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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Covers 'Women's Health' July/August 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Covers 'Women's Health' July/August 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her fit physique on the cover of Women’s Health‘s July/August issue.

Here’s what the 24-year-old British model and Transformers: Dark of the Moon star had to share with the mag:

On people’s first impressions of her: “People always tell me, ‘Gosh, you’re so nice!’ Like they expect me to be a huge b—-.”

On her Transformers experience: “[Co-star] Shia [LaBeouf] made it clear this wasn’t just about becoming a movie star. The shooting schedule was going to be grueling. You’re in the sun all day long, dirty and smelly. It was like boot camp.”

On having a fitness instructor mother: “As children we were never allowed to sit around watching TV or playing computer games.”

On eating clean: “Think about the things that go into processed foods – chemicals, additives. Sometimes you go into a supermarket and the apples are all the same size and color, but that’s not what apples are supposed to look like. Go to an orchard or an organic farm, and thea pples are sometimes knobby, but they taste better.”

On her personality: “I’m girlie, but I’m also a tomboy. I’m a split personality like that.”

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  • Emmy England

    So what colour are apple suppose to be? I eat the red ones :)

  • Jussi

    This woman is so unattractive it’s not even funny. Her face looks botoxed, her neck is unbelievably elongated, as of that of a giraffe. Her forehead sticks out like a lightbulb, and other than her body she has nothing else going for her. And I know I’ll get haters saying that I’m a MF sympathizer, but in reality I’m not. I just state the obvious. This girl is U-G-L-Y! She looks like Cameron Diaz, and that is no compliment believe me.

  • Jordan

    Body of a goddess

  • AllForUSophia

    @Jussi: It’s one thing to say you don’t like her, but you can hardly call her ugly. Just “stating the obvious”.

  • One

    Beautiful girl brings out all the haters and jealousy.

  • Jess

    She comes across as shallow. But hey, go team Transformers Publicity!

  • missb

    why sooo beautiful rosie? whyyyyy??? *_*

  • WHATever

    This woman is SO fake. EVERYTHING about her. I’m getting to the point where I detest plastic, botoxed, surgically altered women, and she is a poster child for all that’s wrong in our society. And I am by no means jealous. I’d rather look like a REAL woman, thank you.

  • Jordy

    I feel like people are not jealous because that’s cliche to say, but people just hate her for no reason. I thought she’d be a bitch but in every interview she’s ever been in, even pre-transformers, she’s been nothing but nice.

    And apples aren’t suppose to be solid red like they are in the grocery, if you do go to an apple farm you will see they are not bright red like the store. Since apparently her stand on apples is so controversial.

    And I love that people give “thumbs down” to the positive comments. People are pathetic. Get over yourself.

  • LMAO

    Models should stop trying to act. They suck.

  • tika

    @LMAO: Actresses should stop trying to model. They suck.

  • prettygirl

    Jussi get the stick out of your lard a**. Models are supposed to have beautiful long swan necks. there is nothing wrong with a long neck, that is a very beautiful trait. Short necks are what are disgusting which Im assuming you have one…women with short necks look like stuffed mushrooms. Men have short fat necks. Women are supposed to have long thin necks.

  • mel

    not loving the cover…Bay sure likes alien-like looking women

  • JJ

    The hotness

  • ro

    SUPER overrated, her 15 minutes will be up shortly.

  • heather

    @ro: really? because she has had a career since 2004. LOL She’s been around longer than you think and was a VS angel. If acting doesn’t work she has a backup. She wasn’t just picked off the street and got a big movie role out of no where. She was a Vogue model and VS Angel. do some research.

  • ro

    @heather: Wow, your google research is impressive. No kididing she has been a VS model for ages, who gives a crap…she was still a total unknown, and I was referring to this joke of an acting career, where she got a role strictly for T and A, and even that isn’t enough to keep her going…she can’t act. And this film will make it obvious.

  • anthony

    I Like Megan but am looking forward to see Rosie on the big screen since I have been a fan since she started modeling. Can’t believe how many people just found out who she is and are hating her.. she has only done a few interviews and was nothing but nice. She is gorgeous (naturally so, look at her childhood pictures) Really sad how many people online are just negative and hateful for no reason at all.

  • whhatt

    FINALLY someone in the spotlight who speaks up about the food we eat everyday. everyone should be eating organic fruits and veggies, and if you dont agree do your research about what is being put in our FOOD.

  • carrienae

    She is ugly. That is just my opinion.

  • Jessa

    Ur right, she does look botoxed.
    She looks sort of.. Like an alien face?
    Don’t even know what to call it.
    But it’s not pretty.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    rosie look pretty and cute

  • s

    Rosie is gorgeous.

  • Sara Cox

    She is ugly people, deal with it, she has such a great body but an ugly face, sorry.

  • lalalaa

    genuinely, she can look wayy better than this cover.

  • Brainy box