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Gerard Butler: New Academy Member!

Gerard Butler: New Academy Member!

Gerard Butler exits a gas station convenience store with a cold can of Coke on Saturday (June 18) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was recently asked to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! The Academy extends invitations to actors, such as Gerard, who have produced distinguished work in the entertainment field.

“These individuals are among the best filmmakers working in the industry today,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “Their talent and creativity have entertained moviegoers around the world, and I welcome each of them to our ranks.”

Congratulations, Gerard!

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gerard butler invited academy01
gerard butler invited academy02
gerard butler invited academy03
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gerard butler invited academy05

Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Manny

    Where would Gerry be without a can of Coke???

  • BA

    Wow. These pics are ridiculous. Great news for Gerry – but using it as a reason to post him buying a coke — what a stretch.

  • Swansong

    He is boring and average looking. Nothing special here.


  • dready

    I agree with Swannie, but I’d like to change “average” to “below average”.

  • Dina

    Not sure about the hair but congrats on the invite.
    Now where’s my invitation…?

  • oldbutnotdead

    I suppose he could be in Vegas, as the Ms USA .tweets indicated, but he was here in L.A. this afternoon. Five hour drive to LV or short flight. Some paps he smiles and waves, and some get this stare. Interesting.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    congrats have face butler

  • goodgravy

    Camouflage shorts? Gerry needs to grow up or just go out for “The Jersey Shore” cast already.

  • Georgia*s Mom

    Why would he want to go hang out with deadbeat second rate Miss USA chicks –
    Lifelong “Pageant girls” (for all you ugly cranks who could never be either) are basically considered girls who weren’t tall enough or pretty enough to make it as REAL models??
    Girls who are meant to be models START in pageants most of the time…but don’t end there. These Miss USA losers are nothings. Just second-rate.

  • Ugly

    He looks terrible here. I remember when he was hot…up til 2009.
    Now he looks OLD, TIRED, STUPID and dull.
    Bianca had him at his best. Lucky b.itch

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    It never feels right saying “poor Gerry” – b/c ‘ he is living his dream’ BUT he does look pissed off.
    anyway- again sunday arvo where i am and i have been watching those L’OREAL ad’s with GB. They have been on all afternoon during the football – great ad’s. Looking GR8 !!!

  • D. Goldbaum

    By the way….the way IMDb and other boards talk about you ladies here…Celebitchy etc…you JJ women are considered the dumbest trash of the fan lot. LOL
    I just stopped by to see what the racket was about…
    A couple of posters called you all ‘hillbilly trash’ fighting over here. Maybe you should start cleaning up your acts, speech and the way you treat each other. Have a nice …board.

  • redNovember

    I think…oldbutnotdead is behind everything that goes wrong on this board. Her, Manny, Eve and the weirdo racist stalker fan that people used to call “Hillary.”
    The good old days were fun here…people take it too seriously as if they have a chance with the man. It’s kind of scary IMO.

  • Canned

    Why does everyone get a thumbs down on Gerard Butler boards?
    Is that just how you guys do it? Why are you all so miserable????

  • Yeah.

    @D. Goldbaum:
    I used to post here a long time ago but went to another because it got weird and negative here. Not good for anyone or anything. It hasn’t been fun since 2010.
    Glad to see its fallen apart.

  • pinkDecember

    Just wanted to use the name. Come back redO.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @redNovember: oh, the power is going to my head! Fantastic…

    It has also been suggested that I get posters posts removed. See, I am really JJ’s grandmother so I just call him up and say take that down…oh the power, it is just so much fun.

    Silly, silly stuff people come up with…what they do not know, they just make up and fill in…

  • Georgia*s Mom

    Miss USA just saw the girls. If Miss CA wins I’ll throw up.
    Redheads are disgusting.
    Red hair is a sign of disease and low IQ and short life span.
    It is seen the world over as ‘lesser’ and ugly.
    Don’t believe me? Look it up.

  • Scam Artist

    We just notice that whenever you are here – crazy people start posting.
    Lowest COMMON denominator.
    YOU. At least Manny chooses socks that are nice.
    YOU also seem to come around right when posts are being deleted and only certain ones. We all notice that.

  • cassie

    Disgusting bunch of idiots post here. Should all be ashamed.

  • Lol

    Mmm he’s a tall drink of… coke!

  • Mia

    @Georgia*s Mom: i hope you’re a troll. miss CA is clearly one of the prettiest in the contest. and keep pulling “facts” out of your @ss. Red hair is liked on women more than men but still you’re a dumb@ss,

  • bob

    @Mia: MIA is a SKANK

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Scam Artist: “we” and “we all”, means just you, posting over and over under different monikers, suggesting I am having posts pulled. No one has that power; you are very likely the same person that got in trouble for cyberstalking another poster.

    Flagging a post does not mean it will get pulled. Someone from JJ looks at it and decides, not the poster. As I have told you before, I have flagged just three since I started posting here: two threats, and one cyberstalker.

    Anonymously repeating the same gossip under different names, giving the impression you are part of a cohesive group, silly ….give it up, has no effect on anyone…

  • ladyswede

    @Georgia*s Mom: And the point of this rant would be……………..? Why would anyone want to hear this?

  • cassie

    Mia is a redhead. Give it up I would never want red hair. It usually comes with pale skin that can’t tan and freckles.

  • leslie51

    Miss CA looks like a dude. In the face.

  • leslie51

    Don’t worry…we’re all ignoring Mia.

  • robinette….

    why do you women stalk gerard butler?
    its not like he will ever notice you…
    look at the women he gets with…do you look like them?
    do you run in the circles they run in?
    are you in the same league with women who hang out with celebs?
    if not and youve never met Kim k or Paris? not even once?
    this man will not be looking at you. ever.

  • cassie

    HA! Just saw pics online of the model wannabees but could never bees. Miss CALIFORNIA has a rat like man face.
    Yuck…other girls way prettier with better bodies too. Miss CA looks out of shape and starving not healthy and vibrant.
    To top it off she looks OLD like 30. lulz

  • Leslie51

    Posts 27 and 28 are not me! Somebody is stealing monikers again looks like.

  • huntress

    I’m so glad for it)
    Congratulations Gerry!

  • Cora

    He’s still is Vegas … From Twitter …
    Just saw Gerard Butler at Cosmopolitan Hotel mmmm
    15 minutes ago

  • Cora

    Elizabeth Reth
    13 minutes ago

  • angelsrock

    I will never understand the joy in taking the time to go to a board of a celebrity I don’t like and posting negative comments. But whatever rocks your boat; knock yourself out.

  • legends

    Seriously, the guy’s a friggin’ knockout! Such sexy and intelligent eyes! When it comes to sheer charisma, no other guy in Hollywood compares.

    And . . . the people who jump on immediately to post negative comments here, frankly, come off as sad and pathetic – why bother to post if you’re not a fan? I’ll never get that – never.

    Sometimes I think you can judge a woman’s intelligence by whether or not she thinks G. is sexy or not. (Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far. ; )

  • niknoks

    So GB is in Vegas while the Miss USA Pageant is on, Mr Butler you are so cliché.

  • legends

    @niknoks: How do YOU know why he’s there. Maybe it’s a professional obligation? How does ANYONE presume to know what’s going on in anybody else’s life? It’s so self-righteous.

  • legends

    Recent tweet of some girl that checked GB into his hotel room in Vegas:
    DearLiz_Elizabeth Reth@
    @serenasherelle omg he looks so good in person &his accent..ahh I almost fainted. I was forgetting how to do my

  • Brainy box


  • Ashley

    “Sometimes I think you can judge a woman’s intelligence by whether or not she thinks G. is sexy or not.”

    Well, we certainly know now how intelligent you are.

  • Ashley


    I bet your idea of “healthy and vibrant” is a size 14..

  • paisley please

    @Ashley: And by that, you must mean that you think I’m very intelligent, right? I mean, he IS ‘the intelligent woman’s sex symbol.’

  • legends

    @Ashley: Very intelligent . . . cuz I think he’s soooo hawt!

  • niknoks


    “@Ashley: Very intelligent . . . cuz I think he’s soooo hawt!”

    oh,…. the irony.

  • UK newbie

    Gerard is so hot!!!! What’s wrong with some of you? How can anyone say that this man is boring? Tom Cruise is boring; Ryan Reynolds is boring; any number of the current pretty-boys are boring; . . . Gerard Butler is NOT boring, quite the contrary.

  • redOctober


    …I thought it was a kind of “call” ; )…may be , when the fair winds start to blow again.

  • anon

    comment from Celebitchy
    “I met Gerard in New Orleans a few months back. He is as hot in person as you could possibly imagine. His eyes are so green and his bod looks really good. A little too intense and laughs at his own jokes a little too loud. But nevertheless HOT!”

  • DrPiggy

    Congrats Gerry, you look great and others are finally recognising you for your good work. You should be happy so whats with the gloomy look?

  • Jen

    @paisley please: “And by that, you must mean that you think I’m very intelligent, right? I mean, he IS ‘the intelligent woman’s sex symbol.”

    Backing one baseless claim up with the same baseless claim..

    Yep, that’s real intelligence right there!