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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Miami with Suri!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Miami with Suri!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes step out on a sunny Sunday (June 19) with their daughter, Suri, in Miami Beach, Fla.

Earlier in the day, Katie, 32, had a bodyguard keep photographers at a distance as she visited Starbucks and headed back to her place in South Beach.

Last night, Katie stepped out for a Rock of Ages cast party with hubby Tom Cruise, who plays Stacee Jaxx in the upcoming film.

Katie also hit the beach with Suri on Saturday!

FYI: Katie is wearing an Express fedora and a striped Ever sweater. Tom wore Gap cargo shorts.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri in Miami…

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katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 01
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 02
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 03
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 04
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 05
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 06
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 07
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 08
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katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 10
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 11
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 12
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 13
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 14
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 15
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 16
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 17
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 18
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 19
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 20
katie holmes tom suri family day coffee 21
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64 Responses to “Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Miami with Suri!”

  1. 1
    White Swan Says:

    Weird, Weirdo, Weirdoes.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    9( Says:

    why is Katie always carrying Suri in her arms? If she’s so special and can’t walk on her own, why isn’t her father carrying her at least?
    Such ad odd family indeed.

  3. 3
    Lurker Says:

    If they want a baby, they should have one. It’s about time they stop treating a 5+ years old as a baby.

  4. 4
    JC Says:

    All that money they spend on shoes for that little brat you would think she would have a really comfortable pair for walking somewhere in her collection.

  5. 5
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    miami nice .keep to happy

  6. 6
    boston61 Says:

    Put a pair of freaking sneakers on the little monkey. He looks like an ass with that hat on.

  7. 7
    creeps Says:

    lol these comments are soo funny..seriously if they wanna baby their daughter its their choice just coz half of you didnt have parents like them i think its cute and they are a nice looking family they love their daughter and they can afford to splash their cash on her and give her a great child hood

  8. 8
    kate Says:

    she always carries Suri , maybe that’s because he’s too small and too weak for her.

  9. 9
    troll alert Says:

    I always heard JJ site was full of trolls and its true………………..u guys are a pathetic bunch they seem like a happy family seriiously stop hating

  10. 10
    mommie? Says:

    Those black shoes dont match with your blue marine pants Katie. Now that her daughter is getting uglier as she grows up she has lost weight. Stop the hate Katie.

  11. 11
    joji Says:

    idiots on parade

  12. 12
    bob Says:

    @joji: big mouth = big loser

  13. 13
    bob Says:

    @mommie?: haters = big loser

  14. 14
    Seriously Says:

    Can he be anymore gay????

  15. 15
    tweener Says:

    oh PLEASE, katie who are you fooling.

    this pictures are all PR

    pretending that you are on the phone lauhging. everybody knows you have no friends.

    and about that fake smile of yours:

    firt you where always lookind depressed (that look was not fake, you are miserable), but then you were accuised of thaking drugs and that you were unhappy.

    than you were told (by force by tom) that you have to smile everytime you go outside (inside you can be as miserable as hell, tom doesnt care).. that ‘s when you came up whit that half fake smile of yours.

    pretending that you are happy and that you’re life is “amazing”

    but that wasn’t enough anymore for tommyboy.

    now you are tols to laugh and show your teeth evertime you go out.

    katie is so fake.

    they are pretending to be a couple , but they don’t even sleep in the same room together; they are so akward together;

  16. 16
    Suri Jackson Says:

    Tom and Katie are raving FREAKS!!!! Tell Suri to put her shoes on and walk like a 5 year old should be expected to do!!!! Kids her age get up and go to school and play with other kids—not get carried like a 2 year old!!!

    Pathetic nut bags!!!

  17. 17
    Tom Bieber Says:

    Who is Tom’s latest crush????? arrrghh

  18. 18
    so funny Says:

    @troll alert:
    Whenever I read a post by someone calling others “trolls” I laugh. This is a word thrown out there (like “xenophobic”) when the writer has no ability to intelligently debate or comment on a topic.
    ROFLMAO at “Troll Alert”!!!

  19. 19
    so funny Says:

    @Tom Bieber:
    I don’t know, but I’d like to get a closer look at that tall dark hunka hunka in the white shirt in photo 2(coming out of the coffee shop).
    He looks to be a bit old for Tommy’s taste though.

  20. 20
    julie Says:

    Suri is five! Why is she often carried wrapped in a blanket? Odd family indeed. Is it all on account of Scientology? One wonders what does Katie have to endure. And Suri!

  21. 21
    boston61 Says:

    Does anyone know who makes Tom’s shirt? Wonder if it comes short sleeves?

  22. 22
    julie Says:

    Besides going to the beach, into the water, all dressed up, that is!

  23. 23
    Frozoid Says:

    High heels and still drinking from a bottle. That Suri is going to grow up to be one warped person.

  24. 24
    danielle Says:

    LOL at Katie-heels, even wedges, on a boat?

  25. 25
    marta Says:

    it’s so weird that they carry her like that. Try to imagine Shiloh, Zahara or even 3 yrs old jolie pitt twins being treated like that. Tom and Katie should have another child and let their 5 yrs old to be herself

  26. 26
    Sandy Says:

    I have no patience for these 3. I’m totally sick of them. They’re weird and something is just OFF about them and really OFF with that little girl although I think thats her parents fault, not hers. She’s just a kid. Katie is so smug and I can’t figure out why. She’s not good at anything. Tom is strange to the max. I won’t go see anything with them in it. They are both legends in their own minds. One more thing; Their fans are scary and obsessed. I have never seen such weird fans! So nasty always calling names and taking anything said about Katie and Tom so personally. No one else can have a different opinion. One thing I do wish…I wish the best for Suri. I dont think she stands a chance at a normal life with those 2 bozos for parents.

  27. 27
    Nacy Says:

    Where are Connor and Isabella? did he not want to be with them on Father’s Day.

  28. 28
    immom Says:

    does that beezy of a brat ever walk!!? Jesus

  29. 29
    PR Chick Says:

    Cruise’s problem is he’s stuck in the 80′s and 90′s when PR reps like Pat Kingsley could control the media and present a specific image for their client. He still pimps himself out using the same strategy. The problem is that business model doesn’t work and hasn’t for a very long time. With the advent of the internet, Cruise lost his control over the media and we began to see what everyone in the industry already knew. The guy is strange. His life is strange and he has no clue how to act “normal” anymore. Its sad. He still works because he brings money to the studios, although much less so recently. Watch what happens when that changes, and it will.

  30. 30
    annie Says:

    I guess if you have a mother , father, 3 sisters, a brother , friends heaps of in laws, business to attend to, why would you” pretend” to talk on the phone.
    These people can’t do anything right. They look nice and summery.
    Katie looks cute after her workout.
    What is it with some of you?

  31. 31
    Pippa Says:

    What is that thing in his left shoe?

  32. 32
    mailey Says:

    i like her stripe top and hat.

  33. 33
    NOT! Says:

    she is such a pigeoned toed freak
    she looks retarded

  34. 34
    Amory Says:

    Their body language suggests that Tom and Katie don’t even like each other. The hat is just awful on him, and he keeps wearing it. Worst of all, there is something really off about that poor child – the baby treatment is just horrid. I wonder what she’ll think about all of these pics when she gets old enough to see them. Will she be ashamed that her parents let her drink from a bottle at 5, and be swaddled constantly in her blankie?

  35. 35
    irene olson Says:

    I have never cared for Tom or Katie; such twits. Poor Katie is not a good actress and I cannot cotton to Tom’s Scientology beliefs. Thank goodness Nicole Kidman was able to get out of the marriage. But, I cannot understand the doting they do with Suri. Yes, they need to protect her from the photographers, but get rid of the blanket, bottle, high heels, midnight dinners. Let the child walk once in awhile. And why would you wear a bkini in the ocean, but have the child wear a long dress that would get all wet. Doesn’t Katie realize how heavy a wet dress is? Twits. As for the other children, they do not need to be with their parents constantly. They are old enough to be alone and probably enjoy the down time.

  36. 36
    Jenny Says:

    A family of fools, I don’t even care for the kid any more.

  37. 37
    cammy Says:

    tom is mega weird now but he will forever be my first childhood crush, lol. He is still lokoing dam* good I must say. Tom Cruise’s face in Cocktail will be etched into my memory forever.

  38. 38
    Lucy Says:

    They creep me out!!! The 3 of them! Weird family…

  39. 39
    rmv Says:

    @julie: Maybe she is carried because the paparazzi are nuts. Maybe she is wrapped in a blanket because the world is filled with weirdos who look at little girls in the wrong ways. Maybe you don’t have all the fact so you shouldn’t pass judgement. I believe the quote is “Judge not, lest you be judged”. I am sure if you had children and had to face this kind of scrutiny (and hatred from a bunch of strange people who constantly say hateful things on blogs about this family) you might not have fared well either.

  40. 40
    rmv Says:

    Hey there hateful people, if you don’t like this family simply don’t look. Do something more productive and positive with your life than saying hateful things. Simply move on instead of spending all of your time commenting on pictures of a family you don’t like.

  41. 41
    booger Says:

    over 5 years old and still has a blankie plus being carried.

    No folks….don’t be idiots….they do NOT need another baby to ruin.

    its just a simple fact……she is a brat and that is one thing they were good at……making her into a brat.

    one messed up kid and its sad.

  42. 42
    boston61 Says:


    Well then they should put some clothes on her. Why is she always half naked?

  43. 43
    anon Says:

    I think Katie is rocking the look, especially the heels. She’s been looking really good lately.

  44. 44
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Another baby blanket to cover the diaper on their five year old.

    Good thing she is home schooled by her XENU aunt, as no nornal kindergaqrten would accept this strange child.


    PS: Both fashion disasters who are NEVER appropriately attired for any event.

  45. 45
    annie Says:

    katie’s heels look g8…..tom aslo look cool in dis hat……..

  46. 46
    ellie' Says:

    wow they all look great..I love the Cruise family…beautiful…

  47. 47
    Joel Says:

    Does Tom-boy seriously have a COMBBBB? in his sock?????? WOW!

  48. 48
    Suri Queen Says:

    LOVE SURI~~~~~~~~~~~

  49. 49
    Delores Says:

    It sure is a good thing for Nicole Kidman to get rid of Tom and get a real guy like Keith Urban. I don’t see pictures of Tom ever looking at Katie the way he used to look at Nicole when they were married, the way Keith looks at Nicole now. I’m so happy for Keith and Nicole that they found each other.

  50. 50
    Eve Says:

    I’ve always loved Tom C. as an actor. One of the best. I don’t know that much about Katie but I do know she seems to hang on to the little girl like a wubee! The poor child may never develop her own identity with a clingy mother! She’s going to be one spoiled rotten child! How old is Suri now? When does she start school?

  51. 51
    danielle Says:

    Lainey gossip has a point about Tommy:

    From her Monday column:

    Tom, as you know, has been working hard on the film in Miami where he was joined this Father’s Day weekend by Katie Holmes and Little Sci. They went for a family boat ride. He was wearing his jaunty hat. You never see him without that hat anymore. I can deal with the hat, I guess, but I cannot deal with his legs and those socks, with the trainers, and the shorts….

    Strap on a fanny pack and we’re all set to go, right?

    And it’s dumb too. Really, really dumb. Because why send out a god475amn photo (of him in Rock of Ages) in the hopes of selling yourself as some kind of rock god on stage only to show up two days later in an outfit that was meant to be seen in the parking lot of a Walmart? I don’t get it.

  52. 52
    s Says:

    weird couple

  53. 53
    bizzy bee Says:

    that child is going to be full of her self when she grow up, like her dad ,stop treating her like a pet monkey let her walk their two feet on that body,
    Tom the copy cat ,they all copy Brad style what next facial hair.

  54. 54
    gokatie Says:

    I think they should get another child..otherwise this kid is going to be totally spoiled.

    Otherwise i dont think them weird at all. Don’t they allowed to have a religion. People are so pathetic. Ya don’t even know this family..

  55. 55
    @gokatie Says:

    Scientology is not a religion inspite of their claims. It is a cult. A cult that uses bribery, extortion, blackmail, physical punishment and more to keep their underlings and detractors in line.

    And no they should not have another child. They can’t seem to handle the one they have, so why would you wish their poor parenting on another child.

  56. 56
    annie Says:

    The poster was for a movie, and the shorts and sneakers were for a boat ride.
    How can you compare the 2. Suppose you can if it’s Tom Cruise.
    Hope she gives a mention to the other celebs, who look very dressed down , looking like everyone else, on days off.

  57. 57
    Danielle Says:

    Well, Annie, you missed her point. Her point being, Cruise is in bad need of both a popular and critical hit due to all the criticism he has gotten over the last five or six years for his sci-fi rants and other behavior. His people put the poster up, not the movie PR dept. To be taken more seriously as the aging rock star, it would be, in Lainey’s opinion (and mine), a good move to at least not look like some middle-aged nerd wearing grungy cut offs, an ugly shirt and hat and socks and shoes with a comb in one of the socks. He can go back to being grungy Tom after the movie. It is the same for KH designing a pricey clothing line–she dresses terribly for the most part and certainly doesn’t inspire most people to run out and buy her stuff.

  58. 58
    Peapo Says:

    Can they look like bigger idiots? Yeah, They probably will in the future! Their idiocy knows no bounds.

    Oh and Danielle, you’re funny. I love the term ” jaunty hat”

    So there

  59. 59
    Peapo Says:

    Oh, and I hate to talk about children, but Suri is beyond weird. What have her parents done to her?

    So there!

  60. 60
    Romeo Says:

    Only the day before were there a set of pics of her walking, #2. What does it even matter? How is something so trivial odd?

    They either treat her like a baby or as an adult, #3. Make up your mind.

    You’re very gullible, #4.

    Don’t call a child names, #6 and #10.

    How is he gay, #14?

    Stop judging innocent people you don’t know from paparazzi photos, #16.

    Quit comparing kids, #25.

    You need to get help, #26.

    Maybe with their mom, #27.

    She was even swimming recently, #28.

    All he’s doing is living his life and not harming anyone, #29.

    Good question, #30.

    Body language, #34? You’re an idiot.

    You’re the one that is messed up, #41.

    Wasn’t it Cruise that got rid of her, #49?

    You don’t know how she is raised and she’s home schooled, #50.

    Of course she’s spoiled but I don’t see why she couldn’t grow up to be a functioning adult without a younger sibling, #54. There are plenty of perfectly only children.

    That wasn’t a poster but an official still from the movie released or authorized by the studio, #57. You’ve been saying that Cruise is desperate for a hit years now. He already had a hit year in 2008 and is a regularly working star. Give it up already.

    So there…you’re a fool, #59.

  61. 61
    MsA Says:

    We keeping seeing pictures of Katie, Tom, and Suri. Can’t help wondering what their other two children think? I think Connor is 15/16 and they both live with Tom/Katie.

  62. 62
    pr person Says:

    Both adults look RIDICULOUS!

  63. 63
    pookerhead Says:

    Yuck….the nasties are back.


  64. 64
    thief Says:

    I can’t endure Katie ANY MORE!!!!!
    She is a thief,she is always steal Nicole Kidman’s style!!!Nicole likes to wear scarf in summer,Now this thief steal it!!Nicole wear long dress with a suit out side,then recently this thief steal it again!!!
    And a year ago ,Nicole wear a black dress to join a party,then months later ,This THIEF steal it ,and changed to a white dress!!!
    Katie Holmes,Tell me ,after you steal nicole’s two children,what else do you want???They are all belong to Nicole!!Give it back to her!!!

    Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!

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