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Megan Fox: Pink Bikini Babe

Megan Fox: Pink Bikini Babe

Megan Fox hits the beach for the second day in a row with husband Brian Austin Green on Sunday (June 19) in Hawaii.

The 25-year-old actress showed off her bikini bod in a pink two piece by Le Doux.

The day before, the couple went for a dip in the ocean with his 9-year-old son Kassius.

Megan recently revealed that she and Brian, 37, will be celebrating their one year anniversary on the islands by swimming with dolphins!

“My husband is terrified of sharks but we’re going to do it anyway. Sharks don’t usually go where there are tons of dolphins so we can do it,” she told E! Online.

“I didn’t used to be [scared of sharks], but I am now because of him. His fear is so intense, it’s smothered me and now I’m afraid,” she added.

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  • IllWill

    She looks great & happy as well good for her

  • Lizzy

    OMG She looks so effing hotttt! I love her, and pink really suits her.

  • kà simply amazing !!!!!!!

    too short legs and arms

  • John31

    She is really Beautiful, Hot In Pink!

  • cherry

    Woah she gained a lil weight back she looks even hotter now. Dat ass UNF

  • Ok

    She’s hot but i still dont like her.

  • mel

    looks like she gained a little weight or stopped hitting a gym…either way a little healthier

  • Ok

    And what has he been in lately?

  • cassandra

    love them together <3

  • blue

    megan is beautiful. sometimes, her make up is a bit heavy and makes her lips looks like swollen up. LOL

    she’s fair lady definitely.

  • srt

    They look really desperate to me.

  • sam

    Spielberg himself got her fired from the Transformer films. HAHAHAHA

  • tanner

    @srt: How so? I don’t think I understand how you’d be able to decipher their desperation from these pics? I mean, they look like any other couple vacationing in Hawaii.

  • Sonny.

    I think she is a lovely girl. Regardless of how her acting may be, or whatever people may think about her personality. She seems to be a lovely person both inside and out, and I don’t think it’s fair that we judge celebrities, ‘at a supposed’ personal level when we don’t know them ‘personally’. Before I ramble on and on, my point is Megan is a beautiful girl, and I’m happy to see that she is enjoying life, and marriage with the man she loves.

  • JJ

    Flops called the paps again

  • JJ

    @cherry: What ass? It looks like a frying pan.

  • greenFebruary

    Too short arms and legs to be ‘hot’
    shes ‘cute’ thats it.
    she stopped taking the ‘coke’ is why she looks healthier and younger.

  • Deivid

    megan fox is more hot than rosie
    megan fox is prettier rosie

  • Gracie

    She’s gained weight, and I mean that in the best possible way. She looks perfect. I really like her.

  • Vegas

    She looks better here than in her honeymoon papped photos. Why?
    Why does she look younger here? Remem how cracked out she used to look???
    She’s still a size 0, so what has she had done?

  • ripperton

    she looks hotter than most women and she is 900% hotter than any of Gerard Butler fans – who happen to be all trailer park fat and stupid. I tell you, that guy has the DUMBEST most idiotic fans on the planet.
    And the UGLIEST.

  • Lola

    I think she got breast implants. Look at her old pics and now these…

  • sunnyroberto

    I have a good paying job, and I can’t afford vacations in Hawaii. How do these two afford it when neither one has had any work for the past year or two??

  • Sean

    What happened to her “acting” career??


    everyone’s jealous of Megan Fox. you wish you’d look like her and have a husband like Brian

  • catherine

    She looks great with more weight on + she should stay away from the plastic surgery she looks alot better natural : )

  • Sweet lips

    Why do you people feel the need to hate on everything and everyone? I like the bikini. It’s beautiful and I want it. I’m glad the girl gained some weight because she was looking too thin back then.

    Like I said… I don’t understand the hate? She looks pretty. Short arms and short legs? Seriously people? She seems to have a fantastic body with natural flawless pale skin. They both look happy so good luck to them :)

  • NEL


  • nicko

    Both look short and fat.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i have girl freind beautiful like rosie

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    rosie better than this woman sick

  • zephon

    I swim with sharks at my job everyday – what a pair of pussies these two.

    Also, whats the point of prancing around the beach if you’re not gonna swim? Megan Fox is turning into Heidi montage while her husbands spencer whatshisface – why couldn’t a tsunami wash these parasites away?

    JJ why do you guys insist upon shoving this midget in our faces? LETS SEE SOME MORE AMAZONS!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Trying to distract people from the recently revealed real reason she isn’t in Transformers 3 by flaunting her boobs around.

  • Jasmine

    How does she spend all that time out under the sun yet continue to be THIS pale? Girl needs a tan.

  • Elena

    I think she has had a boob job…”they” look bigger!

  • anna

    why did the good comments about megan be low rated, stop hating on her gosh dont you guys have anything better to do than judge her. Just because she has what you want doesn’t mean you have to be mean. I love megan and if you guys are going to keep judging her then you’re the one with the not problem, not megan.

  • um ok…

    Jeeze you jealous little NAZIS just sh*t on anyone who has something nice to say about Megan. Take your useless hatred and find the nearest therapist, NOW.

  • Emma

    Megan posts on JJ never fail to bring the chuckles because it’s genuinely funny to watch how angry she makes some people here simply by existing. None of you seem to have a legitimate, rational reason for hating her, so I can only conclude that it’s because you guys feel threatened by her. Which is totally understandable, don’t worry! It must suck to know that even after some botched plastic surgery and a few flop movies, she’s still at least 50 times hotter and way more successful than you folks – sitting on your fat ass 24/7, trash talking someone who’s never done anything to offend you – will ever be. :)

    Word of advice: Grow up and do something productive. Soon you’ll find that Megan Fox really doesn’t bother you so much, now that you have a life of your own.

    Can’t wait for my comment to be voted down (and maybe even hidden! Gasp, the horror!) for telling the cold hard truth. Have a good day, all. Xoxo <3

  • zephon


    Hey Emma the fact that you think this is hate is laughable. Because f this is hate to you then you must be a terribly haunted soul; wonder what murder looks like to you. CAREFUL, you step on ANTS when you walk now go cry a river and ask ‘why’ did the little ants have to die

  • lilia mazunina


  • Thai

    1. She is just another Plain Jane.
    2. Shes got new tits, even a blind can see that.

  • Emma


    Dear “zephon,”

    That made no sense. You don’t seem very bright, tbh. But that’s okay! I’m sure you’re a lovely person regardless. I hope you find peace in your soul, because it sounds like you need it – I’ve heard yoga helps. :)

  • todd

    All women should look like that in a bathing suit, unfortunately too many whales on the beach

  • TFfan

    Ppl don’t like MF because she isn’t nice, stuck up and talentless, more simple than that…
    Rosie Huntington looks much nicier, funny and down to earth.

  • zoey

    Yeah right. They both look amazing. Deal with it.

  • Brainy box


  • Brainy box

    NOT HOT…….NEXT!!!!!!

  • so sad

    @Lola: so wat if she got a boob help people seek some.

  • ew

    her breast implants got bigger head to toe fake

  • ace11

    She is so hot..she melts the water