, too. Blake will never be able to compete, or hold a character long enough for a leading role.

  • Nicki

    to @#31 – katnip:

    Perhaps, but she won’t certainly steal roles from
    Kate Winslet
    Cate Blanchett
    Marion Cotillard
    Penelpe Cruz
    Hilary Swank
    These ones don’t have to worry!

  • Bingo

    she needs to get rid of that mooooooooooooooooooooooooole ASAP!!!

  • Domino

    @katnip: It’s really sad that your fanaticism blinds you that horribly. Those actresses are internationally known. Blake is internationally UNKNOWN. Where I live nobody knows this woman or the show. Also, those actresses you mentioned are internationally known because they are TALENTED, a word I’m not even sure Blake knows how to spell.

    Wake up honey. It’s okay to love someone and all, but don’t blind yourself like that.

  • Leah


    Iam so glad somebody didn’t fall under her “Miss Sunshine” persona and hand her something she didn’t deserve like Chanel, Vogue.

    And yeah nobody is calling her out for lying about those nude photos, just sweep it under the rug…


    @katnip: Are you saying that if I hate say, Paris Hilton, is because I feel threatened by her beautiful lazy eye, asymmetric face, bad taste, and I just keep wishing I was making cheap porn instead and being just… well, a very very very dumb blond with a lot of money that I never even earned myself?

    WOW. That’s all I have to say about your logic.

  • j

    @Leah: yeah luckily baz luhrman didnt give her the role of Daisy Buchanan BUT he did write her passage for times 100 most influential people. cmon….. times 100 most influential people?!?! i cant even comprehend that… for one i bet baz luhrman only met her a couple times for that audition.. he doesnt even know her?!??! alright someone definitely paid the right people for that title. ridiculous!

  • Juicy

    Blake Lively = The New Bar Refaeli, lol. (in terms of Leo stan stalking)

  • LightsCameraAction

    this many comments on some random reprinted Madison cover? you guys are only feeding the fame.

  • speechless

    ……yawn……back to the Leo thread..:)

  • LOL

    She’s beautiful. I love always seeing her picture at the top of the screen. she’s so popular! tall,thin,blond,rich,popular; just like the girl in high school we all loved to hate, lol.

  • Blake’s a beauty


    Better yet, she has a great personality. I’ve seen interviews with Gisele and Bar, and I’ve seen a lot of their work. This young woman is far more interesting and funny. I can see why Leo likes her.

  • Blake’s a beauty


    She’s a lot younger than all of those fine actresses and on a TV show that doesn’t give her much time to work on other projects. She may not be as gifted, but she works hard and done some fine acting in smaller films. Writer-directors like David O. Russell and Rebecca Miller are fans. She was one of the handful of actresses Baz Luhrmann read for Gatsby and he wrote the Time 100 piece. Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Christian Louboutin are all her supporters in the fashion world. You don’t get people like that in your corner with only a good publicist.

  • what the??

    okay, I like Blake. I think she has a really nice body, but I’m already getting tired of looking at the mole. It’s like every time I look at her now, all i can see it that damn Enrique Iglesias mole and it’s driving me crazy!! I’m sorry to sound mean, but it really is bugging me now… She needs to get that thing zapped ASAP!!

  • Blake’s a beauty

    @what the??:

    Then they would criticise her for getting it removed! She can’t win.

  • @Blake`s a beauty

    You must know her personally to be able to make statements like that about her personality. All you have is interviews just like the others. Big deal! You cannot judge anyone based on that! She seems totally fake and nauseating in interviews. No appeal, no charisma, no talent, famous for nothing.