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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: 24 Hour Plays!

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: 24 Hour Plays!

Sophia Bush and beau Austin Nichols are all smiles as they attend Montblanc Presents The 24 Hour Plays LA, held at The Broad Stage on Saturday (June 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress and her 31-year-old sweetheart were just two of many celebs to come out for the frenzied event – also pictured inside is Zachary Levi!

The 24 Hour Plays, which benefited the Urban Arts Partnership, features six one-act plays written, directed, rehearsed, and performed in just 24 hours!

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, and Zachary Levi at The 24 Hour Plays…

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sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 01
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 02
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 03
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 04
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 05
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 06
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 07
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 08
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 09
sophia bush austin nichols zachary levi 24 hour plays 10

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# 1

Wow, Austin has lost a lot of weight

# 2

Is she pregnant? o.O

# 3

WOW never noticed his forehead was that huge! He and butt-head are separated at birth.

# 4

Her body is awful. She has no waist.
And he looks really bad like always.

# 5

where is TOOTHY TILE?

# 6

Austin’s hair is horrible, and he’s lots a lot of weight!

# 7

Just Jared is definitely on Sophia’s payroll. Usually he’s the only one out of the major sites that regularly posts about Sophia.

# 8

LOL at Austin tryin’ to be all sexy. He’s pathetic.
If it’s not for Sophia no one will know who this loser is. Dating her will be the peak of his career.

# 9

LOL her stylist probably hates her guts bc she always looks like she borrowed her clothes from her grandma.

Honestly Austin is one of the worst looking guys in Hollywood. I truly hate the fact that the only reason he got on one tree hill is because he is sleeping with Sophia. Not that the show is any good anymore but he is just so annoying and makes it worst. I use to absolutely love Sophia but she is just annoying and fake now. Ugh. Anyway. They are one of the ugliest couples I have ever seen. Austin looks liek a straight up chester in these pictures.

you know 24/h more play i think they so terid now and now go take rest

Zac and his chucks lol! Thanks for Jared for the Zac pics.

They look GORGEOUS!!!!

OMG, I was there yesterday for the event and the plays were hilarious! I have never laughed so hard. They are all awesome actors and they nailed all of their skits! Everyone had an amazing time!

i think she’s gorgeous

Austin and Zac both look HOTT.
Two of the sexiest men in Hollywood, hands down!!!


What were the skits about?!

Sophia is really pretty girl too bad she doesn’t know what clothes to wear for her body type.

The goose and the beard. Guess which is which.

They look amazing. Sophia is so pretty. I hope we get to see the plays somehow. Anyone there who took vids? I live in LA I had no idea this was going on or I would have gotten tickets!

I’m like seriously laughing hard at the haters right now. Such pathetic idiots.
If Austin is supposedly “ugly,” then there’s no hope for the rest of the men out there in the world because he is veryyy sexy. He’s got a beautiful face and a beautiful smile. Not everyone has to agree, but saying someone is ugly and being so rude about it when that’s clearly the furthest thing from the truth is just pure stupidness.
And he and Sophia look great together. After seeing so many Hollywood couples (both past and present) where one half of the couple is just plain weird and not so attractive, I’d say Sophia and Austin are definitely one of the beautiful couples out there in Hollywood.
PS…and the simple fact that so many fans love and adore them as a couple, says a lot.

And Zac is so good lookin.

I heard really good things about the plays yesterday. I wish I was in the area so I could’ve gone!!
Sophia looks stunning and beautiful as always. I love her outfit!

Does anyone which actor was dressed as a bear? I saw a picture of someone dressed in a bear costume. I think it was Adam Brody.

Agree with Valerie. Haters are really pathetics… You don’t like them ok so move on

I’m not a fan of Austin with a beard but he’s cute
Sophia is really a beautiful, gorgeous woman, stunning face

To say this guy is one of the sexiest guys in Hollywood is just laughable. He’s the worst looking guy Sophia’s dated.

Ummmm, Austin is pretty damn HOTT. I should know seeing as how I’ve actually seen the guy twice in person. He’s ridiculously good-looking and has an awesome personality. I became a fan after I met him and he is so down to earth and so sweet that you can’t help but swoon when he’s talking to you.

It would be hilarious if he knocked her up LOL

To each his own bb! I still think Chad and James are better looking.

Sophia is absolutely gorgeous!

Awww, I love them!!!!!!!!!

so its true that sophia slept with all the guys on oth? thats pretty ******

@Adrianna:@Adrianna: I agree about James being hott, but as for Chad-hell no. Definitely not. However, James, Austin, and Rob are serious eye candy. I guess to each their own.

Just because people think Austin looks bad doesn’t make them haters. It’s called having an opinion. I think he looks bad and old in these pics. Doesn’t make me hater. I just think he looks bad.

@jj78: Grow the f$ck up. As long as her personal life isn’t directly impacting your own life, I don’t understand the need for u to be so concerned about hers. Sophia is beautiful(hence why so many men want to date her), sweet, and caring. Who she dates and what she does with her personal life isn’t any of your concern, unless she walked up to u or slapped u or something….which would be pretty f$cking hilarious.

Austin’s just not my cup of tea. He just doesn’t attract me sexually at all.
I’ve seen Chad and James a lot of times and they’re both gorgeous. Rob is butterface tho. His face is tragic to me.

im not concerned about her. im laughing out loud here. if i slept with every guy at work all my coworkers would think im a tramp and i would be a tramp. im just calling a spade a spade. no need to get your panties in a bunch.

Sandy Reyes @ 06/19/2011 at 2:55 pm

@michelle: It does make them haters when they’re being obnoxious about it while stating their so called “opinions.” Even a complete moron would be able to tell you that. There is a difference between stating your opinion and then stating your opinion while being a complete douchebag and downright rude. And when that happens, it usually means you’re a hater who has WAY too many issues.

My post was to Kelly!

@jj78: No sweetheart, the only one getting any panties in a bunch is you. She’s dated a few guys from her show. So what? And maybe u might wanna consider getting your facts straight because there is a huge difference between sleeping with every actor on the show or just dating a few. And none of those relationships were just “flings.” And from living in Wilmington, I know that none of her co-workers seem to be complaining about who she is dating or isn’t dating. So if the cast and crew don’t seem to have a problem, don’t see why you’re so concerned. And they all get along just fine, which is one of the main reasons why the show is coming back for a 9th season. Period.

Happy_Evil_Dude @ 06/19/2011 at 3:16 pm

@QueenB: And how much should she charge? So that I can start saving up now.

@QueenB: Lol! You sound like one jealous and bitter b$tch! What’s the matter, you pissed that none of those 3 actors wanted to be with you? And you can think that her being with them changed the storylines all you want, but that doesn’ make it true. Perhaps the Brucas storyline could’ve gone in a different direction, but things change when you come to realize that the man you married has too much trouble keeping his d$ck in his pants. But if it pisses you off so much, maybe u may want to consider yelling at her ex-husband about that one. You can continue dishing it out if you want. I have some time on my hands and have absolutely no problem responding to your bullsh$t. Not to mention each response just gets Sophia’s posts more hits. No wonder Jared looks for any opportunity to post about Sophia. The woman clearly garners A LOT of attention. ;-)

lol no im not getting my panties in a bunch. i find this funny. youre the one that sounds angry lmao. shes disgusting, end of. just like my coworker jessica whos now sleeping with the supervisor but shes ahead of sophia because this is her fifth go.

Austin is just cute in a best friend kinda way.

Gimmemore @ 06/19/2011 at 3:31 pm

He’s not cute in any way LOL
I find him literally repulsive.

@jj78: Lmao. Nope, not angry at all. In fact, I find it all funny. Even more now with your lame Jessica story. Really??? Sounds to me this whole Jessica thing is bugging u way more than u want to admit. I suggest you go talk to her and your supervisor before you find youself in the employment line since u seem to be really worried. Lol

Well I think Austin is cute AND sexy in a “I want to sleep with him and then marry him” kinda way.

PLEASE Change your hair style Sophia!!!!! It does not flatter your beautiful face.

hahahahaha kelly. you are hilarious. yes im so bothered by sophia and a tramp. im so jealous. hahaha.

See, I KNEW it!!!
Now go talk to your supervisor. LMAO

Jon Foster was the best match for her!

yes i agree..the haters are soooo boring..get a life pls..sophia is amazing.she looked gorgeous.they are a nice couple <3 :)

Marieke de Graaf @ 06/19/2011 at 5:04 pm

Zac… *swoon*

I’m not a fan of this couple but i think they’re cute together, she’s gorgeous and he’s not that bad himself, a smile to die for i must say lol
They seems very much in love and that’s cool.

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Gisele Andrade @ 06/20/2011 at 9:33 am

Agree! Austin and Sophia are great together! LOL

OMG! is Sophia pregnant>>?

I love Sophiaaa!!!She is so beautiful…i love her style, her body !Everything about her! Shes is sooo sexy!
About Austinn…Is a good and hansome man…Very Beautiiifull Couple!
I miss Bruliaann and One Tree hill :)

Valerie, I respectfully have to disagree with your ‘when that’s the farthest thing from the truth’ comment. There is no truth or lie when it comes to standards of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so nobody is right or wrong. What one person might find attractive, another person might not. It does not make either one of them right or wrong. It’s a matter of perspective and personal preference/opinion. There’s no such thing as saying someone being ugly isn’t true, because not everyone sees beauty the same way. It’s subjective.

Orangepants @ 06/20/2011 at 6:19 pm

Whoa. I don’t think I have ever seen Austin look this hhhhot. He needs to lose that Sophia chick and find himself a real woman (or man, whichever he wants.)

Your comment was very respectful and I definitely agree. If there were only more people like you who spoke so maturly, there wouldn’t be so much hate everywhere. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to beauty. What one person may find beautiful may not be so appealing to someone else. But where the problems develops is when people start being rude and inappropriate in their comments. To state one’s opinion is fine. However, when a person starts being cruel while doing so, it starts to look as if there is more to it. From my experience over the years, when people start being downright rude, its because there is jealousy or some bigger issue there. A lot of times people say someone is “ugly” and then resort to being hateful because they know what they are saying isn’t true and are just trying to convince themselves of something that just isn’t there. However, if people didn’t harbor such underlying and deceitful feelings, others wouldn’t take offense to comments that are just simply unnecessary.

wow.. she looks to be in her second trimester and Im blinded by all the fat white cellulite on her thighs.. she is pretty fugly and talentless..

This hag keeps coming back. #64 Same one every time. Nasty piece of work. Sophia is so pretty and kind. Every thing you aren’t. Zoe Magazine has Sophia on their cover because Sophia is caring and pretty. Too bad you aren’t.

Sophia Bush is Awesome @ 06/21/2011 at 7:46 am

And you must be one jealous f*cking hag.
If thats what “fat” looks like then I feel sorry for your future children because I’m sure they’re going to end up being anorexic.
And I don’t know what cellulite you’re looking at because I don’t see any, unless you’re looking at your OWN legs.
And if thats what “fugly” looks like, then I, along with millions of other girls across the world want to look fugly as well seeing as how the woman is absolutely beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, and not to forget-TALENTED.

Sophia & Chad forever…I dont like Austin Nichols…Sophia and Chad they had a great Chemistry!!!

Hokiegirl517 @ 06/26/2011 at 12:52 pm

Love this couple!!! Thanks JJ!!

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