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Kate Bosworth: Pretty in Pink at the 'L!fe Happens' Premiere

Kate Bosworth: Pretty in Pink at the 'L!fe Happens' Premiere

Kate Bosworth hits the red carpet in style at the world premiere of L!fe Happens held at the Regal Cinemas on Saturday (June 18) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress co-starred in the film, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, along with Rachel Bilson and Jason Biggs. L!fe Happens was directed by Kat Coiro.

According to Variety, Kate and Kat will be reuniting for another project.

The project, which is referred to as the Italy project, will be written and directed by Kat, and will feature Kate in the leading role!

Here’s a synopsis from Variety: “A married woman, to be played by Kate, is struggling to write a memoir about her grandmother and ends up embarking upon an affair with a wanderlusty 19-year-old on the idyllic island of Ischia.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Richard Nicoll dress and Chloe heels. She accessorized with a Jewelmint bracelet, Jewelmint earrings, and a Prada Bag.

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Credit: Craig Barritt; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Beautiful Kate

    OMG Kate looks amazing!!

  • AlexnKate


  • Lauren

    Implants or pregnant?

  • Cute

    It’s been too long, we’ve missed you Kate! And I am sure Alex has too!!

  • chelle

    She looks like crap andqhas dropped weight ….again. She would look so much better if she added 30lbs and brushed that scraggly balding mess she calls hair ….just saying.

  • True

    @Lauren: seriously, is she pregnant or what? haters gonna come real fast now.

  • HA

    @chelle: Jealous much chelle?

  • Lori

    She looks pale and frumpy….

  • Rachel()

    In the great and illustrious words of Kevin Smith, Kate Bosworth is a bobble head.

  • wowza

    natural beauty

  • Mike

    Boobs don’t look any bigger to me, and she still looks like a strung out ho who doesn’t eat enough.

  • Lori


    OH GOD! I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!! Skarsy will be stuck with her for life then! hahaha

  • Rachel()

    @chelle: She has lost weight, and she’s got some major root issues going on. Shouldn’t they have taken care of that for that high profile movie she was working on, or was her character supposed to look trashy?

  • Mel

    Lucky girl, beautiful eyes, beautiful everything.

  • Jessie

    Ugh, guys don’t bother commenting on this thread. Don’t give the attention she craves.

  • Emily

    She looks incredibly messed up in these–Also, like fifteen pounds thinner than before.

  • TheRealMe

    Pregnant? Nope. A bra & better posture.

  • Mel

    Alex who?

  • Mike


    Yep, she’s just sticking em out.

    Anyway the last few threads of hers died a quick death, so hopefully this one will too. Most of them stayed under 60-70 posts so lets keep it that way. I agree with Jessie, it gives her what she wants. Attention ho.

  • Chissy

    Dear Bonesworth,
    Please go back to Maine and stay there. It was so nice for the rest of us not to have to see your smug face and bones popping for almost a month. This is a visual assault. I may consult a lawyer after you made me deaf by singing about cot-ton. Do us a favor and go back to the land of black flies and crab cakes m’kay?


  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • chelle

    @HA:I have nothing to be jealous of ….I do not look like I’m from a third world country. I don’t have a coke habit nor do I change myself for whatever person I am dating …best of all I don’t suck at a profession or fail at every little thing I try. I maintain my healthy normal weight with proper diet and exercise daily (which is size 6 btw ) i have 2 more years left of fellowship to be a trauma physician and happily married so I’m not a fat jealous fangurl. It’s sad to see a pathetic creature who could actually be pretty destroy herself over and over. She is not even the true “designer ” of that tacky crap jewelry her and her paid for friend stylist try to fact she isn’t even a stockholder in the company. She is box office poison who gets rolls in crap films that have to beg for money to be filmed …not to mentioned this thing that was done in the 80′s…I think it was called 3 men and a baby? Wow how original just change it to 3 females and one has a baby ….now that is talent…again just saying …now I have to go work some …slow night for it to be a weekend..

  • beats

    @Lauren: She isn’t a healthy enough body weight to get pregnant.

    Her dog has a better chance of getting pregnant by the True Blood guy.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Bad stylist.

  • Shannon

    @beats: let’s not forget that rachel zoe managed to get knocked up, & she’s even more skeletal than the bos

  • Shannon

    Honestly, she looks like a slightly drunk, haggard 16-year old going to a spring dance.

  • ozangel

    Hideous from top to bottom.

  • truly

    @Shannon: rachel zoe had the help of a fertility special so unless the “bos” has been visiting the doctor, any guy boning her probably doesn’t have much to worry about.

  • crackberry

    She was looking healthier for a while. Now she looks as cracked out as she did in 2009.

  • lillybell05

    Life happens is the new title for BFF and Baby.

  • larsvonwhat

    it’s so sad :[ why is it every time she gets some work she loses weight, can someone tell her to eat more. and where is that girl that actually use to look happy at premiers instead of closed mouthed smiles?

  • craig for hire

    oh stop.
    most white girls are real boring looking to guys nowadays.
    kate at least has something. something most of you losers posting could only wish to have.

  • JB

    I feel like this dress makes her look bulkier than she really is. Like, if it wasn’t as willowy, we’d see that she’s very skeletal.

  • Dieter

    Unbelievable beautiful !!!!!

  • Tatum

    She doesn’t look too bad here. I’m really not feeling that dress though, looks like one of my mom’s old nightgowns. But she doesn’t look too awfully skinny, the bones in her chest aren’t showing like they used to and her upper arms look to have a little more meat on them. They shouldn’t have done her makeup so light, looks weird with the rest of her having a little tan.

  • Hans

    So apparently Alex was sneaking around inkognito at the party… and yeah Kate does look a little bigger, maybe it’s the dress, or…

  • ohHansyouBigSilly


    Great! So they are going to lurk at each other’s parties? Classy. They either really do value privacy or both are ashamed of their relationship.

  • oh great

    oh for F**KIN christ she is back in LA!!!!! she is proper posing I guess she as missed her LA treatment since being in maine for a few weeks

    oh great you know what this means? I guess she is grearing up for the True Blood premiere, not to mention we will get a sighting of her an alex out and about all happy before True Blood premiere.

    I like the dress and shoes but she looks like waxed barbie doll!

  • Sh!t Happens

    So just because she has boobs she’s preggos. So where is the baby from last year TB premiere she had boobs back then too. So if I am follow the logic of stans that means she has been with child for over a year now. She is indeed something special. Now I am really looking forward to Sh!t happens Italy. LOL!
    She looks really waste out and NOT healthy here IMO.

  • She loves you hating her

    Come on folks give it to her, she knows you miss bashing her. So give her 250 plus posts. That’s why she is smugging away. Pregnant, Haha she really wishes like hard but sadly NO! The dress is apart of the game, just like Hans is.

  • JEN

    This premiere is off the hook y’all, just look at that carpet, it’s not red, its multi-colored! And just look at all the A-list celebs who showed up at to the premiere of this soon-to-be Hollywood blockbuster. I mean they are just lining up to be the first to see this never-done-before movie. And Kate is so stunning with her pink dress and blonde hair with a touch of roots. I am just in awe how she can look like she just took the most strenuous dump of her life and yet so beautiful at the same time. And what a great boyfriend she has. I wish mine would avoid me like the plague at my functions, but alas he shows me affection, and acknowledges my presence constantly. I don’t think this is normal behavior. Oh well, I guess only good people like Kate Bosworth deserve nice things.

  • Tatum

    Anyone else see this blind gossip tidbit?

  • lafamepoma

    this dress seems for sleeping

  • ladybug

    What’s with the head over the shoulders look? Since her roots need to be done soon we’ll have the salon pap shots?

  • ladybug

    brought over from the AS thread
    Rachel():“A breezy Kate Bosworth plays Deena, a sharply-mannered smart mouth writer in the style of Rosalind Russell, if Russell had a dirty mind and a recall of hip hop lyrics.”

    Guys, I have a stomach churning susp!c!on that !n th!s f!lm, Kate Bosworth w!ll rap. God help us all.

    The writing in this summary is annoying, not just the Kate Bosworth/Roz Russell comparison (stabs self in the neck with a #2 pencil). And yes, KB rapping/singing would probably have people running out of the theatre.

  • Canuck

    @Hans: At 6’4″, he’d have had to have been walking around on his knees all night to go incognito. LOL

  • BigJohnson

    omg so hot! dont know if the pants should go down or I just eat her up.

  • Sh!t Happens

    Sh!t happens in Italy with a cotton OST soundtrack LoL OMG!! This is just getting so much better. Where can I preorder tickets?! Where?! NOT!!