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Jennifer Lopez: Wardrobe Malfunction was Clothing Tape!

Jennifer Lopez: Wardrobe Malfunction was Clothing Tape!

Jennifer Lopez leans over and takes a seat during an appearance on the German show Wetten Dass… on Saturday (June 18) in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The 41-year-old entertainer, who performed on the show, was reported by various media outlets to have had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during the taping, but a source close to Jennifer tells that the allegation was “overzealous and wishful thinking!”

“There is a hint of clothing tape, the source continued, adding, “Jennifer has had experience with this, if you remember the famous green dress from the Grammys a few years ago…”

Clothing tape to the rescue! Bigger pic inside…

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jennifer lopez wetten dass tape 01

Credit: Sascha Baumann; Photos: Getty
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  • LC

    Ahh, she’s so damn cute


    yeah right… that’s not a tape… that’s her weird looking nipple Marc Anthony sucks on every night

  • Maria

    It looks like a nipple to me but even if it’s tape I bet she didn’t mean for it to be seen, no big deal, tho.

  • Sean

    Yeah right. We know what an areola looks like. And that’s definitely one.

  • Madame Obvious

    It’s not tape. There are CLEARER close-up shots on the Daily Mail UK. It’s her boobs.

    Nice try JLO. You’re almost as bad as Blake Lively claiming the nude pics are not her, when they CLEARLY are.

  • Dave

    I have seen the HQ pictures. It is her nipple.

    No fan but she has got fine nipples.

  • Nathan

    Does J-Lo have the same PR team as Blake Lively? Of course it hers nipple. What has to be ashamed about?

  • She Stinks!

    Again, this no talent HO is flashing her bowling pin bo ob to the world to get more press. She saw how much press all the other trash (ie Paris Hilton) gets and was jealous. Another desperate attempt from this low class slop trying to revive a dead career. She can’t sing, dance or act, so she may as well flash those old bags, to see if anyone is interested. I’m shocked she didn’t have a fake tattoo on that sloppy t i t of whatever she is trying to sell these days?

  • She Stinks!

    And incidentally, and old dried up woman like her should cover that mess up. There is nothing worse than a battleaxe like JHO trying to act sexy and young. Leave that up to the girls like Rihanna. Those old boobies look like they are about to hit her knees. Cover it up you dumb b*it*ch!

  • Alaia

    Why do these celebrities care so much about their boobs being exposed?

  • boston61

    Tardy for the Party was better.

  • janiece

    There sure is a lot of hate over something that clearly appears to be an accident. So she had a nip slip, big fvking deal!

  • to she stinks

    I hope Beyonce is paying you well to troll on every freaking J.Lo thread.

  • irene olson


  • She Stinks!

    This would never happen to Beyonce. Beyonce is a lady, she is elegant, talented, has class and natural beauty, unlike the trashy used up low rent Latina sk an *k JHO. She has to stoop to this level to get attention – she should be ashamed of her antics. Yup, she’s mother of the year, flashing her old boob to the world.

    I’m sure that crackhead lizzard husband is horrified. Unless, she got paid for this lewd act, so he can go buy some more crack!

  • White Swan


  • to she stinks

    @She Stinks!:

    Which Bey are you talking about? the one who grinds, humps the floor and does the n’awlins bouce? Or is it the one who ‘married’ the first man she’s ever been linked to, the drug dealer/rapper/mogul/hova?
    At least Dame Dash married a real woman of style designer Rachel Roy.

    Oh and Beyonce can’t dance like J.Lo. She bounces.

  • oh snap

    She’s wearing head to toe Lanvin. How funny…I remember seeing pictures of Leo DiCaprio coming out of a Lanvin boutique. That brand is really popular with Francophiles.

  • Get over it!!!

    @she stinks……you are such a sad person…….now I know why because you are Beyonce fan you come and talk trash about Jlo….Get a life, stop hating, and if you love Beyonce so much then stop looking up jlo!! I wont act as low as you and trash talk Beyonce…….get yourself a hobbie … are a sad sad loser!!!

  • She Stinks!

    @to she stinks:

    You call what J-NO talent does dancing? The bi*tch fell on her fat butt at the AMAs! JHO walks around, and can barely talk or sing (if that’s what you call it) because she is so old and out of shape! JHO wanted to marry a mogul too (Tommy Mottola), who do you think broke up his marriage with Mariah Carey? She also wanted to marry Diddy too, another mogul. She wanted to marry Affleck too, but he dumped her sloppy a$$! Hahaha! At least Beyonce did it right, unlike the tired, desperate, slovenly J-Trash!

  • She Stinks!

    @Get over it!!!: Not YOU again. You LOVE LOVE LOVE me, and you hate yourself for it. I know the truth about you.

  • john

    can believe justjared is showing jlo’s nipples….retards i’ve seen the HQ photo thts her nipple not tape moron!

  • Texas Girl

    No Talented, getting older by the second, desperate for attention, broke-ass bankrupted, think she so sexy but NOT, CAN’T SING!!!, Fugly, Ugly, smells like FUNK, Ho-Bag!!! Join the ranks of the “Wish they would disappear 4EVER”: Miley, Paris, LeAnne, Lindsey, Jessica, Britney, and Christina.

  • :)

    big deal you can see her boobs in Money Train

  • ok

    You watch. Your read it here first. Jen will not only get the 35 million for Idol it will be raised to 40 mil now.

  • boston61

    Wonder how much she was paid to wear the Lanvin logo stuff? It’s all about the bucks for JHO. Not the art.

  • dayum

    She had a nip slip moment and then suddenly people started talking sh*t.

  • J

    JJ actually posted the nip slip uncensored. YES!

  • sea

    It’s a nipple, but who cares? :D

  • Brainy box


  • lilia mazunina


  • http://justjared mary cleveage

    I am a true PRican. I was raised there and both my parents and family are from there. JLo is a disgrace to us Puerto Ricans. I see her like a chameleon (excuse my misspelling). When she was with P Diddy she was a rapper, when she was with Ben Affleck (who by the way I think she was truly in love with) she was classy and all Hollywood, and now that she is with Marc Anthony, all of a sudden she is Latin, dancing Salsa and going to Puerto Rican parades….. Please, she is so all over the place with no identity of her own. She is an older person who still wants to look young and wants all the glory to herself. Did any of you see American Idol this season? She put Haley down so many times, I think she was jealous of her beauty and youth. Haley rocks!!!! When I hear the rumors about her being a Diva, I believe it. She looks and seems so full of herself. She looks as someone who has not come to terms with the fact that she is already OLDER!!!!!…… HELLO!!!! …. Oh I forget, this was about her supposed wardrobe malfunction? Well, let me tell you, whether it was intentional or not, honey, your boob is droopy already…just like a mother of two in her forties would be! Face it you are not 20 anymore. Your time of glory is gone.. By the way, your new hit… You are such a copy cat. Lady Gaga’s first hit already touched the subject of the club and the drinking…. whatever/// Lambada was first before your hit too. Give it up honey….your best days are gone and you need to go home and take care of your kids. From a REAL PUERTO RICAN! I bet you don’t eat any Mofongo or Cuajito or Alcapurrias either…please!!! Give me a break…you are so full of yourself….

  • jen

    @ Mary Cleavage, everything you have just said is DEAD ON RIGHT!!!! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Ms Kitty cat

    @She Stinks!No Beyonce just falls down the stairs on stage,sucks JZ camel nuts,worships the devil(aka voodooo) and wears her mothers tacky clothes.: Class act all the way.Please. i hate Jlo as much as the next person but Beyonce isn’t any better.