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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: 'Rock of Ages' Cast Party!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: 'Rock of Ages' Cast Party!

Katie Holmes wraps her arms around hubby Tom Cruise as they attend a Rock of Ages cast party on Saturday (June 18) at Larios on the Beach in Miami Beach, Fla.

Joining the power couple were Tom‘s Rock of Ages co-stars, Julianne Hough, Malin Akerman, and Diego Boneta, as well as the film’s director, Adam Shankman.

Earlier in the day, Katie, 32, hit the beach in a bikini with her cutie pie daughter, Suri!

A first look at Tom as his Rock of Ages character, Stacee Jaxx, was also released late last week – be sure to check out the shirtless shot if you haven’t seen it yet!

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Credit: Gustavo Caballero; Photos: WireImage
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  • Mlef

    I will never understand what is the point with the one side smile…

  • Chris


    i will never understand that, or how one goes from looking like a normal healthy young girl to a zombie cast member of The Walking Dead who doesn’t wear a bra.

  • Yesplease

    Wait that’s Tom Cruise? I thought it was a middle aged woman who had a failed plastic surgery

  • Icke

    …ridiculous old man…

  • JC

    What’s wrong with getting older and more distinguished? This pathetic anti-aging regimen of his makes him look like Rubber Man. Just deal with the fact that aging is a part of life. He must spend a fortune on looking fake.

  • haha

    let the overexposure begin. every time he has a movie coming out he and his family totally overload that you don’t even wanna go see the movie.

  • dani


    Actually ‘haha’ before KH he did minimal publicity because he never had to really put himself out there to audiences after he gained fame. As his popularity thinned and diminished, he has had to do as much PR and Marketing as lessor actors. You can tell he is dying to regain his over-the-top popularity. It is pathetic–an aging actor believing he can.

  • Rob

    A lot of Tom Cruise hate.. Why?

  • Missy

    @haha: He doesn’t have movie coming out until December, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Set

    They look happy, good luck to them.

  • boston61


    Because of the damage the CULT has done to so many families.

  • Get it!

    Tom Cruise is sooooo hot!!!!!!

    He doesn’t age much !!!

  • GG

    I think there’s a concerted effort to portray them as a normal-looking Hollywood couple. Even Katie’s styling has gotten better. “No weird rituals here, just regular boozing! Woopee!”



    Part of the growing trend of stars that CAN NEVER EVER”COME BACK” into the good graces of the viewing, ticket paying audience again.

  • Kat

    Beautiful couple

  • sonyamiso

    I saw the picture and there is quite a transformation. He’s a true talent and I don’t understand the hate.

  • anon

    Is Tom 70 years old? No? Than wtf are you people crowing about? He looks like someone who has taken care of himself over the years. He looks good.

    About his height, so he isn’t tall, so what? Neither is Al Pacino. I’ve seen him in person but why no bashing him about his height? Please some of you need to give it up ok?

  • NOT!

    Katie so thinks they has the level of popularity as brange…NOT!
    toooooo funny

  • Frozoid

    He’s really repulsive. And she’s moving her head away from in a way that shows she’s not connected to him.

  • longchamp

    she looks effin’ amazing here, esp in the solo shot – these pics look like zahm or richardson might’ve taken them. wow.

  • longchamp

    oh, and there’s a pic of quentin crisp in a floppy white hat (aged 90 or so) in which he looks just like tommy boy does here – weird.

  • Suri Jackson

    WOW!! Lokks like they unblocked internet access at the Scientology Center this morning!!! Once the non-cult members on the web make it to this site today, the thumbs ups and down will get back to expected level.

    and Rob—the “hate” is the result of:
    Member of a cult that has no qualms about destroying people, and they have a tax-free U.S. existence (other counties have correctly labeled the cult as “for profit” and taxed them)

    Bought a wife and ready made baby, and subsequently treated the child as his own science project for Scientology child rearing beliefs(Suri is aleady soooo screwed up)

    Acted “above” the everyday people during his T.V blatherings and Sci video …thus losing his U.S. fan base.
    …Don’t forget that only a person in the cult has the ability to help a person broken down on the side of the road!! (classic. :-)..for those who haven’t seen it check out his Sci video on YouTube)

    Now he wants to show us that “he’s just one of us”.

  • Suri Jackson typing skills s*ck!

  • Codebreaker

    Their idiots. Thats why.

  • WhoGivesAFLIP

    Still Gross!!!!

  • Susie#1

    What’s wrong with these pictures? Tom wears a hat to cover up a bad, oily haircut and half his face(the plugs have destroyed his natural hair line – check out other sites;) his skin looks very oily and his plastic surgery makes him look older than his actual age. Katie again looks oily, with dirty hair, and why is she ruining her outfit with a belt that’s just so wrong for it? Is there something wrong with her eyes that she needs to wear sunglasses inside, at night?

  • Mariangela


    The hate is jealous resentment, that’s all. He’s obviously a hard-working man who loves and takes care of his family and is doing well, is well respected in the film industry. It’s easy to say something online that a coward would never have the you-know-what to ever say to his face. Again, simply jealous resentment of a very successful man.

  • Eliza

    Tom has closed his eyes to abuses within Scientology. He reaps all the benefits of being a Scientology celebrity and turns his back on those who are being mistreated. He could speak up and make a difference. Until he does I have no respect for him. No matter how rich and successful he seems, he is a hollow man.

  • Mariangela


    Well, there’s not a lot of it. It’s just the same small group of people who come out of their own closets to hurl whenever he’s covered by the media, which is often.

  • Mariangela

    @Suri Jackson:

    Your spelling is the least of your problems … lol

  • Brainy box


  • Does she have a mirror?
  • pr person


    Crazy is a repulsive loon and his wife is a no talent hack.

  • Bea Didio

    I am happy for Tom. He works hard at all his projects and gives us the best he can. Best Wishes on Rock of Ages Tom. Glad that you are
    branching out and having nice clean fun. Hope to see more comedies
    you are a natural. A Fan from the beginning of your career.
    Bea Didio

  • pooh

    what’s wrong with Katie’s eyes? she’s been wearing sunglasses everywhere… while swimming and even indoors????

  • Seriously

    It is official, tiny crazy cruise is now a woman.

  • julie

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photo. Had no idea they were soooo hated in the US of A. HE IS LOOKING GREAT FOR HIS AGE , PROBABLY SOME JOBS DONE, BUT DON’T THEY ALL?

  • Kerry

    I think they look happy, and they both seem to be good parents. Why so much hate? Personally, I think Tom Cruise is HOT, and he’s a great actor.

  • Kerry

    You mean “they’re”. Who’s the idiot?

  • Amory

    Is he balding? He never takes off that unfortunate looking hat.

  • mailey

    katie looks wasted.

  • annie

    both look happy… this couple…..

  • ellie’

    you both look amazing ..such a loving couple…

  • annie

    I think they look good. He is a 49yr old man who looks after himself. At least he doesn’t have tatoos ,earings and streaked hair, hasn’t had drug or alcohol problems or had to be in rehab for anything.
    Sorry for that , but really couldn’t resist, the temptation to write that, was too great.!

  • Miki

    Cruise or Urban? I’d take an authentic, super-talented, loving man anyday – flaws and all. Keith is kind, sensitive, and real, a partner, not a controller. Nicole has never had it so good. That’s a real marriage.

  • Romeo

    How does he look fake, #5? He looks the same as he always does.

    But he doesn’t have a movie coming out, #6.

    What PR, #7? He doesn’t have anything coming out for at least half a year to promote and he’s just having fun with his family.

    They are bigots that don’t respect his religious beliefs, #8.

    Of which he has nothing to do with, #11.

    They always were, #13. You simply refused to see it.

    Or maybe he’s just wearing a hat because he likes it, #26. He’s never had plastic surgery.

    Right, #27. Religious bigotry too.

    He’s a celebrity that happens to be a Scientologist and he has nothing to do with other members’ abuses, #28. As long as he is one, you’d hate him no matter what and I know you don’t speak up against your religion’s abuses by its members.

    Or maybe it’s just a fashion statement, #35.

    You don’t know any of those people, #45!

  • Peapo

    Cult following zombie freaks who expect us to believe the charade that they are just normal folk. The disgust me. That hat disgusts me. Their child scares me.

    so there!