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Kate Bosworth Leaves Lamill Coffee

Kate Bosworth Leaves Lamill Coffee

Kate Bosworth walks down the street after dropping by Lamill Coffee on Monday (June 20) in Silver Lake, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress, wearing a white sweater and pink short shorts, gave her pregnant girlfriend a hug before going their separate ways.

Over the weekend, Kate stepped out in a pink Richard Nicoll dress for the premiere of her latest film, L!fe Happens, during the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Kate and the film’s director, Kat Coiro, are reportedly teaming up again for another movie, tentatively referred to as the Italy project.

Kate will play a married woman “struggling to write a memoir about her grandmother [who] ends up embarking upon an affair with a wanderlusty 19 year old on the idyllic island of Ischia,” according to Variety.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and a friend leaving Lamill Coffee…

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kate bosworth lamill 02
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  • Arlene Moon says…

    Still convincing the fanbase that she is dating Alex.

    Which magazine cover shoot that she did this past year when she was so wasted that Cher had to dress her?On top of that,Kate was so difficult to work with that the photographer became so fustrated to the point that he walk out and had to be convinced by everybody including Cher to come back and finish the shoot.Can you ppl guess?

  • BEAN

    Skeletor look is not cute. She looks old.

  • Tatum

    @Arlene Moon says…: Nylon? She looked totally wasted on that one.

  • anon

    I know everyone on here hates kate, i still dont understand why they waste time on it. But I think she looks really cute here. She could definitely handle gaining at least 5-10 pounds though, she would look a lot better in her blue crush days maybe a bit more toned though!

  • Emmy England

    She’s beautiful as always. The ‘hate’ comments she gets on here in ridiculous. You can’t hate someone who’ve never met. Especially her. Stunning… and talented.

  • Camille

    Um, isn’t THAT Kat Coiro in the pics? LOL! Guess KB forgot to mention that when she fed JJ the pics. Hahah! I like how Kat is wearing a sleeveless dress and there’s KB’s bones covered in a sweater. WTF?

  • Emmy England

    Adding another comment on how beautiful she is :)

  • on JJ again!

    what’s with the smile. r u happy because you are getting papped or r u happy because u r going to show your ass to theTB premiere????????? and smugging it up like u did last yr I felt sorry for the cast!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Nope, definitely not preggers. No bump there people, she’s as flat as a board. Nice try on the rumors tho. Eat a sandwich Kate! Sheesh! Pretty face, but boys like a little more meat on the ole bones, ya know?

  • megan

    Fan of Kate’s fab style? Check out my blog,

    Thanks and enjoy !! :)

  • Mike

    @on JJ again!:

    Well, she was wearing True Blood color makeup from some cosmetics company at her premiere. What a brutal attention ho. Seriously, she picked that on purpose and then made sure her makeup person told everyone on twitter. WTF is wrong with this chick?

  • chelle

    “Look at me Look at me!! I am better than everyone else! I amso cool with my anorexic body I even try to outshine my “BF” by flashing my tits to the entire world. I blew off a children’s charity to do it to! All he got was a movie trailer. Now I get to try to upstage everyone at HIS premier! Look at me Look at me!!!” Makes me want to puke

  • @Arlene Moon says

    Still convincing the fanbase that she is dating Alex.

    so your saying it is a fauxmance, showmance PR stunt? hmm intresting info

    well if you have info, is kate going to the True Blood red carpet premiere, Tuesday or the after party or any Trueblood related events with alex so far no “insiders” have come forward?
    a simple yes? or no?

  • is she dying?

    God why is she so skinny?! She is just skin and bones, she looks like she is dying! It’s just bones look at her skeletal in that short, I mean legs. Wow someone really needs to step in and get her help I am NOT kidding. This is not looking good.

    Oh my friend and I place bets that she would be on here today pretending (hello look at pics above) just to let everyone knows she is still in LA, just before TB! My friend and I also said that they are over and she is covering it up. We also have a bet that she will sneak in any way she can just to get her name out that she was there at TB thing. As I said she is not looking well, what does that mean again….

  • chelle

    @Camille: Does this mean she has a new bestie?

  • tami

    I bet filming her movie was torture for Kate because she loves getting papped and that wasn’t happening in Maine.

  • ladybug

    And the boots are back. I suppose I should give her credit for coordinating the boots with the sweater.

  • jazzy

    She looks a mess….

  • H.

    Overexposed ho

  • seven dust

    She is getting kind of old to be dressing like a teenager.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • perfect couple

    Looks like Kristin Chenowith.

  • Ella

    Yet another unflattering ensemble from a supposed ‘fashion icon’. Ugh. Outside her sunglasses and handbags, she really has no style whatsoever. And you know, I give her a ton of crap about wearing those boots all the time, but if my feet looked as gross as hers do, I’d probably wanna keep them covered, too.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.
    She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.
    She should speak out about it.

    She could help a lot of women.

  • ladybug

    @seven dust: You’d think a stylist would tell her that, wouldn’t you.
    @Ella, yes, after having seen her unpedicured toes she should probably cover them. But not in those boots! Those boots need to be burned!
    And is Lamill Coffee a known pap spot, or did someone make a phone call?

  • Ella

    @ladybug You know, I’ve seen those boots on Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon before, and they looked pretty good with the clothes they were wearing. KB’s problem is she can’t put outfits together to save her darn life.

  • Foofa

    She’s in her uniform again: pink shorts,sweater, & beige boots. Way to make a fashion statement! *rolls eyes*

  • Kerry

    I was just there! Must’ve missed her by only an hour or two. It’s in a remote spot in Silverlake so my guess is that she called the paps. It’s way too remote for them to camp out there without being alerted.

  • silly guy

    haha i just read all the comments and not 1 of them was positive hahaha i barely know who this girl is but i think alexandra skarsgard could definitly do better then her

  • Rachel()

    It drives me crazy when people where long sleeves(especially sweaters) with shorts. Pick a season Kate!
    What do you think the odds are she’ll get heat stroke and miss the TB premiere?

  • burnt bacon

    Either there’s a contract in Satan’s file cabinet that she signed in her blood or she has her own file cabinet full of pictures of studio executives doing it with goats because those are the only two things that can explain why she’s been working so much lately. I hope this doesn’t become a thing.

  • Rachel()

    @Rachel(): *wear not where

  • Emily

    It really blows for the True Blood cast that this famewhore will be showing up to their premiere tomorrow. Because you just know she’ll be milking it for all its worth.

  • AnnmarieZ

    How disgusting, calling the paps to this unknown location, I guess she wants press for her movie no one will ever see!!! Yes again shorts and a sweater-what???? Please get rid of the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please prey together that her smug face will not make it to the TB premiere–fingers crossed!!!!!

  • JEN

    OMG her hair! It looks like a long stringy tupee’ that’s about to blow right off her head. She should invest in a good weave ffs, her hair if f-ing awful.

  • OliviaMunnisaPoser-with-a-L

    Wasn’t she photographed topless on the beach yet when they leaked on the internet her pictures were strategically placed so that you could not see anything. It reeked of publicity stunt. Kate is the worse attention whore ever. NOONE talks about her, she’s the most boring celebrity and yet she gets so many paparazzi following her. I don’t know anyone who actually cares about her. It’s puzzling.

  • Camille


    Well, as of now Kat looks to be one of the only people who’ll give her a job so….you gotta keep using those “connections” while you can.

  • Camille


    Yep pretty much. All strategically placed arms covering up what little boobs she has. Hilariously released on the same day as her supposed boyfriend’s movie trailer came out. Desperate cry for attention.

    This smug arse smile on her face just says “hey look at me, I’m going to the TB premiere tomorrow because I’m SO important”. B*tch please! That’s why she wore that makeup at her crap movie premiere, just a reminder that it’s coming and she’ll be there. I mean really, you couldn’t even tell she was wearing eyeshadow, yet her the makeup artist tweets about using the True Blood palette on her eyes? Uh, ok…totally planned.

  • ladybug

    @Rachel(): It’s sort of collegey (in my recollection of college attire). And the shorts are too short, in that they emphasize how skinny her legs are. She really doesn’t quite grasp the fact that she’s not 18 or 21 anymore, does she?

  • Chloe

    Wow, really? A sweater with shorts and boots? WTF is with this woman, why can’t she pick a normal outfit? Kat looks normal, and then Kate is wearing a weird sweater with another shirt underneath?

    Notice how she’s clutching her BlackBerry. Probably because she used it to call the paps while they were getting coffee. Explains the big smug grin and her being “besties” with Kat and huggy and crap.

  • Rachel()

    @ladybug: Well, I’m in college, and I’ve never seen anyone looking as torn up as that on campus. The style and length of the shorts I see around, but that color is pretty gross. They would look kind of age appropriate on a lot of 28 yr. olds, but she looks to be in her mid 30s.

  • Cute

    Love Kate, and she looks really cute!! Can’t wait to see what she wears at the premiere tomorrow!!

  • Starving for attention

    What’s really sad about her outfit is that it probably costs around $1500. It’s all Isabel Marant from the stinky boots to the rediculous sweater. She bought almost the entire Spring runway collection and just keeps intermingling them. These are the same shorts she wore on the cover of Nylon mag. She is pathetic and I’m hoping that Alex is done with her and that she has to sit at home with her nasty boots tomorrow while he’s in the spotlight. I think she trying to cling to him with all she has and wants people to believe they are together. Her movie premiere sold out because fans thought he would be there. He’s being used and she’s milking for all she can.

  • TB

    wow, she looks very happy. really love alex and kate too!

  • randy

    she’s prettier than Orlando’s big exploded head alien chipmunk hybrid girlfriend. Not a better bod but her face is prettier than that bobble head cabbage patch kid.

  • Dumb

    @Starving for attention: So I guess Kate has been so good at convincing everyone, that she even has Stellan Skarsgard fooled. I hardly think he would comment on Alex’s girlfriend if it was a fake relationship. Why do you all insist on bringing down Alex’s character, just because you are jealous of Kate. So freakin silly

  • hmm

    I dont mind her but yeah her hair is….:/ I think its a major turn off and flaw when a girl has bad hair. you can’t be called beautiful if you have naturally thin,scraggly hair. sorry you just can’t. (no matter how attractive you may be) if your hair is thin and ugly you are average at best.

  • what a minute

    If that’s the film’s director in the pictures, and they just “happened” to be snapped at an out-of-the-way coffee house, and the article just “happens” to mention that they’re working on a movie together, how can anyone still believe this isn’t a plant by a famewh*re?

  • Jessie

    @what a minute:

    Yeah pretty much, except that JJ didn’t put it in there that it is Kat in the pics. Guess he wanted to try and fool people.