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Kate Gosselin: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Kate Gosselin: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Kate Gosselin shows off her tanned and toned legs in a pair of denim shorts at the gas station on Saturday (June 18) in Reading, Penn.

The 36-year-old reality mom also stopped by Staples to pick up some office supplies before heading to her local FedEx store.

Kate will be making an appearance today (June 20) at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, Tenn., to help raise money for families in need.

The event will also include a screening of a Kate Plus 8 that featured the area’s Second Harvest Food Bank.

“Day over! I did my own 2 days of art projects 4 the Tenn event on Mon! Can’t wait 2 reveal my surprises! I’ve nevr [sic] put so much X into an event!” Kate wrote on her Twitter page over the weekend.

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  • Abby

    Are you kidding me??? Dress appropriately Kate….you have your children looking at you…….

  • Nora

    @Abby: Are u f*** kidding me ? So what if she has kids? she has a beautiful body and she can show it. it does not last for ever anyway. Get real please, ur being pathetic

  • Abby

    @Nora … For ever? Get real and learn how to write……..

    And…I’m talking about her high red heels….really??? Save them for when you go out at night…not pumping gas.

  • Nora

    @Abby: well first of all What is it that u don’t like about my spelling, and second- u mentioned about high heels just now but honestly i think she looks great and people should better stop judging others.

  • highheel

    nasty. she frowns so much that she has some major jowls going on.

  • Darek

    Please don’t act like those short,stubby cellulite legs should be shown off. ugh.

  • TC

    While I’m not a fan of hers, I see nothing wrong with her outfit. It’s a perfectly appropriate outfit for summer. She actually looks better than I’ve seen her before on this site.

  • Karma

    You can take the trash out of the trailer park but you cant take the park out of the girl. She is the trashiest narcissistic animal out there. It’s no wonder that her kids hate her.!!!!! I cant wait until TLC put them on Intervention. Its only a matter of time.

  • bleef

    Man she’s gross!

  • Mgan

    She looks just like a trailer park lady. ;)

  • Stevo

    LOL she has Jessica Simpson legs.

  • me

    I think she physically looks great. But personally, I think high heels with tiny cutoffs looks trashy. On anyone.

  • miss infamous

    I hate her but come on for having 8 kids she looks great! I know she had surgery but shes kept in shape gotta give her some props

  • Edwin

    looks great nice legs, ready for war,

  • Deanne

    If she had on flip flops, the outfit would just look casual and summery and something I see people wearing on warm days all of the time. With the inappropriate red shoes it looks really cheap, tacky and trashy. I don’t care if she is in great shape or not, the shoes are ridiculous and do not look stylish. For someone who comes across as extremely narcissistic, I have a hard time believing that she doesn’t own a mirror. Perhaps she should invest in a stylist as well as a bodyguard.

  • ceegla

    she needs to work on that cellulite before putting those on. Oh and short legs are always ugly and average. If she had on flats they would look even worse so good thing for those heels!

  • Bingo

    just compare her pics before and after plastic surgeries anyone would look like this..

  • Stop blogging

    Kate Gosselin “loves” the attention so maybe if we all stop talking about her she just might GO AWAY. I can only wish for that glorious day when she will no longer be exploiting her children and making a fool out of herself. In Gosselin speak, ah, ah, ah, um, um, um, ah, um, ok, ah, um, ah, and then some stupid phrase that would not be grammatically correct. Pathetic!

  • shoegal

    to answer the title’s question: apparently egotistical mothers who need to spend time with their children instead of getting spray tans and plastic surgery wear short shorts.

  • frankie

    She is the biggest PIG out there. She makes me so sick I just want to slap her ugly jowl face. She has no style sense whatsoever, those shoes, look beyond ridiculous. If she wanted to wear heels, she could have worn a more neutral color, but those red hooker shoes look plain wrong. And she does not have a great figure. Her legs are full of cellulite You Kate worshippers need to get a clue. I feel so sorry for her kids. I can not believe what are television shows have become. They have her on the today show and on the cover of magazines for what. She had six kids at one time and exploited her family from the beginning. Shameless woman she is. Gross

  • Janey

    She looks like any Mom out there doing errands…the shoes are fun, and sometimes a girl slips on a pair of high heels to make herself feel good, even when she’s just doing errands. If you don’t like Kate you will refuse to acknowledge that, even if you do know that it’s true. :)

    Hey, “Karma” it’s funny that you say “it’s no wonder that her KIDS hate her,” because…they CRY when she leaves. They hug her and want her to stay, the poor sweet kids. They love their Mom and want her to stay with them, dear. Kids don’t cry when someone they HATE leaves, so…it’s not very nice for someone to say that kids hate their Mom. I wonder how KARMA will get YOU for saying that. :)) If you believe in “karma” then maybe you should be prepared, and good luck.

  • Charlie Sheen

    She dresses like trailer park trash.

  • Carol

    Kate has the same ugly inside and emotions (low self-esteem) that she had as a child and young mother. The only difference is today she has made lots of money over the years exploiting her children so she tries to hide behind her fake surgeries, tans, new clothes, new hair color, but Kate is still the same old mean spirited Kate.

  • Bonnie L

    Go away Khate!

  • @

    I’ve never understood why people think that just because you have children you can’t dress like this or dress well. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly clothes and cover up 24/7. I do agree the shoes aren’t the best. But if she was wearing some wedges instead the outfit would have been perfectly fine. She has a pretty good body (from what I’ve seen) and there is no reason for her to dress like an old woman just because she has kids.

  • mary

    well I guess there a place for all of us?

  • Peapo


  • butterflier

    Absolutely pathetic. Sorry Kate, you are long past the age to dress like this. How many tricks did you turn wearing that number?
    And for those who think she looks great, remember the boob jobs, liposuction, fake hair, fake nails and anything else this pathetic excuse for a mother has indulged herself with, courtesy of her poor children. Check out her expression in the third picture – classic, no-soul, bitchy Kate.

  • Britt

    While agree the shoes are a little much I think she looks great. Not a fan of her btw. As far as there being cellulite, she only has a little on the back of her right thigh. Nothing to complain about or to pick on her about. I think the issue is the shoes not the barely there cellulite.

  • Lucy

    If she went on “What not to Wear” they would cut her up to shreds. Even Stacey and Clinton would say she looks like trailer park trash. Too much exposure all at once and I’ve seen those shoes on strippers and street walkers. YUK! Her personality sucks too!

  • Matt

    She is always wearing some sexy looking heels…showing off her sexy looking feet

  • Kate’s Neighbor

    Maybe the shoes and shorts would be ok in LA, but in Reading, PA, it’s just wrong.

  • Judybee

    Come on people….don’t hate!! ….and what’s with the new trendy use of the word “narcissisitic”?? There must be 20 comments using that word. Wonder if any of you really know what it means or do you just think it makes you sound intelligent??? You’re all wearing it out like the other word used BY EVERYONE – “surreal”!! Get a life and give the woman a break. I think she looks great and if her legs and feet can take the heels, then I say “GO FOR IT, KATE”!!!

  • Lucy

    Kate Gosselin dresses like a skank. Will someone nominate her for “What not to Wear”. Her kids must be teased by other kids because their mother dress like a hooker. Haven’t those kids suffered enough.

  • Leighann

    She needs a stylist. Stripper heels do not go with her outfit! Actually half the heels she wears do not appropriately compliment her short skirts and shorts. Stacy London and Clint where are you?!